• 2020 Chevy Silverado ZR2 Prototype? Is this GM’s new Ford Raptor Fighter? (Spied)

    2019 2020 chevy silverado zr2 ford raptor reaper prototype off-road pickup truck
    Chevy Silverado ZR2? (photo credit: Mike L.)

    Could this be a 2019 or 2020 Chevy Silverado ZR2 prototype? GM’s answer to the Ford Raptor? Take a look at the higher ride height of this truck. Those Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac off-road tires are unmistakeable. This prototype is a large crew cab with dual polished exhaust tips in the back.

    Off-road fans have been waiting and begging GM to produce a truck to answer to the Ford Raptor. Chevrolet has invested a great deal into the development of the 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2, which is proving itself as the next standard in off-road pickup trucks. Why not apply some of those learnings and technology on a larger scale with the Silverado?

    Check out the grille and headlights. The two stacked horizontal lights are classic Chevrolet. Will the production version of the truck use lights similar to these?

    The Colorado ZR2 uses high-tech Multimatic DSSV spool-valve shocks. Why not create a version of the shocks that can fit the larger Silverado? Thanks to Mike for sending in these spy shots.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    68 thoughts on “2020 Chevy Silverado ZR2 Prototype? Is this GM’s new Ford Raptor Fighter? (Spied)

    1. Does GM really need an answer to the raptor? Do raptors really sell that many units to even worry about that segment? I do hope they make the newer models with a bit more ground clearance and less front air dam. I say let ford keep jumping their sand dunes.

      1. Uh yeah, they do sell quite a few but the free advertising they generate is what GM really needs to chase.

        1. I would take ,some exaggerated shake over a death wobble..I would prefer a Silverado SS,with 6.2 supercharged..since most of these high priced trucks tend to spend more time on asphalt..Dual exhaust would be nice and a functional hood scoop like the Hds..imo

          1. You can get a GM supercharger currently for a 6.2L as a dealer installed option that is covered by the factory warranty.

            1. That’s the kind of truck I’d buy with the 6.2 supercharged engine. I don’t know why you can’t just get a plain Jane 4×4 work truck with the best supercharged engine. I use premium ethanol free in my Ecoboost work truck, if the argument is that you have to use premium fuel in it.

            2. I just looked at the website and they won’t let me build a truck I’d buy. You have to pay too much for packages I don’t want. So, I’m looking at the 2018 2.7 Ecoboost 10 speed.

          2. I heard they might be adding that hood scoop to the 1500s. That is what I am waiting for ( and some slightly larger wheel wells or a bit of an angle the bottom would be great ) . If they are lifted a little more out of the factory that would be awesome as well.

        2. The current Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra have their own issues with “shake” or “shudder”. Not to mention 98% of GM half-tons don’t have any shake.

          Then there’s the 3/4 and 1-ton Fords and Rams that are plagued with death wobble, some with less than 20k miles. Why are brand new Supderduty’s dealing with death wobble?

      2. Who cares, if it is just a Raptor with a Chevy badge on it and it has the same capability, who needs it. The Raptor is no good, so this would have to have some extra ability like payload AND off -road ability. That video does not look promising for something different.

        1. If you want payload buy the regular 4×4 version. Seriously people. You keep crying for something that’s been available for the last 50 years! Two automakers come out with special editions with soft suspensions that can do things the normal 4×4 packages can only dream of, and you criticize them for the component that gives them the extra ability…

      3. Not a high volume vehicle, but they sell everyone they make. Most dealerships (stealerships) charge a “market adjustment ” of $5,000 to $7,500 over MSRP…. That alone will keep me out of one.

    2. It kinda looks like a smaller air dam.Hard to really tell though. I’m sure hardcore GM folks would like to see it.As to whether or not they buy it is unknown.Maybe it’s a rebel fighter?

    3. It appears GM might finally be listening to their customers. Maybe a true off-road model ? Not just a sticker pkg for change.

      Also, I know a lot of people had complained about the over the top square fenders on the last couple generations. Myself included. I always hated the over exaggerated square fender styling.

      I think I am seeing a rounded fender archs hiding under that camo in these pics.

      Looks like the crew cabs might be finally getting some more room in them, hopefully they put some vents in the back this time.

      1. I think you’re right about the fender arches being more rounded. Unfortunately, it looks like they still stamped a big square/rectangle profile in the fenders.

        I wonder if we are seeing more aggressively stamped body panels because they’ve made them so thin, the only way to add strength back is bends/profiles. Ford and GM in particular

    4. We keep hearing rumors that the 2019 gm trucks are going to get a major upgrade. Maybe this is it. Dual exhaust tips, higher stance, smaller airdam and optional off-road tires. And maybe some suspension and motor/transmission upgrades. Let’s hope! We are all pulling for them.

    5. Raptor fighter on 32s? nah if anything probably a TRD Pro fighter or Ram Rebel. Before all the haters get excited I am interested to see how the new GM truck is.

    6. It could be parts of one, but seeing how this has rear wheel spats and mud flaps on the front I have to guess this isn’t one. Wish we could see the shocks.

      I wonder if a hood scoop like the heavy duty diesels find their way to the 1/2 tons?

    7. It would not be called a ZR2 in my opinion. When was the last time they made an off road 1/2 ton. This would just be an upgraded Z71 package that may pull some merit to the name off road. Does not look like a Raptor contestant.

    8. There is no way this can be a Raptor fighter. All the anti Raptor crowd says a full size truck is to big to off road and the Colorado is perfect.

      1. It’s a good position for a offroad crawler truck. You’ll get better articulation vs shocks set further out.

    9. It does look taller but they may be looking to raise the truck more in the air. My suspects is if they do build something to compete against the Raptor it will be after the new model is released.

    10. Not much to gain on the pictures, but it does looks like to me the crew cab is little bit bigger. Tires might make it sit taller.

    11. Andre – – –

      You speculated that the unknown trucks may be a combination of GMC and Chevy prototypes.
      Is that because, underneath, nowadays, a Silverado and a Sierra are essentially the same truck? I’m told they come down the same assembly lines; and are differentiated only by a few interior options and exterior grill designs.

      Yes? If so, that explains why I combine them in full-sized truck sales data.


      1. It’s common knowledge that they’re the same trucks underneath, but the exterior differences are far greater than just a grill. The entire front clip is completely different along with fenders, trim, wheels and tail lights are different.

    12. Let’s hope GM is just going to give us a good trouble free truck. Fix the vibration, suspension, cabin pressure, and build quality issues. Maybe some new engines and a diesel as well. From the looks of this setup I can’t see this being a ZR2 but it could be a more serious off-road version and that would be great. If it’s a ZR2 then they better get some bigger tires. Maybe, just maybe, GM is starting to listen. Either way, exciting times ahead. Finally and geez, it is starting to look like FCA is about to become a Chinese company. I truly hope this does not happen but they are in a bidding war now and it’s all Chinese bidders….

      1. “Fix the vibration, suspension, cabin pressure, and build quality issues.”

        Vibration that probably affects less than 3 or 4% of trucks. There are just as many vibration issues with trucks from every auto maker, including the shakey Tundra and shuddering F-150.

        Fix what with the susepnsion? Their suspension design works quite well and handles a lot of abuse:

        There are no “cabin air pressure issues with the GM half-tons. Nobody cares about your Tahoe.

        The build quality is a non issue outside of a couple supplier issues, namely AAM (axle supplier) and whoever suppliers their integrated radiators. No different than Toyota and their 15+ years of rust rotting frames and more recently, their howling/leaking/slowly-failing Hino axles. Even their front shakey front diffs could be pointed out. Yet you constantly mention your 3rd gen Tacoma as some sort symbol of quality. Uh-huh.


    13. Front end doesn’t appear to be aggressive enough to be something that would wear a ZR2 badge. But looks more aggressive than the run-of-the-Mill Z71. Something like a Z71 Trail Boss maybe?

      1. Ahh, now that may be the best observation. It very well could be a Trail Boss and that would move some units and test the waters for a ZR2 like they did with the Colorado. Good observation.

        1. With that said, the rear looks like the exhaust is tucked up enough to provide a good departure angle. All this needs is an aggressive front end, front and rear lockers, and proper shocks and we have a ZR2 I imagine.

    14. So if GM does a Raptor fighter it will be called a ZR2? I don’t believe GM ever had a ZR2 in a 1/2 ton but it makes sense I guess that they would call it a ZR2, same as the TRD Pro is to the Tacoma or the Tundra. That had me thinking LOL. But I think the ZR2 is better suited in the midsize but good to have options for those who value more room over off road potential and agility.

      1. Correct, there has never been a production Silverado ZR2, but a few years back (before the current body style) they showed off a Silverado ZR2 concept at SEMA. So if they made a more aggressive off-road package, then it’s realistic they could use the ZR2 name/RPO.

    15. The bedside height looks very high. Is it too much to ask to be able to reach over the side and touch the bed floor anymore? I guess that’s why we need bumper steps and tailgate ladders.

    16. I dont think its anything special. You could get the Duratracs on the Trailboss Colorado and some versions of the silverado. The Trailboss package, btw, was a mere $8000 for a set of duratrac, a light bar in the bed, and some LED’s.

    17. I can definitely see round wheel wells in the spy shots.

      This alone will bring a much needed fresh look to GM’s trucks!

        1. Dpach I was thinking the same thing.Super doo doo..thats funny..The super duty should use the same f150 grille,looks alot better..imo

            1. Unfortunately the 2018 F150 is going to more of a SuperDooDoo style grille (large cross bars across the center that look like an ugly child wearing braces). They look better when painted to match, but the chrome ones look hideous.

    18. We are seeing two different trucks here. The one in the video is a GMC SIERRA and the one in the photos is a SILVERADO. Although they may end up with different names. It looks like they got rid of those stupid squinty headlights on the Chevy. I’m not sure if only one or both of them have the dual exhaust but I like it. The wheel wells look smaller and more rounded. Both trucks seem to be raised a couple of inches. Can’t tell if they are aluminum but there is a good chance they are. The air dam looks a little bit smaller but it’s hard to tell. I was hoping they would get rid of it. There appears to be two strange raised areas on the hood. Can’t wait to see what that is.

    19. The GMC & Chevy are identical but for the grill and badging. Have been the same since the ’50s. Prior to that the had different engines and Transmissions, but still same athsetics.

        1. As a person who has worked for a GM dealership for 20 yrs, I can give you the lowdown.

          They are basically the same truck except for cosmetics. Differences:
          – fender body panels are specific to each model as GM has deeper indent fender lines and have the plastic wheel well protectors.
          – Grille, hood, front bumpers and headlamps are specific to each.
          – Interior accent lighting (radio, etc) is soft blue in Silverado and red in GM

          GM used to have an advantage with the Denali having magnetic ride control until the Silverado got it on the High Desert Package (looks like an Avalanche) last year. Denali also used to be AWD but in this generation it too uses GM’s Autotrac as does the Silverado.

          Some people insist the GM is quieter, smoother, etc, but in all essence, that is people believing GM’s “Professional Grade” advertising, as all quiet tuning/noise/vibration prevention pieces are the same between the two trucks.

          Otherwise the only difference is option packaging as Sierra does not have a base W/T model, so they start at a higher model and price. They also package a few select options differently.

    20. Honestly, they as well as the other manufacturers are far from having a “Raptor fighter”. Ram is really the only company that had tried to compete. These attempts haven’t ended well for Ram and would likely not end well for other manufacturers. The Raptor is in a league of it’s own and would require a lot of R&D and probably a specialized engineering team to build a competitor. All of this =$$$ and a lot of risk for such a limited market. Ford pioneered this market and will likely own it for some time.

    21. it kinda looks like they cleaned up the underside? the front air damn has been relocated and it almost seems like the framerails and everything else tucks under the body better? or maybe it’s just the angle. I’m guessing this is a Z71 with a tire package. I wonder if all models are going to have dual exhausts. and are those true dual exhausts?

    22. Would really rather see a fullsize k5 blazer as an answer to raptor and bronco in one shot 10 speed with lt4 v8, tt4.0l v8 or 4.5l duramax that would be a game changer.

    23. The front end of this Silverado does not have the 3 individual LED lights light in previous spy shots? Maybe they plan on only having the LED lights on the high end trucks and these on the more basic trim packages?

    24. How about just adding a more powerful V6 with alot more torque to the Colorado ZR2?
      I’ve been reading that the current 3.6L V6 in the current Colorado is barely adequate.

      1. I would say to GM quit screwing around and skip the powerful v6, and just drop a v8 in the Zr2. The old Zr2s had a v8 available,

        Leave the v6 crap to Ford.

        1. Are you sure about that. There’s no mention of a V8 ever offered for the S-10 ZR2. The 1st gen Colorado had a V8 option but never as a ZR2.

          1. I was thinking there was a Colorado ZR2, I know the last Generation Colorado had a V8 option late in it’s life cycle. For some reason I was thinking there was a Zr2 version of that. Could be wrong that.

            The main point I was wanting to get across was that I would much rather see a small block V8 in the Colorado then a tuned up V6.

    25. GM needs to offer everything the competition offer and the need to do whatever they do and do it better. There should never be a reason to go elsewhere to get what you want or not be able to equip your vehicle the way you want without having to pay extra for stuff you don’t want. I am aware you cant please everyone but you cant afford to use customers for simple thing like no vent in the car and ect ect.

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