• Is This a Raptor Version of the 2019 Ford Ranger Caught Testing in Australia? (Report)

    2019 ford ranger raptor version 4x4
    Current Ford Ranger (Mexican spec.) photo credit: Ryan McNeal

    This current-generation Ford Ranger (Mexican market specification) was seen on the Interstate 15 in Southern California. The image was provided by Ryan McNeal. Thank you Ryan!

    The folks at CarAdvice caught what appears to be a special off-road version of the next Ford Ranger prototype. Could this be a Ford Ranger Raptor? Check out the link for the images. A careful observer will notice four-wheel disk brakes and what may be a coil-spring rear suspension.

    This prototype appears to be riding on unique Raptor-like rims and larger diameter tires (possibly BFGoodrich). The truck also has modified front and rear bumpers that could be offering better approach and departure angles. This is very intriguing indeed.

    Ford has already said that the company will be bringing the next generation of the Ford Ranger to the United States in 2019. However, most other details are still unknown. A Raptor-like version of the Ranger makes a lot of sense when you consider the latest off-road truck craze in the midsize segment. Toyota has the Tacoma TRD Pro. Chevrolet has recently released the Colorado ZR2. Jeep is working on a Wrangler-based pickup truck as well (codename: JT).

    If this off-road truck will reach the market, will it be called Ranger Raptor or will Ford reserve the Raptor name full-size F-150 truck? If not the Ranger Raptor, then what should Ford name this off-road specification Ranger? Let us know in the comments below.  I am thinking “Ranger Osprey”.

    What is the latest from Ford on the next Ford Ranger?

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    56 thoughts on “Is This a Raptor Version of the 2019 Ford Ranger Caught Testing in Australia? (Report)

        1. The last time a Typhoon or Syclone blew past a full sized truck; prehistoric reptiles likely walked the earth so it’s rather fitting. Ranger Troodon

    1. I am hoping they bring the body style in line with the F150. The global ranger doesn’t cut it for me. Plus, it doesn’t take Ford three years to figure out how to make the truck meet federal crash standards. The length of delay in bringing it to market must coincide with a larger update

      1. Most of the delay time has to do with where they plan to build it. Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) in Wayne, MI is currently building the Focus and is scheduled to stop production in May, 2018. They can’t start Ranger or Bronco production until then and only after the plant goes through a major renovation which includes the changeover from production of small, unibody cars to mid-size body-on-frame trucks. The changeover alone will take several months so don’t expect to see pre-production prototypes at least until the end of 2018.

        Also, I would be surprised to see a Raptor-like version of the Ranger in the first year (2019) although I do believe they will eventually have one.

        As far as the name goes I think it would make the most sense to use the Raptor name as a separate model on all high performance off-road versions of Ford’s future vehicles including the F-150, Ranger and Bronco. That’s no different than how they have expanded the use of the Platinum name to various luxury models on different platforms. That name was also first used on the F-150. FX4 was first used on the old Ranger in 2002 and then expanded to their entire truck lineup. There is a lot to be said for name recognition.

    2. @Andre Smirnov
      I think Ford US thinks there should a Raptor version for the current Global market. Maybe it is a reaction to the Mercedes Pickup that is being released soon in Australia? I think this would be very much a niche vehicle.
      Replacement of the 3.2 engine in the current Ranger and replacement with the V6 Lion would be more important( Australia will be going Euro 6 next year and the 3.2 does not comply)

      1. @ Robert Ryan, the 3.2 Duratorq Turbo Diesel already meets US EPA / CARB 2017 Regulations and most likely the 2018 requirements, which are still tougher than the Euro 6 regs. However, the updated 3.O Lion V6 TDI is more powerful and having one Diesel powerplant across multiple platforms would be more cost effective.

        1. @Ed,
          No it does not , it fails Euro 6 and has to be replaced. That is one reason it never turned up in European version of The Transit.

        2. @Ed
          Euro6 is much harsher on C02 and Particulates. US Tier is tougher on NOx
          So a compliant engine cannot be used under both regulations.
          Which raises the Interesting question of Japanese Trucks and dieselo engines in the US. They have everything from small 3 litre diesels to 8 Litre engines( Hino) but meet US regulations.

          1. @ Robert, I stand corrected on the Euro6 vs US regulations relative to the Duratorq I-5 TDI.

            However, the Lion V6 TDI is used in both the EU and US versions of the Ranger Rover, therefore I believe it is possible to have one engine that meets both regulatory requirements.

            1. @Ed,
              Hit the nail on the head and that is what diesel will be going into the Ranger. More Power and Torque, better Fuel Economy and will be Euro 6 compliant

            2. @Ed,
              3litre Lion Diesel for F150.
              “The diesel engine likely to go in the F-150 is a 3.0-liter, twin-turbo V-6 made in Ford’s Dagenham, England, plant. It traces its roots to 1999 and a deal Ford made with French manufacturer Peugeot. Part of the Lion engine family co-developed by Peugeot and Ford, the V-6 diesel, originally 2.7 liters, has been used in Peugeots, Jaguars, Land Rovers and the Ford Territory, an off-road vehicle made in Australia.”

          2. @ Robert Ryan, you claimed the 3.2 DuraTorq TDI does not meet Euro 6 Regulations. Well, it appears that you are talking out of your arse… According to the Ford UK 2017 Ranger Brochure, the 3.2 Diesel meets Euro 6 requirements.

            1. @Ed,
              No. Their was a statement by Ford UK they had to drop the 3.2 as it did not comply. Some UK magazines got it wrong as well thinking that the 3.2 would continue on..
              This article states the four engine options for the Ranger. Diesels are for this part of the world

              “Two new-generation turbo-diesel engines – a 2.0-litre EcoBlue four-cylinder and a 3.0-litre Powerstroke V6 developed in collaboration with Peugeot and Land Rover – are expected to replace the ageing Duratorq 2.2-litre four-cylinder and 3.2-litre engines”

        1. Jay in Ok
          Yes the 3.2 will be dropped.
          Used to be used in European Transits under Euro 5. Under the ” Performance ” versions

          1. I’m not convinced that the Ranger will be getting the 3.0L Lion V6. If you look at the engine lineup in the current T6 Ranger all of those engines are in-line and that includes both gas and turbo diesels. Why is that? Although I have not seen the layout of the Lion in any Land Rovers (or the 2018 F-150) I assume the turbos are on the outboard sides of the cylinder heads which adds considerable width to the engine and complicates exhaust routing. Will all that even fit between the Ranger’s frame rails? How much extra weight will it carry over the 3.2 I5? Any engine can be made to meet emissions regs even if it means redesigning the cylinder head.

            The same issues could hold true for a gas turbo such as the 2.7L EcoBoost V6. The 2.3L EcoBoost I4 from the Mustang and Focus RS already outclasses any gas engine the competition has in their mid-size trucks and it is an in-line design. Just sayin’…

            1. @Bill from PA
              Yes it will be getting the Lion. Inline engine was for the Euro 5 compliant 3.2 Duratorqe. It the 3.2 cannot be upgraded to Euro 6, so the that engine and it’s oil circuit problems have to go. I doubt you will have to worry about the Lion , you will be getting the Ecoboost family. Lion will be reserved for the F150.

    3. While I think a Raptor like Ranger could be a good move, it’s this type of Ford mentality that is hurting their profitability. I hate to say it, but if they want to increase revenue during this time of record sales, they need to stop with all the special models that take more money than it makes for them. (Fiesta ST, Focus RS & ST, Fusion Sport, Taurus SHO, Edge Sport, and so on) All those models have unique powertrains for that model. While it’s great for enthusiast, it does little to move the needle for Ford moneywise. Do what GM does and put a sticker, new grill, and wheels on your unique models till profitability goes up. For the Ranger, do what GM did, suspension, lockers, and body work.

      1. Are you crazy?

        Doing what Gm does with their trucks especially is the kiss of death!

        The buying consumer knows better and won’t be fooled by stickers, graphics, a new grill, and wheels anymore!!!

        Why do you think their truck sales are so far off and being beaten by Ram lately?

        Never in history has Gm and Ford been so far apart in numbers with Ford gaining more each quarter.

        1. You are looking at the wrong numbers. It’s about the money, not about sales. Ask pre bankruptcy GM.

        2. They are basically selling the same amount. But there are plenty of model vehicles out there that sell less than a 1000 units a month and they remain in production. Im sure the Raptor sells more than 1000 a month and will remain profitable but the best part is the free advertising these trucks bring like the ZR2, Raptor, Power Wagon (only sells like 800 a year) TRD Pro. GM payed 10 millon for a 30 second commercial during the superbowl to advertise the Colorado. How much money are they not spending on advertising by having these models out there?

          Toyota is the most conservative with an already capable midsize and they still up it with a Pro model. So I think you are both wrong in two aspects here.

      2. They already do:

        FX4 Pack (All Trims): skid plates, shocks, stickers
        STX Pack (XL, XLT): grille, wheels, bumper, stickers
        Sport Pack (XL, XLT, Lariat): grille, wheels, bumpers, stickers, running boards*
        Special Edition (XLT, Lariat): grille, wheels, bumpers, decals, stickers, trim, badgeing
        Chrome Pack (All): grille, wheels, bumpers, side mirrors*, running boards*

        Texas Edition/Oklahoma Edition/California Edition: NOTHING BUT A BADGE, except California Edition their emissions are squelched.

        *indicates option standard on higher trims

        1. I was talking about the brand in general and more specifically the models mentioned. They do okay with the trucks, but the multiple powertrains options can’t help the bottom line when you add up development and implementation for any model.

          1. This year Fiesta/Focus just ditched those, they had them but never sold well.

            Now have: Fuel Eco Package

            Deleted: Protection package, Black out package, Body Kit Package, Stripe Package, Kicker Sound Package, Sport Package, Luxury Package.

            Fusion has:
            Appearance Package, Luxury Package, Technology Package, Sport Trim Level.

            Taurus has been unchanged for some time. Hopefully Crown Vic will come back,….

            1. Regarding the Fiesta and Focus, maybe for 2018 MY, but they are still available for 2017 MY.

      3. If GM spent more money on engineering and less on stupid advertising and stickers their sales would not be in free-fall. They are becoming the Harbor Freight of the auto industry. “Gee, did I say there was only one Special Edition?”

      4. Good Lord! The voice from 1975 and the most boring era in automotive history. McFly, your Delorean is waiting out back…

      5. Keepright the reason Ford has these special models is to get people in the show room. It is proven fact that special models do sell the same lesser models or other models.

        1. That’s not true. Look at the special models I’ve included and tell me A=B. Done right, yes, A=B. But there are too many examples of OEMs not doing it right.

    4. A Ranger Raptor would bring even more attention to his tuck. This would be a wise move. Let’s see if Ford has the kahunas to do it. Stay tune (we have plenty of time – years in fact). I’d lie to see it.

        1. That has always been an issue for the domestics – true ground clearance. Maybe Ford will bring a good product with no detuned engines but I’m not sure they are willing to chance potentially taking sales from the mighty F-150. I do know something is up because this thing still being 2 years out is odd. They are either significantly revamping this truck or playing some wait and see on the market all the while leaving the option of backing out on the table. I think it will and should come but they are very, very late to the party. I just read an article that GM is not slated to upgrade their midsize trucks until 2020 so once again we will be dealing with dated midsize products for the foreseeable future. Unless you are committed to the size of a midsize like I am there are virtually very few reasons to buy one over a fullsize. The newer fullsize trucks are about as nimble as the midsize ones are.

          1. They went and lifted the rear end like GM and dumped the nose down. Out comes the aftermarket levelling kits🤧

            1. Even Jeep is doing that.. lower nose = better mileage..
              I think Ford is scared this will take away F150 sales.. plus they are swinging for a home run..
              Be nice to see this market heat up some.. just hope Ford offers a manual trans across it’s line up like Toyota does..
              For what I need a truck for either the ranger or Colorado would be fine for me.

    5. Ford Australia are working on 2 verzions of the 18/19 Ranger, the first one is on the current T6 platform but with the Lion V6 diesel and supposedly the eco 4 out of the Mustag which Ford Australia fitted to our Falcon for a few years in trials for running in a large heavy car like the ‘stang and Ranger. A further model will be the “Raptor” version of these trucks with coils all round and run the 3.5 out of the current Raptor. It will fit no problems, Ford Australia shoehorned the 4 litre V6 from the Explorer into the past model of the Ranger known as the Courier in Oz.As for viability on a cost basis this will be offset by 1, a huge demand for a performance based truck/ute now that the Falcon V8/Turbo 6 utes are no longer made and as of October GM will stop production of the V8 ute. Secondly they are about to introduce car/truck/ute races based on vehicles such as the Ranger/Tacoma(hilux in oz)/ Colorado. It is natural that Ford will want to dominate the series and what better way than with a high spec Ranger.

      1. Sorry also meant to say the 2nd version of the basic platform is a US version running a modified version of the current T6 platform, probably utilising the platform in use on the Everest which is the wagon version of the Ranger but utilising the all terrain management system etc as in the Range/Land Rovers.

    6. @David Pickford,
      Back of my mind, that the “Ranger Raptor” was being developed for the Ute races. Seeing the others only run diesels, they need some form of corporate petrol engine. Could mirror what engines they will be running in the V8Supercar series, We will see
      3.5 will help alleviate the pain of the loss of the 4litre Barra engine. Although the Barra was a real beast of an engine when turbocharged . Street driven 800- 1000hp engines. Straight six howled like a banshee

    7. Seems to me that a lot of you guys think the ranger is going to steal sales from the raptor. Look guys I don’t think it will the raptor is wider bigger and better than this ranger. I also believe they will not use the same engine as is what is in the raptor. So I really don’t think it will be much of a comparison between the two.

      1. @Mark Hartmann
        I doubt you will ever see the Ranger Raptor in NA. Executives in NA think it is a great idea to release outside NA.
        Ford Australia has a big hole in it’s line upfrom the demise of the Falcon and all the performance V8 and six cylinder varieties. Strong sales of the Ranger reflect this need for a Falcon replacement, because it could a whole range of things as a Sedan and Ute, that the Ranger can fill partially.

      2. The funny thing is Ford said that would happen to the Colorado/Silverado, but apparently they’ve reassessed that scenario. Good for them.

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