• 2018 Nissan Frontier and Nissan Titan Go Dark with Midnight Editions

    2018 nissan titan frontier pickup truck midnight edition
    2018 Nissan Frontier and Nissan Titan midnight edition

    Nissan offers a peak at the 2018 Nissan Frontier and 2018 Nissan Titan with the announcement of the new Midnight Editions. This customized package comes in three exterior colors: Magnetic Black, Gun Metallic, and Glacier White. It applies to all three pickup trucks in Nissan’s arsenal: Frontier, Titan, and Titan XD.

    The trucks remain the same mechanically, but the Midnight Edition custom touches include a blacked-out grille, 18-inch black rims, black running boards, body-color bumpers and mirrors, badging, and interior touches.

    We are excited to learn more details about the upcoming 2018 model year trucks from Nissan. There is still no official word on the next-generation Nissan Frontier. Stay tuned for more specifications and details coming soon.

    These blacked-out and factory-customized trucks will be available in the late fall 2017, according to Nissan.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    36 thoughts on “2018 Nissan Frontier and Nissan Titan Go Dark with Midnight Editions

    1. I can imagine it will look good in the white and possibly gray colors, but the all black trucks just don’t come together

    2. I don’t understand the fascination with black vehicles, either. Sure, they look great, if you wash them every other day.

      Otherwise, they are the hardest color to keep from showing dirt, hottest in the sun, and highlight washing/polishing streaks and swirls much moreso than any other color.

      OTOH, black is the easiest color to see in the dark, so maybe it’s a safety thing.

      1. Longboat – – –

        L: “OTOH, black is the easiest color to see in the dark, so maybe it’s a safety thing.”

        Hah! This is a hoot. Good one!

        While on that topic: The Australian Dept. of Highways and Byways (or whatever its called “down under”) once did a study on the influence of vehicle color on traffic accidents.
        They found that it didn’t much matter, except for four colors. All other color had atmospheric or lighting conditions that negated any impact that they may have had anyway. The four colors that DID reduce traffic accidents were:
        1) “Construction” yellow
        2) “Blaze” (Safety) orange
        3) “Ferrari” Red
        4) Fluorescent Lime Green

        But how many people actually chose those colors for their vehicles? (^_^)…


        1. @Bernie — it’s true, black is easiest to see at night. All other colors turn to gray and blend in with the surroundings, where black tends to stand out. This is especially true at sea, where the Coast Guard will also tell you that black is easiest to see at night.

          1. Longboat – – –

            L: “it’s true, black is easiest to see at night.”

            Are you serious? If so, two questions:
            1) Why would that be the case over, say, “Blaze” orange (which often has a fluorescent additive included)?
            2) Do you have a reference or a link for that finding? It would be fascinating, but I would like to see the special conditions under which it occurred (since it contradicts the Australian study).


            1. @Bernie — I don’t have any links handy, maybe a Google search would help out?

              I think the confusing factor here is if there is a source of light available. If there is light, then colors begin to re-appear, with reflective fluorescents being some of the first. In the absence of a (relatively) bright light source, all colors become shades of gray (or rather, our vision perceives them as shades of gray). Light colors blend into light backgrounds, and dark colors blend into dark backgrounds. Now, think about how many black backgrounds you see in nature….not too many, are there?

              So, try this test. Gather up several objects of various colors, including jet black. Best not to use very uniform objects, like sheets of paper, because your brain will already be pre-comditioned to look for that shape….would be netter for a friend to make up the objects for you. Have your friend place the objects on a cluttered background. Then, on a moonlit night, or even a starry night after you’ve let your eyes adapt to low light (may take a few hours), try to pick out the objects. The black should show up easiest. If conditions are bright enough, however, a white object may show up better.

              USCG rescue personnel who fly choppers at night will tell you that nlack objects are easiest to spot out in the water. They rely on night-adapted vision, because spotlights would take too long to cover large expanses of water. However, modern pilots may use FLIR and other night-vision tools…not sure what colors would show up best there, probably white.

              Although most fiberglass boats are white, that is not a good color if your boat becomes incapacitated. It will blend in with whitecaps out at sea.

            2. Longboat – – –

              Thanks. But I think that the “special” factor” that I was looking for is, not surprisingly, the USCG search parameters, and the SEA. And, of course, finding a boat in high waves is not like seeing a car at twilight and its rapid recognition requirements. But I will try to check out that finding on Google.
              Again the Aussie work was very comprehensive for road vehicles…(^_^)…


            3. Black can look like a “hole” in the dark. Red actually goes to black quickly as the light fades, why red disappears fast underwater.

        2. I believe this may be the study you are referring to: http://www.monash.edu/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/216475/muarc263.pdf

          It was conducted by Monash University in 2007 and does make interesting reading although you have to be careful how you read it. While the conclusion was that white is the safest colour the study also notes that white is by far the colour most represented in vehicle crashes. That might sound weird if you don’t take into account white being by far the most popular colour for vehicles in Australia and therefore will be the most represented.

          Another interesting find was that the difference between white and other colours was greater in daytime than at night.

        3. Long time ago I had a friend who was charged extra on his insurance because his Mazda pickup was red. They claimed it was a “provocative” color.

          In my experiance, dark gray, gunmetal blue and black and some shades of tan (on concrete roads) are very hard to see in the rain, particularly when next to a large truck. So if you have one, pass a big truck quickly in the rain as they might not see you if they need to change lanes.

        4. I’ve owned two yellow trucks (2000 Frontier, ’97 Hummer H1), and contrary to what you might think, I never noticed that I appeared to be more visible to others, except maybe in fog. But in dense fog I was busy ignoring silver cars…

    3. an all black pickup? Duhh! Makes as much sense as a pregnant high jumper.
      Sure, they look great when just washed and waxed (watch out for swirl marks) but later on the day they they look dirty.
      Black as a safety factor, maybe at the funeral. On a dark, wet night, they kind of disapear. (Sp)
      Up here on the high desert, it takes at least a half hour to cool them down, if you survive the hyper temperatures. Black trucks often hit 185 degrees inside after a few hours in the sun.

      1. Tote – – –

        T: “..pregnant high jumper.”
        I thought it was a “pregnant pole vaulter”, but I could be wrong….(^_^)


      2. I have a black truck and I only wash it every other week still looks clean after two weeks until you get right up to it. People often ask if I wash it every day.

    4. Off the topic of black for a Frontier, these trucks look much better in real life than they do in pics. Also, the Nissan Frontier is VERY fun to drive. It has a really nimble feel to it, which is very rare in a truck.

      1. Distinctively – – –

        D: “Also, the Nissan Frontier is VERY fun to drive.”
        Yup. Have one. Fully agree!
        Even without updating over the past 12 years, it’s still a great little truck.
        Sent Carlos Ghosn a congratulatory email once. Asked him not to change a thing, and that the truck was as close to perfection as it could get. His secretary sent me a Nissan drinking mug, with the note: “Thank you for your support”!

        Now, what is the probability that Mary Barra or (then) Mark Fields would have done that?


      2. @Distictively, I agree Nissan trucks looks much better in real life than pictures. For more than a year I was telling myself why Nissan made the new Titan “So Ugly”! till I saw one in dealer, blue color and it was really good looking.
        I also agree on Frontier being fun to drive as a truck. I own an Xterra and love it.

        1. I really enjoyed the two Frontiers I test drove. The only thing I will say was the turning radius was horrific, and this was coming from the Supercrew 6.5′ bed F150. I was taken by surprise trying to get out of the car dealer lot on the test drive thinking it would maneuver better than my truck.

          The other is MPG’s. The Frontier is worse than the 1/2 tons at this point.

    5. even worse, are the boys in the flat black vehicles. I don’t understand it. Are they waiting for the top coats?
      Also, the birds like black vehicles for bombing practice as they always look like some poor bird had dihaaria on the deck lid and hood.

      1. Perhaps they see themselves and attack the reflection. Pooping is an attack option. Small birds will gang up on a Crow, or other large bird on the ground and try to get it so wet with poop that it can’t fly.

    6. Nissan is following in GM’s footsteps. “Hey, our trucks aren’t selling well, and we refuse to update them…what can we do?” “How ’bout a special “Midnight Edition?” “Yeah, that sounds terrific!”

      1. Well, it looks like GM and Nissan are only doing what Ford has done over the last couple years as Ford has special appearance packages as well:

        F150 Lariat Special Edition (halogen lights with special dark housing, unique console top, fender and tailgate badging, unique finish on instrument panel and doors, unique single exhaust tip and steering wheel, unique grille and rims). Sound like an appearance package to me.

        XLT has a sport appearance package, an XTR appearance package, a Special Edition appearance package. All have specific grilles, wheels, trim pieces, etc. Hmmmm, sound like special appearance packages to me also.

        1. Most of those packages are always available and have been pretty much for the last 6 or 7 years in some form or another. Its not always the same name, but they certainly arnt “special.”

          1. I agree, they aren’t special. But GM and others are just coming out with appearance packages like Ford has had for years. Yet people crap on GM an other brands for having appearance packages. Double standards.

      1. Marc – – –

        M: “Black looks good on some vehicles and some not so much.”

        When I bought a BMW Z4 once, the salesman said their were two “colors” that emphasized form:
        1) White – Lets you see the contours, sculpturing, and perfection of panel gaps, etc;
        2) Black – Lets you see the perfection of the paint job, with its absence of “swirls” and “check marks”, etc.

        All other “shades” (actually hues) forced the human eye to be distracted. But those two colors are the mosts susceptible to dirt and hardest to keep clean!


    7. Yawn….another black/midnight package. Welcome, albeit very late, to the sticker and paint party Nissan. I have owned two black vehicles in my life – never again.

    8. I live in Florida where it rains almost everyday, owned one black truck never again. How about an 8 sp. tranny? Or 10 speed Tranny? I drove a new Titan as a rental a few weeks ago, it handled better than a Ram had had earlier. I own a gen. One Titan so far very reliable Truck, does what I need it to do. Not a big fan of the new body style I must admit, looking at a Tundra in 2020 if they get a 8 Sp. tranny. Like the Warrior, launch that I’m a buyer.

    9. I think the new titan is a great looking truck all black is a pain in the ass to keep clean tho they really just need to focus on cutting weight new body style is upto a 1000lbs heavier than out going model also Id like to see a sport version in a reg cab like the old ford lightning. Id buy that in a heartbeat especially with a twin turbo or supercharged 5.6l its time for nissan to have something the others don’t. Call it Titan R Nismo edition or something. If they could get it right like they did with gtr would sell for sure.

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