• 2017 Ford Transit and Winnebago Find a Growing Van-Based RV Market (News)

    2017 ford transit winnebago rv van paseo diesel
    Winnebago Paseo (on 2017 Ford Transit platform)

    Full-size commercial van sales are slowing slightly after a great 2016, but Ford and Winnebago predict continued growth in the RV business in the Class B division. This is a class of motorhomes that are based on full-size commercial vans, such as the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The RV featured here is the Winnebago Paseo, and it is based on the 2017 Ford Transit 350. This configuration includes a 3.2-liter five-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and dually rear wheels for extra weight carrying capacity. It can also be available with a 3.5L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine.

    Winnebago Paseo interior

    Winnebago outfits the interior of the van to make it a proper RV. It has seating for six and includes all of the creature comforts: galley, wet bath, water heater, refrigerator, dinette, and folding couches. The Paseo is rated to tow up to 5,000 lbs when properly equipped.

    2017 Winnebago Paseo pricing starts at $114,988.

    Check out this video walk-around of the 2017 Winnebago Fuse, a bigger Class C motorhome that is built on a Ford Transit cut-away chassis.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    9 thoughts on “2017 Ford Transit and Winnebago Find a Growing Van-Based RV Market (News)

    1. Some upgrades the Transit could use: Gen 2 EcoBoost V6, Lion diesel V6, 10 speed auto, IRS on wagons, Limited and/or Platinum wagons, AWD option.

    2. @Andre Smirnov Ford Transit has not been taken up as a Class B. More Sprinters , Fiat Ducatos and smaller Japanese and Korean Vans. IVECO Dailys ,Renault Masters and Light Japanese Trucks make up normal Class C’s

      1. Robert, the majority of those vans are not even sold in the states. When you look at the USA RV chassis class A gas is pretty much all Ford chassis. You have a variety of diesel class A chassis. Class C are dominated by the Ford E series hands down. You can get a chevy can chassis but it is rare. Class B is pretty diverse between the Ford Transit which seems to be growing and the Mercedes Sprinter. You see some Ram Promasters but they make one seriously ugly van. Maybe over seas you have more options but not here in the states.

        1. @JimmyJohns
          It is a bit limited in the US for choice. All the Vans here are small diesels.
          It is a market the hire companies have really dominated for overseas visitors. Still several companies do make non hire Class B’s

          1. If you’re referring to people shuttle vans the Ford E series is by far the dominant choice. I have seen transits start to take over for smaller vans and can’t think of seeing any sprinters. For some time chevy was selling chassis cabs with the diesel but everyone seems to be going Ford V10 gas. The only real choice for 14,000gvw is the Ford E series.

    3. Disabled and Raising grandchildren . I would love to have this to just get up and go on weekend to get away. Very nice. Wow !!only for wealthy though. I’ll have to dream. Love the gas mileage and Diesel engine😍

    4. Andre you have to ware cuffs then it will be a lot more comfortable in the police van.

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