• 2018 Ram 1500 and Ram HD Limited Tungsten Edition: Most Luxurious Ram Ever! (Video)

    2018 ram 2500 hd heavy duty cummins diesel limited tungsten edition luxury
    2018 Ram 2500 HD Limited Tungsten Edition

    The latest in Ram’s special edition trucks are the most luxurious 2018 Ram 1500 and Ram HD dressed in the Limited Tungsten Edition. It’s no surprise that pickup trucks continue to get more luxurious. Many consumers love the capability and versatility of a pickup truck, but do not want to give up any creature comforts or luxury appointments in the process.

    Think of the Tungsten package as an addition to the already premium Ram Limited model. Ram is proud of the Light Greystone suede headliner, which is a segment first. The Tungsten cabin is outfitted with what Ram calls ultra-premium “Natura Plus” Frost and Indigo-colored leather. You will find the new leather covering the door inserts, center armrest, steering wheel, parts of the dash, and the seats. Matching carpet with rubber floor mats and unique badging complete the look.

    The exterior combines features of the Limited and Sport packages, and add Tungsten Chrome grille and body-colored bumpers, mirrors, door handles, and the “R A M” on the tailgate. The half-ton models get a Sport hood, all Tungsten trucks get the blacked our headlights. Painted Limited rims and special badging complete appearance.

    The 2018 Ram 1500 and Ram 2500/3500 HD Tungsten models will be offered in the following colors: Bright Silver Metallic, Bright White, Brilliant Black Crystal, Delmonico Red Pearl, Granite Crystal Metallic, Maximum Steel Metallic (1500 only), Pearl White and True Blue Pearl.

    2018 ram 1500 limited tungsten edition hemi v8
    2018 Ram 1500 Limited Tungsten Edition

    Ram knows that heavy duty truck customers often choose luxurious models. Ram says that more than 40% of HD trucks the company sells are comprised by the luxury: Laramie, Long Horn, and Limited models. As such, the Tungsten edition will be offered on Ram 1500, Ram 2500 HD, and Ram 3500 HD trucks (including the dually). It will be offered exclusively on crew cab (and HD Mega Cab) model. Customer will be able to choose between 2WD and 4×4 options.

    The 2018 Rams with the Limited Tungsten Edition trim will go on sale in the third quarter of 2017. 2018 Ram 1500 Tungsten will start at an MSRP of $55,120 for the 2WD crew cab (not including destination charges).

    The Tungsten trucks also come equipped with many standard features: air suspension on the 1500 models, vented and heated seats, heated steering wheel, and 8.4-inch UConnect infotainment system that includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sirius XM Guardian.

    What trucks will the 2018 Ram Tungsten compete against? These include the Ford F-150 Limited and the GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate package.

    TFLtruck is in Michigan this week, and we will drive the Limited Tungsten Edition trucks.

    Here is a 2017 Ram 3500 HD Limited towing around 23,000 lbs on the Ike Gauntlet TM – world’s toughest towing test.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    53 thoughts on “2018 Ram 1500 and Ram HD Limited Tungsten Edition: Most Luxurious Ram Ever! (Video)

      1. I wish longevity and durability and quality was considered a luxury rather than a mechanic’s third party add on.

        If they made a bulletproof truck, I’d pay the absurd prices they are asking for these no matter if it had no luxuries tacked on to it.

        1. If you’ve ever owned a ram, you must have had bad luck. I have a 04 1500 with 330k miles (no transmission or any major issues) and also own a 2014 ram 1500 with 65k and it’s a dream. I only speak on behalf of what gas served me best, and ram gets my vote for sure!

    1. I am left with questions. All I see is an updated interior with no mechanical advantages. At least Workhorse brought us real advantages and Bollinger releases their truck in 30 days. Finally something different. It seems the big three have nothing to offer anymore except paint and interior finishes

      1. Rambro expectations are so high for Bollinger to be great that when you start reading specs on it that you will be so be disappointed. Example.
        Kinda reminds me of that article flt written how Dodgezilla was going to dominate the 3 way race. The expectation was so high for it to win, that it ended to be real bad loss. What happened ? You all let your expectations to get the best of you. Me on the other hand my expectations was low for Rusty boy to lose. In the end Rusty boy turned out to be pretty good after it was said and done. Rambro I don’t want you to be disappointed in Bollinger once read the spec sheet. For me I could care less about Bollinger so I have know expectations what it will be. Will be like Tesla performance? That would be amazing. Will it have the capability of a truck? I’m skeptical. Will it be cheap as truck? I doubt it. Will it be cheap to operate? Idk. See, my expectations are very low for it. That is my view on Bollinger.

        1. Marc if you read the biography of the guys that work at Bollinger they are sick and tired of the constant garbage we are forced to buy. These guys know first hand how fed up many consumers are with these new models that bring no mechanical advantages. They have already stated it will be class leading in ground clearance and power and power to weight. My only gripe is no generator. But workhorse has it. Prics still wont say if i can buy one.

          1. Most people wouldn’t consider a RAM 3500 Limited Tungsten Edition to be “garbage” as you described.

            Bollinger employees may have big dreams, but they’ll find that executing them is a lot harder than doing the dreaming. The road to success is paved with the carcasses of companies much larger and with much greater resources than Bollinger.

            Step 1 will be providing a product that appeals to the “masses.” Right now, electric does not appeal to the masses.

            1. I’ll add one more to that excellent post troverman.

              Is Bollinger receiving large some of government money? If so i don’t think they will last. If they are not it will be very long hard slog. Like you said. I know several start up auto companies come and then they go, because the funds just wasn’t there. The expectations for rambro to be something great is pretty high that I don’t want to be disappointed in if it doesn’t Liv up to what he thought it would be. Then survive.

              The truck I got is no garbage I do enjoy driving. Could it better ? Sure. doesn’t everybody want better trucks? but I think what is being made today is pretty good and i wouldn’t classfi as garbage. Even the tungsten. I’d imagine if somebody hand rambro keys to a new ram tungsten he might retract that garbage claim. Even being a Ford man I would give new tungsten ram some serious thought. Lol

            2. Well I’m glad you have issues doesn’t make me feel so bad I’m not the only one. Lol

      2. Going off topic? This article is about a luxury edition RAM and has nothing to do with your beloved battery powered toys.

        1. Yup and I dont like it and I stated why and my reason behind it. I could complain about the bumper but Ram offers a Rebel unlike Ford that just offers a Raptor at marked up prices that is far too large with an ill sounding V6 at 7% interest rates. And its not a midsize. Just another luxury 1/2 ton and it has the same motor, same suspension and same ground clearance and same drivetrain, same to worse mpg, same same same. Boring

            1. Then they should keep making it more premium by adding boosted V8’s like whats in the niche SUV market and add 4 wheel steering so it becomes more premium, more money

          1. Haha says the dude who probably has neither. In line 6 is where its at. I have a 2018 laramie limited 3500 mega cab 930ft lbs of bad ass. Love this truck I can sit in it all day. Oh yea and about that Rapter id rather have my Ram pulling my class 1 car i think thats a little better than a rapter. Rapter is nothing more than a wash board hero.

      1. lulz. I never realized the bighorn was just an add on to the lonestar or whatever. I sat on their site one day looking for it, back when I thought I wanted and ecodiesel, and was totally confused. Looks like its a separate trim now though.

    2. RAM is overcharging for these trucks. They are charging Ford Platinum F-450 prices but don’t begin to deliver the features and amenities offered on the top of the line Super Duty. I’ll agree the leather looks nice and the suede headliner is nice, although it highlights how tiny RAM’s sunroof is, especially compared to the massive Super Duty panoramic moonroof.

      1. @ Trover, I believe every truck is overpriced including your f450 platinum..One thing Ram has over the ford is better Diesel engine,but ford has played catch up ,the Ram also has nicer interior .Does ford use real leather or is it still synthetic ,how about the fake wood and cheap dash and door materials are those worthy of the price??There all nice trucks but none are ever going to have Ferrari interiors and quality..imo

        1. Ford uses real wood as an FYI. Also, they use real leather as well. For 2018 the materials will be even better.

            1. I’ve used the one in my F150 twice in 2 years. I dont even keep the shade open because its just another way for the sun to heat the cab.

    3. Really just a couple upgraded materials inside. I like my Ford’s massaging seats, 360 Camera, and the suite of safety features. The RAM just felt so pieced together when I trest drove one.
      It was like the Homer Simpson car that had everything, but didn’t come together well. Having said all of that, the prices these trucks are really sweet, however they are nowhere near true luxury vehicles in terms if design execution, technology, and materials .I’m talking Lexus or Mercedes Benz quality. The features these trucks have are decade old luxury car features. I saw that Mercedes now has differnt modes and different massage settings for your mood. You can put it on the ‘after work’ mode and it dims the lights to red and puts on soft music with a hot stone massage for your drive home. They have heated arm rests and cooled cup holders. BMW’s new 5 series can be moved forward and backwards with your keychain to get it perfectly situated in the right parking spot. It can also send you 3rd person picture of your car using the various cameras all around (that would be nice when you’re on vacation). These trucks are super nice nice and offer a lot more than we all need in a truck interior, but they aren’t anywhere near a current day true luxury vehicle. Not even close.

      1. I agree with that and no where near as luxuries as The SUV market. And the powertrains are all dated. Troverman gets all hyped about a V6 Turbo in a 5800-Lb tank with 450HP We already had 504HP in a Tundra from 2007 lol to 2015. And we have 500-600 even a 707HP SUV with V8 turbos. Trucks are very behind and they are better sellers with more buyers than the SUV market which makes no sense. They really need better updates than this kind of junk.

        1. Dont those 5-6-700 hp SUV’s cost like 90k to start. The GC SRT8 with a lowly 470hp cost 67k base.

          1. Toyota did 504Hp with extended warranties if you wanted it for up to 6-8 years bumper to bumper with 550lb-ft of torque for pretty cheap and in every cab configuration, even regular cab 2wd or 4×4 all the way to the Pro or 1794 Edition. But regardless, they have to be making money on the SUV market otherwise, why make them? And trucks sell better than SUV’s

    4. I’m surprised how the truck prices develop. My feeling is, that the new truck generations are over engineered. The new features are cool, but you pay a lot for it.

    5. Its got a new headliner, leather seats and floor mats. But does it still have the flip up tow mirrors? What about 360 degree camera, massaging seats, turbo gas engines, inflatable rear seatbelts, 8″ productivity screen, active park assist, a bigger cab with load flat floor, smarter trailer tow module that indicates trailer status, led spotlights, adpative steering, tailgate step and so on? The seats and floor mats and chrome are nice but they are only one part of luxury.

    6. I also forgot the panoramic sunroof and power running boards. The most luxurious truck on the market?

      1. Cadilac has 4 wheel steering and you forgot seatbelts that predic an accident and tighten up on your body before impact, what about ride control, the sierra denali had it, sports cars had it? How about getting rid of low hanging front ends and low differentials and engineer something like the undercarriage of an H1 Hummer but make it reliable, whatever brakes replace it with something stronger until it meets QDR.

        1. Heres a short list of what Benz is doing these days. Front seats have 6 massage settings, rear seats have 4, 24 speaker sound system, interior scent options, night vision display, active side bolsters for cornering, powered rear foot rest, 4 zone climate control, dual rear screen entertainment with individual remotes, dimmable glass sunroof, splitview command so driver and passenger can see different things, airplane style pop out tables, and a rear fridge. To me, cameras, tech, and even most performance features are the new normal in the auto industry. They aren’t a luxury feature in my opinion.

          1. You should see the Aztec video from TFL as of late and look at the options GM used to offer. Had they modernized it, it would be a great thing today. I find trucks a bit boring, they are the best sellers and deserve more attention, especially the midsize market.

    7. Vented seats suck. They need to be cooled seats with a price like this and a top of the line model.

      1. Vented seats does cool by extracting the heat away from your body. They don’t need to be conditioned.

        1. vented seats just take air at ambient temp and circulate it through the seat. If its 100 degrees in the cab it will circulate 100 degree air to the seat and to the person. Air conditioned seats actually cool the air that will flow through the seat. Have had a few vehicles with vented seats over the years and they truely suck to a properly cooled seat. Ventilating is really cheaping out and deceiving to the customers.

          1. Well, air-conditioned air exhaust is right beside and under the seats in my Laramie, so all the time I use a vented seats, it pushes cold air at my butt, but the air-conditioning must be on of course. You could get a sick badly, with cooled seats, but buy a car with them, if you are headed to the sperm bank.

    8. “Marc if you read the biography of the guys that work at Bollinger they are sick and tired of the constant garbage we are forced to buy. These guys know first hand how fed up many consumers are with these new models that bring no mechanical advantages.”

      Except the Big 3 wouldn’t offer such thin package retreads if people weren’t buying them. Fact is, they are, so they will keep making them until people stop buying them. What mechanical advantages are you looking for? We’re talking about trucks that already can haul between 11 and 16 tons of stuff when equipped as such. They are so capable now that Ford and Ram have Class 4 and 5 pickups that have displaced older platforms that were larger, heavier, worse on fuel, required greater licensure to own and operate, cost more to fix, etc.

      Again, what are you looking for? And how is Bollinger going to change that if they are using a Ford platform as their base? You do realize that Workhorse’s W-15 consumer model has performance specs roughly competitive with mid-range mid-size gas pickups from GM, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, right? On a model that has 8-lug wheels, appears to be the size of a base half-ton, and puts out quite a bit more HP? Look, I’m all for someone giving electric work trucks a shot. There’s certainly some room there for city use utility trucks to save on gas consumption and switch to electric. But they sure as hell are not offering a truck that will outperform even a mid-size offering at the moment.

      1. SurelyYewJest, Electric is a superior power source. Not rpm laden with no complications from a transmission or torque converter, no low hanging differentials, a better balanced vehicle instead of having all the engine weight up front and no oil changes to go to or transmission flushes, belts, pulleys, oxygen sensors, firewall constraints, better traction, not subject to losses in power at elevation, less complicated with the myriad of engine and tranny sensors and the hard to reach parts that cover you in oil when you work on it, no more oil leaks in your driveway, no more exhaust fumes to breath in under hard acceleration, charge from your house, or power your house when the grid goes down, no wasted time at fuel stations for urban dwellers, and stopping to recharge will take 7 seconds and a credit card swipe without leaving the vehicle, better mpg, quieter for nature adventures and for urban cities, you can change a tire with an electric jack and an electric impact wrench or use it for tools on a jobsite, quieter in the cabin for long drives.

        Workhorse is already class leading, no one offers 460HP unabated by rpm and elevation and it has a 2200LB payload. They are building a W25 and a W35 and they are already successful in the truck fleet market for years now, so obviously they have more to offer the Ford, GM, Ram or even Toyota otherwise fleet buyers would not have purchased them. And nobody gets 32mpg in a truck of any kind and 75mpg on all electric without the generator. I’m not that interested in mpg as a low miler but fleets are.

    9. And SurelyYewJest, the CEO of Workhorse stated he is not bringing an electric product that is inferior and hoping people pick clean, he is bringing a product that is class leading in many aspects and he has already done that in the 1500 series and in the fleet market. Of course it takes time to switch but the numbers are already there.

    10. I’m not trying to ‘rain’ on anyone’s show, but it seems to me everyone posting here has forgotten what a REAL pickup should be. None of these trucks will ever be used as a real truck, ever. I’m a farmer and there is NO way I can purchase a truck I can/would drive out in the ‘bean’ or ‘corn’ field. They would NOT last 10 minutes doing that.

    11. Q: What percentage of today’s “truck” owners would purchase a “truck” if the vehicle was only offered as a std cab. A: Perhaps as few as 10%. Owning and being a “truck guy” is more than “having an open cargo area” it’s an attitude a personality and a lifestyle, something the 4 door owners are not privy to. 4 door “pickup trucks” are nothing more than open cargo SUVs sold to soccer dads who would never drive a “pickup truck” if it truly was a pickup truck.

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