• Chevy Tahoe and Suburban Keep Climbing: Full-size SUV June 2017 Sales Report

    2018 chevy chevrolet tahoe suburban v8 6.2L 10-speed transmission
    2018 Chevrolet Tahoe V8 10-speed

    Chevy Tahoe and Suburban sales keep climbing ever higher. Will the competition ever catch up? Ford will soon introduce the all-new 2018 Expedition and the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. This will put more pressure of the full-size SUVs from GM, but GM is updating their SUVs with a 10-speed automatic transmission for 2018. Competition provides the consumer with more choice and better product.

    Case in point – Nissan is doing very well with the redesigned 2017 Armada. It’s a very comfortable and powerful SUV, and the consumers are responding.

    The Toyota Sequoia is getting a refresh and new driver-assist technologies for 2018, and this should keep the sales steady.

    Full-size SUV sales – June 2017

    June 2017 # June 2017/2016 YTD 2017 # YTD 2017/2016 %
    Chevrolet Tahoe 8,378 6.2% 45,009 4.1%
    Ford Expedition 4,801 -36.0% 31,117 12.1%
    Chevrolet Suburban 4,284 7.9% 24,903 8.7%
    GMC Yukon 3,656 -8.0% 19,527 -2.5%
    GMC Yukon XL 2,445 -5.7% 14,630 3.0%
    Nissan Armada 2,370 214.3% 14,155 169.6%
    Lincoln Navigator 980 6.3% 4,997 -13.9%
    Toyota Sequoia 862 -13.3% 6,211 -1.4%

    Will the all-new 2018 Ford Expedition and 2018 Lincoln Navigator grab ever more market share from GM and others? It will be very interesting to watch.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    23 thoughts on “Chevy Tahoe and Suburban Keep Climbing: Full-size SUV June 2017 Sales Report

    1. When will Ford release news on introduction of 2018 Super Duty model changes/improvements? Production ends sometime after September, at least that’s the latest you can still order a 2017 SD. So, it might be wise to wait for news on the 2018 models to see what Ford has planned to address some concerns brought up in the recent Ike Gauntlet & towing MPG mash ups. Since Nathan pointed out issues with fit and finish on the SD interior, might Ford be updating materials and design inside, too? Any of you Ford guys feel free to chime in with your insight here. Thanks.

      1. Chris, check out ford-trucks.com in the 2017 Super Duty section. There are no meaningful updates for the 2018 Super Duty. Perhaps a new color (gem green available again) plus the slight Job 2 updates that have already taken place on late-production 2017 models (such as the updated cup holders and the addition of 2 extra USB ports on the rear console). There are no changes to interior materials. Early 2017 trucks had a few fit / finish issues as this was a brand-new model but overall the trucks have been pretty problem free.

    2. It’s funny to see Tahoe numbers are so high. It seems all I see are Suburbans. And those numbers are lower.

      1. I’d just like to see the 5.0 in an Expedition. I don’t understand why it’s not an option right now.

    3. GM only outselling ford by over 14,000 units. I’m not sure Ford has the production capability to close that gap.

      @TFL – The Navigator does not belong in this list unless you include all other luxury SUVs, in particular the Escalade since it’s nothing more than a higher trim level of the Tahoe.

    4. Not sure what happened to gmc this month? All 3 groups gmc to took a nose dive.

      No real surprises here.

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    5. Gm is doing what there doing with there large suvs.But bigger ? Is what happened to Expedetions combined sales -36%??

    6. How come you don’t include the Toyota Land Cruiser which is im the same size cathegory as the Nissan Armada (Patrol)?

    7. I think it will be very interesting to watch Expedition and Navigator sales for 2018. Given the significant jump in sales Expeditions saw when the model was lightly refreshed and given the EcoBoost engine, and all-new, full-modernized Expedition should sell very well. We’ll see.

    8. This has me wondering about the new blazer that’s supposed to be coming out sometime. I also wonder if it have the 2.8L diesel as an option.

    9. The Tahoe is a good truck no doubt but the high number of sales include fleet sales. In my neck of the woods, every other police car is a new Tahoe and the rental companies have their fair share on their lots. Not a bad thing but fleet sales have made the number higher.

    10. Looks like GM has more options and did better in the SUV market and in the truck market, they are cleaning up.

    11. GM needs to bring back a true 3/4 ton Burb. Not one of the existing HD Suburbans that has a high payload for armored panels and bullet proof glass and has almost zero towing capacity.

      1. I completely agree and while they are at it GM should make it available with a diesel option.

    12. Expedition needs a V8. Atleast the 5.0, but man I would love ford to bring the 6.2 back on the half-ton segment. Heck even a diesel option should be made for the their suv’s. Personally feel this is a reason their trucks do so well, it’s largely about engine options.

    13. Boy that Chevy emblem really resembles a folded out pad for a vagina. I swear GM built the Chevy for women and the GMC for men. The C is for C-men? Right.

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