2017 EarthRoamer XV-LTS Ford F-550: Is it the Ultimate $500,000 Off-Road RV? (Video)

2017 ford f550 diesel adventure truck earthroamer xv-lts
2017 EarthRoamer XV-LTS (Ford F-550)

What if you wanted to venture out on a long cross-country adventure, but you did not want to leave the comfort of home behind. The folks at EarthRoamer think that the 2017 XV-LTS is the vehicle you might be looking for. This is the next generation of the adventure RV from the company that is based on the new 2017 Ford F-550 4×4 turbo-diesel chassis. The truck’s cab is now made of aluminum, and the frame is redesigned for more stiffness.

EarthRoamer offers the XV series of adventure vehicles in crew cab or extended cab configurations. The “home” compartment now comes in just one size, but there are several floor plans, and the interior decor options seem limitless.

One of EarthRoamer’s coolest party tricks is the independent four-corner air suspension. The truck has three pre-selected ride heights, but each corner can be controlled individually to level out a parked truck on uneven terrain or simply to show off in front of some friends.

The XV-LTS rides on 41-inch tires with two-piece beadlock rims. It can do 900 – 1,000 miles of range on a single tank of diesel, and it can operate in a variety of weather conditions (including freezing temperatures close to -30F, according to EarthRoamer). We have not had a chance to test the XV-LTS out for ourselves, but we are working on bringing this crazy RV to a remote camping spot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Prices start at $438,000 and can reach around $570,000 with all the options.

Get all of the details in this video interview/walk-around.