• Chevy Silverado Stops Decline and Takes Second Place, Ford F-Series has Another Great June 2017 (Sales Report)

    2017 chevy silverado hd duramax
    2017 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD

    Chevy Silverado sales reverse a recent decline to gain 1.7%in June 2017 over last year and take back second place from Ram. Ford F-Series is still in the lead with another great sales result and a 9.8% increase over last year. Ram trucks continues a sales improvement for a solid third place. The same cannot be said for the Sierra. The GMC trucks continue a sales decline in June. The Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan post a good sales result, but the Titan is still struggling to post large sales volumes.

    Full-Size Truck Sales – June 2017

    June 2017 # June 2017/2016 YTD 2017 # YTD 2017/2016 %
    Ford F-Series 77,895 9.8% 429,860 8.8%
    Chevrolet Silverado 50,515 1.7% 262,940 -3.9%
    Ram 43,073 5.0% 250,443 7.0%
    GMC Sierra 15,743 -8.3% 99,153 -6.9%
    Toyota Tundra 9,843 4.3% 53,652 -2.4%
    Nissan Titan 4,199 368.6% 24,464 301.1%

    Take a look at the sales data graph provided by Bernie Kressner. Thanks!

    2017 june sales graph fullsize pickup truck ford f150

    How efficient are the newest half-ton truck with towing a trailer? Check out the video below.

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    74 thoughts on “Chevy Silverado Stops Decline and Takes Second Place, Ford F-Series has Another Great June 2017 (Sales Report)

    1. Chevy said they would have a good June and they did. Wow, Ford is tearing up the fullsize sales.

      1. I think all of the mid-size sales are down, although Tacoma is still relatively strong (down 0.5% from last June).

        Ridgeline sales dropped a little from last month. That could likely be fewer units shipped due to ramping up production of the new Odyssey that is built in the same Alabama factory.

        1. Tacoma was up 4% and Ridgeline up over 10% in June. The Nissan was flat and GMC way down. Colorado was up.

    2. I’ll wait for fire sale again. Everyone has many cars on dealers parking lot . GM’s inventory has officially hit a 10-year high. 980,454 units in stock (a 105-day supply) as of June 30, the most since June 2007.
      Ford is doing a good job. 34% of Ford sales went to fleets.

        1. I know I will. My cycle of buying cars is synchronized with down turns.
          It’s easy to do,when you have no loan or leas.

    3. Great for Ford. I helped contribute to Fords Lead. I traded in my 2015 GMC Sierra 1500. That truck had the shakes (vibrations) After dealing with GM and their engineers and multiple dealer visits I had enough. The engineer said that its close to GM spec for the Vibration and if I am not happy to contact a lemon law lawyer. In the end GM can push discounts all they want. The Engineer (Mike)said “all of the 1500 shake.” People are starting to catch on and that’s why the 1500 are not selling well. Buyers Beware!!!

      1. I had my 2015 Yukon XL replaced form similar issues – too many issues to list but vibration was the main one. Terrible vehicles and GM gives everyone the same story. Enjoy that Ford. The 2018 Expedition will be in my garage by year’s end.

        1. Moondog
          Sounds like you’ve decided to pull the trigger on the new expedition. It seems like it will be a good choice. Congratulations in advance! Let us know all the particulars once you place your order.

          1. The decision is mostly done DB but not completely. We are mostly watching now to see what else comes out soon and waiting to see what else happens to our GMC. This one does seem to be more solid than the last but the suspension issues defy logic. I’m tired of buying cars! My third daughter and fifth child gets a new car next year. After that we have one more left to buy for and then maybe my wife and I can breathe a little. 🙂

            1. 10 kids/25 grand kids/and just one great grand kid.We have a 06 (I think) PT Cruiser to lend one of ours when their vehicle breaks down.And we pick up the insurance.Oh well,it’s all good ;}>

            2. Lohchief, we would have had many more kids but the last two pregnancies were really rough on my wife so we had to stop. We might still adopt. Our kids have been a huge blessing and we have 6. I wish that number was doubled but we just couldn’t have had any more. We get each of them a new car when they start their senior year in high school. It is intended to either get them rough college or help them get a start on a trade, whichever they choose.

        2. Sorry to hear that you have had issues with your GMC.I had a 2007 Silverado 1500 and when the transmission went after 102,000 miles GM took care of it. That’s why I went later a purchased a GMC Sierra. I though that GM would take care of the vibration but I was wrong. Good luck on the Expedition. Looks like a nice vehicle.

          1. Thanks for the well wishes. Had you hung in there they might have taken care of you. They make you fight long and hard before they do anything for you. That is their strategy. If you keep fighting they soften up but it took me around a year. I will also add almost everyone from the dealers and corporate had the same scripted story. It was sad and pathetic. Best of luck to you.

    4. Titan is pretty big news. 4000 isn’t a lot of sales but it’s carving out a niche. May be on Tundra’s heels soon

      1. At least Nissan is saying and showing that they are committed to the fullsize segment which is more than I can say for Toyota. Absent a new Tundra soon the Titan will catch and pass it. The Titan is till a gen behind the big 3 but they are trying and rumor has it a redesign is in the works.

      2. Not really if you deduct all the buy backs under the lemon law. I for one added to GMCs list this month as I took delivery of a 2017 Denali HD with the duramax when Nissan bought my XD back. What a POS the Nissan was. Does t even come close to comparing. Buy a Jap Nissan at your own peril. Nissan and Cummins can f*ucking suck it!!!

        1. Lots of issues with the Cummins in the XD. You should post your expirience in the XD forums.

        2. I’ve heard they have had some issues and that will happen. They do have some updates in the pipeline and it shows they are trying whereas Toyota is sitting on a Tundra that needs a redesign. I like that Tundra a lot but they have some catching up to do. Good luck with that GMC. I’m on my second one after my last one was bought back.

          1. Good points. Crap happens; that’s the reason why “service” exists. Nissan bought the truck back; granted they had to be pressed but still bought it back. Some of did not receive the same level of service and were left holding the bag…

        3. J-Bone: what could have been done better to make your ownership experience different? Some bad vehicles will be produced, no matter what as it happens with ALL manufacturers.

    5. Ford is rolling along. Gm might stopped the bleeding, time will tell. Ram nipping at there heels.
      I believe Titan could make a run on tundra by the end of the yr. No real surprises here.

    6. Agree Marc. Nothing big. Chevy always does well in June. I hope a new Tundra is coming soon. We will see. Ford is definitely king but I’m also impressed with Ram. I also hope Chevy drops a great redesign but I do know they stuck with the steel bed and didn’t go aluminum, at least in the bed.

    7. I wonder what happened to the midsize sales for TFL? I found out the Tacoma outsold the Sierra again. Sierra’s have Denali trims, I think it is about time somebody starts taking the midsize more serious and offer us a V8 in a Platinum trim in the midsize truck segment.

    8. Nissan should be outselling the Tundra but its not. Maybe because they don’t even offer a sunroof?

      1. The reason is Nissan is releasing the Titan in a controlled manner. At this time there are four select cities that receive the lion share of trucks.

        Do a google search for “autonews nissan titan cities” to find the article that explains their strategy.

        1. That’s not true they were all released all over. They have now rethought the strategy and will concentrate on certain areas at a time.

        2. Just went by a relatively small Nissan dealer yesterday in Queensbury, NY. It is a small town. They must have had 20 trucks. The fact is, while these are an improvement over the first Titan, nobody wants them.

    9. @TFLTruck: “but the Titan is still struggling to post large sales volumes”

      That’s not true as Nissan is releasing the Titan in a slow and controlled manner. I honestly think you should interview Nissan for more details.

      If any truck is struggling for sales it’s the Tundra. The intent of Toyota was to sell 200K a year, using the both the Indiana and San Antonio plants. When Toyota realized that goal was not attainable, assembly was consolidated to San Antonio–which was costly because the retooling that was required to have Indiana build other Toyota vehicles. But if you ask Toyota about this they’ll say they’re at capacity for Tundra production; the truth is “they’re at capacity of reduced capacity”.

    10. Ford sold more full size trucks in June than GM(chevy/GMC) and hell lets throw Toyota Tundra in there too. Wow!

      I think the evidence shows that people enjoy aluminum bodied trucks and turbo 6s in their half tons.

      1. Ya but Jerame and to all of you saying Ford dominates; is not actually true. GM sold 78,405 trucks this month and Toyota Globally is still the truck leader. All Ford offers is an F150 in a myriad of trim levels, including a Raptor with a different frame that is still called an F150 nothing else.

        1. In regards to Toyota: why can’t they crack the 1/2 ton and up market here in the USA?

          1. Good question but Toyota likes to sit on their laurels and seem to do well elsewhere. I think maybe the market here likes change. I know some on here have said they won’t even trade in their old Tundra because it is like buying the same truck. They likely eventually move on to Ford, Ram or GM just to buy something different but even GM and Ram are getting old in the tooth with their half tons whereas Ford keeps adding more and more options in the 1/2 ton that keeps their buyers coming back to try something new. The Tundra also feels like a bus. I’m not sure how true that is but it just felt less nimble than the other half tons and its large and heavy vs the competition here and Toyota doesn’t like to change anything that can hurt QDR.

          2. Toyota can’t crack the 1/2-ton market because people simply prefer to buy American-branded pickups. This is one of the most loyal segments in the entire auto industry, and few things are more American than a full-size pickup truck. I think the Big 3 would still outsell Toyota or Nissan even if they made a vastly superior truck, but in this case the American trucks are actually superior to the Jap trucks in most regards.

        2. Rambro, have you been playing with your calculator again? You know we need to keep this apples to apples so put the grapes up and keep it fair. Ford sold the most fullsize trucks. 🤣

          1. Still but where are the morals when offering only one truck size and pawn a Raptor off as an F150. To say Ford has GM beat in the half ton segment is true but leaves out the material Ford fans do not want to hear and is therefore only half the story. There is the midsize story. Oh that’s right it coming in 2019, still a 0 for June 2017

            1. I agree, Rambro. Ford missed the midsize opportunity big time and they will be woefully late just in time to compete in a slowing market.

            2. I have been thinking that all year. Mid sized trucks seems to be slowing down and Ford is going to introduce their Ranger in a possible down turn into the midsized market with a plethora of midsized options right now. The Ranger will need to hit it on all segments. Cheap entry level like the Nissan and really upscale like GMC but do it better.

            3. Actually, full-size sales include both the half-ton trucks and the HD trucks. I think you’ll find where Ford is currently crushing the market is the new Super Duty truck.

            4. Troverman, to me the giant lead Ford has may very well be from the SD which has been a huge success. I’m seeing them everywhere. I see May 6 SDs to 2 Ram HDs and 1 Chevy. It’s crazy but they are literally everywhere. Something has to explain the fullsize beat down Ford is administering.

            5. Also, the midsize market is cooling because of Ford’s indecisiveness. The new CEO is either going to straighten them up for fire a lot of people trying to get it right. He has introduced an NBA style shot clock approach for decision making because Ford historically has trouble making a decision. Had someone not been afraid 3 years ago who knows how many trucks they would be moving now. Now they are going to bring a great truck to slowing sales.

        3. “GM sold 78,405 trucks this month ”

          Might want to check your math. 15743+50515 is only 66258.

          78405 only happens if you also include the chevy colorado/canyon, which do NOT share a frame/body/engine/much of anything with the silverado. Might as well throw chevy cruze sales in there for good measure.

          In full size, ford is dominating. Again.

          1. Still a truck Crazy guy. The Raptor dont share much of anything either with an F150. But they include it. Fact is GM sold more trucks than Ford. Dont know why that calls for a Ford domination post. They dont dominate and they dont even have a midsize class truck to offer a consumer.

            1. Rambo, sometimes I think you’re a retard. First of all, the Raptor amounts to a tiny amount of Ford full-size truck sales. But beyond that, it basically is indeed an F-150. The cab and interior is identical. Transmission is identical. Engine is very similar. Frame is very similar. Yes, it has a unique nose and tail, and a transfer case optimized for off-road usage.

              All this whining about mid-size. It is a not that large of a market, and now that it is being saturated, the piece of pie for everyone is getting smaller. Ford is definitely late. But when you compare historical data of Silverado sales to F-150 sales, which is truly apples to apples, and consider the fact that Ford is routinely outselling Silverado and Sierra combined, you’ll understand the term “dominance.” It is ridiculous to consider a small truck that GM is selling and Ford is not and say “GM still outsells Ford on trucks.” That’s like saying GM outsells Toyota in sedans because GM offers more sedan models, while ignoring the fact that the Camry outsells the Malibu or whatever GM’s midsize car is these days.

            2. Like I said Troverman, Ford boys dont want to hear the truth. When the Ranger gets here I am sure you will change your tune. GM still outsold Ford this month on truck sales. You even stated the HD trucks are included and thats a bigger step in difference than the 1/2 ton is to the midsize. LMAO. Fanboys🤣🙄😁

        4. At the end of June 2017 ford F series is ahead of Chevy/Gmc by a staggering 67,767 units. if that’s not domination I wonder what you think it is. Maybe GM should rethink it’s strategy of bad mouthing the Aluminum Fords. It’s the thing of the future and GM is quickly learning that!

        5. Ford F series has out sold the GM twins for the last 40+ years and will continue to do so because Ford is cutting edge technology. Chevy has been bad mouthing the Aluminum Fords and are learning that the public wants a truck that won’t rust and is cheaper to repair after a collision than the steel bodies. Ford just has GM’s number and you might as well face it.

    11. This just represents what people want in their vehicles and features. How many of these people are happy? I think brand loyalty however blinds a person as to what is really best for them. I say, test drive them all and stomp the pedal down..

        1. Consumer Reports rated the Toyota Tacoma as the most over priced vehicle on the market for waht you get in return. Besides the ones I have ridden in ride like an old steel wheeled tractor.

    12. By the time they finally get all the Titan models out it will be do for a redesign. The small Nav. Screen is already outdated and smaller then what they offer in their other vehicles.

      1. I think all manufacturers take the left over parts from dated cars and SUV’s and stuff them into trucks and call it a new model. Its only logical being how outclassed trucks are.

    13. I wonder how Ram sales would be doing if they could sell the Eco Diesel? Two local dealerships told me the inability to sell the 2017 ecos were hurting their sales as buyers are holding out for their release.

    14. Oh, and one important comment considering this test you both ran on the 2 trucks: bottom line, the eco diesel came in at around $10 less for the 98 mile round trip! Due in part to the extra cost of the Premium gas in the Eco Boost. Wow! $10/100 miles!!

      1. The Eco-Diesel is definitely the most fuel-efficient truck you can buy in the segment. But…I can’t think of anyone who runs premium in the EcoBoost engines. Currently owning two of them (a 3.5L EB Lincoln and a 2.7L EB Ford) they run perfectly happily on regular unleaded. Diesel is priced significantly higher, and the other downside is that the EcoDiesel is such a slow truck.

        1. We cannot say how good the ecodiesel really is though. Since fiat does not meet emission standards with that engine we don’t know the real mpg data while meeting federal emissions standards.

          I also agree with running regular fuel in ecoboost engines. I have been since 2013. I have tried premium on some trips and never seen a difference. Even towing with a 2.0L GTDI escape. A friend of mine with a 2014 F150 and the ecoboost 3.5L tows a 28′ trailer for a minimum of 4 hours each way almost every weekend and tried both fuels, he sticks with regular too.

          1. My turbo kia sportage never cared if it had premium or regular either. But some vehicles; it really makes a difference. Like is the 10% ethanol an actual loss in mpg? I was hoping that new TFL lady would answer this but her explanation on fuel types didnt go there. We still have no idea if or why premium might give one vehicle better fuel mileage or not or if the fillers like ethanol actually give you mpg or does it just burn up and is lost energy. Does ethanol have more energy than gas or non at all. Was hoping TFL’s new chemist would answer this but to date she still has not.

        2. Troverman, glad to see you back on this site. It desperately needs an infusion of intelligence and common sense.

          1. I threw up in my throat when I read that. Troverman only has one of those traits working at one time. He has never actually used both of them together.

    15. Wow! I just watched a commercial for Nissan Titan with with 5 years of warranty and C$ 17,000 , 25% off.
      It was working very well for RAM last month in Canada, so I think,that Nissan is testing the waters as well.

    16. 5 years and 160,000 kms of bumper to bumper warranty and C$17,000 off.
      Poor guys buying for the full price a month ago.

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