GM Pickup Truck: What’s Next for 2019 and Beyond? What Would You Change?

The next generation of the GM pickup trucks, 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2019 GMC Sierra 1500, are a little over a year away. We have caught several prototype trucks testing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. What should GM keep the same and what should they change? How would you design the next half-ton pickup from General Motors?

Take a look at the video below. This is my take on the features that I think should remain and the things I would change.


GM’s lineup of light duty engines and transmission is a strong point. The company offers a choice among┬áthe 4.3L V6, 5.3L V8, and the 6.2L V8. These engines are both powerful and also get good fuel economy. We have tested most of the engine combinations, and we have always been impressed. GM’s 8-speed automatic is a good transmission, and the new 10-speed automatic will surely find its way underneath the next-gen 2019 trucks.

Should GM switch to turbocharged gas engines? How about a small turbo-diesel? There is a report of a 2019 prototype truck filling up with diesel fuel, so a diesel is not out of the question.


This is highly subjective. I prefer GMC Sierra styling over the Chevy Silverado, but opinions will vary.

Interior / Technology

I think GM can improve the ergonomics of the interior, make it larger, and add a lot of technology that is already on many competitor trucks. How about keyless start, 360-degree camera view, massaging seats, and 400W inverter outlets? How about active aerodynamics, such as a retractable front air deflector?


GM is already highly competitive on payload and towing numbers. They simply need to keep sight on the competition and continue to deliver a confident hauling and towing experience.


How about a kick-ass off-road truck – a Chevy Silverado ZR2? What would be amazing! Some of you already asked for the next Silverado SS street performance truck. Bring it on!