Is the Chevy Colorado ZH2 the new Humvee? We Go For a Ride! (Video)

2020 chevy colorado zh2
Chevy Colorado ZH2

Chevy Colorado ZH2 is a hydrogen fuel-cell electric 4×4 vehicle, which is a collaboration between the General Motors and the U.S. Military. This is a “test-bed” prototype vehicle, which is currently being evaluated by several branched of the military. The ZH2 provides several benefits when compared to an older personnel carrier, such as the Humvee. The ZH2 is more fuel/energy efficient (although it uses Hydrogen as fuel, not diesel). The electric ZH2 is much quieter and has a lower heat signature. It can tackle difficult off-road terrain, and it can also supply electricity to feed other equipment. The exhaust byproduct is water, so there could be an additional benefit of collecting and reusing the water it generates.

As the name implies, the ZH2 is based on the production Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup truck, but it is heavily modified. The frame, suspension components, and the cab are much like the production truck, but the propulsion system and the bed area are completely changed. The ZH2 rides on 37-inch tires, has front and rear lockers, and the Multimatic spool-valve shocks that can also be found on the 2017 Colorado ZR2.

The fender areas had to be modified to accommodate larger tires. The bed area was redesigned to house the large Hydrogen gas tanks. The fuel-cell stack is located under the hood. The ZH2 is not a pickup truck and does not have a bed to carry cargo. The roof racks can be used to transport additional equipment and provisions.

Roman had an opportunity to go for a ride in this $4,000,000 prototype. Check it out here.