Is this Customized Ram 3500 HD the Ultimate Dually Truck? Part 1 of 2 (Video)

ram 3500 hd dually custom rowdy rigs lift hd
Ram 3500 HD Dually (by RowdyRigs)

Several questions come to mind when checking out a customized truck such as this Ram 3500 HD Dually. Is this truck all looks and not much function? How does it ride? How big are those rims?

This lifted Ram heavy duty has undeniable road presence. It sits tall on a 4.5-inch lift and 37-inch tall tires. Those rims are 24 inches in diameter. This truck is also wider than a stock dually. It’s a beast.

This truck belongs to Easton Eisele, owner and CEO of Rowdy Rigs. They are an up-fit company that customizes Ram, GM, and Ford trucks to be sold brand new at dealerships. They mainly specialize in 3/4 ton trucks, but this dually was available for us to drive. We jumped at the chance.

Does it ride rough on those low-profile Toyo MT tires? No, the ride quality of this truck is comparable to that of a stock Ram 3500 HD. The truck sits on a suspension lift with FOX off-road shocks up front, and adjustable airbag helpers in the rear. It’s no problem to steer this beast or turn the big tires in the parking lot. However, the extra width makes it more of a challenge on narrow streets or two-lane highways. You also have to be careful when parking this thing.

The engine, transmission, and exhaust on this truck are all stock, according to Easton. This 3500 HD Laramie has the high-output 6.7L Cummins turbo-diesel with 385 hp and 900 lb-ft of torque.

The automatically retracting steps are super helpful for climbing up and down.

The rim design has large openings between the spokes allow for easy adjustment of tire pressures. Keeping the tire pressures within specs is very important, especially on a dually truck. You don’t want on tire to be low on air, rub against the other tire, and create a dangerous situation.

Would I personally customize a dually this way? No, I would not choose this rim and tire combination. However, I really like the white color theme with black accents. I would go with a narrower 35-inch tire mounted on a 19.5-inch rim.

Get all of the details in the video.

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