• First Drive: How Different is the Updated 2018 Ford F150?

    2018 ford f150 limited
    2018 Ford F150 Limited

    How different is the updated 2018 Ford F150 lineup from the outgoing truck? The new pickup indeed looks different. Just check out the variety of grilles (six of them in total), larger wrap-around headlights, new wheel designs, and mildly updated tailgate. You won’t have a tough time telling the 2018 from the 2017 model.

    The interior is largely the same, although there are four updated interior design themes. The King Ranch interior theme is called “Kingsville”.

    This first drive review is brought to you by our friends at American Trucks. Check them out for latest accessories for the F-150 and other trucks.

    The other differences are underneath. Ford spent a lot of time updating the engines, transmissions, and the chassis itself to boost power, efficiency, and load capability. We were not able to verify all of these claims during our first drive opportunity in Michigan. Still, there is one thing that rings loud and clear. The 2018 F150 is a smooth combination of suspension, engine, transmission, and interior appointments.

    The all-new 3.3L V6 base engine is rated at 290 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. It’s the only engine that’s mated to the 6-speed automatic. The power is adequate for a work truck (XL model), and the transmission is as smooth as it’s every been.

    The uprated 2.7L EcoBoost V6 and the 5.0L V8 are mated to the new 10-speed automatic, that made its debut in the 2017 Ford Raptor and the 2017 F-150 3.5L EcoBoost. If you have driven those trucks, you know that the 10-speed is ultra smooth and can roll through the gears with great speed. It works just as smoothly in the 2018 truck.

    The 2.7L EcoBoost V6 has been the best seller for the F-150, and now it is also the most fuel efficient version of the truck (according to Ford). It surely will remain as the best seller.

    The 2018 F150 takes another step up in refinement, and we cannot wait to put the truck through more grueling tests.

    Note: (We are working to produce more first drive video reviews from this event. Please stay tuned.)

    There will be time for more thorough testing once we get the trucks to Colorado.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    213 thoughts on “First Drive: How Different is the Updated 2018 Ford F150?

    1. I wasn’t aware,that 2.7 was best seller. I expected 3.5 to be the one.
      I am learning something every day.

      1. I was surprised the hear that as well, but it absolutely makes sense. It was only $800 more than the base V6 last year and was giving basically the same performance as the 1st gen 3.5 Ecoboost. Now is $1000 more than the 3.3L but also has the 10 speed and it gets better MPG’s. I actually have no idea why you would get the 3.3.

        1. I could still see the 3.3 for expected reliability- due to what should be a simpler engine and tranny. For fleets, if you are not towing, then the savings make sense.

      2. For $600 over the base 3.5 v6, the 2.7 ecoboost was a no brainer. To get the 5.0 v8 it was a couple hundred dollars more than the 2.7 EB. The 3.5 ecoboost was 1200 over the base v6 iirc. For as well as the 2.7 goes, and the mpg is amazing. 325 hp, 375 tq originally. For 2018 it’s got even more tq.

    2. I would like to know the percentage of personal purchases vs. fleets/corporate/public etc. Then have an overlay of the engines popularity. That would be interesting to me.

      1. Ford pushed the 2.7L hard, offering the best incentive packages on trucks with this motor. This would help get people to buy this engine even if they were concerned 2.7L was too small for a full-size pickup engine. Once they got the butts in the seat, the rest was easy. The 2.7L is a very powerful engine.

          1. I’m talking about during late 2015 / early 2016. Ford offered “package” discounts of up to $11k off sticker, but it had to be a Crew 4×4 XLT 2.7L with the luxury package. During that time, no other incentives came close.

    3. I thought the 5.0 would sound better. I have heard it sound great on some cars. O.K. though. But the rest were really not good, you must admit. Not even the 5.0 sounded close to the Hemi or the 6.2 Chevy. Even the 5.3 Chevy sounds a bit better than the 5.0.

      1. The 5.0L sounds better than the other V8’s when it is being revved up high. The 5.7L and 5.3L/6.2L are pushrod, 2V engines. They have a deep, gutteral roar when they fire up and they burble nicely when they take off. But as the revs climb, they don’t sound as good. Here, the DOHC 4V Mustang engine sounds terrific. Then again, I think the Ford 6.2L V8 in the Super Duty sounds great…a lot deeper than the 5.0L.

        1. My 5.7 HEMI sounds even better when revved up.
          JBA manifolds and factory two mufflers and pipes contribute to this beautiful sound.

      2. Ford just isn’t as concerned about rumble like Chevy and ram. My advice: put a magnaflow system on it.

    4. Its between the 5.7 and the 6.2. The 5.7 has a heavy vibration to it that is wonderfully substantial. But, you just can’t beat the valving and timing of the GM 6.2 .

    5. I was surprised how good that military truck with the Duramax sounded with its muffler, or lack thereof. Go back and listen to that thing. But , sure, the 6. 2 is the best in the business. The new flat plane crank Mustang sounds great, but a little too wild. Vibration is really wild. And it will fall apart soon enough, while that 6.2 is belching out 650 hp until its 60th birthday.

        1. Seen plenty of new 5.2 Voodoo’s blown to. There are a few videos with nasty rod knock. Weird.

          And there are always new Coyote 5.0’s developing the well-knock “Coyote knock”.

    6. Ever notice how Henry Ford was a huge jerk, and the Dodge Brothers were the real engineers who made the engines. Kinda makes sense now that you know the dodge engines last longer and the Ford sheetmetal is the only thing good about a ford. You know, preserving appearances is the kind of thing jerks are about. Interesting how those things pass down through time. The Chrysler and GM owners were just better people too.

      1. You ever notice that its usually the Ram owners with 45″ lifts and stretched tires on gawdy wheels wearing flat brimmed hats?

          1. Ford received government loans in 2008 for 9 billion and 2009 for 5.9 billion. Quick google search will yield plenty of “sources”. This is coming form a Ford driver.

            1. Yeah ford took out loans, but don’t come off like GM and Chrysler have paid everything back. There’s still a 9 billion deficit from those twos bailout

            2. In a rather sharply worded blog post today, FCA Senior VP of Communications, Gualberto Ranieri, laid out in crisp detail the ins and outs of the acquisition of Chrysler by the then Fiat Spa.
              Contrary to what most people seem to think, Fiat actually paid over $5 billion dollars for the Chrysler group. $5.6 billion to be more exact. That is hardly the “free” which is what usually gets bandied about when people talk about Fiat getting Chrysler.
              To quote directly from the article:
              “In detail, Fiat paid: $1.268 billion for an incremental equity call option, to acquire 16% of Chrysler; $500 million for the 6% formerly owned by the U.S. Treasury; $125 million to acquire the 1.5% formerly owned by the Canadian governments; $75 million to purchase the rights under an equity recapture agreement; and $3.65 billion to purchase the final 41.5% of equity interests in Chrysler Group that had been held by the UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust, also known as the VEBA.”

              Hardly free. Ranieri also goes on to re-iterate that Fiat has completely and 100% paid back the money that it was required to pay back, from the loan that was granted by the US Government. He quotes Ron Bloom, who was formerly special assistant to President Obama as saying:
              “When Chrysler, the new company, says: We paid back every penny we borrowed − that is 100 percent correct.”

            3. You don’t realize that there is a difference between “bailout”, and “loan”. They are NOT the same thing.

            4. VEBA is the pension benefits of the UAW.
              Technically has nothing to do with buying the corporate assets.

    7. The 2018 trucks are one of my favorite designs to date. I still love the looks of my 2010 FX4 but the new 18’s have me thinking of a new truck. But, it still has to compete with the new Raptor as I have been thinking of getting one for a few months now. To many choices. I love it.

      1. Probably is since a F150 regular cab 2×4 is like 4000 lbs. I’ve driven sedans that weigh that much with similar motors.

      2. We used to have a 3/4 ton 94 tbi 350 Chevy pickup. That gutless wonder had a tad over 200 hp. Out of a 5.7. however, it worked just fine, hauled heavy loads until the main bearings failed at 125k. Then a different used 350 tbi was dropped in. It was still gutless. So 290 hp and 265 tq from the base 3.3 v6 in the 2018 f150 xl will work just fine.

          1. Per my link

            Ford didn’t need the funds, since it had already cut costs. But it asked to be included so it wouldn’t suffer by competing with subsidized companies.

            1. YES ford restructured and begged like Gm and Chrysler,at the end of the day tax payer $$$ helped all 3 and that was a good thing ,to keep many people employed and auto industry alive..

            2. Zombiera, why would they not take a loan. The US was going through a financial crisis. Companies like Chrysler was broke and filing for bankruptcy. Ford could not predict what was next. Why would they not seek a larger slush fund in case things go worse for them.

            3. We don’t know that? There were in a much better position due to better leadership but we don’t know what would have happened. We do know Chrysler was broke and out of money. Obama Forced them to merger with another company. They did not force GM to.

            4. I think everyone knew that. That’s what you call a loan and not a bankruptcy bail out and forced to merger with someone else.

        1. Ford had a far better financial grasp on their business than the other two and utilised their non core business stakes in the likes of Jaguar, land rover etc to ensure their business stayed afloat plus they have been busy investing in the future needs of the buyers and the planet with new motors, better huel useage and new building materials.

            1. Aviera, you strike me as a financially illiterate fanboy. Neither of those things is very attractive or impressive.

            2. FORD was just lucky to get loan before market collapsed and GM and Chrysler were cut off.
              Ford got taxpayers money anyway, still paying them back slowly.

            3. Ok now your just being ignorant. All 3 CEO from the big 2 and Chrysler went at the exact same time for financial assistance. Ford did not need it like the other 2 but it made financial sense to do so. However once the baglash began Ford said piece out and said we will do it our own way. GM and Chrysler had no other options. You can be a fiat fanboy but don’t be an ignorant fool.

            4. That’s a good link zombiera. Shows how smart Ford was and was able to prep for a major slow down. Something other companies failed to do.

              Back fire!

            5. The link shows, that you were lying before. Like I said, Ford was lucky to get a massive loan of $23.6B, before the sources dried out and forced GM and Chrysler to bankruptcy and Ford still didn’t pay back
              the $5.9 billion taxpayer loan Ford received from the U.S. Department of Energy in the throes of the Great Recession to build fuel-efficient cars.
              They slapped Eco sticker on the turbo engine and call it done.
              It’s a scam for taxpayers money.

            6. Actually it continues to prove me right you you a blind antiFord troll and brain washed from Sergio.

      1. It don’t matter the term used ,it is tax payer $$ at the end of the day for all 3 auto manufactures..All 3 were needing help and they got it,and it helped our economy when it was struggling..

        1. Well, actually, it sounds like the folks handing out the money(federal gov) felt that one entity was in a good enough position to pay their money back(the loan), while the other two were not(the bailouts). Sounds like they probably didnt expect to get the money back from GM and Ram but felt the risk was worth it to prevent collapse.

          It would be like me going to buy a new car with an 800 credit score and having 0 issue getting a loan or going to get a car with a 100 credit score. Difference is it doesn’t matter whether or not I own a car, no one is going to hand me $30000 with no expectation of getting it back.

        2. AM, I do agree to some point. Whether anyone likes it or not, if GM and Chrysler failed, it would have made the economy much worse. While Ford was able to stay afloat, we really don’t know for how long. Based on what I have read and understand, Ford applied for a load and received it. They were expected to pay it back and Ford is doing that. GM was just about bankrupt. However they received a bailout with expections of some sort of repayment. We did get most of that back but the GM financial needed help to. Based on the numbers i have seen, we lost out on GM bail out money but had a profit on the sale of the financial side. Almost a wash.

          Chrysler on the other hand was in much worse shape. Because our govt made them merge with another company, it tells me our govt had no faith they could rebound on their own and it would be a waste of money. Fiat was looking for a way to sell their brand in the states and buying Chrysler worked. The thing that burns my butt is Sergio just wanted Chrysler for the way on the states. He has been trying to off Chrysler for years trying to force a merger with GM and trying to sell to Ford, Honda, Toyota, google and more I’m sure. He also cooked the books to try and make the company look good on paper to sweeten the deal. Look how bad he was trying to sell just before the ecodiesel scandal came out. No company is not perfect and Ford is definitely part of that non perfect statement, but FCA now does not add up to a stable company to me. If they would have failed, Ford and GM would have grown and took over that market easily and likely hired many of the work force.

          1. Jimmy, GM should have gone through a legal chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding. Instead of that, the Obama administration interfered and illegally defrauded the secured bondholders in favor of a payoff to the labor unions who helped get him elected. Which was really; the whole point in the first place.

            1. I assume by bond holders you are talking about the people that had a financial stake in GM that got hosed out of their money? That was a bad deal too. Really really bad deal for those counting on that cash.

              Now I thought they did file chaper 11. What did they do that you are referring to?

    8. TFL I’m sure you’ll discuss the 10 spd more in the future videos, but other automotive sites mentioned more gear hunting with the 5.0 and that under light throttle it will skip gears while accelerating (suggesting its programmed to operate like a 5 or 6 spd at times). Did you notice anything interesting with the 10 spd programming?

    9. The new 2018 f150 front ends look so far the best,especially compared to the ugly superdutys.The f150 is a nice looking truck ,but the door panels look bad with fake wood trim and just the layout of controls are out dated Maybe the 2019 model they will address the interior..imo

      1. The wood on the door panels is only fake on the Lariat Trim. King Ranch, Platinum, Limited…that is actually genuine wood.

      2. you are right about that. F150 looks good finally, but supertudy, OMG, my rear mirror broke by itself just by seeing that box with china Christmas tree lights behind me.

    10. Ford restructured it’s debt.The federal government backed Ford’s loan’s along with Ford’s assets as collateral.Ford later applied for loans through the TARP Program.To this date all auto manufactures have paid the debt back to the goverment either early or on time. FCA was for awhile controlled by the UAW with a 51 percent interest.Until FIAT purchased the remaining controlling interest so a American Union sold it’s interest in order to protect its members health care,pension,and wages.Plus return to work rights after being layoff.Ford 13,000 pounds with a 1/2 ton truck is really good engineering I would like to see the new frame assembly that has been redesigned to meet these new payload,towing numbers,verus the previous frame.

    11. The truck looks much better now.When I first saw the redesign I throught it almost look like the RAM 1500 with the same grille design except for the lower corners, and headlamps.. This will bring down the chrome effect on the HD’s version as well.

    12. I love the fact that Ford keeps pushing boundaries. Going turbo v6 and then aluminum. They have gained steady sales improvements which shows they are doing something right.

    13. I just can’t stand that you can’t get a black cloth interior with the XLT model unless you go for the Sport Appearance package, which brings body-colored bumpers and door handles. I would love to have an XLT with the chrome package, AND black cloth seats & door panels. That gray cloth and door panel just looks so cheap!

    14. Also the fact Ford changes things up every few years. It is expensive but least when the masses buy a Ford truck it doesn’t look the same as the 5 year old model. Gives you something extra for your money.

      1. Except for the 1999-2016 Super Duty, lol. I like things staying the same, personally. It makes the resale value on older vehicles higher, and makes replacement costs lower.

    15. 2.7-3.4-3.5-5.0 wonder what the 5.0 crew cab 4wd vs 3.5 crew cab 4wd tow and payload differences?

    16. The Limited pictured here is quite a nice looking truck. Some of the other versions seem mighty strange. In some cases, I prefer the 2015-2017 look. But either way, Ford sales will continue to roll along…

    17. 2.7tt

      But disappointed the 5.0 didn’t sound better. Needs an optional exhaust like what GM offers.

    18. 4. 3.3
      3. 2.7
      2. 3.5
      1. 5.0

      I have never heard the 2.7 and suspect we were tricked and it could be number 3 as opposed to 4. Either way, this was a great video. Thanks.

      1. On a cold start, the 2.7L sounds pretty bad…just like a leaf blower. On a warm startup, it just sounds strangely quiet. On the inside when accelerating, the sound improves as the engine winds up. Sounds like a high-performance turbo engine, which is what it is. On the outside, under acceleration and during gear changes, you can hear the turbos spool softly between gear changes. This sound demonstration is really not indicative of what any of them sound like in real life.

        1. Troverman, correct me if I’m wrong, but the “high performance” sound you hear on the inside is actually augmented through the speakers?

        2. revving engines in neutral is pretty pointless. as for eb sound, im considering a eb mustang and first thing i would do is throw a intake on to get that whoossh sound when its making boost.

        3. My wife’s Fusion Sport sounds really bad starting up cold. That thing really has some snap though. She’s happy, so I’m happy.

    19. I find it interesting that Andre, a russian immigrant,whose first language probably is not english, but speaks it so well and is a much better writer than most of the posters. Hey folks, if you want to be taken seriously, learn how to spell,put together a proper sentence and knock off the school yard brand loyalty crap.

    20. I drive both ford and ram sorry jam c or chev let no cando fords are updating there trucks regularly too stay ontop its a very big gamble we will see what ram can do too take it over the top in 2019

    21. Well, I am really thinking about a 2018. I just cant decide if I want a fuel sipping 2.7 or to go all out and get an HD Payload package 3.5. I dont need the HD Payload package now but it sure would be nice to have for future proofing. 2500 lbs of payload in supercrew 4×4, yes please.

    22. I guess I missed how they increased Payload. The GVWR’s are the same as last year at 7850 lbs, so somehow the thicker frame and axles make the truck lighter by 30 lbs?

    23. looks like fiat Chrysler is about to become china owned if they [RAM] up a better offer.
      They can call the new company ramchifi. lol lol

            1. Per your link. USA based factory with US work force.

              Novelis said it expects to begin shipping product from its Oswego, New York, plant for the F-Series Super Duty truck line in spring 2016.

              How do you say suck it in Chinese?

            2. Profit goes to India.
              You don’t call Apple a China company, because they assembly iphone there. It’s US company, profit goes to US.
              How does it feel to pay India for every aluminiun F-series ?

            3. The profit is minimal. Ford makes much more profit here in the states on the Super Duty. Checkmate.

      1. Sergio Macaroni has been looking for a buyer for the last 2 years. And right now china is trying to low-ball him. I hate to see it go to china,I like Ram’s and Jeeps.But maybe not enough to support either brand.

        1. I hope it won’t happen, because I will be done with RAM then and buy a Toyota or revised gasoline Nissan, or keep my RAM forever, God have mercy.

          1. Zman, I look forward to seeing you over at the Toyota camp. I’ll be there with the BBQ grill going.

            1. European Toyota truck and van. Cool. I hope FCA doesn’t sell out to the Chinese. I’d really like to keep them as is or maybe even see them return American but not Chinese.

            2. They were talking about this this morning on the news. The financial guy doesn’t seem to optimistic on FCA not going Chinese. Their predictions are Sergio wants to off the company prior to his retirement. If that happens, I don’t see the Dodge/Chrysler loyalist staying with the brand.

        2. I have heard that too. As much as i dislike FCA I would hate to see it go over there. In most cases it never ends up good. Chrysler and Dodge has always had good designs and thoughtful interiors. It would be nice if they could focus on reliability and break free from Sergio. I like the fact they are the only US brand that has big engines in their sedans. I don’t know what it is in that camp but there is so much potential and it just never gets done or right.

            1. How can you say that. He has been trying to sell the American brand for years. Even you said you hope he does not sell it to the Chinese. He has done nothing to really improve on what Daimler has done for chrysler/Dodge.

            2. Are you for real ?
              9 speed ,8 speed factories a light yars before Ford, Hellcat, Jeeps, Pacifica, making billions and profit , RAM selling everything they build, shuffling factories for RAM and Jeep pickup, next 6 month debt free….
              He turned this company 180°.
              You hav no idea what Marchione wants. He is not going to show his cards to some nobody.
              Definitely not Chinese.
              FCA stock rised a dollar . He played you all well.

            3. Not completely new. It’s been the same basic truck since 2002. Same 140″ wheelbase on quadcab and crew short box. Cab length hasn’t changed the original quadcab until now. The doors changed, from overlapping the cab, to sunk-in with an extra set of seals. Gm has been riding on the same wheel base since 1999 update. Only major change was in 07. Moved the B-pillar ahead and changed the slope of the windshield. Then the ’14 trucks got a new cab but the wheelbase and 90% of the rest of the truck stayed the same.ford completely did over the f150 in ’04 and stretched the wheelbase in 09. Not much else other than headlights and tailights and interior. Super duty changed the axles in 05 powertrains, and front ends in 03, 08, and skin 11. I looked at all three before I bought the ford. And I was horrible disappointed in gm and ram while closing the doors. RATTLED like HELL. No flipping what I was spending $60k on that rattling junk. My ancient super duty with almost 300k miles, is more solid.

            4. Rattled heavy steel doors ? It makes solid sound without rattling. Not like aluminium ford. When I close the door, it make sound like mi microwave.
              You better watch the door latch recall for hundreds of thousands ford doors.

            5. I just closed the door on a friend 2016 XLT the other day and it sounded very solid. Much better than my steel 2014 loaded Lariat door.

            6. Jay, I have been driving a 2017 for just over a week now and the doors are very quiet and solid feeling when you close them. They almost feel soft. Much different than my 2010 Loaded FX4. And my doors are solid and no rattles either. Zombiera just makes things up as he goes and does not know anything.

            7. That’s awesome, that your imaginary ford doesn’t rattle. My 2010 Laramie doors don’t rattle either.

            8. Jason, you are an idiot. None are the same basic trucks dating as far back as you stated. They all went through major redesigns since. Frames, structural, powertrains, interiors, and exteriors. Ram extended its wheelbase in 2013 with the 6.7 bed.

          1. I think Ram has really improved their reliability for sure but I also wonder if some of that was simply sticking with one truck design for so long. Either way, I would love for them to get back into American hands or even European hands. The Chinese will ruin that company.

            1. It has improved to some degree but I would think they would have Toyota like reliability for how old that platform is.

            2. My son’s Cherokee Trailhawk so far has been a great vehicle. We were afraid when we bought it but pleasantly surprised.

            3. I was looking it up in CR and the 2016 and newer shows pretty good reliability. Must be the are where they got those issues resoved.

            4. I dont know if I buy this. Maybe their lower trim trucks with no goodies but I have had two coworkers lemon law recent FCA vehicles. One was a 2015 Ram 1500 and the other was a 2014 Grand Cherokee. The replacement cherokee also had major problems but because they were electrical the dealer was supposed to be able to have unlimited attempts to fix them.

              He ended up trading it in on an Explorer Sport and taking a big hit.

            5. Jay S, I am not exactly a huge FCA fan but I am not sure why you are not buying what I am saying. The 2014 Cherokee has issues. My son’s 2016 Cherokee Trailhawk has been flawless. We couldn’t be happier. We have had only oil changes and tire rotations and not one issue. From all the bad press I read I was very reluctant to buy one but did anyway. It has been a great SUV. The tranny is very nice and not near as neurotic as my 2017 Tacoma tranny. My daughter’s 2016 Mazda CX-5 has also been a great vehicle but way too many recalls.

            6. And to clarify, when I said his replacement cherokee I meant a replacement grand cherokee for the first one that was lemon lawed. The 2nd one was a 2016 I believe and had a lot of issues as well.

          2. Reading articles from Dodge/Chrysler engineers who were there at the time, it was Daimler who came in and was responsible for the cost cutting measures which sacrificed quality. Then they had to try and clime their way back. Now that FCA has ownership, things are improved. I don’t care for Sergio, but he as done some things right. A sale to China of Ram/Jeep/Dodge would be unforgiveable.

            1. My 2014 has been flawless only thing I’ve been back to the dealer for is two airbag recalls. Still drives and looks brand new even the seats and I am close to 300 lbs.

            2. Rusty, I won’t comment much on the Daimler part but I think they really helped the brand restart. They developed the new V8 engines, the rear drive sedans ride on Daimler chassis. I think they did help but in reality Mercedes is not a reliable brand either. Fiat is at the bottom of the reliability list. I think it is in them but they need the right direction. Buying products like Cummins and ZF transmissions are a good start.

              If they go Chinese and boy is it all over the news, it would be the end of the brand loyalty. I think it was painful to become an Italian owned company but to become a Chinese company will be a hard pill to swallow. Even the brain washed zombiera said he would be out and he is Sergio’s fluffer. I believe the Chinese are looking for a way into the US market too. At the auto show there were several Chinese car manufacturers there. The only reason I believe they would come this far is to try and sell product here.

            3. You are idiot. That’s not Fiat you constantly talking about , but FCA with you US garbage brands and not in the Europe, but NA.

            4. Than your brain is very limited to understand that Fiat imports just garbage to your country. That’s what you deserve.
              No worry. RAM, Chrysler and jeep is a US brand and when you bashing them, you are bashing your own people.
              It will be Chinese soon and I couldn’t care less.

            5. Jimmy Johns

              “I only care about north America. I live here, I work here, I play here.”

              Enjoy your Chinese RAM, Jeep and Chrysler soon .LOL.

              nǐ hǎo

            6. Jimmy Johns

              “I only care about north America. I live here, I work here, I play here.”

              Enjoy your people to work for Chinese soon. LOL.

              nǐ hǎo

            7. No one will buy your Chinese Chrysler, Jeep and RAM, certainly not me. Your people will suffer, because you wish for that.

              nǐ hǎo

            8. Zman, that same Chinese company that will own Ram will also own Fiat and Ferrari. I hope it doesn’t happen and had much rather it remain FCA or maybe go back to American. Anything but becoming a Chinese company.

            9. Yes Moondog. But if some people make fun of it and wish for that, let’s be it. I have enough of this arguing with limited brain people, who doesn’t see the whole picture. This world is going to hell, because of people like that and if they wish for that, let’s be it. I am ready and self sufficient for many years to come.

            10. Hang in there Zman and don’t let all this news stuff get you down. I’m not even sure a Chinese company would get approved to buy them. Always room in the Toyota camp! I’m not so sure this buyout will come to fruition. Have a great night to you and everyone else out there. Peace and be well.

            11. Oh stop you giant man baby crying zombiera. I am so sick and tired of your constant bashing and spreading your false fiat propaganda and constant lies. I’m sorry I out smart you at every turn but you need to learn your place as the fool and shut up. One day you will learn. Until then, go take a ride in the woods and don’t come back you man baby. 👶

            12. I had not taken the potential China sale seriously but geez it is starting to look like this might happen. If so, count me out. I would hate to see this happen. To me FCA is making important gains in quality and I’d hate to see all of this just go to the highest bidder.

            13. Moondog, remember that the FCA brand has been forsale for 2 years now. Unfortunately the Chinese are the most likely to purchase it because they have the money to do so and I believe they want their foot in the door for their own brands. I don’t see this as a win at all. If this happens, I hope I am wrong and they will
              do good things. But while I always remain optimistic on just about everything, this is a pessimistic view.

            14. JJ, I think you may be right. Also, the Chinese are hot to trot to get in the door. I don’t look for this to end well.

            15. You should be happy Jimmy Johns. What happened to you? Your mother told you it’s not good for you cousin who works for FCA ? Cummins will lose the contract, because of Chinese diesel ?
              You should be celebrating, that FCA is going to be Chinese. LOL. I wish they will sell it to them.
              I can’t wait to see your face some day, when your people will work for Chinese.
              that day.

            16. Zman, as you know, I am not happy about it at all. I really don’t think JJ is either. In the end, growing up in America, all of the Big 3 have a special place for me. My paternal grandfather was a Ford man like no other. Every time he stepped out on Ford and bought a Cadillac he complained about it nonstop and would always end up giving it to my dad. He bought new Ford trucks every 4 years; new Lincolns every 4 years; and new Crown Victoria’s every four years for him and my grandmother. He was a car lover like no other. He NEVER (heh heh, according to him) had any issues with his Fords. However, I remember in 1987 as a kid just out of high school asking my grandmother why papa bought a new pickup after only 2 years. She said, “ask him”. I did. He said he didn’t like the color. I went back and told grandma and she chuckled and said “honey, he hates that truck. It stays broken down more than it runs”. The rest of his trucks were very good and he had great service from them.

              My dad was a Dodge truck man to the core. I recall the horrible build quality of them. We would look out the doors at night and see moonlight through the poor fit and finish BUT you couldn’t tear up that old slant 6 and 318 V8. Man those trucks were great. My favorite truck dad ever had was a 78 Lil Red Express. 360 V8. Fast for its day. Dad bought a 92 Ford and really liked it but quickly bought the new big rig Dodge when they redesigned in 94. He now owns a 2014 GMC and hates it.

              My maternal grandfather and most important influence on my life until I met my wife, was a mixed bag. He drove them all. His two favorite trucks were his old Power Wagon (hence my love for them) and 3/4 ton 1972 GMC (only with the 8 foot bed). I followed in his footsteps as much as possible and bought what I wanted over the years. It worked well sometimes and didn’t work so well others. I have used the Lemon Law 4 times. 3 of them were on GM vehicles and 1 was a 1995 Plymouth Voyager that to this day is the worst car I ever owned, followed closely by my 2015 GMC Yukon XL.

              Why the family history lesson? Having a car crazy family taught me so much not just about cars but the history behind them – to include the people. All 3 of the Big 3 companies have a special story behind them and while I may not be owner loyal to them anymore, they still hold special memories for me and I wish them all only the best. I hated it when Daimler bought Chrysler. They set them back. FCA has tried to make them better and in many cases they have. I wish they were American but if not I hope they remain FCA. I wish no I’ll will on them, GM, or Ford. I’d drive any of them.

            17. I don’t really care anymore. I have another options. I remember Chrysler like something from another world when I was 10 in communist country. It’s a shame ,that it will end up in communist country, but that’s what people wish for.
              Capitalism failed big time. Self destruction by the own people.

    24. Well I believe this is the best looking Ford ever. The 5.0 didn’t sound great. Andy is right the 5.6 Titan and 5.7 Tundra sound better. Both have
      DOHC. There racing engines with true headers. I too didn’t realize the 2.7 was the best seller.

    25. I can’t figure out the size of each engine . All of them sounds terrible. Like misfiring Audi V8.

      1. They are hard to tell apart. I assume the 3.3 is the base engine so it has no chrome tip for the exhaust. At that point the 2.7 and 3.5 are easy enough and then left with the V8. At least thats what my speakers for 2 dollars told me through a taped video

        I think Romans point here is that the V8 is almost not distinguishable between the V6 and he wants to see how many of us get it wrong. It is sad Ford went there, that is the V8’s mainstay. Ford will lose a lot of customers on that alone just because of a cheap exhaust. Maybe they want to make the EB look better and they forgot they have competition.

        1. Don’t forget those are a no load rev. Ford limits the revs to around 3K in that case so throttle plates are barely opened.

    26. I think that Ford is playing a dangerous game by overrating the F-150. 13,000 lbs is more than a Nissan Titan XD, which is Ford’s goal, which is to try and imply that Nissan cannot compete with them. My question is can a purposely lighter truck effectively control that kind of weight. This stunting may only puff up Ford and Ford fans who will own this iteration of the F-150s egos, which could result in disastrous consequences.

      1. Yep, any trailer will wipe the floor with light aluminium F150 in severe weather conditions, road , or situation.

        1. Just like the very small ram truck that is shorter than a max tow F150 and it it’s most lightest configuration to claim 31,200 max trailer towing.

      2. I dont think Nissan’s towing limitations are neccesarily the chassis. They need to be able to tow a trailer up Davis dam and maintain a certain speed too. That XD diesel is no sprinter and is out horsepowered and is not much more torquey than the 1/2 ton gas options.

      3. I dont see many people overloading their F150’s either. Most people in the F150 forums are very particular about making sure no one exceeds tongue weight, GVWR, GAWR, or GCWR’s when asking “can I tow this” type questions. A typical F150 cannot tow a 12000-13000 lb trailer without exceeding one of these values first and are generally limited to 8000-9000 lbs(as with any half ton)

        That said, I spent a bit of time on the Ram Ecodiesel forum and those guys will tell you to exceed rated capacity in a heart beat.

      4. Steven, zviera and Jimmy Johns where was you when ford F-150 went over 12000 max towing? I didn’t hear peep. And guess what you didn’t hear a rash of trl accidents either. So quit creating something that isn’t going to happen ! It makes you look like fools.

        1. I dont follow Marc. It don’t bother me at all that Ford and GM rate their trucks over 12,500 lbs towing.I think it may be a high number but I’m sure it has been tested thoroughly.

    27. TFL should perform a slalom test on empty parking lot with each truck, empty, fully loaded and pulling 50% of capacity.
      That would give us better picture of the real driving situations.

      1. I agree, that would be very interesting to see. I have heard a lot of folks who came from the 2014 and earlier F150’s complaining about the 15+ trucks stability towing so I am curious if it is just poor user setup(weight distribution, etc) or what.

      2. The advantage would be the ram truck. It is fully loaded with a gallon of milk and a bag of apples. And it can only tow a log splitter.

          1. What’s that, a loaded ram with milk and cookies against the F150 and Silverado? That would be funny to see.

            1. Oreos and milk are serious business in my household. I would like to see which truck can get them home without being smashed up.

            2. It has been a long time since I had milk and Oreos. They are delicious and should be one of the major food groups.

    28. @ Marc Hartman. My point is not that many will try to overload their truck, my point is that Ford is overrating the truck in order to try to undercut the competition, AND IN My OPINION IT IS UNSAFE! By the way I did notice when the F-150 went over 12,000 lbs of towing and I did think it was unsafe then. But now they’ve been drinking their own stupidity Kool-Aid and taken it to a higher level. The only purpose is to try to make the Titan XD seem illegitimate, nothing more nothing less. Do you really think the F-150 would even offer that much tow rating if the Nissan Titan XD didn’t exist?

      1. Yep, someone is going to the jail from Ford soon. I hope it’s not engineer pushed by CEO to sign that towing certificate , or be fired and ask India engineer to sign it instead.

      2. Steven, Nissan does not sell that many trucks for Ford or GM to worry about it. GM has been claiming best in class towing with the 1500 series at 12,500. Ford upped their number. But they also changed the suspension, beefed up the frame and axle. So it sounds like Ford did not take the old truck and just raise the towing number. I understand where your coming from but the safest way to tow is not to tow at all if you are worried. Unless you have driven a new F150 fully loaded it is hard to say how it actually performs. In fact none of us have driven one to know how it performs.

        1. I can’t attest to how a ’17 or ’18 tows, but I have a 2016 F150 Platinum, 5.0, 4×4, my max tow is ~8,900#, I’ve had over 8K, which isn’t that much considering the numbers discussed here, but truck tows as solid as the 2011 I had with the 6.2L. Granted I live in the Deep South, so no mountainous terrain and the wind isn’t as much of an issue but it tows great.
          My greatest concern with 13K behind the new trucks would be brakes in the event of some failure in the driveline on a steep grade, being robust enough to safely stop the load. I know there are a lot of factors in that scenario, but….
          Personally, if I were to tow close to that on a regular basis, I’d get another 3/4 ton, but I wouldn’t be concerned towing that on an occasional basis.
          As far as the half tons (Ford, GM, Ram, etc) being able to handle the weight, what is the difference in a +/- 6,000 lbs truck pulling 13K and an +/- 7,500 lbs truck pulling 31K?

          1. “As far as the half tons (Ford, GM, Ram, etc) being able to handle the weight, what is the difference in a +/- 6,000 lbs truck pulling 13K and an +/- 7,500 lbs truck pulling 31K?”

            Good point. Seems the 1/2-ton in the first scenario would be much safer in the event of a “lost control” situation than the second.

            Personally, I’d like to see an F-100 for us non-tower and sub 500 tower guys/gals and an even lighter fullsize truck, but that’s just fantasy land. I’m too much in the minority.

    29. Sound preference is relative. I prefer little or no sound and low revs in my highway cruising. I love the 24.1 lifetime mpg average, hand calculated in my 2015 work truck with the 2.7 liter Ecoboost that added $800 to the price not counting the extra savings via a higher incentive package than the same truck with the base engine back then. I like what they’ve done with the new 5.0 though. They made the most progress of any engine for 2018 with respect to FE, and they did it with both a peak torque and power gain. I’d be interested in seeing the torque curve on that new engine over laid on the 2017 version.

      I was intrigued and didn’t understand the new mpg rating for the F150 and the 2.7 liter 2WD standard payload. I always assumed that the combined rating was a mean or a median of the city and highway, and then it would be rounded down in the case of an odd variance. For instance, my truck in 2015 sticker showed 19 city, 26 highway and 22 combined. Made sense to me, because the mathematical result comes out 22.5 and then one rounds down. I’ve seen that lots of times before. But for 2018, the city rating is up one and no matter whether you take the mean or the median of the 20/26 city/highway rating, you get 23, but Ford has said 22 combined.

      I emailed the ORNL guys that do the fueleconomy.gov website and provide all the info for the site. They told me something I didn’t know. The combined rating weights the city rating at 55% and the highway rating at 45%, but there is more…The manufacturers are allowed to round down their highway rating, which they said Ford had done with this vehicle/power train combination. So it ends up being 19.6319 city and 26 highway. If you calculate a weighted mean, you still get 22.5 mpg and then once again, you’d round down to 22. But that’s still not exactly right. They use some kind of rounding method approved by ASTM. So you don’t do it the 6th grade mathematical way and the final result ends up being 22.2822. I don’t know how they got that exact result, but it doesn’t matter, because even using 6th grade weighted average method, it comes out 22 rounded down from 22.49.

    30. @Jimmy Johns. I have a class A and B CDL and have driven many different types of vehicles and it is my current occupation. I have experienced the forces of weight for myself. Like I keep saying I believe it is unsafe to allow that much weight behind an F-150 irregardless of what they’ve done to the suspension and frame. If the vehicle is too light in an emergency situation no amount of programming is going to help you. And I don’t think that Ford, Chevy, or Ram is worried about the Titan XD’s sales yet, but you better believe that they are trying to include everyone in their message with this tow rating, there’s a lot of pride there.

    31. Looks like AutomotiveNews had it all wrong about FCA being acquired by a Chinese automaker turns out all 3 denied any interest in acquiring FCA.

    32. @Moondog
      Fiat has FCA and in a separate business Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo grouped together . Fiat Commercial has the IVECO Truck division grouped in with Case , John Holland Tractors and agricultural equipment

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