• 2017 Ram HD 2500 6.4L HEMI Work Truck Maxed Out on the World’s Toughest Towing Test (Video)

    2017 ram hd 2500 hemi towing tradesman
    2017 Ram HD 2500 on the Super Ike Gauntlet

    How will a 2017 Ram HD 2500 regular cab 2WD 6.4L HEMI V8 Tradesman truck do going up and down the Ike Gauntlet™, world’s toughest towing test? How about when it’s loaded near the maximum with a 11,900 lbs of trailer and 2,500 lbs of payload? We call these special “fully loaded” towing tests “Super Ike Gauntlet”. This is not meant to compare one truck directly against another. It’s not part of our annual Gold Hitch Awards. This is a truck competing against itself and against the mountain.

    The route takes us up and down a 7% grade of I-70 from Dillon, Colorado and all the way to 11,158 feet above sea level and the Eisenhower/Johnson memorial tunnels. This is also the Continental Divide in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

    This is an extremely difficult test for any truck, and you will find out all the results right here.

    You asked us to test more base trucks, and we are happy to oblige. This Tradesman retails for just over $36,000 with several optional features, such as the chrome package. Under the hood is a 6.4L HEMI V8 with a rating of 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. The engine is backed up by a 6-speed automatic transmission.

    Check out all of the antics in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    164 thoughts on “2017 Ram HD 2500 6.4L HEMI Work Truck Maxed Out on the World’s Toughest Towing Test (Video)

    1. That was bad. Same results as a few years back. For comparison the gasser XD towed about 1k lbs less but did so in around 9:45!

      1. To be fair, the Ram was also carrying a 2500 lb water tote for a total load of 14,400 lbs vs 10,600 that the Titan hauled. Still….this is a pretty bad.

      2. That’s why you want a diesel. We ought to alos have a choice of about a 5.0 liter diesel. Cummins, how about an inline 5?

    2. That 6.4 sure seems like a disappointing engine. I’d be curious to see a Ram 2500 with the 5.7 pull the same load.

      1. Yea I agree with you on a test of 5.7 ram, but I’d imagine that has less towing capacity.

    3. I wonder what it is about the 6.4 Hemi where RAM decides they need to put a nanny on it after so much time spent at WOT?
      Emissions, oil temp, water temp, some other reason?

      Granted 99.9% of the driving people do this nanny will never be touched but it becomes quite obvious when the absolutely archaic GM 6.0 with less power, pulling more weight, with ridiculously huge gear spacing from 1-2 and 2-3 dusts it off by 3 minutes.

      I’m willing to bet the same truck with an un-nannied 5.7 would out pull the Chev.

      So what’s going on with the 6.4? Ram has an explanation but I don’t buy it. If they could let the engine run free for 10+ minutes they would.

      1. ^X2. Its headscratching for sure. With a 9000 lb load the 6.4 power wagon flew up the hill. It makes me think 1) the 6.4 with a big load will just rev itself into the ground or 2) the “cooled EGR” is not so cooled with heavy loads on steep grades. I’m starting to wonder if the EGR becomes a detriment in these types of scenarios when a massive amount of heat is being produced. Why add heat back into the engine during these critical times? The “gear hold feature” in 1st gear at 4000 rpm could be a way to keep EGR system from overheating the total system. IDK, just speculating…

        1. I dont know how the EGR works on gas motors, but I know on my Jeep Liberty CRD’s tune, it is not used a high load. Its only used in light to medium loads when the engine isnt working so hard.

          The EGR cooler is usually run off engine coolant, so even if its 100% efficient it would only bring the temp down to what, 190F? Whatever ram uses for their tstat.

      2. To be fair the Ram had an extra 900lbs… but that’s quite a difference in performance for 900 lbs

        1. I believe the Chevy weighed 800-900 pounds more than the Ram ,being 4×4 and double cab.It plain and simple stunk it up compared to the Gm 6.0 ..It is what it is ,no excuses,give credit to old tech 6.0..

    4. I own the limited version of this truck. I regularly pull a 37 foot trailer through the mountains of BC and Alberta at 10000 lbs plus 5 people and all of our weekend toys. I estimate that my G.V.W is about 20,000 lbs. This truck’s engine power never lets us down. We could always keep the posted speed limits on the hills. I think engine performs best if driven in manual mode. This truck is a beast if the 6.4 hemi is allowed to rev! That is real world test!

    5. I dont think the results have much to do with the engine and more to do with tuning. Its startling to see how much better the gm truck performs under fulload vs the ram. I love these tests and im not trying to be critical but I’d like to see these trucks also under more normal day to day tests. The ike is a very rare bird and most will never put a truck through these Pace’s. Having said all of that, these trucks are moving a lot of weight at high altitude….. Well done by all.

    6. I am not sure of the point of measuring speed if you are using different payloads.

      For the Chevy to haul 14,400 lbs up the Ike it would take over 21 minutes. Because it would have to make 2 trips. That isn’t even counting the return trip and the extra loading time. And extra wages if your paying a driver. The extra wear and tear because of the extra miles.

      Speed in this case doesn’t save money. And this test is about work trucks.

      Any truck that hauls less than 14,400 lbs will fail vs the Ram in a speed/ cost comparison.

      The same would be true of any vehicle test of unlike payloads.

      In this case the Ram is always going to win in the cost per pound measurement. Because it has the highest payload.

      1. So your argument is that the Ram is a better bet for towing anything above the Chevy’s rating?
        I would much rather haul 14k up the mountain with the Chevy, even if it was over the rating. The RAM would be towing at dangerously slow speeds!

      2. I’m sorry to break the news to you buuuuuuut, the gm 2500hd is rated for 14,500 at the fifth wheel hitch. I doubt it would take 21 minutes to take that over the super ike. But whatever you have to tell yourself.

        1. Fbbt,
          In not trying to argue brands. But the Chevy that was tested had a max rating of 13500 lbs. 5th wheel.

          Now if if you want to go 5th wheel on the Ram you can get max gcvwr of 23,800 lbs. For gas.

          1. The one that was tested is a standard cab long bed. That is naturally going to hive the ram a higher rating across the board. I’m also not a brand basher because I believe that they all make great choices these days. However the 6.0 is usually not given much of a chance in head to head comparisons vs the competition. But when it is tasked to do “truck things” it always seems to hold its own and then some. Not to mention it is generally considered one of the most reliable drivetrains in the market. I read somewhere recently that the 6L90 transmission in the gm HD trucks is the least repaired transmission in the segment. So while the 6.0 gm loses the drag race, it still has a whole lot going for it imo.

            1. my issue with all this is 1: 90% of people will never do this to a truck and 2: my 2015 Silverado 2500HD 6.0 crew cab 4.11 gears 4×4 SB LT got 11.5 highway MPG, my 2016 ram 2500 crew cab 4×4 SB 6.4L hemi gets right at 20-21 highway and 14-17 city….. so unless you have a load 24/7 you need to get what makes sense, if your chevy 6.0 beats me there then I will see you on the flipside. But unloaded I have a family truck that can work if needed and get good MPG when not towing.

        2. Fbbt,
          In not trying to argue brands. But the Chevy that was tested had a max rating of 13500 lbs. 5th wheel.

          Now if if you want to go 5th wheel on the Ram you can get max gcvwr of 23,800 lbs. For gas.
          Max 5th trailer weight 16,300.

          1. Dont forget the Chevy being a 4×4 and double cab weighed 800-900 lbs more than Ram reg cab 2wd.At the end they totaled roughly the same combined weight.No excuses ,Gm 6.0 held up very well ,to a much larger 6.4 with more hp and TQ..

      1. You don’t know that. For all we know, the initial setup had 20 percent tongue weight. It could be that the truck was not properly canceling the sway with its electrical sway control and stabilization. Could be many things.
        They did not detail the tongue weights.
        So please don’t spread misconceptions on the comment section.

        1. Tory, the electronic sway control is via the abs system. It is to control the load if it does get to be to much for the truck. It should never intervene because it will transfer braking power around the wheels that need it, define the engine if needed. You need to start off with a good setup first. I had to tow an improperly loaded trailer once. My trailer sway control kicked in and it is not a pleasant experience. I ended up using the trailer brakes to control the sway and kept the speed down and tool back roads.

      1. We do not have clarity on the subject, so please don’t assume. They did not detail the weights. They only adjusted for results. I’m glad I don’t have some of these commenters on this site managing my fleet. They can’t think clearly.

    7. Tory ,
      Please read your own post.

      ‘So please don’t spread misconceptions on the comment section.’

    8. Nihilus,
      I am not making an argument.
      I am making a point about the reality of the cost per lb to transport with one vehicle vs another.

      Try explaining to a customer that you are going to charge a higher rate because you prefer one brand truck over another. They don’t want to hear about your preferences or problems.

      No matter what brand you choose. If you choose the lowest gcvwr truck. Your profits will be lower.
      That’s taking into account that low weight or bobtail miles are money losers. Or at least less profitable miles.

            1. Not really. When working it, it will barely move. By this test they would have been faster with towing the load with a John Deere tractor that can be bought at Lowes.

        1. Downshift? When it shot up to 5500 Rpm at 40 mph Ken said he wished he knew what gear he was in. “2nd but probably 3rd”. He was in FIRST! After that, the truck continued to loose speed and rpm due to the lack of power.

    9. I missed the part where they said this truck had the sway control option.
      At $36,000.00 it would seem unlikely.

    10. I guess im old. Lol
      Greater than 4000rpm for more than brief acceleration is too much for me. Not even happy with 4000rpm for miles.
      It’s what you get used to. California has a 55mph speed limit while towing.
      I get out of state and I see idiots towing at 80 plus mph. And I am not impressed.
      The upper gears of 8 or 10 speed transmissions are not going to be used much while towing in California.

      1. Towing at those speeds is fine. Say Idaho for example. Truck speed is 70mph. That speed is for 5 axles or more or 26k plus. You go 55 you are an extreme hazard to other road goers including semi’s that are going 70 mph. As cars are traveling 80 mph and somebody deciding to pull a trailer at 55 the hazard is the person doing 55….. Not the person going 80 mph.

        1. Properly equipped I’m fine with 70 mph.
          But 80 plus is crazy and illegal even when not towing.

          I’ve been driving the flow in Nevada when I noticed the air conditioner went off.
          Computer was programmed to turn it off at 93mph.
          That’s pretty crazy when it’s 117 degrees outside. 😂😂😂
          I had to slow down to get the air conditioner to kick back on.

          1. You can go 80 in WY and UT. Thats to posted speed limit. There are 65 signs for trucks but not sure what the GCWR cutoff is.

    11. It’s incredible how much weight can this RAM carry and tow. With coils. This engine has been designed for this and only purpose . Work truck. It will do that over and over again, when competition will run on third attempt of engine design.
      Remember, RAM backed up this engine with 100,000 miles or 5 years warranty.
      Show me other gasoline engine for heavy duty application with warranty like this HEMI RAM has.

        1. I think the 100k is for eligable fleet buyers excluding rental and the diesel on gm and ford

        2. I understand but wanted to inform the previous poster that 100k warranty isn’t special.

          1. It’s Big Z he is a big Ram fan. I know the 100k warranty is bull. The best was the lifetime warranty in 07ish. Not trusted enough so just throw a hell of a warranty on it so they sell. The 07 Town and Country I owned consumed a quart of oil every 500 miles, but that’s normal says Chrysler.

            1. no Z, it is bull because a warranty doesn’t mean it’s not garbage. Hence the T&C example.

            2. TC is a garbage. I had two. Motor leaks on all of them. This is RAM and HEMI. No leaks at all.
              My brother has a Fiesta in Italy. Garbage car. I am assuming, F150 must be the same.
              You lost your credibility with your out of proportion statement.

            3. what is the out of proportion statement? Only thing you whined about is the 5 yrs. which is the amount of yrs needed to get the big three covered for 100k. So the T&C was garbage and still got a great warranty. warranty is bull, garbage is garbage even with the warranty. Not saying the ram or 6.4 is garbage

            4. Based on the results, it looks like this heavy duty performs like a minivan. So it is apples to apples.

      1. Coils so stiff it rides rougher than trying GM and Ford. Great ratings it can’t meet.


      2. The Titan XD has a 5 year for the entire vehicle. It is usually all of the other stuff that breaks on these trucks.

      3. Your wrong again zombiera. 5 years 60K warranty just like everyone else. Diesel get the 100 just like everyone else. I’m not sure I would say it can carry incredible weight. It was slow as balls up the hill.

        1. Maybe now, I didn’t check, but when they started to sell them, it was 100,000 miles and 5 years engine warranty.

            1. 16 model year was changed so 15 had it. two model years. 5 years ago is still in timeframe. on my 14 GM there is the 100k powertrains. I believe Ford shed the longer warranty first on retail sales.

          1. Wrong zombiera, you can purchase a Ford preowned warranty. It is the exact same warranty division as the Ford base warranty. Which means you still get all factory new parts if something fails and covered at any Ford Dealer. Plus they give you rental car coverage and hotel coverage if you a certain distance from home.

            1. Wrong again zombiera. You have to buy the biggest warranty available with ram. Remember, worst in class reliability.

            2. That may not even cover it long enough zombiera. We need really big. Like your mouth big

    12. I think it would be awesome for TFL to repeat the test, but manually shift it, just for giggles.

    13. Clearly the truck is not capable of its own ratings. So how are best in class ratings a plus? Ram and FCA have a long long history of exaggerating vehicle performance and efficiency.

      1. Its certainly capable of the ratings. Most folks don’t understand what the J2807 ratings really are. It only needs to hold 40 mph on a 5% grade at the Davis Dam hill & elevation. That’s what +6000 feet lower in elevation than the Ike Gauntlet? Nobody has privately tested the 6.4 or any other V-8 3/4 ton gasser at maximum ratings at the Davis Dam area. Would the 6.4 do better there with the same load… I certainly think it would with ~15-18% more power available.

        1. it also has to be 100 degrees out at the bottom of the hill, and a/c set to full blast. trying to make full power while keeping cool in the heat is harder than being under full load but only making 2/3rds power due to lack of air density

        2. So the excuse is the Ram is the ultimate work truck unless it’s worked hard? If the Ram shouldn’t be delivered rated, the others should be up rated.

          It’s no different than when the Cummins go shown up by the Duramax (pre 2017 Duramax) at around 23k. If the GM is pulling it’s max at around 23k and it does better than the ram with the same weight, how is the ram rated for 30k?

          Typical FCA exaggeration.

    14. This just proves that j2807 is a joke. This think is a road hazard with anything over 11k lbs in the mountains.

      1. I agree. All semi trucks​ should be banned and ticketed. Only Raptor should be allowed to drive on the Highway.

    15. Sure would like to see the 3.5HOEB put into the F250. Way better truck motor or boost the 5.0V8 and call it a day

      The GM also fell to 30mph at the top and would not shift.

      I would have just pulled over over grabbed a sludge hammer and dropped it over the bank with a hole in the gas tank and lit a match.

      1. Nah,not smart and it would add too much pollutants,Lol
        The Chevy performed consistently as it has since the revised 6.0 in 2007 model HD.

      2. The 3.5 Ford is not a durable or reliable or efficient enough engine for an HD truck, otherwise they would have done it a long time ago.

    16. Whole lot of excuses being thrown around for this Ram. Year after year it just flops. Ram even sent a 2wd regular cab crank window ringer and it’s still a dud.

    17. No,
      They were all supposed to be work trucks
      The Chevy wrecked out during the PUTC Work truck test and Chevy didn’t have a replacement.

      Funny you brought up the wringer story idea. The Chevy was #3 in the PUTC Work truck test. Just ahead of the Nissan.
      Ford was rated #1.

    18. Those results on PUTC look to be very skewed after this test. Only 45 points separated 4th place XD with the family ND place Ram most of the Ram points beyond the XD were for the bloated ratings:
      1.) +12 for GVWR – It was already given points for payload, so why give points here?
      2.) +22 for GCWR – another arbitrary number.
      3.) +29 for towing capacity –
      LOL not sure anyone would want to tow beyond what the XD is capable of with the Ram.
      Hell, it even got points for higher dyno numbers, which is clear that the are not available for long in the real world.
      In all of the actual tests (not the FCA brochure numbers), the Ram was near the bottom. It still got 2nd because of its silly ratings.
      Seriously, 16k tow rating??

      Only reason to get the Ram over the others: inflated numbers and a great warranty (if you have a time machine)

      1. Could be cause GCWR – the truck weight does not equal the max trailer weight so they are giving it extra points for being able to load up the truck while towing it’s maximum tow weight. My Jeep Liberty’s 10,150 lb GCWR suggests it can tow a 5700 lb trailer if its just me in it, but they call out that 5000 lbs is the max. That means that to really tow at GCWR you need to load 700 lbs of crap in the jeep.

        My F150 on the other hand, has a 17100 lb GCWR that only lets me tow 10925 lbs with me in it while the tow rating per Fords tow guide is 11,100 lbs. So my F150’s tow rating is limited by GCWR and I cannot add any additional payload at that max weight.

      2. Nihil,

        The ram beat the Chevy in all measured results except mpg empty where the Ram and Chevy tied.

        The Ford won most of the measured tests. The Ram a few. Chevy won zero measured tests.

      3. It’s incredibly ironic when he ram was the highest ratings and consistently test out at or near the bottom. Been like that for decades.

        1. Canoepaddler yeah where is the Ford with the 6.2 gas v8, I bet the Ford 6.2 will perform the best out of the three.

          1. the 6.2 should do good, it’s the only ohc in this mix. The wild card is the new trans for the 6.2 super duty. Still really like the GMs at the present time though.

            1. You would think the ford 6.2 would do better but if its not under 10:20 .It will be a bigger let down than the hemi 6.4 since especially how ford hypes up there trucks..

    19. To the gentleman who said the truck would perform better 6,000 feet lower. No sh!t, all of these naturally aspirated v8’s would perform better at sea level. Wow

    20. I think his point was that very, very, very few people ever drive at 11,000 feet and that a test below 6000 feet maybe more representative of normal use

      Ike pass is one form of testing for vehicles that it’s only a very small part of the normal person use.

      For instance, HD diesel haul butt up Ike.
      But do poorly in a drag race. Neither the drag racing or Ike climb represent normal.
      It’s just information. It isn’t the absolute answer for a vehicle purchase.

      1. No, most major interstates like I-80, I-15, I-70, always go over major passes with high elevation like this.

        Until you actually drive and tow with a turbocharged engine that never looses power at altitude, you’ll never know and realize how much better they are!

        It’s no fun loosing power in a new truck that you’ve spent good money on, just because there’s a hill to go over.

        You’ll also never go back to to a normally aspirated engine again.

        1. 11,500????
          I’ve driven I15 from San Diego to Montana. Nothing anywhere near 11000 feet.
          I80 nowhere. Its highest point is 8650. East of the Mississippi it’s 2650. 8239 feet at Dinner pass.
          The highest point on If is 4250 in Oregon.
          Ike pass is it. That’s why they say it’s the highest pass. Next highest on I 70 is Vail pass at 10666then next is 7250

        2. There is a difference between a hill and a mountain. Na engines do just fine until they are met with very rare high elevations. Basically a na v8 is better in every way, including mpg – unless racing up a mountain near max capacity.

          1. Who said stuck at just 11,000′ ?

            I said anytime you’re going over higher elevations.

            Basically, the only thing a normally aspirated engine is better at is say a car motor where just mpg’s count or an engine in a ship that only runs at sea level!

            Look around you, every over the road truck, every HD pickup truck with maximum tow ratings, every ultra exotic sports car, etc are all turbocharged or supercharged these days.

            Its the equivalent of drinking out of a straw or drinking out of a Fire hose!!!

            Let’s do the math on two engines one na and one turbocharged both rated at 400hp sea level.

            2500′ x 3% = less 7.5% air density
            na = less 30hp = 370hp
            Turbo = 400hp

            5000′ x 3% = less 15% air density
            na = less 60hp = 340hp
            Turbo = 400hp

            7500 x 3% = less 22.5% air density
            na = less 90hp = 310hp
            Turbo = 400hp

            10,000′ x 3% = less 30% air density
            na = less 120hp = 280hp
            Turbo = 400hp

            … and so on.

            It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out which engine is going to perform better over any elevation changes unless your a stubborn old fart that’s never driven a forced induction engine at altitude?

            Up to about 10,000′ a turbocharged or supercharged engine is able to compensate for the lost air density. About the only thing you will notice is a bit longer time to build full boost, turbo lag.

            The results and science are dramatic, but what truly astonishing is watching your rpms sit around 2500rpm and peacefully climbing mountains passes thst your na V8 buddy’s are screaming at 5000rpms!!!

            Real world TFL testing has also proven that at only 5000′ elevation a 420hp rated GM 6.2 na V8 is no match for a 325hp rated Ford 2.7 Ecoboost.

            This is definitely embarrassing proof that without forced induction you might as well head for the beach to play!

    21. It looks like Ram still has the feature that holds the engine at 4k RPM while in first gear. This could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Sure it’s a little slower up the Ike, but I doubt it’s good for any engine to drive at 5500 rpm’s for an extended amount of time. I would like to hear an official statement from Ram about this to get their justification. I personally have a Ram with the 6.4 hemi and have never been disappointed with the towing ability. However, I don’t pull up steep grades at high elevation either. The ride quality with the coil springs is so much better than my 2012 chevy with leaf springs.

    22. I red just everybody’s posts.
      Now my turn.

      The 6.0 dinosaur engine wins. Yet it is smaller than the ram 6.4. This my friends​ was not impressive run up the mtn for the billy goat. For big engine it should have done a lot better than this.

      I’m not a big fan of coil springs in rearend of a pick up with solid axles. It appears to me it was a challenge for tfl team to get this thing right and drive safely with out sway. I would be less likely to buy this truck with it. Even though ram rates it higher than gm or possibly Ford. Coil springs just doesn’t inspire confidence in pulling a heavy ld. I think we some of that in the video.

      So we wait on 6.2 Ford for the big test up the Ike.

    23. First 6.4 Hemi run: 20,500# GCWR, 43 MPH avg speed, 25 mph at the top
      This 6.4 Hemi run: 21,000# GCWR, 36 MPH avg speed, 20 mph at top?
      Makes you wonder the results of they had 22,800 GCWR (what the Ram is rated up to)

    24. You all forgetting, that this test is not between the brands, but truck against itself, like Nathan says, so all your comments, that other truck did better is a moot point.

      1. Yes. It is. What did you expect to pull and carry this much weight up the hill with NA gasoline engine ?
        This is best, what this engine can do in this situation.
        Honestly, Ike Gauntlet is not behind every corner when you travel across the country, so what.
        Many of you won’t experience this situation in your lifetime. Get real and buy what you want and what works for you for your money.

    25. You all keep forgetting this is the only hill in America like this hill. This is not the standard most people should judge their needs by.
      The tallest hill on I5, 4650 feet, I15 is less than 7000 feet and I80 about 7500, Donner pass is about 7250.. East of the Mississippi 80 and 70 are all less than 3000 feet elevation.
      Ike is a interesting test. But it’s for information only. It’s no different than a drag race. It only applies to certain qualities of a vehicle.
      Neither test should determine your needs for a North Dakota snow plow or a landscaping truck in Florida.

      A work truck that will never travel more than 200 miles from your home would most likely never need the qualities required to climb Ike.

      1. Wrong Buddy,

        This is a very important test for anyone considering buying a gas truck HD who is going to max it out and travel the West with all of the mountain passes.

        Picture some guy buying a truck like this to pull his 14,000lb RV around and travel the West with the assumption it will be fine?

        It won’t- it would be like torture in my opinion and experience! He’s much better off buying a slightly used Turbo Diesel HD and enjoying his trips for the same or less money!

        I agree, around town, snowplowing, landscaping, construction worksites these gas trucks are perfect.

        1. Your missing the whole point of My post.. There is the Ike then there is Vail pass at 10666 feet. After that the highest interstate pass on 70 drops to the 7200 foot range less than a hand full higher. East of the Mississippi 80 an 70 are under 3000 feet.
          Is you can get both trucks up ALL THE INTERSTATE PASSES one after the other your talking less than an hour difference in climbing. That’s hardly excruciating. And if you use the results from PUTC test earlier test the Ram would beat the Chevy up the hills.

          Ike is a good test. It is a interesting and informative test. But it is not really scientific. Because it can’t be. It’s run on different days at different temp different trailers an weight and humidity etc.

          My Kia had great torque and HP for a small 4 banger.
          It may actually win a top speed test without the air conditioner on.
          But by design it can not win a top speed test with the air conditioner on. Kia has programmed my spectra to shut the air conditioner of at 93 mph.
          Is that bad? Would a top speed test be a Determinative factor for you purchasing a car. When all cars in that class can easily break speed limits.
          Chevy won going up Ike. But lost to Ford and Ram in the PUTC test.

          Both tests matter.

          Just like my Kia, Ram admits it has put limits on in certain conditions. Who knows why.
          I am quite certain Kia did because they provide a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on my spectra. And no one needs to go 93 mph with or without the AC on.

          1. No, your missing the point. At lower elevations Turbocharged motors perform better also!

            So why not be prepared for the most extreme conditions and enjoy your towing experience especially if your travels include going over a mountain pass – almost all do?

          2. “Chevy won going up Ike. But lost to Ford and Ram in the PUTC test.”

            I’d say it’s premature to say Chevy won going up Ike. Yes, it handily beat Ram, but I think pretty much everyone expects the Ford 6.2 to be better on Ike than the Chevy 6.0.

    26. Can we please get this test done one time without the Tow/Haul mode enabled and the tranny set in manual mode? There is no doubt that with the 4200 RPM 1st gear limit nanny that FCA programmed into this truck it significantly under performs. But I would love to know what this motor is actually capable of without the electronic limiter. We can all argue back and forth about why FCA has this limit in the first place but there is no argument that this limiter prevents the engine from reaching max HP and TQ rpms. So shut the damn thing off by so we can see what the engine is really capable of and then we can argue about longevity, etc.

    27. It’s not even really about Gas or Diesel or whichever is better?

      The secret sauce is the Turbocharger!!!

      Both of these gasoline V8’s would handle this load, this mountain pass, no problem if they we’re properly factory turbocharged!

    28. Cost and complexity is what keep turbos out of regular vehicles.
      You have to be able to recoup the costs by selling performance. They just don’t sell that many of the bling vehicles. And that’s where you find the turbos and performance engine. Don’t you have to buy a Denali to get the 6.2?
      If you could get the 6.2 in regular pickups it would sell like hotcakes.

      I once told a dealer I could get a corvette four less than their 280zx.

      He told me, we don’t sell corvettes and your here looking at my 280zx.
      You’ll pay the 280 price or you will go buy the vette. I don’t sell these 280s. They sell themselves.
      If you live and tow in Colorado. Ike is important. Other than that your not going tho pay a premium just because you might climb Ike in the next ten years.
      For most people performance issues are for status not need.
      And 800 dollars a month for seven years is just to high of a price to pay for a status symbol for most people.
      And it’s not just about income. People are tired of these 80,000 dollar prices.
      If interest rates keep going up. Manufactures are going to be in trouble.
      25 years ago I paid cash for my cars.
      Today even if I could I wouldn’t draw 70 grand out of the Bank to pay cash for a truck. In a lot of areas you can buy a summer home for that price
      Ad in 40 grand for a trailer and you can buy a darn nice summer home that will go up in value. Not Depreciate.

    29. I’d prefer supercharger over turbo because of the complexity of mounting of the turbo in the engine bay versa superchargers​. It probably less expensive.

      1. No you’ve got it bassackwards. Turbochargers are much less complicated with only (1) moving part! The one moving shaft is spun by the exhaust exiting the engine – Free energy!

        Supercharger has several and causes parastatic drag – it takes power from the engine to spin it.

        1. Drifter64 you are correct , but the constraints of space and tubing makes it a lot more complex to mount. And be cheaper​ then a supercharger is difficult to do. So no I don’t have it ass backwards. I’m sorry you did not pick up what I was saying. There is one advantage a supercharger does have is instant TQ down low. Something a turbo does struggle at.

        2. Yes Turbos are powered by engine exhaust, where you are wrong is when you said free energy. There is no such thing! The turbine spins because it is a restriction in the exhaust, and because there is no such thing as free energy, the back pressure in the exhaust will ALWAYS be higher than the boost created. For example, in order to make 15 PSI of boost, if you were to install a gauge before the turbo you would probably see exhaust pressures in excess of 25 PSI. This is pressure the pistons need to overcome while trying to push the exhaust out of the cylinders, thus, it’s using power to do so.

          Is it more efficient than a supercharger? Without a doubt! But free? NO WAY!

          1. This is not true either. the turbine is powered by the pressure AND the heat. There is a temperature drop across the turbine which is converted to energy(just like in a jet engine or steam turbine). A properly sized turbine can achieve a 1:1 boost/exhaust pressure ratio.

    30. There is no free energy. The turbo allows more power by forcing more fuel and air into the engine.

      There is only so much energy in a gallon of fuel. The ecoboosts poor mileage under load is a perfect example. It is fast because it’s burning more fuel.

      1. It’s like displacement on demand.

        Under boost or heavy load It’s burning more fuel because it’s stuffing in more air to do so and creating more power. A smallish 2.7tt at say 15psi turns into a 5.45 displacement. A 3.5tt turns into a 7.07 liter under boost.

        14.7 + 15psi / 14.7 (1 atmosphere) x displacement

        14.7+15= 29.7 (boost effect)
        29.7 / 14.7 = 2.02 (boost multiple)
        2.02 x 2.7 (effect on displacement)
        =5.45 liter
        When you don’t need the extra power it goes back to a low boost or no boost engine and acts like a small displacement engine again!

        1. What makes a diesel good on economy and power is the fuel,not the turbo. A gas engine should never make better power or economy than a diesel because diesel has a lot more energy per gallon than gasoline.
          So wouldn’t you say turbo diesel is better than turbo gasoline?

          The price of the modern diesel has almost made them a dinosaur the same things really going to happen to the turbo gasoline they just want to high of a premium for the turbo engines.
          The work load of a HD is to much for sub 6 liter engines even diesels. That’s why the ecoboost is not in the HD.
          EVEN THE 5liter Cummins is no match for the 6.6, 6.7 diesels.
          The smaller displacements won’t hold up to the steady work load.

          Heck everyone detunes diesels on 4500 and above just to reduce rear end tear.

          1. The 5.9L Cummins did just fine. 6.7L Ford is used in much larger F-750 trucks. So nice try making the arbitrary 6.0L claim is just making execuses for thr sorry 5.0L in the XD

          2. Right, diesel has more energy content so it will get better MPG’s, however, it burns very slowly so it doesnt make a tremendous amount of power over say 3000 rpm. Torque drops like a rock. Why do you think they need 6.6 and 6.7 liter motors? Its cause they need that ridiculous of a displacement to make a diesel produce enough power to pull a 20,000 lb trailer. A modern naturally aspirated 6.7 gas motor could make as much HP. Put even just 7 PSI of boost on it and it would make much more. Put 14 psi on it and it would be making as much torque as the diesels and 750 hp.

            A GTDI can pretty much match a diesel for torque at the low RPM despite lower energy content and kills them on the top end. If they start getting sparkless gasoline engines out there, and eliminate the throttle body, I bet we will see MPG’s much closer to diesels while performance will be far greater.

          1. Cylinder deactivation doesn’t do shit for altitude performance.

            Turbocharged or bust for any tow vehicles for me and apparently the entire Trucking/transport industry!

            A 3.5tt is rated to tow over 10,000lbs that’s pretty substantial in a 1/2 ton.

            A sized up V6tt or V8tt in the 5 liter range, properly built like a diesel similar to what Ford has done with the 2.7tt could easily deal with the 3/4 ton 1 ton duty.

            It would absolutely destroy any of the current HD gasoline na V8’s!!!

            1. A great many RV people are moving away from both the half ton truck and the big diesels for towing RV’S.
              Modern gas v8’s can do the job at a much lower up front cost than a diesel. There is very little difference in mountain mpg between a gas v8 and a big diesel. TT gas V6 MPG is worse than many V8’s while towing.

              3/4 ton trucks come with LT tires. That starts the novice RV’er towing in the right direction.

              For people who aren’t retired but not self employed. Why have a 70 grand diesel chugging away 3 miles to the grocery store. When a good v8 gas 3/4 ton can be had for under 45 grand.

              The stiffer suspension even better.

              I still think a WD hitch is required for RV towing even with 3/4 ton trucks and above.

        2. 2.7 is so small for the truck, it’s constantly under the boost, that’s why it has very poor Mpg.
          It’s less efficient than Big NA V8 when towing.

          1. Obviously Zivera you’ve never driven a 2.7tt!

            It’s hardly under boost at all empty and rewards the owner with stellar fuel economy and unbelievable power for its size.

            Under a load of 8500lbs it also easily outpulls my buddy’s mint condition 96 F350 with 460 V8 pulling the same weight (car hauler with jeep) and gets 4mpg better!

            Until you get off your computer and drive one, actually see what mileage it gets by driving smoothly, then whatever you have to say is completely irrelevant!!!

            1. Just like I thought Zivera,
              No real world experience – just negative Ford opinions!

              You don’t have to believe me, but most people try be properly informed before they make a statement that reads as a possible fact.

              Here’s a perfect link of proof with a 2.7tt effortlessly pulling about the same weight i stated it easily pulls with surprisingly low rpm’s.

              Try learning instead of making stuff up?


    31. It’s not just the moving parts that make a turbo complex. It’s the sum of the parts that is taunting.

      I would have to know a lot of history about a used turbo car before I should buy it.

    32. It’s funny how heated some of these comments get, relax everyone! I love the Ike towing videos, but as someone else pointed out, this is an extreme situation that only people living in that part of the country, or traveling with an RV would have to experience. The guy towing boats up and down the east coast probably shouldn’t choose a truck based on this test. All the HD trucks are great and very capable; if you like the Ram, buy the Ram, if you like Chevy, get a Chevy. People need to be honest with themselves about how and where they are going to be using the truck they purchase.

    33. I still can’t help but wonder about the reason the 6.4 seems to “de-tune” itself or go into some sort of protection mode. No doubt it happens for a reason… just would be great to understand what reason

      1. It only comes in 3/4 ton and above. Those vehicle are 99% registered as commercial vehicles.
        Company owned vehicles are not owner operated in a great many cases. Detuneing under harsh conditions may be Just like the 450/4500 and above diesels are detuned.
        To protect the companies investment from employees who would otherwise abuse the truck.

    34. That’s Ram for you. All marketing hype. I’m guessing the Chevy Truck tested previously weighed 800-900 pounds more then this Ram. So that means it was almost the same amount of weight going up the ike. Also they Chevy only slowed when it didn’t down shift. The Ram was consistently pulling 4000 RPM’s or more and still got completely crushed. The Chevy also squatted less, coils vs. leafs. It’s obvious that leafs are superior, everyone knows that, and no the Ram doesn’t ride better unloaded. The choice is clear, spend a little more dough and by a Chevy!

    35. Ok how about for kicks and giggles you guys now run these trucks with 10,000lbs behind them just to compare with the 1/2 tons that pulled that weight???

      It would be quite interesting!

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    38. Have a 2015 6.4 tow a travel trailer that weights at 9000 empty and it is packed. Also gave golf cart in the back. Will pull any mnt I have tried with no problems. Gets about 10 to 12 mpg towing. I love this truck have never regretted trading my Cummins.

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