• GM Pickup Truck: What’s Next for 2019 and Beyond? What Would You Change?

    The next generation of the GM pickup trucks, 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2019 GMC Sierra 1500, are a little over a year away. We have caught several prototype trucks testing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. What should GM keep the same and what should they change? How would you design the next half-ton pickup from General Motors?

    Take a look at the video below. This is my take on the features that I think should remain and the things I would change.


    GM’s lineup of light duty engines and transmission is a strong point. The company offers a choice among the 4.3L V6, 5.3L V8, and the 6.2L V8. These engines are both powerful and also get good fuel economy. We have tested most of the engine combinations, and we have always been impressed. GM’s 8-speed automatic is a good transmission, and the new 10-speed automatic will surely find its way underneath the next-gen 2019 trucks.

    Should GM switch to turbocharged gas engines? How about a small turbo-diesel? There is a report of a 2019 prototype truck filling up with diesel fuel, so a diesel is not out of the question.


    This is highly subjective. I prefer GMC Sierra styling over the Chevy Silverado, but opinions will vary.

    Interior / Technology

    I think GM can improve the ergonomics of the interior, make it larger, and add a lot of technology that is already on many competitor trucks. How about keyless start, 360-degree camera view, massaging seats, and 400W inverter outlets? How about active aerodynamics, such as a retractable front air deflector?


    GM is already highly competitive on payload and towing numbers. They simply need to keep sight on the competition and continue to deliver a confident hauling and towing experience.


    How about a kick-ass off-road truck – a Chevy Silverado ZR2? What would be amazing! Some of you already asked for the next Silverado SS street performance truck. Bring it on!

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

    182 thoughts on “GM Pickup Truck: What’s Next for 2019 and Beyond? What Would You Change?

      1. Like we keep saying. Keep it simple and reliable and proven by just ripping out the gears and rear end and putting in a small diesel with a connected generator. Then put in one or two electric motors to propel the wheels. Simple, proven cheap, powerful, incredibly efficient, and we can power our homes and tools with it.

          1. You have been proven wrong by Honda’s 2017 Accord hybrid, Chevy’s Volt, BMW i8, etc. We just now need it in a mass produced pickup. How do you like being proven wrong so many times?

        1. Neither simple nor cheap. If that were the case manufactures would be jumping all over it.
          Controllers are complicated and very expensive. Motors are not cheap either.
          There are trucks out there with this-VIA for one. They have been out for several years now. There are reasons they are not very prevalent.

          1. The only reason these are not prevalent is because they are not mass produced. They are not mass produced because consumers are not smart enough to demand them. The auto industry has vested interests they are protecting too. They don’t like change.
            There is no engineering reason they are not mass produced. It takes a company like Tesla to change things up and prove it can be done. Although Tesla looked past the mark and went electric only. Which was a mistake. Diesel electric is the best balance right now, until a new kind of battery can be developed. The Via Motors Truck is not available to consumers, only fleets.

            1. Totally agree Brent. Electric motors are a superior choice. Proof is all around us. Google any machine or any piece of equipment and its all available with electric motors. Even the largest most powerful Dump Truck is now electric. Fright trains run electric motors. Tesla is all electric. Bollinger is introducing the first electric truck in 15 days. Workhorse is here and proven. Volkswagon sold their last diesel car because diesel cant compete against electric and are converting to be a leader in electric cars, many mine sites have converted 100% to all electric and any new mine is said to be likely all electric, many cities are adopting electric fleet vehicles including busses. And the list goes on and on and on. New batteries that are lighter and hold three times the amount of energy are here and we have batteries that arc charge in 7 seconds, faster than a fuel stop and you wont have to leave your seat to do it. The busses just drive into a slot and it arc charges the bus at a stop where people get on and its fully charged in 7 seconds. And its only getting better and better.

            2. Tessa’s are enormously expensive. A capable half ton truck would cost far more than they currently do.

            3. Wrong again, weirdo. Tesla is coming out with a $30,000 car soon. And the Chevy Bolt and Volt and many hybrids are very cheap especially when you take into account their superior efficiency.
              On a half ton truck, you wouldn’t have to have an expensive big battery, just power the electric motors with a diesel engine. And you save the cost of a transmission and a rear end and the engine will last a million miles since it always runs at a constant rpm like many commercial engines already do.
              So, Glen H., Daniel and other weirdos on this site need to fully realize how dumb you really are. You don’t have to, but it will help all of our situations.

            4. Jay the only problem with diesel as a generator is that it will drive the cost of the vehicle up. Yes it will do better mpg but will the complexity and maintenance be an advantage and usually the costs are higher. Workhorse likely went with the gas option to keep capital costs at a minimum. I am hearing from articles, from fleet owners that gas even with worse mpg are cheaper overall because there are too many restrictions on diesel now due to the dangerous exhaust they emit, and the maintenance is too extensive and the mpg is not a big enough advantage.

            5. Rambro, have you still not figured this out? Diesel engines do not have any more dangerous emissions than modern direct injected gas engines. The new gas engines burn very fine particles just like the new diesels do and are the same dangerous emissions. I know, I know, you have not heard this. This is because you don’t know of what you speak. And either do any of the rest of the general public, because they are not chemists, and they are not smart enough to read the right people. So go study it yourself. You and the rest of the dumbed down public assume the EPA will take care of you, but you have to think for yourself. The recent development of modern direct injected (among other technologies) have made gas engines just as fine burning and dangerous to humans as diesel. In fact, diesels are less dangerous, because they emit less than gas, since they are more efficient. A modern gas engine that uses 15 to 50 percent more fuel emits much more dangerous fine particles than a diesel engine. Don’t believe me, go read the chemists. Not the EPA people. They are government workers (and thus aint so bright). IF you still don’t believe me, just wait about 10 years. The will figure it out eventually. If given enough time, someone eventually clues them in.

            6. Jay, maybe cite your claims because everything I read states diesel pollutes 100 times the amount of particulates that a gas engine does. This wont be true for a brand new diesel that leaves the lot but give it time through modifications and corrosion and failed parts and the diesel motor becomes an epidemic 100 times worse than a gas engine.

              I will cite this recent article from the government of Canada for you. I can go on and on with this that proves you are incorrect. And the fact still remains that the diesel option increases the cost of the EV car which is what they want to avoid and with fleet vehicles they have to prove that maintenance costs are low and you cant do that with a diesel motor and that is proving to be more and more true and is almost a fact because you hear about the problems with the new diesels by large proportion due to all the regulations on them that make them a nightmare. EV cars will do a lot better without diesel. A gas generator will be a much cheaper option and will prove to get very similar mpg. Even the Tacoma Pro gas gets the same fuel economy as the Colorado diesel, the Ford 2.7 almost matches the Ram ecodiesel and may even beat now because Ram was likely cheating the system. There is no benefit to a diesel generator unless you want an empty wallet


            7. Oh, do I have to do everything for you guys? Its like taking care of children.
              Fine, here:
              (Now, to define terms, GDI means gas direct injection, which is most cars now).

              “The particles that are released by GDI engines are smaller and more varied in size than diesel particles, Storey noted. And since these ultrafine particles (UFPs) are just on the heavy end of smoke size-wise, they can penetrate deeper into lungs, thus posing greater health risks. Public health authorities are growing concerned about UFP risks in urban areas and near busy highways and major roads.”

              -Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) Fuels, Engines and Emissions Research Center

              And stop using government sources to base truth on. When did government ever get things right? Its a guaranteed paycheck. No one ever gets fired from a government job, so you don’t get good results from that.

            8. Rambro, diesel engines only have the extra equipment on them because the government is stupid. Diesel engines are cleaner than modern gas engines. Gas engines should be the ones with the extra equipment to clean their exhaust. I know, I know, its a revelation to learn that the governments of the world are incredibly stupid and backward and behind the times, but should we really be surprised?

            9. Its tru, gas engines are more harmful than diesel to your health, if you gas car is a newer one.

              TFL, get off your butt and have your resident chemist lady do a video on how GDI burns smaller, and thus more harmful particles than diesel. That’s a lot more useful than new car smell videos! By the way, you all may want to stop drinking or whatever you all do that has kept you all from doing more useful things with your talents.

            10. That said, at least TFL decided to do chemistry videos, most auto sites seem to be run by adults that act like kids. So I give you credit for that, TFL. But seriously, after you do a GDI vs. diesel particulates video, do one on the effects of alcohol on the brains of auto writers. I suspect it will lead to the conclusion that alcohol leads writers to waste our time.
              Sober up, America!

            11. Jay, you truly have lost your marbles. The ORNL is a .gov website, it is government with an allotted buget given by the US government but even that site does not say gas is worse than diesel. That is #1 you failed #2 point you failed again because diesel is more expensive to buy, proven by our current market which will make EV cars more expensive again fail. #3 you fail again Jay because the underlying theme of new diesels based on consumer reports is that they are no longer reliable and cost the consumer more money and their mpg does not make up for it along with the higher price for diesel that we currently see. #4 you still fail to acknowledge these facts and concerns and just want to make a false claim that diesel does not emit 100 times more dangerous particulates than gas and this is your bleseth proclamation for a diesel generator vs a gas one. Get a clue Jay, your living in your own bubble right now and you have no facts. Post a relevant site next time, and address the other issues. Your really starting to sound like a tool.

            12. Rambro, your link to your evidence was from 2007, before direct injection. Actually, only diesel had direct injection at this time. So comparing direct injection diesel to port injection gas is not the case today. Your article is out of date.
              YOu have to compare direct injection gas to direct injection diesel. And my evidence was far more current and done by chemists, not the EPA, just a government agency with less expertise than authority.

              Rambro, go look at M.I.T.’s research and many others.

              How can I be a tool? I am not employed in any way or have any special interest for diesel other than to spread truth and have better vehicles for me and my business.

              You are the one who has lost it, Rambro.

            13. Jay, the article was updated as of June 04, 2017 so it is very up to date and explains that diesel emits 100 times the amount of fine particulate matter that penetrates every organ in your body.

              1) Diesel engines are more expensive to purchase. This is a negative for the Electric car which needs to keep costs down.

              2) Workhorse likely did this study already far beyond our research and chose a gas generator for their generator electric pick up

              3) Diesel fuel seems to be more expensive these days and the diesel motor barely gets better fuel mileage than the gas engine now and who knows which is going to be proven better when both engines can now operate at their most efficient rpm. This will change the game since diesels tend to get better mileage in a truck due to low rpm torque and not being able to accelerate because their HP is so low. So diesel wont have that advantage to play the dumb card and say I get better mpg and just ignore the fact that I have no HP. The generator operating at efficient rpms for both motors will prove different once the generator diesel has to meet the emission standards for the auto industry. So the superiority that you think a diesel generator may have may be false. Not yet proven.

              4)Maintenance will cost more money on a diesel generator and this is bad for EV cars that want to prove their long term savings so customers choose EV over a more expensive ICE powered vehicle.

              5)Many consumers will not be soley looking at the green aspect, they will want real advantages such as the better power, better ground clearance, better traction, better handling and cheaper….diesel is not cheaper.

              6) You have proven nothing about gas being more dangerous than diesel. Your links are non existent, just a bunch of babbling.

            14. All the electrically driven vehicles are very expensive, Tesla’s, trains, massive earth moving equipment. GM made a motor generator hybrid in their 1/2 tons. Why do they not make these anymore? Why does VIA not sell to consumers? They cannot compete on cost and the technology does not offer significant benefits to the regular consumer.
              I agree it would be nice if something like a Tesla was made as a hybrid. Hybrids have their place but there is a reason they are not more common place-even after having been mass produced for the past 20 years. They are expensive. Conventional cars are less expensive. Electric generator/motors are not more efficient. With a battery bank they can produce better fuel economy but at significantly greater cost and weight.

            15. Sparky you make so much sense. The EV cars cant compete but the electric market is growing like a bad weed. Your argument that electric cant compete and dating back 20 years to old battery technology is beyond ridiculous. Grow some common sense man, honestly, anyone can see electric is taking off of the landing strip and is about to fly, give it up man. Every single vehicle out there and every single piece of equipment is now offered in an electric option. WHY?

            16. Just search GDI and diesel and the like. Search M.I.T. etc.
              I promise, you can do it LL BY YOURSELF like a grown up. You were right back in 2007, but now you are behind the times.

            17. Every single electric vehicle/equipment is offered with electric propulsion? What are you talking about?
              Those that are, are much more expensive than their conventional counterparts.
              Who’s comparing 20 year old battery technology? My point is that they have had 20 years to make significant gains-they haven’t. There are more than there once were, yes, but still not significant numbers-even after having 20 years to gain market share. Hardly weed rate of growth. More of a glacier pace. After 20 years of mass production they are still not less expensive and are still a niche market. They are primarily produced to hit government mandates and to sell to those who feel that they are benefiting the environment. There is a reason they still require significant government incentives to sell in appreciable numbers.
              Sure Tesla’s are selling out but they don’t produce many cars relative to the major manufactures, and they are very sporty and in with the “green” crowd. Still very expensive.

            18. Jay I said this before and I already know the diesel is clean when it leaves the lot. The problem is people dont maintain them and in s few years they omit 100 times the particulate matter that a GDI (gas) engine does. All these articles you are reading that state a GDI is polluting worse than a diesel is based on the diesel motor having a particulate matter-filter. If the GDI had to have that filter than its particulate matter would be non existant. But because they have so little particulates they are not yet required to have this filter, but eventually they will as the regulations get tougher. Within a few years the diesel will not be maintained by a large sum of people, the particulate filter will be useless an old, corrosion will set in and we will look like the UK right now in an epidemic of diesel pollution causing birth defects and cancers not yet heard of.

              Jay you just read into propaganda or maybe you have shares in the diesel market but you are not fooling this rooster.

              Diesel emits 100 times more particulates than gas. Only when they are brand new leaving the lot can you say gas releases more particulates but this is a very small amount and very insignificant to a diesel motor that is not working properly plus the GDI engine has no patriculate filter as of yet, so when it gets one, if required it will have non existant particulate matter. Again Ill say it again because you still havnt grasped the other part yet and that is that the diesel generator is more expensive. This is a negative for EV sales, they need to keep their initial costs down snd their maintenance costs down.

            19. No, you read the studies wrong. Go back and read slowly. The studies compare the amount of particulates coming out of the combustion chamber before any filters. I know, I know. Its a shocker to people who go along with conventional thinking. But since when was conventional thinking right? Diesel shares.. that’s funny. The idea I am somehow in a situation to have a vested interest in diesel, when diesel is 15 to 50 percent more efficient depending on load, is so short-sighted.

            20. Jay, no I did not read the studies wrong. I know how to read. They clearly state that a gas motor produces more particulates than a heavy duty diesel if the diesel is equiped with a particulate filter. The key here is that the diesel has a filter and the gas engine does not need one because the particulates are not significant because their clause is always clear and that is that the gas engine does not produce a lot of particulates, up to 100 times less than a diesel.

              Again you keep ignoring the facts and I will say it again. Diesel is expensive to initially buy and to maintain. Both of these traits are a negative for EV cars. This is why a gas generator was chosen for the Workhorse truck in my opinion. And there is no generator to date that meets epa standards in diesel. So you have no idea if a diesel generator with all the regs on it can compete with a gas engine running at optimal rpms.

              Again cite your claims. I know you can’t which is why you rant and scream propaganda because anything you post will be debunked, so you hope people will just believe you if you yell loud enough and long enough. But wisdom teaches me different. I can smell bullshit now like a bloodhound.

            21. Rambro, you are getting fixated on one report. Go search many new reports with GDI and diesel comparisons. The have to be about 2013 and newer only. Gas engines wre selected in some hybrids because they are cheap and they don’t make much power. When you are building a one ton pulling machine, you have to have a diesel. You don’t need to change the engine from a Duramax or Cummins, just the tranny and rear end. If you did, you won’t have enough power to do the job. Today’s standard is about 500 hp and 1000 lb of torque. YOu aren’t going to do that with a gas engine.
              Rambro, your homework is to study 5 reports from reputable places on GDI and diesel particulates.

            22. Already read them all Jay and diesel pollutes 100 times more particulates than Gas GDI engines and diesel is expensive to buy and to maintain and the diesel fuel itself is tending to cost more these days in most areas. Its not worth it and is an environmental nightmare and not needed. Everything is turning to electric and the gas generator is a better choice, that’s why Workhorse chose it for their pick up.

    1. Proximity key/push button start, 10 speed transmission, keep gas 5.3L V8, keep a bed storage option such as the one on the high desert model, aluminum body, more capable off-road version, air vent for rear passengers, 400W home outlet in bed, 360 degree cameras, and a better sounding audio system with subwoofer.

    2. I very much dislike the driving position in the GM twins. Of course, I detest the driving position of the Tacoma.

      Both trucks sell extremely well which means that if it was changed to a more upright position, it might cost GM sales to those people who prefer the position it has now

    3. Lets see… revamp the vents so the back seat gets vents as well. I think technology wise they can step up and add more for the higher end models. As for a column shifter, I actually prefer the storage in the center console, and don’t see what is wrong with the column shifter. If the change it I could see it go to something similar to GMs smaller SUVs and get buttons. Please fix the alignment of the steering wheel only because I’m tired of hearing people complain about it… personally I have no problem with it. I think the need to add forced induction to the lineup. Guess we will see. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

      1. Console shifters take up way to much room. I much prefer column shifters. Why clutter the center console?

        1. Agreed but when your truck doesnt shift right I prefer a center console shifter to tell it what to do from a comfort perspective. Cant do that with column shift very easily and there are plenty of trucks out there with shitty transmissions

          1. What? With the column shift the buttons for +/- gear selection are right at your finger tips.

            1. My elbow would leave the armrest in order to get at the column shifter. Lot easier at the center console where my elbow stays planted and rested. Your also holding your hand in at the column shifter where your hand weight is at rest on the center console shifter.

            2. Rambro, you complain about having to move your arm to use a column shifter? What’s the world coming to. Heaven forbid if you had to drive a standard.

    4. I’m sure nothing will change. GM will continue to hand out endless free recalls with their very expensive soon to be aluminum turbo vehicles. Ever copying ford and continuing to lose market share to Ram.

    5. Ah, let’s see.. first I would fix the vibration issues GM has on the 1500 truck series. I experienced living proof of that. Not a normal condition as GM States. Next I would bring back the suicide doors for the extended cab. Then I would make the rear floor flat so I can put stuff inside instead of the bed when it rains, air vents in the rear, More power on the 5.3l engine. Good motor but falling behind the competition. LED lights all around. For those who don’t know the steering wheel is center it’s the dash they designed that makes it look off center. Otherwise, I would just buy a FORD.!!!!! GM will alway be behind the competition.

        1. Lol, I had a 2015 sierra the steering felt center. Looking at the dash (gage cluster) they made it so it would look flush, giving you the offcenter feel. They need to focus on the vibration issues. I owned GM trucks for over 20 years and dealing with GM and the engineer on my 2015 GMC Sierra Vibrator the engineer confirmed all the newer body style trucks suffer from vibration.

    6. I like the idea of a small turbo diesel for the 1500 pickups but not a fan of smaller boosted engines. My 2015 Denali has the 6.2L with the 8 speed and 3.08 gear and I’ve averaged 19.7 mpg over 14000 miles and when pulling my 6000lb trailer I’ve averaged 12-14mpg in Colorado, so I think the 6.2L does a great job. I had a 06 Tacoma that never got over 18.4mpg I love the room and especially the power when I need it.

    7. I know GM had some issue with a vibration and its the kind of thing that a lot of people would never pick up on. How about the Death wobble on Ford Super Duty trucks. Ford won’t fixem neither can Independent Mechanics.
      Oh!! But its a FORD!!!

      1. I thought Ford resolved the SD wobble issue in 2010? Doesn’t WC Motorsports offer a track-bar upgrade? Some have reported good results with this especially when combined with upgraded ball joints. I don’t have first hand experience. But hey this is a GM 1500 thread so, whatever.

        1. I don’t know Could be that there is a solution for the death wobble, I haven’t heard of any other than what you posted

          1. The wobbble is worn front end parts which can include the steering stabilizer or tire related. It is not a mystery on why solid front axle vehicles which include Ram and Jeeps can get a death wobble.

            1. I know a Ram guy who just changed to GM due to constant death wobble issues. He had the front end redone at least twice in the last couple of years and after 6 months the same issue would come back.

            2. IFS definitely has a better resistance to wobble over a solid axle. In just about all cases of wobble tires fixed the issue along with a new steering stabilizer.

      2. My 2002 7.3 had a small wobble and I do mean small. Nonetheless it was there, I upgraded the steering stabilizer and problem fixed. For me it was an easy fix and the truck was great except that which I fixed on my own. Well the other issue the truck had was rust…
        Bottom line Ford is king!

    8. There is nothing wrong with copying a concept if it makes for a better truck. Here is a list:
      From Ford: Small turbo engines. Turbo the 4.3 to the level of the Ford 3.5.
      The 4.3 is a strong, lightweight, engine.
      From Ram, a seriously hot V8. For those who love the 6.2 (and it is a good engine) go to the parts bin and select the 427 small block as used in the corvette. This would give the owners, (not the EPA) Nocturnal emissions. Naturally aspirated, it would dust off the 6.4 Hemi and Supercharged would make a wild engine for the Raptor eater.
      From Toyota: Sheet molding compound beds. SMC is strong, rust free, and lightweight. (compared to aluminum, with a bed liner it is lighter)
      From Ford: Aluminum bodies just make too much sense to ignore the technology!
      From Ram: self leveling suspension. To be different, they could take a looong hard look at the Citroen DS hydraulic systems
      The 10 speed tranny was developed by both Ford and GM. Is it strong enough to withstand the torque of the 427? If not, there are several other transmission choice is the GM parts bin.
      Some of Andre’s interior suggestions make sense, but give us a choice. As often as I adjust the steering wheel, I don’t need or want the slower electric stuff. If I want a massage, the nearest washboard road works just fine, thank you.

      1. I too dont see anything wrong with “copying” features from other manufactures. Everything is pretty much copied anyways. It really just comes down to who was the first and how long can they be inclusive to that features. But once word gets out that that feature is available, a lot of people may desire it. So other companies need to get on the band wagon and offer that feature.

      2. Wow Tote,

        That is actually a very well thought out list of needed improvements!

        To this list I would add electric rear diff lock loose the gov lock that spins first and…

        I’m completely with you on all the electronic crap. Some of it you just don’t need, or use, or is slower than manually adjusting and usually breaks and doesn’t work down the road a ways.

        Offer packages that you can get the premium engines/trans without having to get all of the other techy, chrome, crap stuffed down my throat!

        Watch what happens on 10yr old trucks when functions operated in the touch screen don’t work because that stupid thing doesn’t work anymore?

        Also GM needs to raise their trucks a little and consider ground clearance a design priority!

    9. GM should continue to offer the 5.3L and 6.2L. Since they already offer a twin-turbo 3.6L V6 engine in some Cadillac models, which makes 420HP and 430lb-ft…this engine would be ideal to use in a pickup as an option with little investment on their part. Really, what needs fixing is mostly what Andre said plus a few additional things:

      -Styling of the Silverado (Sierra is OK)
      -Please center the steering wheel to the driver’s seat
      -Offer the luxury features you can get on a Ford: rear seat A/C vents, pano moonroof, keyless access / start, full LED exterior lighting, truly integrated 360 cameras, adaptive cruise, etc.
      -Offer an aluminum body
      -Contemplate more rounded wheel wells
      -Shorter front air dams
      -An actual tailgate step solution

      1. Their tailgate step is simple and effective. Its the only step that works in any situation. With the Ford tailgate step, you can’t use it with a trailer and you cannot use it when you have any load hanging past the tailgate.

          1. A cap?. still works with a cap unless the top is closed in which case why are you stepping up if the door is closed. Toolboxes yes because you modified the truck so modify a grab handle then. but the step is a bit high for heavy users, it could be lower like what Nissan and Toyota offer.

            1. You really don’t want to be pulling on the cap for support. At least I wouldn’t. You cover up the grab holes with a cap. We have caps on all our Superduty trucks and the step is great for those that need it. But put a trailer on and no more step option.

        1. It is better then the Ford but I think a kick down step as what the Titan offers would be better as it brings the step down closer to the ground instead of 2 inches lower then just stepping on the bumper.

          1. I thought they would be good but the ones I have seen collect a ton of dirt and mud. Plus they just look like a cheap add on. I’ve seen them on ram trucks but don’t know if that is factory or not. I also hate the steps Ford used on the side of the bed too.

            1. Nope, I would like a truck with both Ford step and GM bumper step. To me, best of both worlds.

            2. Jimmy Johns, it would still not solve your cap or tool box issue with a load of 16 foot 2×4’s sticking out the back

            3. why the hell do I need to get in the bed with 16 ft 2x4s sticking out.tools are in tool boxes on side rails and small stuff is close to tailgate. A cap I am making drawers with a slide out panel. I have a tonneau cover with a drawer box, bumper step work great or the tailgate step would work. But personally like the just there aspect of the bumper step. Either step option is better than putting my poor knee on the tailgate to get in. Jimmy has got it though, both would be great together.

      2. They already offer led lighting. All LTZ and High Countries have full LED lighting since MY 2016. WT, LS and LT have LED accent lighting with HID headlights. LT has LED fog lamps. Ford is the one behind the curve in exterior lighting. XLT and below still uses halogen. It’s impossible to get a Chevy of any trim with anything less than projectors.

    10. They ought to switch to aluminum and keep the 6.2 and drop the 4.3 and 5.3. The itty bitty 2.7 easily outdoes those. At least the 6.2 beats the 2.7 sometimes. They need to go turbocharged gas but I don’t think 90 degree pushrod, especially in an aluminum block, would be good boosted. OHC would be better. Would it be possible to do a little supercharging on the 6.2 to help at altitude, too? I mean, it sounds like a good idea but would that work with their cylinder deactivation?


      Styling? – Not much. Looks good.
      Interior? – Get rid of the steering wheel offset.
      Mechanical? – See “Alan’s”, “Machine’s”, and “Tote’s” comments above. Lots of opportunity for improvement there, just to be competitive. But don’t go nuts with a Ford “EcoBoost” type engine (used for “everything”) at the expense of a nice upgraded V8.
      See especially “Tote’s” comments about using the Corvette engine, — in anticipation of Ram putting a NOT detuned Hellcat in a 1500/2500!


      1. They better have at least one boosted motor that shares the top dog with the 6.2 or there dead in the water!!!

        Once you’ve owned an engine that never looses power at altitude, and you tow a lot, and you drive anywhere in the West – you’ll never go back to normally aspirated!

        Make it a boosted V8, and be different, and Sound awesome! This will win lots of interest. Like a 5.3tt

    12. There has been some great comments and. Ideas posted here. My thoughts are that GM should simply focus on building a better truck first and foremost. Get rid of that hideous front end. Many commenters here have noted the vibration issues and this is a fact. A very large majority of fullsize GM trucks and SUVs have severe vibration issues when equipped with the 5.3L engines. It’s a hot mess. GM should make sure with this next launch that they simply focus on quality. Taillights should not be falling off modern day vehicles. Trim pieces should likewise not be falling off modern day vehicles. After they clean up the quality mess they made, then make sure you are offering all those high dollar goodies that the masses appear to want. There is nothing wrong with copying an idea from someone else. Just make sure you offer as much luxury as everyone else but make sure it actually works right. I don’t want a $75K truck but apparently a lot of people do and that is where the profit margins are so go forth and build it for the mall crawlers. After all, they deserve it, right?

      After we get the luxury partndown, what about a nice TT6? What about some affordable trucks too – nah that’s just wishful thinking.

    13. Totally agree with the retractable air dam. What I find weird is that even with GM’s low air dam they have the worst drag coefficient. They really need to hire aeronautical engineers like what Toyota did. The Tacoma without a low hanging air dam has a better drag coefficient than Colorado or Canyon, so where is the benefit with this low debilitating air dam if Tacoma got it right and still maintains off road capability for work or play.

      Ride Control, why not? Allow the user to pick a soft ride or a stiff ride for highway and hauling, this way we can have off road suspensions that can carry more load.

      4 wheel steering, we already were blessed with it once and it was the best option ever offered on a truck. And it is now in their Cadillac but it would be a lot more useful in a truck.

      A V8 turbo charged. Jeep offers 707HP in their SUV, Landrover built for off road use, has two models with 550HP and there are a myriad of other SUV’s at the top of the food chain with big supercharged and turbocharged engines. The consumer has limitless options in the SUV market. Trucks sell better so I am sure there are consumers like myself looking for something more than just a Denali trim, with more than 420HP, try 600HP minimum. Roush builds these trucks and Roush (SVT) stated they build a lot of F150 600 and 650HP trucks because their is a big hole in the upper end of truck buyers. And put it in the midsize trucks as an option as well and stop leaving the midsize trucks, the leftovers from the half tons. There are many high end SUV owners looking for a powerful fancy midsize truck with an open bed for utility excursions or yard works that can park like an SUV so just add 4 wheel steer to it, so it can park like an SUV. Be nicer to open-box consumers, the choices fail in comparison to a lesser SUV market that offers more choice. WHY? Even Cadillac gets 4 wheel steer over a best seller ( a truck) why?

      And the dash on the GM’s terrible. Doesn’t matter what trim you buy you are stuck with this awful egg shaped dash, please do something with the dash. And the seats in the midsize GM Trucks are terrible, they need more plush materials with more padding and ergonomics to hold a person in position. Throttle lag seemed to be fixed in the new midsize twins, don’t bring that back.

      And finally offer an electric truck, build it before someone else does, its going to happen regardless, lead rather than follow.

      1. Yes to most everything you said.

        Ride control doesn’t actually work the way you think it does. And no need to restart the electric discussion. Otherwise +1

        1. I had ride control in my 2004 Denali and it was nice and soft for in town driving and sporty when set to sport mode which made it stiffer or in a normal state, combine that with air bags and suspension travel and you can easily have an off road suspension capable of hauling heavy loads and still have a setting for a soft ride. Just electric shocks on the Denali at the time, but it can easily be improved upon.

          1. The Ford GT is the only vehicle that truly has two suspensions in one, one set of springs for road which switches to another stiffer set for track

    14. A big V6 or small V8 Turbo Diesel with 280/300hp and 500/520tq.

      And have it available across the line up (or at least in the LT)

    15. I would get rid of the square nose. The front end is to big for the truck and it looks dumb. I mean the hood is 2 inches higher then the bottom of the windshield.

    16. Interior:
      – have an interior option other than jet black for the dash and bring in some different layers (current dash is smooth and rounded from one side to the other).
      – electronic console shifter (only requires very short throws/taps and takes very little room)
      – rear HVAC vents
      – center the steering wheel (again only because I am tired of hearing about it)
      – perhaps add a couple inches leg room to rear seat for those who complain about how large the Ford is in the back (required so people can stretch legs straight out due to higher flat floor).
      – luxury options like full sky-roof, massaging seats, heated rear outboard seats, etc
      – rear seat headrests that actually work for adults.

      – Ecoated frames is a must
      – softer edges to the wheel wells but not round
      – raise the front lower air dam a couple inches
      – styling – GM is not bad, but don’t make the grille any larger than it already is; make it a tad smaller would be preferred. Silverado needs to get more aggressive. Put some real fender flares into the fenders instead of these flat fake-looking indented flares. Make the grille like the GM (a formed shape) but add the bar with the bowtie through the middle to keep the classic split grille look. Stop running the center bar across into the headlamps (again, make the grille a surrounded form).
      – LED lamps should be standard all the way around but have their new D-optic design available on the High Country like the 2018 Traverse has .
      – Surround camera view
      – factory trailer cameras including a wireless one for the back of the trailer
      – DO NOT add a tailgate step. Keep the bumper ones and perhaps add a kick-down corner step for those who find the bumper step too high. Tailgate steps are useless half the time when either towing or hauling lumber, etc.
      – have an extended cab 8 foot box available again (currently don’t for this generation) for contractors and fleet customers.

      – boost the 6.2L a little to keep pace.
      – PLEASE make the 10-speed available with all engines (likely will be a 6.2 option only while others get the 8-speed)
      – Make the 6.2L available in all trims except base work trucks
      – Bring the turbo’d Caddy V6 across to the trucks so buyers who want that option have an option
      – drop the 4.3L. It has been a good engine but the 5.3L actually gets the same or better real world driving mileage.
      – have an air-bag suspension option available for those who want it (towing/hauling loads) to keep the truck level).
      – Bring out a small diesel. This is pretty much a sure thing since I have seen pics online of not only a truck filling up at a green pump, but a pic of a label inside the gas lid that says “Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Only”.


      Plus the width of the gas lid is identical to the Colorado diesel (wide) to allow for a DEF fluid fill along side). So a diesel will be available at some time.

      1. Good list, just get rid of the diesel option and trade it for battery or hydrogen so we are actually moving forward rather than backwards

        1. Now, now, now, Rambro – – –

          As Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter during a presidential debate in 1980*, “There you go again…” (^_^)…

          Hydrogen = Happy Healthy. Why? Makes sense.
          Battery = Bad Bummer. Why? Makes no sense.

          * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN7gDRjTNf4


          1. Rambro – – –

            To continue the EV discussion for trucks, it now appears that PURE EV’s, for ANY vehicle type, will be in serious jeopardy if all manufacturers allot 25% of their output to that propulsion method. Why?
            1) Ultra-clean, high-tech battery factories could not be made fast enough to handle that load for at least 15 years.

            2) Worldwide electric grids cannot handle the current-draw that would ensue from plug-ins, even now.

            3) Increased power generation can most rapidly and cheaply be constructed using COAL-burning designs, which would defeat the claim of EV’s to be “zero-emissions”.

            4) Advanced-technology batteries, like Li/Air, are also at least 15-years away from commercialization, if they can be made on a practical basis at all.

            5) Lithium-resource depletion in easily mineable locations (like China and Bolivia) is already occurring. “Easily mineable” means keeping battery prices as low as possible, which are actually even now VERY high by ICE standards.

            6) The RATE of cold-temperature voltage-decay in batteries is 5X higher than the HP/torque decay from ICE engines under the same conditions, a problem that still remains unsolved.

            See Link:

            So, it does appear that three advanced vehicle-propulsion technologies are the most realistic, beyond the increasing use of diesel in the USA:

            1) CNG or LNG engines, with either one harvested cheaply from petroleum operations (wells, refineries, plastics, polymers, resins, etc). Several GM trucks already have dual-fuel technology, with CNG being the 2nd fuel. See “Car and Driver” article entitled, “2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 HD CNG: Bi-Fuel Redux”

            2) The Audi “E-gas” Project (already mentioned – just Google it) to make either H2 or CH4 by wind-powered electrolysis of seawater. The H2 can be used in 3) below; the CH4 can be burned in ICE’s.

            3) Hydrogen Fuel Cells, to which Japan has made a major commitment as a nation, and in which most large Japanese vehicle manufactures have already “bought in” for sharing development costs.
            Perhaps the Japanese, who look 10 years out on the business horizon, have already deduced that batteries alone are a dead end street?


            1. Bernie like I said, we are in a battle and there will be many more articles full of propaganda paid by from fuel lobbyists. Sure grids need to be updated but the ability to do this is simple if our focus is on it. Common sense tells me the sun is shining, water is flowing and wind is blowing and it is energy we can harness. This is not armaggaden to be harnessing available energy and Workhorse has already proven we get better mpg with generator electric vehicles so the generator using fuel to power electric motors is more efficient and it is producing the so called electricity that you say is not yet available???

              And the chinese were using 10 year old batteries. We have come a long way with batteries and the new one that are going into cars not yet done will have three times the amount of stored energy and be lighter than our current batteries and they can arc charge some of these other types of batteries in 7 seconds. The Chinese never had this but they wish they did before converting I would bet.

            2. Can you guys start a dedicated forum for this EV debate? Instead of thread jacking article after article and beating the subject to death.

            3. Glen H The article asked “what is next for 2019, literally everything is changing to electric options (EV) even Volkswagen dropped their entire diesel lineup and is switching to be a leader in EV cars. Totally relevant for this thread.

            4. @ Rambro,
              The electrical upgrades you speak of will require more than “focusing on it”. It will cost billions, if not trillions, of dollars. Wind and solar are more expensive than natural gas and coal and less consistent-that is why the vast majority of new electricity generation has been natural gas powered. Kressner is correct in his concerns. You can’t blame the lobbyists for everything; sometimes common sense can do that for you.
              Wait and see what the price difference between the workhouse hybrid and a normal truck (especially when one considers the government incentives) and then compare that to the difference in fuel economy. I bet you will find that for the average Joe the non-hybrid will make more sense. Hybrids have been mass produced now for 20 years, and they still don’t make financial sense. Add the additional demands of a truck and it will be even less attractive.
              Yes you can build a sweet hybrid truck (such as the one VIA that has been building for several years) but you’re going to pay for it-they are just plain more complex and expensive to build.

            5. Sparky, it is bigger than a Trillion dollar industry. Coming up with a few trillion is peanuts. The electric industry has a zillion dollars ready to go. I challenge you to think of anything on this planet that runs on gas that does not have an electric motor option. Even freight trains have to use them, no option otherwise. Maybe the next space shuttle will be electric as well, that’s about the only thing left that runs solely on fuel. WHY?

            6. @Rambro
              You’re talking about a radically different vehicle that will bear little resemblance to the current models, so no, arguing endlessly over vaporware isn’t relevant.

              At this point, it’s about as realistic as arguing over hydrogen powertrain configurations.

        1. Jimmy and Dpach – – –

          Amen. Very thoughtful list, based obviously on intimate knowledge of GMC’s!


    17. The 6.2 should be made available across all trims and offer a super charged 6.2 and 7.0..A volt set up would be nice as well with at least a 50 mile range.Dont worry about the off set of steering wheel its just ticky tick bs..And also Gm has been a leader in many areas..Xm radio,wifi in a truck,onstar ,cylinder deactivation,all aluminum V8,flex fuel V8s,led indicators in mirrors,electric steering etc, etc everyone copies each other ..it goes back and forth imo..

      1. Am, what do you mean by leader in XM, Onstar, WiFi, electric steering? GM always offered XM while Ford offered Sirius radio. In fact they are both the same company now. Not sure who was first but both have been offered for a lot of years.

        On star is a GM paid subscription service. If you don’t pay you don’t get. Ford has used their own service with Sync for free. I believe it has been out since 2007 or 2008. It is still free.

        Wifi is also a subscription. I rather have the sync version of the car being a hotspot with your cell phone. No extra cost. But Ford is on the wifi band wagon. I have no intention of using it myself.

        Electric steering is something GM does not offer in their trucks. They still use a hydraulic system. Ford and Ram have offered electric power steering since 2011.

        1. JJ,Xm, was out first now its same company ,i have onstar it is paid subscription ,paid or not it was the first of its kind for safety and direction years ahead of sync since late 99 early 2000s,Gm has had both services …You are definetly wrong on the steering ,hydraulic is on the hds.The real leaders in tech are Ferraris ,Lambos,Mercedes et not Ford..

          1. Is not the 1500 series an electric hydraulic hybrid system? Not fullly electric like Ford and Ram in 2011? Dpach said they went to an electric version in 2014.

            1. GM Technical Spec’s:

              Steering, Electrical Power Steering (EPS) assist, rack and pinion.

              So full electric and there is no hydraulic steering fluid in this gen truck.

            2. Thanks. I was incorrect about that. New for 2014 then. Is that when they added trailer sway assist was when they added the electric power steering?

        2. Actually, Ford’s “OnStar” system with Sync is not like GM’s OnStar. With Sync, you have to have a phone paired, and with you. Plus, if you are in an accident, you must be able to answer the incoming call and tell them where you are located (hard to do if unconscious or if phone is out of reach after the accident). Yes, GM’s is subscription ($25/mth in Canada for Safety plan) but well worth it.

          As for Wifi, GM trucks also have hotspotting, so you have the best of both worlds. If you have limited phone data as a plan, having a second option is great. An you don’t have to subscribe to OnStar to get it. Yes you have to buy data plans, but you also would have to increase your phone’s data plan which would also cost a lot more.

          GM 1500’s have been electric steering since 2014 (this entire generation).

          What is interesting technologically, is that the next gen Mylink is going to have a cloud system built in. You can set your preferences (radio favorites, climate system, etc) in your vehicle and then when you get into another GM vehicle registered to same address (your spouse’s GM vehicle), you can automatically bring all those settings across to this vehicle (sets up all your favorites, climate system, temps, etc).

          1. Ford systems uses onboard GPS attached to the 911 assist. I have had it on all my Ford vehicles.

          2. FYI there are apps for your phone for accident location too. Free. Everyone carries a cell phone now. Hardly a person that doesn’t.

            1. The key is you have to have your phone. Yes, everyone carries one but does it still work after a severe roll over? Is it within arms reach to even use an app? Etc. Not saying it isn’t a good thing, just not as good as having it built in with OnStar.

              People who have used onstar for an emergency know exactly how nice it is to have it. I’ve had numerous customers over the years use their emergency services and they continue to subscribe.

            2. I have to side with GM on this one. Onstar, albeit pricey, is a highly functioning feature. It works. I have used it in places that I had zero cell coverage and I have Verizon (where I am they rule coverage).

            3. Dpach, I believe your cell phone will be in much better condition than your vehicle and it’s electrical system in a severe roll over crash. Like I said all my Ford vehicles will locate me in an event of a crash through my cell phone. I guess if I was in the middle of BFE with no one around, didn’t have my cell phone and got into an accident where I was the only vehicle involved, I might need onstage if the accident didn’t disable the system. But I really don’t see that occurring anytime soon. But it obviously works for some and that’s why they pay the $19.99-$34.99 a month.

            4. Actually, I have yet to hear of an onstar system not working after an accident.

              I will give you examples of OnStar:

              A customer of mine was on the highway and had a heart attach. He pulled over, slammed it in park and hit the emergency onstar button; then immediately passed out. Within seconds the onstar rep was trying to speak with him. When he didn’t answer, they immediately dispatched EMS to his location. He didn’t have to find his phone, put in a password to unlock it and then dial 911, yet alone describe to an operator where he was (and good thing because he was unconscious). The doc told him later that if it had been another 15-20 minutes before reaching the hospital, he wouldn’t be here.
              I also have a rural health nurse who hit the ditch on a back road coming back from an in-home care visit to a client in February at minus 25 degrees. Out in the rural area, her cel phone didn’t have coverage yet as soon as she hit the ditch, it was enough impact and the onstar rep was calling into the vehicle within twenty seconds thanks to a much stronger signal. They got a local tow truck from 30 minutes away to pull her out otherwise she would be on that back road until who knows when someone would have come along.
              The Ford system is ok and better than having nothing. But I would stick with having OnStar, even with having to subscribe. But to each their own.

            5. Dpach, the 911 icon is on the screen for sync. Just hit the icon and that’s it. I’m sure the UConnect system has something similar to.

    18. New truck will be lighter, more tech stuff, that’s a given. All cabs should be 3″ longer. Looking for the turbo deisel, more power across the board and a turbo V6 for those who like their truck to sound like a hair dryer. NOT. And the year after make the HD’s with substantially different appearance.

    19. I think a “right sizing” the engine bay would be a good idea. Kind of like the “cab-forward” of the Chrysler LH Body. If they aren’t going to use extra space for physically large engines, get rid of it. They could shorten the overall length of the truck or add it to the length of the cab of the truck.

      I also think a Driving Mode Selector would be nice. To be able to change powertrain mapping by selecting between Eco, Normal, Snow, Off-Road, & Tow/Haul would be nice.

      Improved aero and maybe a full length underbody tray or belly pan to get rid or reduce the size of the chin spoiler.

      With improved aero and lightweighting, engines could stay the same or be reduced in size. Introducing the 10-speed across the board or at least the higher end and e-Assist across the board, performance would improve or stay the same. Fuel mileage could challenge Ford with a simple or simpler than the ecoboost powertrain that will appeal to buyers.

      1. I’d love to see an “eco” setting; more agressive upshifting schedule, toned down throttle response.

    20. Bring back a manual transmission option on both the half tons and the HD’s. Ford and Ram, do the same! Some people actually like and prefer manual transmissions and they used to be commonplace on trucks but now they don’t even offer them anymore. So sad.

      1. Partially because automatics are so good anymore. Anyway, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for more manual transmissions.

    21. 110v outlet for the rear seats. Air vents for the rear seats. How about more HP and torque for the 6.0 vortex? 400 HP and 425-450 ft lb would be a huge help for it IMO. Other then that I think they make a solid truck that could use a total over hall exterior wise. I own a 2015 sierra 2500hd. I like it, but I dont love it. If I did it again I’d buy another Ford.

    22. First off chevy needs to get rid of those God awful wheel/fender bump outs that makes it look like a add on.That ruins the whole trucks looks.
      The dash and interior look like a mid 80’s Pontiac car and about 10 yrs out of date.
      Chevy will have to bite the bullet and go aluminum even in the bed.TFL tested the chevy bed and i’m pretty sure they said the front part pulled lose from the load.
      Right now ford is so far ahead of everyone that it will take gm and fiat a long time to play catch up.

      1. Wow, I guess we all know where your loyalties lie. Haha.

        Ford is not that far ahead of anyone. Yes they have some nice comfort features and a couple nice technologies but remember, they are the new kids on the block with the latest updated trucks.

        If you look at all light duty trucks sold in 2016, GM sold the most. Since the baby twins have basically a scaled down version of the full size interior, over 3/4 million buyers can’t be that stupid.

        GM doesn’t have to go aluminum in the bed. Actually, they won’t. They have a patented method of spot welding aluminum to steel without the corrosion issues and the F150 is only around 200-300 lbs lighter than the GM right now (Ford advertises their truck is up to 700 lbs lighter….but that is in comparison to their old F150). The new GM trucks will have more aluminum, but the inside of the bed will remain roll-formed steel for strength.
        The bed test you spoke of was actually not a test for bed strength. They received a truck that was used by another truck comparison company and the load was not secured and it shifted forward in the truck when the brakes were hit and it pushed the header panel forward. That is no worse than the internet pictures from a F150 owner who’s load shifted sideways in his truck and totally pushed out both sides of his box to the point it basically ripped the aluminum to shreds.


        Yes GM needs some updates and improvements as I mentioned in my original post, and others have also added to. But the current generation truck is their first update since the bankruptcy after which the government basically forced GM to put their major R & D money into updating the car and SUV line ups (whole environment thing).

        Ford has some short comings also depending on trim levels. We had a 2017 F150 at our dealership a couple months ago (swapped a GM with a Ford dealership for internal training). It was a Lariat with a $63,269 price tag (Canada).
        It had halogen headlamps (not even HID’s). No rear fender liners, no Sync Connect, rear center armrest still didn’t close that well and stuck out a 1/4 inch, had no trailer brake controller, no factory spray in liner, and only had a limited slip rear end. It had no tailgate step (so no assistance for getting up into the bed). The mirrors were power folding, but had to be done by a button on the door (whereas with GM’s you can just hold your keyfob lock or unlock button for 3 seconds to fold them in and out without having to put a key in, power up the buttons and hold a door button). The only thing of importance it had over the GM was push button start. Otherwise the GM had a spray in box liner, Heated and cooled leather, HID headlamps, Intellibeam headlamps, lane keep assist, low speed forward auto braking, lane keep assist, rear fender liners, trailer brake controller, MyChev App, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, OnStar, Keyfob activated power folding mirrors, and a few other toys for $62,370.

        1. Im sorry to break the news to you…… Buuuuuut ford is crushing everyone in trucks sales right now.

          1. Really, GM total LD truck sales is right at 427,000 while F series (all F series) is at 430,000.

            1. That sales number is for all 4 lines of GM trucks. That includes midsize. F series does not include the medium duty truck sales. That number is low. And according to Ford Authority those numbers for Ford only goes up to F450 superduty. Not the class 4 and up F series. Seems hard to believe for me but that is what they wrote. But GM is killing large SUV sales right now. Even though the numbers seems to be dropping.

        2. Dpach,

          A Lariat comes with Sync 3 as part of the option package. It also comes with all the trailer towing goodies. Just verified on Ford.com. The wheel liners I agree with, they should be standard vs a $180.00 charge. But they are plastic. Unless GM changed the fuzzy ones lately those things just look dirty always. Ford also has a plethora of rear diff options. So having a limited slip only was what the dealer chose to order instead of the electronic locking diff. when it comes to options, pretty much everyone is within a few bucks. It just depends on what the dealer checks on the box for what they want to order.

          1. I know, Ford has to add either the 501A or 502A packages and then the price spread becomes even more.

            1. You choose either the 501A for $1500 more over base Lariat price of $39,000 or 502A for $7300.00. That includes a ton of options.

            2. And to clarify, Sync 3 is part of the base package. Along with the 8″ dash productivity screen with trailer hitch back up assist. The base package does not include the trailer brake controller like i thought. That is $250 on top of the base Lariat price. Or choose the 502A for total price of $45450.00 and get pretty much all the options included. Im sure GM does the same thing. Like I said, they all have similar pricing. It is how the dealer decides to order the trucks.

          2. JJ,,?? ,ford f series includes the f150-f550,maybe even the f650 and f750..Just like they include there short version expedition and the El..just like there commercial they over exaggerate the trucks..They definitely got nicer in and out and more dependable .Because 90s and early 2000s they made the least reliable gas 4.6,5.4 and there pos 6.0,6.4 and early 6.7 were pos ,but they redeemed them selves as of late imo..

    23. I know it’s been said many times but I’ll say it again, 6.2 in lower trim models! I’d buy one then.

      1. There should be a way to configure a shortened regular cab with the 6.2. C&D managed a 14 second 1/4 mile with a loaded crew cab Denali. The weight savings of a regular cab would push that number far lower.

    24. Gm will have extensive use of rivets and glue and a turbo v6 with a 10 speed in their trucks. They have plenty of examples of that tore apart in their R&D center to learn how to do it.

    25. Please get rid of those square wheel wells. Great job Andre.
      Also level the truck. Too much rake in the front end..

      1. Trucks are made to haul loads therefore they have rake. When you load them they ride level not butt low.

        1. 500lbs does the trick.

          more zerk fittings and a manual trans please. I guy can dream though.

    26. I didn’t care for the back seats found in the crew cab. Tipping ones head back would lower the head rest, thus hitting the rear window.

    27. As an owner of a 2014 gmc sierra 1500 wt with the 4.3l v6 and currently at 117k I will list some features I would need in order to be a repeat buyer.

      1. Fix the vibration issues. I can’t drive between 73 and 77mph. I have to drive 70 which is ok but it’s still not acceptable.

      2. Rear ac vents. People in front freeze while people in back sweat. The gmt800s had them so wtf.

      3. Fix the clunky transmission and terrible transmission tuning.

      4. More ground clearance please. It needs to sit up like the f150 or tundra.

      5. Keep engines simple. I keep my trucks a long time. I just want good power, reliability, and fuel economy.

      6. Fix the damn fuel tank set up. The fuel filler neck is tiny, the evap canister is in a bad spot for dust and can’t breath.

      7. Bring back the 100k powertrain warranty.

      8. All engines and transmissions should be available to all trim levels (6.2l). I don’t buy a truck to mall crawl, I use it to work.

      9. Paint or coat the frames better. Was dip is a joke and does not hold up.

      10. More comfortable seats in lower trims please. Also a vinyl floor option for all trims. Carpet is worthless when you drag mud in.

      11. Use port and direct injection to keep the valves cleaner.

      That’s all I can think of for now. My 14 has done well so far with 117k and 3600 hours. The 4.3l is a nice truck engine for a v6.

    28. IMO – if GM wants to stay in 2nd place, they had damn well better come out with an answer to the Ram Eco Diesel. Ford, too. Ram has changed the 1/2 ton market for good and I’m sure both makers know it.

      1. Hardly anyone has bought the ecodiesel. Actually econwould be the incorrect word to use since it emits excessive emissions. But since it was brought out only 104,000 diesels were purchased between the truck and Jeep. Hardly a home run.

    29. Bring 4.5l duramax to lineup as others have said 6.2 in all trims and configurations 4.3 is fine for base engine but needs e-assist for it and across gas lineup but double battery capacity and add 4.0tt v8 from Cadillac as premium engine option and just make truck lighter than ford carbon fiber aluminum what ever it takes trucks are simply to heavy to compete

    30. GM is just behind.There design looks 20 yrs old as does there interior. There motor program needs revamping if it is going to compete against the ecoboost..There cage commercials and aluminum bed laughable skits have only hurt themselves.Even if chevy keeps a metal bed its still going to look like they were wrong all along.Gmc doesn’t even need to exist.Chevy should be putting all its efforts into new engines and future designs not trying to make two trucks.Chevy needs a new design and to stop trying to look like there older trucks.[that’s why people buy new trucks to get away from there older look].Its taking chevy 4 truck lines to compete against fords one .That’s nonsense do away with gmc’s line big and small and spend that money where it is needed.

    31. I like the lower seating position on the GM, as a guy that has to take care of my elderly parents they can get into the GM trucks where the Ford and Ram are just to tall for old people to get in safely. Also makes for loading and unloading the bed easier. I don’t offroad so I don’t care about ground clearance

      1. What I would do if I were GM:
        1. Make my truck bodies of aluminum.
        2. Develop and install twin turbo GDI engines.
        3. Claim that GM is the leader in these technologies.

      2. Ron, do you still think this applIt’s? To me, this used to be a big advantage for GM for many people but now their trucks are just as tall as the rest, or so it seems. It would be nice to not need to depressurize before exiting you truck but I think the world of ginormous trucks is here to stay.

        1. Except Ram with the air suspension will kneel for you upon entry. Something Ram brings to the table that no one else offers is ride height control.

          1. Ram also offers that giant low hanging differential on the Power Wagon that kills the ground clearance. No one offers that either. Chevy took the budget route in killing their ground clearance by that low hanging front air dam.

    32. They need at least one boosted option. Keep the 5.3 and 6.2.
      A small (but bigger than Ram’s and Ford’s) V6 turbo diesel would be great.
      Better available electronics-like adaptive cruise control. More simple add-ons, like remembering trailer configurations, more screen options, etc.
      Better interior quality-should be as good as what the other two offer.
      Rear A/C, at least vents at the very least should be offered.
      There should be a factory installed auto-leveling rear air bag option-even if it is just supplementary to the coil/leaf springs.
      I’m with Rambro-it would be nice to see the all-wheel steering option return. I doubt the market is any more ready for it than it was the last time however.
      I think they could do a lot better with the styling.
      I think an aluminum body is a given.

      1. I think a lot of buyers looking at 4 wheel steering think its complicated and probably think they wont know how to handle it when in fact it is the exact opposite. It makes everything so much easier and the user will just fall in love with it. From what I have read on new threads a lot of people are thinking it is going to be difficult to drive but its not. Just another angle to advertising it, Ford will have to be smart about it to calm the consumers nerves on it. I think that is a big hurdle when trying to sell this system. Buyers are actually going to be scared to try it or wont have the confidence to try it. But it actually adds confidence and safety to the user. The added difference is very subtle but very helpful.

        1. It seems most people who had it really liked it. I wonder how reliable it was-say after 150K.

          1. Had 160,000KM on mine and never had a problem other than having to change the special oil in the diff that it required and the housing corroded and got to a sensor which locks it into 2 wheel steer. Everything has to brake at some point if it is subject to corrode but most parts are made to corrode so no different than anything else you add unless its 316L stainless steel you are not going to win.

    33. ZF is testing all wheel steering in the Ford trucks now. I would think GM could bring it back and to me it just makes sense in terms of drivability and parking something big around tighter spaces.

    34. As an owner of a 2016 Silverado 1500 crew cab I feel that I can offer some suggestions that are useful. These are what I’d like to see in order of importance.

      1) larger fuel tank option for 1500s. As it is, with a 5’9″ or 6’6″ bed you’re stuck with a 26 gallon tank. I’d like a 36 gallon option (or even 30). With our trucks’ real world fuel economy advantage having a larger tank would really stretch out the range.

      2) front parking sensors and/or front camera option on all trims. Front parking sensors are available on LTZ/High Country as it is but this should be offered on LT-down.

      3) 110 volt outlet for rear seats and the bed.

      4) 6.2 across the board. I by no means feel my 5.3 is underpowered, however I would absolutely pay the $$$ for the 6.2 if it were available simply because you get gobs more power and no hit on fuel mileage as proven time and again by TFL.

      5) offer memory driver seat for any truck equipped with a power driver seat.

      6) offer tow mirrors as a stand alone option on LT, LTZ and High Country trims. As it is now they are only available in those trims when you get the max tow package (not available at all on a High Country). They are however available as a stand alone option on WT and LS trims.

      7) offer the Good Year Wrangler Duratrac tires as a stand alone option. They are currently only available on the Midnight package.

      8) rear A/C vents BUT only if it didn’t affect the front vent airflow. As it is now I have ZERO complaints from backseat passengers. I have however noticed in my brother in laws 2016 F150 that has rear vents the front vent airflow is horrendous compared to my truck.

      That’s really all I can think of after owning my truck for nearly a year. Most of what I suggest is already currently available, but I would have had to have went to an LTZ to get it.

    35. Gm needs a another engine in there line up. A TT v-6 would make a great edition. Idk a DSL is the right answer for gm.

    36. Well GM can start by making better commercials. They must have the most cringe worthy commercials on the planet…It’s embarrassing for chevy people.

      1. And the thoughtful comments keep coming. I think this is one of the best threads I have read. A lot of good comments in here.

        I know I am still the smartest one here but I can feel the competition is heating up. 😎

    37. This site has been taken over by idiots.no one said what should stay or be offered after the second post glad I don’t hang here much anymore

    38. Hopefully the chevy shake will be gone or GM’s customer base will be gone.
      They have lost many already

    39. Dear GM, Why do I have to buy a SLT with leather to get a sunroof? Please offer it in the SLE. Stop filling the lots with 4X4, do not want or need 4X4. Famous GM make customers buy what GM wants instead of what the customer wants. Your seats suck, my 2004 way better, your colors suck. Wheel openings too big tires need to fill them. large indented fender stampings look awful. How about an SS type truck and offer the 6.2 engine across all trim levels. There is more but I am most excited about seeing the redesigned Dodge truck, if they would only get rid of that Ram name and just call them Dodge Truck, please!

    40. Me personally more horse power on top of the 420hp lol…Can we have an option of a shifter on the floor please, more color options

      1. Chris, I would like to see something that competes with the Raptor, and the upcoming Hellcat powered Ram. I would also like to see the mild hybrid option available across all trims and engines. With the 10 speed, other power train refinements, a little weight savings, and the hybrid option, it should be possible to reach somewhere around 25 mpg highway.

    41. For GM trucks- More head room, rear seat room, a/c in rear, larger steering wheel,and a painted frame instead of the waxy/greasy coating. One more thing, a little better clearance, at least under frame, for 4×4 models.

    42. Yes, I sure hope GM is reading and listening to the customer. Agree on more power and color choices. Also not crazy about the height of all the new trucks when I park my 2004 GMC beside a new one mine looks like a baby, Hurry up 2019 want a new truck just not what is offered now from GM. As far as Dodge goes still wishing the Ram name would go the way of the dinosaur.

        1. Glen H. How about just Dodge Truck and some new names or letters for the different models. Just get rid of the Ram please.

    43. I would love to see rear wheel steering on the new Denali and High country…i have driven the Caddy CT6 with this option and it is great. Crew cab trucks are difficult to manage in parking lots and they already have the tech avail on the Cadillac.

    44. Andrea this month in Automoble Magazine they had a article about the upcoming 2019 Silverado, they said that a 2.0 turbo gas will be in the line up of engines, as an ecoboost owner I can’t wait to here the V8 guys whine if this is true. Anyone heard anything?

    45. I’d love the see the small block diesel make its way onto the 1500s. I’d also love it if the steering wheel wasn’t offset anymore. I had to rent a 2017 sierra to move furniture and the steering wheel was centered above my right knee! Whats up with that?

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