• 2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is No More – Why Is That? (News)

    2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
    2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

    Toyota has announced more trim level and configuration changes to the 2018 Toyota Tundra lineup. One news that stands out above the rest is that the TRD Pro model will no longer be available on the 2018 Tundra. Why is this happening? Why is the most off-road worthy Tundra going away when the 2018 Tundras go on sale in August of 2017?

    TFLtruck reached out to Toyota for comment. Toyota did not offer a direct explanation. However, a company spokesperson said that “there is a precedent for TRD Pro models being discontinued”. For example, the 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro was discontinued for 2016, and then came back in the next generation of the Tacoma for 2017. We asked whether the next generation of the Tundra is coming, and whether it will have a TRD Pro version. Toyota did not offer an answer at this time, as the company does not discuss future product plans.

    Toyota off-road enthusiasts who want to buy a brand new Tundra TRD Pro will have to hunker down for the 2018 model year, and hope that the truck returns for 2020 model year or later.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    76 thoughts on “2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is No More – Why Is That? (News)

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        1. Yup. Running a forum is a pain in the butt. It’s actually pretty resource-intensive, because you either have to pay staff to moderate 24/7, or if it has enough traffic, you can get volunteer moderators. Otherwise, it fills up with spam and pr0n with the QUICKNESS. The TFL forum didn’t have enough traffic for there to be enough people to volunteer-mod 24/7, and there aren’t enough people who work for TFL for them to be able to afford tasking their staff to moderate it 24/7. I don’t blame them at all for shutting it down. That’s just the modern web reality.

    1. That truck needs a serious overhaul. Looks great and it is a good truck but buyers are bored to death of it. Hope they turbo the V8. Not like Toyota did not already have the 5.7 supercharged under full warranty for ten years, so it wouldnt surprise me if they turbo a V8 when they change it this thing.

      1. Part of the problem is that it *doesn’t* look great. Very boring design, and probably the least attractive styling of all full-size pickups currently available. I mean that for all Tundra’s, not just TRD Pro’s. Meanwhile the Tacoma, and especially the TRD Pro, is perhaps the best-looking of the mid-size crop of trucks.

        1. I think the Tundra depending on configuration looks just as good as the Ram. The Raptor has the best look although too wide and I dont take it seriously with a V6 in it. I dont hear the hype about it. Every article complains about the V6 and that is its cryptonite. The F150’s are still a plain looking truck in comparison to a Tundra or a Ram. The Raptor looks good but with the V6 it is just an abomination on wheels.

        2. Tacomas are uglier. I rather have the ugly Tundra. The have dropped the ball twice with styling on the Tacoma. 1979-1994 were the best looking Toyota pickups. IMO, none of the Tacomas looked nice. At least this last design is somewhat appealing. Hopefully they will redesign the too large grill and get rid of the non functional hood scoop.

    2. How come when I say the Raptor is a toy I get grief, and when the independent tester(Nathan) in the above featured video say the Raptor is a toy that is too wide and has very little payload and trailering, nobody says anything?

      1. I wouldnt say its a toy. It pulls more than my Tacoma if you get the quad cab and has the same payload and i get all my work done with my truck. The V6 makes it an abomination but not a toy.

    3. Toyota doesn’t live on pickup trucks like FORD and GM, that’s why they don’t invest as much into redesigns. But yes the Tundra is a good reliable truck just getting a boring.

      1. BORING, boring??? Are you smoking something?? The least boring truck I have owned and I have purchased Dodge, Ford, GMC, and Chevy trucks. Only boring thing about Tundra trucks is the gas mileage. PLus, I raced a brand new 2017 Ford 150 from one light to the next one. SMOKED it big time.

    4. Bread and butter doesn’t need anything else. Toyota knows how to consistently make decent profits, and it seems these niche vehicles are not part of the program. Besides, everyone knows that it’s the Tacoma that people want to really off-road with, and an aftermarket second to none.

    5. Rumor has it that we will see a new Tundra for the 2020 model year. Tundra is getting long in the tooth, but still sells at capacity so Toyota isn’t hurting itself by pushing the redesign out.

      If you’ve been paying attention you have noticed that Toyota, GM and FCA have all pushed their redesigns out. One big reason for that is that this redesign will have to live into the 2025 emissions era meaning major changes are required in order to meet the CAFE and CO2 requirements.

      1. Agreed, Workhorse just got here and they already outclassed the big guns in mpg, class leading HP, traction, payload, acceleration and true ground clearance. You cant compete against that unless you turn to battery-generator drive. I see GM has a big green thumb webpage now so guaranteed thats where everyone is going.

        1. Hi Rambro – – –

          R: “Workhorse just got here and they already outclassed the big guns in mpg, class leading HP, traction, payload, acceleration and true ground clearance.”

          But beyond those nominal PROTOTYPE specs (some of which may not be significant*), will it, as an EV, even come close to outclassing a standard ICE half-ton, — in:
          1) Purchase price
          2) Towing capacity
          3) Total Range
          4) Cold-temperature performance
          5) Long-term (>15 year) cost and reliability
          6) After sales support and repair-center availability
          7) Ease and speed of recharging/refueling
          8) Credibility / Reputation of the company**
          9) Depreciation / market value after 15 years.

          So, IMO, yes, it COULD make a good local delivery/local work truck for fleets and businesses,
          but would I want one as a practical personal truck? Not Likely.

          ref: http://workhorse.com/pickup/

          * Examples – – –

          Leading HP?
          (The Big 3 already can come close to or exceed 400 HP.)

          (4WD is tougher and more robust than AWD, and, with modern assist features, gives outstanding traction AND superior articulation, which IRS does not.)

          True ground clearance?
          (The listed 12-inch clearance is not useful for conventional NON off-road truck use, for which 9-10 inches are more than adequate, or standard lifted trucks (Like the Ford “HIgh-boy”, “Rusty”) would be more common.)

          ** as in, will it even be here successfully making trucks 5 years from now?


          1. Bernie

            1) purchase price is competive and based on current fuel prices the W-Truck saves you money in the end but look at what your driving in comparison
            2) Towing capacity is weaker but yhey are coming out with a W25 and a W35 next year I believe
            3) Total range is unlimited, same as a Tundra
            4) cold temperature performance, i highly doubt they just forgot about winter?
            5) They did it on their website but like with any new product, your right its untested but they have had fleet vehicles for some time now with the same makeup and are said to br highly successful
            6) Not sure about sales support as the prics wont even talk to me, Bollinger on the other hand will talk with you. A guy at work owns a Tesla and they bring him another car for free and tow his car to get repaired and deliver back to him. Thats better service than what I get so maybe their service will be even better.
            7) Recharges on the fly, fuel fill ups are as usual
            8) They have already built a solid reputation and credibility in fleet vehicles
            9) They estimated this but you dont know. I imagine you can estimate their worth based on there older current vehicles already in place.

            HP is 460, not 400 and that is not rpm laden where you only get peak hp in an Ice engine for a brief second and then the gear changes and the rpm drops and acceleration starts at 1000rpm where you may only have 100hp available until the rpms climb and this is there first pick up, next year will be another upgrade in all liklihood.

            It is not just AWD it is 4 wheel lock or both and is better than the traction of a Powerwagon or a Raptor at any speed. It also has the ability to not give you traction if say your rear end is kicking out in a corner than it only provides traction to the front wheels and does not cut engine power. It is weell in advance of any current 4×4 system on the market.

            Nothing wrong with more ground clearance when you might actually need it instead of using comprimise. Its the right tool for the job no matter what you face. Like owning a Hilt drill vs a Black and Decker

            All in all its been built and is coming so its all possible and can be improved upon and this one is already ahead of the big guns in many aspects.

      2. Wandering – – –

        W: “One big reason for that is that this redesign will have to live into the 2025 emissions era meaning major changes are required in order to meet the CAFE and CO2 requirements.”

        Unless our Dear Uncle Donald gets rid of them altogether ! (^_^)….

        (Didn’t somebody tell me once that it’s always good to have a rich uncle…?)


        1. Donald doesnt have any power. Too many men and women have already set sail. He cant change it. Even if he gets another 4 years it wont change much. He couldnt even get Obama care passed because the pharmaceutical companies are far too rich and have there hands in the senates bowls. Even Obama couldnt get what he wanted and he stated so in the beginning. Presidents dont mean sht anymore. Few rich people determines where the boat steers and there are far too many billionares invested into renewable energy and they will steer the battery car into dominance whether Trump was elected or not.

          1. Rambro – – –

            R: “(A) Few rich people determines where the boat steers…”

            If you’re thinking Illuminati or the Bilderberg Group, I can’t argue with that. Our fate is not at all determined completely by the current President of United States! But you must remember that there are MANY MORE billionaires who have vested interests in BIG OIL, and in maintaining the ICE vehicular world we live in, — a situation that is estimated to exist for another 50 years or so because of modern high-tech ICE advances*. This will be especially true in non-1st-World countries.

            *ref: http://www.caranddriver.com/features/the-future-of-the-internal-combustion-engine


            1. I believe that. Its the battle of Trillionares vs Billionares but there are a lot more billionares that are going to bring renewable energy to fruition and the gas companies cant stop it. But it will be a battle. The diesel scams are likely playing a part in all this.

          2. Musk and Trump are no longer friends. Ditching the Paris pact was a big deal, and it meant a lot of millionaires investing into so-called green energy are going to be losing money and / or the opportunity to make even more money. Electrics are a total scam in terms of saving the planet; its just another way for some folks to try to make a killing by having the market cornered through legislation.

            Thomas, you forget Trump also hired a climate skeptic to run the EPA. Aside from communist California, who do you think sets emissions levels and fuel consumption requirements? These do not have to be passed by general government for the most part. Additionally, you also seem to be forgetting that “big oil” still exists and has far more money than the “green” investors.

            1. Troverman – – –

              T: ” Aside from communist California,….”

              Yes. Did you realize that last month the CA legislature passed a bill allowing members of the Communist Party to hold public office in that state for the first time?
              Back in the 1950’s, we required Communists to register with the FBI as agents of a foreign power, and prohibited them from holding any public office…. My, how times do change…


    6. fiat doesn’t have the money right now to update the ram.Gm went with a older look then redesigned the nose but it wasn’t the problem. The first generation tundra was ok looking but the second gen. looks like a bass fish from the front. The doors look like elephant ears and the cab looks like it was crafted on from a smaller truck.

    7. If I’m reading Toyota’s statement right and comparing to their past model discontinuation practices, this means a new Tundra is on the way for either 2019 or 2020. This is a very good truck that is long in the tooth so they either have to redesign (a real one) or just watch this model die off like the FJ…

      1. I think so too Moondog. I’m betting a redesigned Tundra released for 2019 and Tundra TRD PRO released in 2020. By the way I’m loving my 17 double cab. Should have went straight for a 2nd Tundra in the first place!

        1. I’m glad to hear that Tundra is working for you. I for one don’t care if my truck has all the latest goodies so long as it is strong and durable and will last like that Tundra will. I really think that Toyota either has to bring a new Tundra or watch it die a slow death. They will bring a new one because the truck profits are too big to ignore. Also, the current Tundra is a fine truck so I’m not knocking it but for the competitive fullsize segment it is time for a true redesign.

          1. I totally agree, as capable as the truck already is, they need to redesign it to remain competitive. I would hate to see it languish and disappear. I don’t think that will happen though, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for the redesign.

    8. I think Raptor fans are shaking in their boots right now. That Raptor might have poked the wrong dinasour from its nap.

        1. Tundra has always held the crown for ten years with its full manufactured warranty on the TRD Supercharged Tundra with 504HP and 550 Torque. Thats 4 more HP than Ram ever built and Toyota did it in 4×4 in any cab configuration and have always held the Baja 1000 1st place crown over the Raptor. With the new CAFE laws the supercharger was no longer viable to be constantly updating engines to meet emissions with or without the supercharger on their entire lineup. It became too much.

          Toyota might be a sleeping bear here and they are crazier than Ram for ten years they held that and not a lot of people realize that. The Tundra may very likely come back with a turbo charged V8 and new suspension or they may go with battery assist, something GM has been playing with in California.

          1. @Rambro, et. al: you don’t get it. Toyota’s commitment to trucks has drastically changed. The Tundra went from the truck that’s changing to all ’07 to not changing at all ’18 –and that’s no joke.
            MS has said himself on THQ–which is no longer being updated, tap, tap, tap?–that the Tundra is a niche vehicle. He’s also stated on this in an interview, found on this site, that they’re protecting QDR by not making sweeping changes–that says a lot…
            Also, Akio is a car guy–yes I’ve said this many times and who took control in ’10–but he is.
            Just a few days ago Akio admitted to failing behind on autonomous vehicle research and electric vehicles (source AutoNews).

            Does anyone honestly think Toyota, a car company, is going to invest in light truck development for North America when a much more lucrative global market is looming on the horizon?
            Finally, here’s a question TFLTruck should ask Toyota: what impact did the multi-billion frame rust settlement have on light truck R&D?

          2. The Tundra didn’t hold any crown. It offered a dealer-installed and warrantied supercharger kit. Ford offers the same thing, maybe sans the long warranty…but the fact is that nobody cares. You see a Raptor rolling down the street and everybody immediately knows what it is and most people think they are cool. You see a “Supercharged” Tundra rolling down the street and nobody even looks at it. Regardless of performance. Because the rest of the truck sucks. It just looks like a generic Jap pickup. Fine and all, but nothing special. Nobody cares about Baja, either. That race is about as watched as a women’s beach volleyball tournament by a gay men’s community.

            1. Ford fans always talking tuff when the boots are shaking and then run for the rubarb when the competition shows up.

            2. And no Ford never offered a boosted motor on the F150 under full manufacturers warranty. Ive tried that several times now and Ford does not do it. Only Toyota offered that and holds the record for the most HP and Most Torque offered in the 1/2 ton series truck under full manufacturers warranty. Sorry that stings your butt, but Toyota isnt the worlds leader in truck sales by being in second place.

            3. Rambro, the Ford Lightnings and Harley Davidson f150s were supercharged and warrantied from the factory. They have since been outclassed by the current engine offerings, but Ford was probably the first to offer a boosted v8 truck under warranty.

          3. Toyota still holds the record in every category. 504HP 5550 Torque under full manufacturers warranty in 2wd and 4wd in any cab configuration or model type in the Tundra 1/2 ton. Drop mic

    9. You can already turn any Tundra trim into a trd pro now. Other then the Trd pro body stamps and front end Toyota can add all the suspension and engine components including wheels and tires that the Pro has to a Platinum, Sr5, or 1794 edition. It’ll cost you but they’ll do it.

      1. There’s no much TO a TRD Pro in the first place.

        It’s not as if it comes with engine modifications or lockers.

        The difference is: shocks, stamped bed, embroidered seats, wheels, and exhaust. That’s it.

        You can get that TRD exhaust and those wheels from your dealer. You can buy better shocks for less. You can buy much, much, much better tires for what they charge you for the ones that comes with the TRD Pro.

        I firmly believe that you can start with an SR5 4×4 5.7L Tundra, and by purchasing and installing Fox coilovers, the largest BFG KO2s you can fit, and the TRD exhaust, you’d have a BETTER truck than the TRD Pro, for less money.

        1. For sure- IMHO, same is true for the Tacoma TRD Pro. Yes, the shocks are really well tuned for ride and handling, but between domestic coilovers and a BP51 setup, there’s better off-road stuff to be had.

    10. To me, this is a pretty solid sign, based on their past behavior, that they’ll be coming out with a new Tundra in 2019.

      1. This is exactly what this means unless Toyota is seriously breaking with tradition. I think they need a new atundra because what better way to generate cash to fund EV research than to sell a bunch of high profit trucks? Akio is certainly a car guy and that is well known but Toyota as a global company is much more committed to trucks than many would think. But, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, and all the other Japanese companies not named Nissan seriously missed the mark with trucks here. They overestimated car sales and underestimated truck sales. Now they are playing catchup.

        1. You really think Nissan “hit the mark” with pickups? Really?

          The Asians (and the Europeans) simply do not understand pickup trucks. Full-size pickups are innately American. Buying a Toyota or Nissan full-size truck is sort of like flying a Japanese flag during the 4th of July. The flag looks nice and flies as well as an American flag, but nobody does it except for a few strange people.

          Not to mention, full-size American pickups are actually very good vehicles. The Japanese trucks simply are NOT as good.

          1. “The Japanese trucks simply are NOT as good.”


            Both the Tundra and the Tacoma are longer-lasting and more reliable than their American counterparts. The first-gen Titan was invincible. If your mind wasn’t so clouded by jingoism, you’d know that.

            Personal preference is one thing. If you prefer American trucks because: ‘Murach, fine. But suggesting that Japanese trucks aren’t as good is just silly at this point.

            1. Like I said. Ford is shaking in their boots right now and the muscles are going to flex until the new Tundra shows up and then they will deflate as usual

          2. “Japanese trucks are not as good”? Quite a profound statement. Your posts, while obviously biased to Ford, are usually fair. But I have to agree with RNUOVR, that was silliness.

            1. Iwhile noQDR has had some Toyota issue I will say that the Tundra has generally been an incredible truck. It’s just been around in current form too long. The truck is dated. That old Nissan Titan seemed to last forever too. The Big 3 are ahead in technological advancements and technology in general but I’m not so sure their trucks are clearly better in terms of reliability. I’ll take a Tundra for reliability any day but the mileage is horrible and the truck is dated.

          3. No, they missed the mark but they at least tried. They made a fullsize truck that is at least a generation behind the Big 3 but they have another one in the pipeline so at least they seem committed to the market, unlike Toyota’s fullsize offering.

            1. Troverman, when I say missed the mark I meant they missed the mark as it relates to the truck craze/demand here in the USA. Nissan didn’t bring an A games product but they tried. They gave us a new product whereas this Tundra has sat still for 11 model years. The rest of the Japanese automakers literally had no plans or desire to bring a truck. The Honda trucklet is fine for some but it was always meant to be a low volume seller. Remember the Mitsubishi Mighty Max? That used to be a very capable little truck. Mitsubishi has a great global truck out there that would help their nothing short of miserable USA market presence. I’m saying Nissan at least tried and they have a truck guy running the truck division that will keep trying until it’s futile. Ford, GM, and Ram but if Toyota doesn’t do something I look for a determined Nissan to be number 4 before long.

        1. I’d expect the 2020 redesign to be shown at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, should be on dealer lots by Sept 2019. Long as Toyota can sell 110,000 Tundras a year with minor rebates they will be in no hurry. I’d expect a Otto/Atkinson dual injection motor ala Tacoma 3.5 in the 5.7/4.6 motors, with an eight speed trans. Maybe they will just drop the 4.6?

          1. It’s really hard to say what is going on with the Tundra. I’ve made some educated guesses based on what has and has not transpired.

            Perhaps TFLTruck can ask Toyota just how dedicated they are to light trucks in the USA.

            It’s abundantly clear it’s not like it was back in ’07.

          2. I keep thinking they will use the 5.0 V8 with Atkinson and port/direct injection from Lexus. I believe the 3.5 in the Tacoma was first used in their Lexus vehicles.

            1. Yup, that sounds right. A couple things though.
              First, MS pointed out that the path for Tundra changes originates from the Land Cruiser.
              The biggest change, recently, for the LC is the new eight speed.
              However, the LC drivetrain (engine and transmission) are made and assembled in Japan, along with the 5.0 that’s used in the RC F.
              So, will the Japanese made drivetrain make it here to the US? Or will the US do some retooling?

              Source: https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.dot.gov/files/documents/2017_aala_alpha_03272017.pdf

    11. The term “denial” is often used in the addiction field to describe people who deny substance abuse problems.
      Denial is the tendency of Toyota-koolaid drinkers to either disavow or distort variables associated with their drinking in spite of evidence to the contrary.

      1. You are generalizing an isolated bad experience with Toyota. You got a lemon. That sucks, but it happens. It happens with less frequency with Toyota than other brands, but because it happened to you, you think it’s much more common than it is. This is known as “experience bias”.

    12. Just speculation they didn’t sell many of the trd pro tundra I don’t know if I seen any. You don’t build if you can not sell it. Not sure how much a TRD pro is over a standard tundra.

      1. Marc they sell every TRD PRO they build. They only produce a couple thousand of them a year. Very limited production.

        1. Couple thousand almost don’t seem worth building them when a plant shucks out over 300,000 tundras‚Äč? I do understand what you are saying keystone. Nich.

    13. They have their owne very strange and standard reasons for what they do but if you know Toyota you know that killing off the Pro means a new one is coming. It could be because they need more time to develop the Pro than the other models so they kill it off a year early. That makes sense to me but Toyota will never tell you. Those Pros sell like crazy and hold their value even better.

      1. Really, a new one is coming? There’s only one plant, a shared plant at capacity, that assembles the Tundra.

        It may have come down to building the new TRD Sport or Pro. I think the Sport won.

            1. We will see if Toyota comes out with a new Tundra in 19 or 20 is what I’m talking about. Based on them killing off the Pro it seems they will but honestly I’ll believe it when I see it. 11 years so far with nothing significant. Fingers crossed.

            2. I dont know Moondog. You look at other truck manufacturers and nothing they built could match the Pro model and the Tundra holds the record for most HP and Torque with full manufacturers warranty. Only the Raptor could match it off road but not in reliability and the Raptor got lost altogether and now sits with an ill sounding V6 that every auto journalist complains about because of the sound.

              The Pro models were significant. Body styling and engine choice is where they fell flat but GM is just as dead right now with a mainstream V8 that produces less HP. The Tundra is still the best looking truck out there in my opinion depending on configuration the Ram may win out sometimes. The only one doing anything significant is Ford and im still bored to death. Workhorse is far more interesting

            3. This is generally how they have done it so only time will tell. Also, I heard on Tacomaworld that they may not make the Tacoma Pro for 2018 so it could be that Toyota is focusing their efforts on higher volume vehicles and profits. It is clear that Toyota has been cutting more corners than usual with at best odd decisions on cost cutting. I love my Tacoma but they went cheap on the satellite radio receiver and I can honestly say it is the worst satellite radio reception I’ve ever had on any vehicle. I hope they keep their special emphasis vehicles like the Pros around and hope they don’t go all domestic on us with their decisions but it appears they are a certain degree. They are working like crazy to fix these howling rear differentials. I’m opening up a case with corporate on mine. I think a fix is coming soon, literally within days, but it’s irritating.

            4. Moondog you are not having good luck. But no one is free. My Step Daughter and her husband bought brand new. A Ram 1500 with loads of options that brought it to 67,000 dollars and her Grand Cherokee was over 90,000 for the SRT 8. They have had several problems as well. Guy at work has a Diesel BMW and swears it is the worst vehicle on the planet. You know Consumer Reports tries to summarize it all and Toyota is not going to sacrifice that. I think your problems will be fixed sooner and better than any other manufactuerer. The only problem I had with my Tacoma and same problem in my wifes at the time was the engine light coming on after coming out of a warm garage into -20c weather the light would come on and the car starter would not work and cruise control would not work when this would happen. They would fix it and then periodically it would happen again. Within 6 months they found a permanent fix and it never happened again. But it doesnt matter how much you spend or how little. Problems dont go away. Just have to learn to live with them and I hope Toyota and expect that Toyota will deal with it the best. There is no happy ending here. The guy at work is happy with his Tesla though. If it breaks they give you another vehicle until yours is fixed and they do it onsite. You dont have to go to the dealer so your time is not lost, well a big part of it is not lost.

            5. Rambro, the Tacoma rear differential issue is widespread but they are working around the clock to get a fix for everyone. It should be here soon. I still think the truck will outlast virtually anything. People were knocking Toyota for going to direct and port injection yet now Ford is following suit and so are others out there. Once they tune this 3.5 a little more it is going to be a nice engine.

    14. With this news, I’m glad I went ahead and bought my 2017 TRDP in Cement. I was originally thinking of holding out for a 2018. For me and what I do, it’s a nice truck and should serve me well. A few years ago I had a 2012 F150 ecoboost and while it was probably more advanced, it certainly wasn’t reliable and I just couldn’t trust it once it hit 40k. Even with a warranty, it just sucks breaking down.

      Yes, you can build a truck that is actually better than a TRDP in many aspects for less money except for one thing. The TRPD only paint color. For me, that color is cement. Once I saw it, I had to have it.

    15. 2017 TRD Pro is, by far, the best vehicle I have ever owned. I just don’t like the chrome o the other Tundras.

      I did a lot of research and test drove all the brands. The Chevy had a nice ride but a dash rattle…with 2 miles on it. The Ford was very nice with lots of tech. The Ram had great sound/power and the Nissan was ok.

      Then, using KBB, I optioned out 2007 (10 years old) trucks in similar ways and compared resale and trade-in values. The Toyota was highest by 4k over Chevy/Dodge and 6k over Ford.

      I could have bought a Limited Tundra for the same price as the Pro. But, I like the rarity and looks of the Pro. Makes me smile at the end of a long work day….

    16. I find it interesting that new Tundra owners (conquest sale) say the truck is the best they’ve ever owned; interesting because their determination is based on a short history ownership history. I thought the same, until 17K miles…

    17. Motortrend just released an article on upcoming redesigns . They are saying 2021. Going on Toyota’s history of not really caring about the Tundra, I would believe the 2021 more then the 2019.

      “Then for 2021 is a new Tundra and Sequoia, as well as the Prius and Lexus RC coupe.”

    18. 2019 will be the new Tundra release, expect it to arrive mid August of 2018. The pro was halted to allow room at the production factory to start working on the redesign for the 2019 model’s. This is straight out of the mouth of a Toyota mechanic that works in the San Antonio plant.

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