Can I Tow Heavy Without a Dually? How Does a Dually Truck Handle Snow, and a Surprise on Ask MrTruck (Video)

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Can I tow heavy without a dually truck?

Can I tow my 39-foot RV 5th-wheel trailer (total weight of 16,000 lbs) with a 1-ton that is not a dually? How do dually trucks handle snow and muddy conditions? What are the difference with different frame coatings? What is the difference in approach angle between the an F-150 and an F-250? We discuss all this and much more on this episode of Ask Mr.Truck. We also surprise Mr. Truck with birthday gifts during the show!

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Can I Tow Heavy Without a Dually?

It’s no secret that a 3500-series dually pickup truck is more difficult to live with on a daily basis. It’s wider than a regular pickup. It’s less efficient, and it’s more expensive to maintain in wheels and tires alone. Many try to avoid purchasing a dually pickup for recreational purposes if they can get away with it. A typical new 3500-series crew cab 4×4 is rated close to 4,000 lbs of payload and 17,000 lbs of maximum towing.

How Does a Dually Handle Snow or Mud?

In short, not very good. The extra tires in the back provide extra drag in deep snow or mud. Often, the loose snow and mud can get stuck between the dual tires and pack the tires, decreasing traction. One temporary solution is remove the outer rear tires and simply go over difficult terrain on four wheels/not six.

Check out all the discussion and the fun in the video below.

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