• Are These 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor (and Bronco) Prototypes on a Public Road? (Spied)

    2020 ford ranger raptor prototype caught in the wild
    2020 Ford Ranger Raptor prototype (Photo credit: Emily & Madison Dilley)

    Is the next “Baby Raptor” prototype testing on public roads? It sure appears to be an off-road version of the next 2020 Ford Ranger with the highly anticipated Raptor off-road package. It’s wearing full camouflage, It has beefy off-road tires and Raptor-style painted rims. This prototype is also seating a little higher off the ground than some of the other Ranger prototypes that we have seen.

    All images in this post come courtesy of Emily and Madison Dilley. Thank you!

    This Ford Ranger prototype was not alone. Take a look at the modified and lightly camouflaged Ford Everest SUV that was running interference between the Ranger pickup and our photographers.

    2020 ford bronco spy
    Is this Everest an early prototype for the upcoming Ford Bronco?

    Our wild guess is that this right-hand drive Everest 4×4 SUV is either a refresh to the Everest itself, or a very early powertrain test vehicle for the upcoming Ford Bronco. We don’t know for sure what the 2020 Ford Bronco will look like, but we hope it’s more boxy and rugged looking.

    Enjoy more of these great Ranger prototype images.

    Here are is another one of the SUV.

    Here a video of another 2019 Ford Ranger prototype.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    59 thoughts on “Are These 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor (and Bronco) Prototypes on a Public Road? (Spied)

      1. Ford is working hard to cover up their mistake of a”too big” Raptor that doesn’t work as an off-roader. Its a pavement princess.
        But they might get it right with a smaller wheelbase and narrower chassis. Good luck making it quality and a vehicle you would want for the long term.

        1. Its not just the wheelbase and too wide and too long problems. It is also chassis dynamics and road holding problems. See below:


          “3RD place goes to the mighty Ford F-150 Raptor. “The Raptor was my odds-on favorite before we got to Canada,” Scott said. “The biggest problem with the Raptor is its failure to perform the one job we brought it for: going fast off-road.” We know the Raptor is capable of going fast on the dunes of the West Coast, but on the loose-packed gravel and the mud and dirt trails of northeastern Canada, the Ford is out of its element.

          Nothing was more telling than its performance on the TLH proper. “On the off-road sections, the Raptor’s rear end kept moving dramatically from side to side on the dry gravel, but things got even worse when the rain started coming down and the road deteriorated,” Miguel said. Its drive modes only made it marginally more stable, but even with four-wheel drive engaged or in Sand/Mud or Weather modes, the Raptor handled the brutal TLH far worse than the other trucks. “At speed off-road, the rear end was never settled, never confident,” Scott said. “Isn’t that what this truck is designed for?”

          As disappointed as we were with the Raptor… it drives like a big sport sedan on pavement. Still, we expected more from the Ford.”


          So, Ford not only needs to make it smaller, they need to make the Ranger Raptor with much smarter engineering. Not their strong suit. Ford’s only strong suit is cheap price (especially on government fleets), and rust protection. Otherwise, this new CEO has his hands full, because consumers are wising up, and the old fuddy duddies are dying off–God rest their souls.

          1. Dude motortrends complaint on a gravel road doesn’t make the truck a failure wow lol. The other trucks were running duratrac tires and likely work better on loose gravel I own Ko2 and they could be better on real loose gravel. Some of you dudes trip me out. Probably got excited when you saw that shit too lmao. So the Raptor wasn’t a number one pick for a Canadian road trip big deal. The power Wagon isn’t a number one pick for dunes or desert running either that’s Raptor territory. Cracking me up man. Ford is just making a competitor for the baby truck world.

            1. M.T. drove the Raptor for many days over many different conditions. It wasn’t just one narrow situation. Even you admit the Raptor is only good in one situation, running wide dunes. What percentage of Raptors are running wide dunes at what percentage of the time? Answer, single digits–low single digits.

            2. @Trent Mototrend and everyone else says the Raptor is like a sports sedan on pavement. It owns the dunes and desert and is the fastest of its kind and really that covers the half ton market as a whole as well. Motortrend also went on to say the Raptor landed the smoothest when the tires left the ground. So the one complaint they had about it not being when they expected on a gravel road makes it a failed vehicle? LMFAO. Honestly most Raptor owners unfortunately keep their shit on the road and the Raptor doesn’t get low marks their either. Seriously the weirdness on gravel was very likely the ko2 tires vs the duratracs. Why does the Raptor have to beat every vehicle at every situation to be the legit purpose built truck that it is? As troverman mentioned people are buying Raptors over sticker when they could get any other F150 on rebates. Why do you think this is? Ford isn’t claiming the Raptor to be a tight trail rig or anything of the sort. It is a truck that you can enjoy on the road and run high speed dunes and desert primarily. Yes the Raptor is capable of all sorts of off-roading but desert running is priority number #1 along with road manners. When comparing vehicles to the Raptors intent there isn’t a contender. If you are concerned with tight trails get a Jeep that’s what I have for my trail needs. No current pickup truck can take on a wrangler rubicon in its element. Purpose built vehicles will have a compromise somewhere be real and quit hating for lame reasons.

          2. Mike, c’mon man! Your post doesn’t make you look terribly intelligent. Ford Raptor sales are booming! You cannot buy one for less than MSRP and most in the country are selling at +$1500 over sticker. There are many Raptors on AutoTrader for as much as $10k over window sticker just because a dealer “has one.” RAM has no such “problem” with Power Wagons, and we’ll see how the ZR2 sells. Ford has a winner because the Raptor is easily the best / coolest looking truck out there, it is easily the fastest, and has the most interior features available. So you list one article that is somewhat negative towards the Raptor and you think that’s the whole truth? Well, for one thing, the Power Wagon and ZR2 both run smaller tires and a different brand than the Raptor. Tires make a huge difference in handling. It’s kind of like saying a Camaro SS is no good because it doesn’t get good traction in the snow since it comes with Michelin Pilot Sport tires, etc.

            Ford is easily in the best position of the big 3 right now. They are selling the most trucks, which are the most profitable vehicle any of the big three sell. I know you’re a GM guy, but c’mon. The Raptor is a new name and it has a Baja heritage. The ZR2 just makes me think of an S-10.

            1. Troverman: Intelligence?

              1. You argue that a lot of people are buying the Raptor at high prices means it is a wise purchase? That is called a non sequitur argument.

              2. So you admit it sales success is because of good looks and it is fast. I agree very much. And this is why people are so dumb. Lights are on, but nobody is home.

              3. I agree on the interior features. Ford has to offer those to get people to buy their vehicles, because they can’t make a quality truck. Interior features come in handy when you are on the side of the road broken down or can’t make it up a trail in a fat Raptor.

              4. You say I “am a GM guy”. And this finally shows your level of intelligence. If anything, I am a Cummins guy. But really, I am whatever is the best out there at the time. Maybe GM will get there, but it will take years to prove That. Ford it seems, will never get there for decades the way they have gone for the last four decades.

              Are you getting used to being wrong. You ought to by now.

              BTW, its not just tires that the Raptor suffers from. Change the tires and you still won’t be able to follow most trucks and jeeps on most trails.

          3. Comparing the Raptor and Power Wagon is definitely Apples and Oranges…..both trucks are purpose built for complete different applications. Each excel at their designed purpose, unequaled I might add. (The very reason Ram is hinting at the TRX Rebel, which if they produce one close to the concept, will be bad ass)!

        2. That exact model of Ranger Raptor in the video and photos is not going to solve the “too long” problem. But hopefully they will have a shorter cab version. Because that thing will never be a great off-roader.

          1. Hopefully the testing with the 4 wheel steering will make it into the Ranger lineup. Then the length wont be to bad. My Denali quadsteer turned as sharp as the Honda CRV.

            1. Yes, the four wheel steering will help with turning and fitting on trails, but it won’t help with wheelbase problems. It might even hurt it with the breakover and extra weight. The Raptor hangs up pretty bad.

            2. The extra weight of 4 wheel steer would not be on the suspension so not that bad. The mechanical advantage is huge for safety handling and luxury. Wheelbase is a trucks cryptonite for breakover unless they add pneamatic adjustable shocks like Bollinger and then they can also increase the payload. 6100Lbs in the Bollinger truck. The biggest advantage is for parking for the mall crawlers. This is really nice to have when parking and exiting. Something you have to do evertime you get in and out of the truck. Makes life easy.

            3. Rambro – unsprung weight is not an advantage. It’s a disadvantage in any scenario. Would I choose the unsprung weight of four wheel steering anyway? Heck ya, but your statement still needs to be corrected…

            4. True Daniel, the suspension has to control the unsprung weight and the lighter the better I guess with regards to handling. But it does take weight away from the suspension on the downstroke when bottoming out but apparently on the upstroke the suspension prefers lighter sprung weight for handling purposes. But to what degree? Im not a racer, I just want to park without having to do three point turns in the mall. My Denali hide two ride settings and was nicer to drive than any truck in its era with quadsteer on it.

          2. You are very wrong there Carl, nothing comes close to the Ranger either on or off road atm. And the Raptor version wont be a dune crusher alone, it will be brilliant across the board.

    1. I hope to god that the Everest is only a powertrain test and not an actual body style test.

      1. Amen brother, for Ford to launch that as the Bronco would be a complete screw up. They really need to get the Bronco right….

    2. I hope the Bronco has solid Dana 44’s or bigger front and rear. High pinion differentials and rear locker standard that works in 2wd and at any speed. The top off road model should include portal axles, front locker, and sway bar disconnect. Am I asking for too much?

      1. Actually, you are not asking enough. But no way Ford will advance things like you are asking. They prefer to tack on little shiny things like cameras and do dads like full roofs of glass. How embarrassing, how we America get to the point where people will spend thousands of dollars on options for a glass roof on a truck rather than on useful gear.

        1. No, government purchased portals for military vehicles may be expensive, but not mass produced portals for every American’s truck. Starting to get the picture?

          1. Do tell, what would be different between portals in commercial and military applications and the portals in a mass produced vehicle?

    3. I hope these are just powertrain tests cause I hate both body styles. They are both… in 3rd grade terms… sissy…

    4. Man, if that is the Bronco, there will be hell to pay. It can’t be. That has to be a small or midsized mainstream crossover. No way Ford would put the Bronco name on that.

    5. I hope Ford is not stupid enough to give us the Everest and then say “here’s the Bronco you’ve been lusting for America” and think we’ll buy that crap. Please, just no. I think/hope this is a mistake and is maybe another model. If not, wow. Cold water.

      1. Wait until they tell us about the inline 5cylinder in the baby Dinasour with 250HP. Oh its coming America. Someone save us please!

        1. No its not Rambro. The 5cyl will be replaced by the V6 diesel as seen in the Landrover/Rangerovers. The gas engines are likely to be the 2.3 like in the ‘stang the stock 3.5 and the HPO version as in the Raptor.

    6. If Ford is going to call that a “Bronco”, I am going to barf. I have owned five big Broncos since 1984, all with sticks. They are two-door, short wheelbase, wide track off-road vehicles. That’s yet another crossover pavement queen.

      1. Remeber you saw it first on TFL may not be a good thing, I get the same eye twitch when I see a fat guy in a bikini. Just close your eyes when you scroll back to the top.

        1. Where do you see “fat guys” in bikinis Rambro? I’m asking because i want to avoid this area at all costs and am concerned that you are actually watching this

          1. Fat guys in bikinis exist on vacations I have been on. They fill up and eat like hogs up here in the winter. When they go back down South in the same speedos they wore last year it becomes a bikini and they are oblivious because they dont have to look at themselves.

    7. Just so yall know, it is a powertrain test mule. The Bronco in 2nd design was scrapped for looking more like a Wrangler, but they are not veering too far away from the design. Which is a good thing to looking more like the classic.

        1. Jay B and Canoepaddler – – –

          Amen. I said a silent “whew” ….. because I too thought Ford, in making the new Bronco, was going after the Wrangler with as much look-alike as they can get away with, — including sold axles F and R.

          If it comes out looking like just another shiny, smooth, “pretty” little SUV, it’s DOA: that market is already swamped with competitors and is essentially all sewed up.

          To enter an established, mature market and WIN, a new product can’t just be “as good” with a few advanced features; it has to be MUCH better than competition. As the saying goes: “The Bestest with The Mostest!”
          So, what practical thing will this new Ford Bronco NEED to offer that will absolutely blow everyone else out of the water, including the OR Market King: the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon?


    8. If the new Bronco doesn’t look like the old classic Bronco 66-77 then don’t bother Ford!

      They did it great with the new Mustang’s in capturing the classic looks and feel – let’s hope they can all quit arguing over what it should be and just listen to the classic guy?

      Don’t forget it must be a true off road model with a 2.7tt, solid axles, lockers, 33-35″ tires minimum, short overhangs, and minimal gadgets to keep the prices low and competitive with Jeep Wrangler!

      Must have both a 2-door & 4-door!!!

      Ranger I think they have it sorted out pretty good, especially seeing all the Raptor prototypes that have been spotted and most rumors continue to include 2.7tt?

      JUST DON’T CASTRATE 2.7tt FORD in these applications!!!

      1. Drifter, I know there is only a 4 door version but it’s now heavily based on the Brazilian Troller. They tried the Everest but said no it won’t work. I hope they use a great engine and not a detuned one.

      2. Drifter and Moondog: I highly doubt we will see the 2.7tt in either of these vehicles. I’m still betting it will be the 3.3 NA V6 with a 2.3tt 4cyl ecoboost option.

        1. Come on Keystone, let us dream! I hope we see the 2.7TT but manufacturers are terrified of the thought of a midsize showing up a fullsize and the 2.7TT would do just that. I think we may see a Raptor version with that engine but wouldn’t it be nice to have Ford flip double birds at everyone and put the 2.7TT in the regular versions? Toyota would not have an answer.

    9. If the new Bronco looks anything like that, I will be so pissed. I really hope the comment about this only being a power train mule is true.

    10. If the new Bronco looks anything like this thing I will race over and buy a new jeep. Please Ford don’t tease about a Bronco then give us something like this.

    11. As being ford man I don’t think a 4 door bronco would go over very well. When people think of a bronco is a 2 door short wheel base truck. This picture here of it is neither. So I suspect that this is some kinda of suv being tested.

      1. Marc, the last thing I read that was credible from Ford said the Bronco would only be offered as a four door. It looks like it will be based off the Brazilian Troller but in a four door version only.

    12. The Troller looks about right, they want to cut into the Jeep Wrangler market. The “prototype” they show would cut into their own Explorer sales and that makes no sense.

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