• 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2: Catching Air Off-Road! Top 5 Surprises [Video]

    2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2

    The moment is finally here. We are driving the 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2. The ZR2 has the makings of the ultimate factory midsize off-road pickup truck. We will have a full review of the truck on May 15th. Still, we wanted you to have the first look at the new pickup, so we are jumping it for you and give some more insights into the top five surprising features of the 2017 ZR2.

    2.8L Duramax Turbo-Diesel

    Yep, the 2017 Chevy ZR2 can be ordered with the “baby” Duramax four-cylinder. It still produces 181 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, and it is still backed up by a 6-speed automatic transmission. The 3.6L gasoline V6 is the other option.

    Front Air Dam

    Let the off-road enthusiasts rejoice. The approach angle robbing front chin spoiler that you can find on the Colorado Z71 and most other GM pickup trucks is gone! Not only is it gone, but the ZR2 has a redesigned front and rear bumpers for better clearance.

    Multimatic Position-Sensitive Spool Valve Shocks

    The ZR2 is equipped with very unique and sophisticated shock absorber technology. Before now, spool valve shocks could only be found on Formula 1 race cars, some exotic cars, and the recent Chevy Camaro Z28. This is highly advanced stuff. How does it work? We will tell you next week.

    Wheels and Tires

    The ZR2 comes with unique 17-inch wheels and 31-inch Goodyear Duratrac tires. What other pickups use a similar tire? Ram Power Wagon comes to mind. If you want to mount the spare tire in the bed (like on the original LA Auto Show concept) you can do that with a mounting bracket you can get at the dealer./

    Just Three Options

    You can make only three choice for ZR2 options: which engine, crew cab or extended cab, and carpeted or vynil floor.


    Of course, the coolest party trick of the all-new ZR2 is the front locking differential.  It is the only midsize truck to have front and rear lockers. It is the only pickup truck to offer a turbo-diesel, exhaust brake, and two lockers from the factory.

    Check out the video of the ZR2 jumping.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    107 thoughts on “2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2: Catching Air Off-Road! Top 5 Surprises [Video]

    1. How is it possible it took 2017 to get an efficient diesel truck with good off-road capability in America? Well, better late than never. Payload and towing need to be better too. And by the sound of those squeaks, quality too. But, you could just swap better wheels for towing, and have Diesel Performance up the torque to 450 for $500, and customize the front to get the cooling back to towing spec. Also tighten up the rear end a bit. You could back to 8000 pounds and payload up to 2000 pounds. But what then to do about that quality issue? Ah, Toyota! Do humanity a favor and bring in a baby diesel!

      1. Roger, you need to re-evaluate everything you want. A small truck capable of a 2000 pound payload with a diesel engine. My 3/4 ton diesel has that payload capacity so I don’t the Colorado or Canyon will reach it anytime soon.

        1. Easy, smaller more efficient and more trail worthy trucks with higher payloads are crawling all over our planet. But they are not offered in America. For instance: Remember that tiny little Jeep Liberty from about 2006? That tiny thing got nearly 30 mpg and 7000 lbs towing. Its all in how you build it. It is easily done. And there are a lot of smaller pickups across the world that have 200 lbs of payload.

          1. The Liberty did not have 2000 lbs payload capacity. Here in the US, our standard for safety will prevent manufacturers from being able to meet the capabilities you want. The diesel engine alone, due to weight, will subtract from payload. Second, a small vehicle with so much weight would never be safe in control or stopping ability. Hence why you see larger trucks with that much capacity. Heck, I don’t even trust 1/2 ton trucks to pull these large fifth-wheels like their doing today but I’m not the weight police.

          2. Roger,
            You and the others that go on about how great the old trucks use to be with their incredible towing numbers need to remember they were just marketing and un-contested #’s.

            Its only been a couple of years since most if not all of the manufacturers now adhere to the J2807 towing test standard that is much more realistic and harder to pass than just throwing a # down on paper!

            If you put 7000lb behind the that 2007 Jeep Liberty and tried to pass this new J2807 towing standard it would be a joke and a great laugh!

          3. You can either have a compliant suspension, or you can have 2000# payload. And that Liberty was rated for 5k, not 7.

            1. 2006 liberty diesel, not 2017 liberty. TFL really needs to offer reading lessons to their… well… READERS?

            2. You can have both. It just depends on the design you are willing to adopt. Every day people drive trucks carrying tens of thousands of pounds also have great off-road compliance. These designs just have not been adopted into mainstream American automobiles.

    2. I know three Tacoma owners, one with an ’08, another with a ’10 and the third with a ’17.
      ’08: Frame replaced (80K miles)
      ’10: 2nd rear bumper rusting and needs the rear diff replaced (only 75K miles and no towing)
      ’17: Recalled for rear-diff

      I had an ’11 Tundra that had $15K worth of warranty work

      The ZR2 is an off-road truck; why change the suspension to tow 8K? That I don’t understand.

      1. The Toyota of today is not the Toyota of the past. Toyota has decided to prioritize sales numbers over quality and we’re seeing the impact of that now.

        1. True, quality control has dipped at Toyota at times. But I would described it as due to expansion rather than “sales numbers”. You can’t build all your cars in tiny Japan. But if you think other auto makers have shown better or even equivalent quality than Toyota, then we all know whose comments we can’t trust anymore.
          BTW Chevy, are you saying you can’t engineer a convertible air dam to get the best of both worlds? A locking quick release or something? Goodness, its 2017

          1. I agree; there has been some debate about the quality out of Toyota Japan vs Toyota USA.

            I also agree about the front air damn; sophisticated shocks but no easily removable or retractable front air damn? What up wit dat!

          2. “You can’t build all your cars in tiny Japan.” Do you actually think Toyota build all the American vehicles in “tiny” Japan? Also if the vehicle is engineered to not require the air dam, why make a convertible one? They re different vehicles after all. Maybe Chevy can build a universal rear spoiler for those cars that need one like the Corvettes, Camaros, etc even though they are different sizes. And they can make it ‘tiny’ since you seem to like that word.

          3. Rogerl most Toyota cars and trucks are built in the USA. There are some built in Japan for over here.

            1. I know. That was exactly my point. That is why Toyota had to expand, they had no choice. I should charge for reading lessons.

            2. Huh, two of them? That WAS his point. My advice, read more books. Learn how to read. Learn how to think.

            3. Sorry missed understood Rogerl what your saying. I will disagree with your assessment what you are saying after reading it more clearly on why Toyota to build of in America. One of big reason Toyota building cars and trucks in America is to avoid the chicken tax.
              Not saying your reason isn’t plausible , but I’d wager on the chicken tax.

              Tiny Japan is not tiny it is about the size of mt.

            4. Yea still have the Tundra. It’s still rolling for now. Transmission troubles recently unfortunately. The tech said the slipping was normal the first time buy it can’t be right. That’s alright though, I bave to take it in for the frame rust recall anyways.

            5. Ah shit, sorry to here that. It’s budcargeorge, just checking in to see if that Goliath X is still trolling You Tube. Been awhile since I’ve been on there. TFL keeps me hooked. Every time it gets boring they real me back into this cave. Lol. Tired of the putc crap and the bias shit all the time

          4. Roger thats exactly my point. When Toyota expanded, they did it because they wanted to become the largest manufacturer and as a result you now see quality control issues. Its much easier to maintain quality when you’re producing smaller numbers.

          5. The 2016 Tacoma was ranked LAST by Consumer Reports just this past fall. Go ahead and put that tinfoil hat back on if you don’t want to acknowledge the fact that Toyota is prioritizing sales and profit margins by moving production to Mexico and ramping production as high as it will go, even if the product rolling off the assembly line is poor quality.

      2. Rust issues are easy to troubleshoot. But junky engines just have no cheap solution.
        You tweak the suspension to tow so that you have a TOOL for a real man, and not a TOY for a boy. And you can do it so you have off-road AND towing.

        1. Rusted out frames are not easy or cheap to replace. Pretty easy to engineer corectly to avoid excessive corrosion as well.

        2. The new 3.5 V6 Toyota is using may not be junk, but it is a far from a good engine to replace the 4.0 V6 with. Add to that the high number of 2016+ Tacoma owners that have either been stranded by faulty crank position sensors or have had oil leaks on their brand new 3.5 V6, and the new Tacoma is the midsize with the closest thing to a “junky” engine.

          Also, rust is not a trivial thing. It’s preventable but the poor quality steel Toyota is using on their Tacoma isn’t helping the situation. Even the design of the frame and other components makes rusting a much more common issue because dirt and salt get trapped quite easily due to their frame’s shape.

      3. I had 07 taco. 4by turd pkg and was a 32k turd. Toyota said trans was within spec backed out put in drive had 3-5 sec delay it got t boned. Glad it’s gone bought ranger 4by 2010 goes anywhere off-road over priced P O S would

    3. Here in Durango, CO we have both an excellent Toyota Dealer as well as a great GM Dealer. I admit to being a Toyota fan & 2015 Highlander owner. I have taken a half dozen test drives in the ’16 & ’17 Tacomas, Auto & Manual, & seriously wanted to like one well enough for purchase. To me they were simply lacking in low end performance & the seating position & over the hood visibility were not satisfactory.
      I drove a ’17 gasser GMC Canyon last week with the 8 speed & was impressed. I am now waiting on an All Terrain X to test. Around this part of Colorado the Tacoma has an almost cult like following based on their reputation, looks, & resale.
      I’m delaying any purchase until introduction of the 2018 models to see if Toyota has responded to the reported reliability, quality, & performance issues in the new Tacoma. If no change I am definitely going with the GM option.
      Many thanks for your comprehensive testing with all opinions from staffers. You folks lead the competition in this area.

      1. Ruff Cobb: After 6 months I could no longer take the seating position in my 16 Tacoma and traded it for a 17 Tundra. I truly liked everything about the Tacoma, but couldn’t get comfortable.

        1. Agreed, number one reason why I could never own one. If a sports car is hard to get into, the Taco is waay worse having to jump up to get in yet slide your legs forward to get under the wheel. A fox body has a higher seating position than the Taco!

          1. I can imagine almost anything has more floor to seat height. The seat height coupled with the short seat bottom made long trips nearly unbearable for me. Much much happier with the Tundra.

      1. Skip the firestones and go with Toyo Open Country MT’s. A proven tough tire that does well on the pavement with good tread life.

    4. I still can’t get over the looks though. It’s just unfinished. It’s a summer break hack job. There’s nothing that exudes aggression or sport. The Taco pre-runner looks more off-road ready!

      1. Who cares what it looks like. Its a tool. As long as it works. And that small diesel is still on trial on that point. No, its probably no Toyota, but it certainly looks like an improvement. Other than payload and towing.

        1. There is no reason it should not look good. If I was dropping that much money on a truck, I’d want it to look better than the ZR2 does-even if it functions well.

    5. I think this truck will do quite well off-road, but 31″ tires is a bit of a disappointment. For some reason, the front end of this truck looks very unfinished. Diesel, front / rear lockers, sophisticated suspension…YES! But unfinished, almost ugly styling, small tires, underpowered diesel…underpowered gas V6….NO! Verdict: Needs work.

      1. I have to agree with you on the front end. It just doesn’t look right. Something is missing. I was waiting on this truck before I bought my Tacoma TRD Off-Road but went ahead and got the Tacoma. I’m glad I did. The truck has more of a feminine look to it and I had hoped it would be more aggressive then it is. I’m sure it will do well off road but hope the new shocks hold up. If this truck will run without the low hanging air dam why won’t the rest of the GM twins be ok without it? I think it was Motor Trend that did a long term test of this truck and they got frustrated and pulled the air dam off. They tested it for thousands of mile without the air dam and the mileage did not change.

    6. I give this truck an “A” for its intent and content, but it gets a “C” foe execution!

      It really is cool the way someone finally did a 4WD system correctly with lockers, and the option to use them in all modes!

      It could of been “A+” but they left it with the standard underpowered V6, only 31″ tires, and an unfinished exterior look.

      This truck needs a proper 350-450 motor!!!

      1. I look at it and think, that’s it? Something is missing. This was, unfortunately, a business decision to cut costs as much as possible. This truck needs more, more everything, yet Toyota is selling a mid-40 thousand dollar TRD Pro with no upgraded power and people are buying them as fast as they make them. At least the Tacoma gives nice upgraded cold air intakes, exhaust, Rigid fogs, and other features but I guess everyone is guilty of pinching that penny.

        1. I bet that will work well for GM as well. There will likely be more than a few who will go this route because it performs better and costs less than a Tacoma, even though it does not look as good. Power is comparable if not better than the competition.
          Would not be surprised to see more powerful options become available in future years as sales numbers start to drop. GM is going to want to sell as many of these as they can while leaving options available to entice the same buyer a few years down the road with a newer, more powerful truck.

          1. I bet there is over 100,000 1/2 ton truck owners looking at this truck right now wishing they could buy it but wont give up their engine performance for this naturally aspirated V6 or 180HP diesel motor.

        2. The TRD Pro’s price went up nearly $7000 USD, yet Toyota gives you cheap Goodyear Wrangler tires, cheap budget-tier Fox Shocks, the drum brakes off an ox-cart, the same anemic 3.5 V6 that nobody else likes (but hey it’s got Atkinson YO!), and zero upgraded suspension parts, including the same weak stamped steel control arms on the most basic Tacoma model.

          Let’s add it up:
          Rigid LED Fogs + cold air intake + unpleasant sounding TRD exhaust + low-end Fox Shocks + TRD Pro decals = $7000 price increase

          That’s a terrible deal.

          1. The Fox shocks that are on the TRD Pro are far from cheap and very proven. They are the industry standard for off roading. The GM shocks are a fancy experiment with low hanging components that will give trouble. It could be worse, the Fox shocks could be from GM. I have already had my front shocks and struts replaced on my 2016 GMC Yukon and now it needs rears. The front went out at 3800 miles and at 8000 the rears are shot. No rough roads either. Same for my dad’s GMC. The tires on he Pro are not defendable by Toyota or anyone else but they are Goodyear Wrangler Adventures with Kevlar. They costs the same (in my size) as those GY Duratracs on the GM. I have the Adventures and they are over $200 a piece so they are not cheap BUT they are the wrong tire.

            The TRD Catback Exhaust is nice sounding but sound and beauty are always in the ear and eye of the beholder. At least it has sound.

            The CAI intake is a good proven system. Rigid is the industry standard. The engine is sluggish new UNTIL the transmission adapts to your driving habits and then it is fine. Motor Trend recorded a 6.9 second 0-60 run and that engine you complain of is a Lexus engine. I’ll take that any day and will bet as much money as you like that in five years my Tacoma will be as quiet as it is now and the GM will sound like, well, a GM. How do I know? I have owned my share of Tacomas and they never rattle or squeak like the GM cars I have owned, and I have owned many.

            Where do you get $7000 from? It is not that much but I do agree with you that the Pro is not worth what they want for it and that is why I bought the TRD OFF-ROAD. Better value and just as capable. The resale value is something GM would give their eye teeth for. BTW, the ZR2 is also overpriced. So is virtually every other car on the planet, save for few.

            1. I call BS on shocks going out that early and the shocks are supplied to GM, not made by GM. Try again.

    7. Im waiting to here how the suspension does. Roman stated Chevy stated its better than the Raptor but he did not say if he agreed or not. I will be waiting on the next review for sure.

      The truck checks all the boxes for me except it is missing a V8 but it is priced better than the Tacoma but I heard a lot of squeaks in the video that I can’t stand. Wish it had 16″ rims and more tire. Definitely need to go bigger on the tires if your keeping a 17″ rim. Off Road Tacoma’s have the 16″ rim for a reason.

      I am more excited about the Bollinger electric truck but if this had the 6.2 V8 in it then I would buy it now, but its lacking too much power. There are tons of SUV’s out there with a smaller wheel footprint than a midsize truck with way more HP than this all the way to 707HP with loads of them with V8 options. Sad there is no V8 option. The front end has great clearance but they need to close off the front bumper around the wheels like the Tacoma to make it look better.

      Very intriguing review.

      1. Please name those SUVs and also give us their price tags and annual sales. I think you will end up answering your own question

        1. So if they build powerful V8 midsize SUV s as an option that you say can’t be sold than why do they offer V8 Compact SUV s for these big price tags that will supposedly answer my question

          I guess people are interested in more than a Jeep Liberty. There are midsize buyers interested in more as well. Take a look on TFL how the V6 midsize trucks did against larger trucks pulling more weight. The heavier 1/2 tons pulling bigger loads got better mpg than the V6 midsize trucks. Their motors are complete garbage. They need a V8 but they will compromise the elite 1/2 ton and it hurts their avg CAFE requirements. That is why. The demand is there. So I can still call it crap because it is. The motor is garbage, it needs a V8 or I’m really not interested, just forced into something due to lack of options that should be reasonably available when you look at what else is out there.

            1. The 2.7EB in the Ranger would be decent but many would prefer the V8 that is almost the same weight. Detail a 2.7EB and a 5.0 online and you will see the identical F150 with the V8 is lighter than the 3.5EB and almost identical to the 2.7EB The new 5.0V8 might even do better on its mpg with the update as well. V8’s have been put into smaller pickups they exist in SUV’s with a smaller footprint than a midsize truck and they are in tiny sports cars that weigh 1/2 the weight of a midsize truck. So this absolute ignorance that a V8 in a midsize truck is preposterous is really f-ing annoying. Even the large 1/2 tons are underpowered. We have many twin turbo V8’s Turbo V8’s and supercharged V8’s in smaller SUV. To some it is ludicrous to even think the 5800LB Raptor should have a twin Turbo 5.0 V8. These people are on crack or from another planet when you look at the current engine selection already built within the SUV market.

            2. Yea that all being said. You know and I know there isn’t going to be a v-8 of any sort in a ranger rambro. That is not the direction Ford is heading. So ranting and Raven about how great a v-8 would be in ranger is sorta pointless.
              I have also stated several times that Dakota had a v-8 and just didn’t sell like everybody thought they would. So my guess people just don’t want a v-8 in small pick up for most jobs that is intended for. And tell you the truth why would you need a v-8 just to pick up some items at hardware store ?

        2. Here Daniel, here are some of the fastest but there are plenty more with V8’s or many more with the power to pull haul and accelerate in the 400 to 500 ranges as well that sit in a smaller footprint and lighter than a midsize truck and faster than even the full sized trucks. Truck market sucks and its hard to understand considering it is the most popular vehicle sold now. They sell more trucks to buyers with all sorts of desires yet offer more power plant options in the SUV market. Its just utter stupidity. Hoping Bollinger pulls out an Ace of spades on these ignorant buffoons in the truck industry.
          FCA Dodge/Jeep TrackHawk 707HP 650 torque Supercharged V8 AWD

          Toyota Land Rover supercharged V8 510HP AWD

          Mercedes GLE 635 AMG Twin Turbo V8 577HP 561Torque

          Mercedes G65 AMG V12 621HP 738 Torque AWD This is what the Raptor needs.

          BMW X5 445HP 480 Torque AWD V8

          BMW X6 Turbo V8 567HP 553 Torque in AWD as well

          1. Ok Rambling bro,

            Here we go again. 1st of all none of your so called midsize SUV’ are really midsize. Ther more full size platforms.

            2nd – not one of them comes with 35″ tires, 14″ of wheel travel, and will never go off road.

            3rd – they all have crap AWD systems only because this is hoe the manufacturer deals with the power by only allowing it to be distributed in 1/4’s to all 4 wheels. If they allowed it to have multiple mode systems such as 2wd hi, 4wd hi, 4wd low it would absolutely destroy the weak car sourced differentials with that kind of power. Everything would have to be built like a Raptor or 3/4 HD truck!

            4th- all of these are over priced into the stratosphere and low volume units.

            5th – only a couple of them can actually beat the new Raptor with it’s hair dryer/ leaf blower sounding v6tt (as you call it) 35″ tires, real long travel off road suspension, and heavyweight skid plates.

            I would love to see how slow they all are lifted about 12″ and some 35″ tires, and about 1000-1500lbs added to them for strength.

            The only thing that you said that definitely could be nice is 5.0tt V8- I agree! However, for mostly packaging reason and possibly cooling under extreme towing I don’t expect it to happen.

            For the time being I’m very satisfied with the idea and satisfaction of power at all altitudes (ttV6) vs sound (na V8)

            Leave the Twilight Zone your in and join the rest of us every now and then!😜

          2. FCA Dodge/Jeep TrackHawk 707HP 650 torque Supercharged V8 AWD
            ** Not yet released, pretty big, not yet known how it will sell and at what price

            Toyota Land Rover supercharged V8 510HP AWD
            **No such thing, I assume you mean Land Rover Range Rover which does come supercharged. It’s a big vehicle, not really midsize comparable. Very expensive, luxury branded.

            Mercedes GLE 635 AMG Twin Turbo V8 577HP 561Torque
            ** Quite large, luxury branded, very expensive

            Mercedes G65 AMG V12 621HP 738 Torque AWD This is what the Raptor needs.
            ** Ridiculously priced, pretty big, and you can get it with a bed so stop crying, it is exactly what you are asking for. Just cough up the 200 grand

            BMW X5 445HP 480 Torque AWD V8
            **That’s really a car, luxury, very expensive

            BMW X6 Turbo V8 567HP 553 Torque in AWD as well
            **see previous comments.

            Basically, swap one of those motors and drivetrains into a Colorado or Tacoma and suddenly your $40,000 mini truck costs $80,000+ There’s simply no business case for it.

            1. I don’t get your points. The Raptor is luxury and high priced as well. Fact is other manufacturers are making V8 AWD turbo powered engines while ford sells leaf blowers and the Mercedes is not a pick-up, the box resembles a Jeep wrangler, there is nothing there but an expensive convertible top that would be destroyed. So I guess most of your argument is that we should not have luxury trucks. Since when does a motor make a vehicle jump by 40,000. V8 options are actually cheaper in some cases. Maybe if you went to Hennessey and got 1000HP, then I can see spending upwards of 40,000 for a motor and other components.

              Your post is childish at best if not complete crap. They are midsize if you looked at the vehicles wheel base and width its less or the same as a midsize truck. So wrong

      2. I noticed the squeaks as well Rambro. You would think GM would ensure squeak free trucks for a press event!

          1. And they squeak before they break and GM knows how to provide a shock that breaks. In fact, I would say they are the industry leader her. By far better than anyone else. No equal. Yea, go GM…

      3. A well trained eye can clearly see it’s nowhere near the Raptor in suspension travel and quality.

        1st of all its nowhere near wide enough to be equal and 2nd I can see and hear it bottoming on those baby jumps!

        I’ll be generous and say they were leaving the ground by maybe only 12″ at best.

        1. It looks a bit too soft to handle the big stuff but it may be more comfortable than the Raptor over the washboards. But it still has that horrible seat that is basically a sheet of plywood with a slip n slide on it. The Tacoma holds you deeper and firmly in place. The Canyon I drove was terrible, I farted in a corner and my ass slid up onto the armrest.

          I thought they would fix the seats with something that was more sporty. I can’t stand the feel of the GM midsize seats, was hoping they changed it in the ZR2. Might be a deal breaker for me.

    8. “The Tacoma holds you deeper and firmly in place.”

      The problem there is that the Tacoma’s seat is only a couple inches off the floor, yet your head is still rubbing the ceiling. Might be fine for those that are 5’6″ or shorter.

      1. I am 6-4, or use to be maybe 6-3 now and the Tacoma is perfect for comfort because I always drive with the seat way back. I could not live without steering wheel controls but that what I prefer and it works way better than the Colorado seats for me. My friend is much shorter and cant reach the gas pedals in the Canyon because the seat is too high and when she lowers it she can’t see over the hood and still has a hard time with the gas pedal and there is less room at the gas pedal which makes my foot really uncomfortable.

      2. Have you been in a third gen? I’m 6′ and have plenty of head room. My biggest gripe with that front seat is the same as everyone else’s – where the heck is the power adjustment? Geez, just maybe a simple four way would be nice. Anything. The seats work for me but I would like to tilt it back just a bit…please, Toyota…LOL. I guess if you feed someone mustard biscuits everyday they eventually get used to it as is the story with the Taco seats.

    9. Stop it at 4:57 and you will see what I have said before about the crappy seats as well. You can see the plastic is higher than the seat and my thigh digs into the plastic when I exit. The seats are much worse than the Tacoma seats for me and my shorter friend. We were so much happier getting back into the Tacoma when we left the GM lot. And the comfort of the seats is a big points factor for a sale and we hated the seats in the Colorado.

      1. Stopping at 4:46 it looks like the Colorado has a lot more height between the seat and floor than a Tacoma. The Colorado might be more comfortable for me but I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night with a GM out in the garage. It’s hard to believe Toyota doesn’t offer more adjustment with Tacoma seats and more telescoping distance with the steering.

        1. You would sleep just fine, Keystone, because you would have piece of mind knowing that the certified GM technicians would take great care of your truck while it stays in the shop overnight over and over and over…😬

          1. Haha, based on what others here have pointed out, you’ll be spending even MORE time taking your new 3rd gen Tacoma to the dealer to get fixed. Faulty engine sensors, failing rear differentials, glitchy automatic transmissions… My oh my how Toyota quality has fallen. Even Consumer Reports, the biggest Toyota apologist of all has confirmed the 2016+ Tacomas are the worst in terms of quality, reliability, and dependability. I don’t know if you’re familiar with No QDR Toyota’s well-documented issues with his Tundra, but it was appalling. The bed and tailgate had to be replaced because of premature rust, the dash torn apart to repair the hvac system… twice. I believe even the rear axle leaked and had to be warrantied. And you want us to believe Toyota is the “quality leader”? Give me a break. Toyota meant quality 20 years ago…. Today, not so much. Ask my wife, at 90k miles her 2012 Corolla burns over a quart every 1000 miles and rust is spreading across the underbody like a malignant cancer. I swear Toyota just applies paint to rusty steel when they make these things.

            1. I’m not sure if you are familiar with my GM issues but everyone else in here is. I can write a really long post or you can just search the website a bit. I have never had to have any of my Tacomas worked on. My last four GMs lived in the shop but I’m typing on my phone so I won’t go into all of that on this small keyboard. Maybe my Tacoma will hold up but you lost me at Consumer Reports. That means nothing nowadays my friend. There have been growing pains with the Tacoma and will be more but it is by far the best midsize truck out there. I’ll take my chances. Regards.

            2. For all I know you are just some nobody making up stories about some imaginary vehicles you claimed to own. Consumer Reports at least takes time to get verified information from real owners. And they have found the same information that those of us on Tacoma World have found. The 2016-17 Tacomas have serious mechanical issues. Rear diffs leaking and locking up, engine sensors failing and leaving people stranded, engines leaking oil, transmissions that can’t seem to shift right and Toyota can’t seem to fix with TSB’s,etc. And we’re supposed to overlook the obvious lack of quality with these new Tacomas. We’re supposed to take some stranger’s word for it that some GM vehicle (that has no relation to the new Colorado) had lots of bad shocks and other problems yadda yadda yadda. You say we shouldn’t consider a Colorado because it could have the same issues your GM vehicles supposedly had. By that logic we should assume, based on the issues previous Tacoma owners have had, that if you buy a 2017 Tacoma, the frame is going to rust so severly the truck folds in half, the bed is going to rust within a couple years, the leaf springs are going to fracture, the rear diff is going to fracture or fail, etc etc. I’d rather replace a dozen shocks than worry about my frame rusting away before its paid off. Then again, I would hav3 replaced the factory shocks with Bilsteins the first time.

            3. Tom Mathews, the Colorado in 2015-2016 was rated in the top ten most unreliable vehicles you could buy on MSN. You can go on and on about Toyota problems but the manufacturer is second to no one except their upper Lexus class. Then it’s Buick. Gmc is in 24th and Chevy 15th. Those are facts not someone’s opinion on a thread. Your opinion on Toyota problems could go on and on but the fact is I could go on and on about Chevy and GMC problems 15 and 24 times longer than you can go on about Toyota problems. Thankfully I don’t have to because it’s already been done.

            4. Tom Matthews, there is no need to be immature and call anyone a “nobody”. That just shows how childish and uncredible you are. I am a professional in my 40s and have owned over 30 new family vehicles in my life for me, my wife, and four of my six children. I do not count used vehicles butnhave owned my share of those two. I also don’t count play vehicles. The last two children are not old enough for cars yet but they will get new ones too when the time comes, God willing. I have not taken time to sit and count the number of GM cars I have owned that are new from day one (since being old enough to own a car) but we have owned 5 since 2008 and every single one of them except for one was either sold or traded because of multiple problems. GM replaced my 2015 Yukon XL for more problems than I can count. They gave me a higher optioned 2016 Yukon XL for no charge and admitted in writing they could not fix it. I have he emails and paperwork to prove it if TFL will allow us to post it. I have had other GM vehicles replaced too. I will not continue to regurgitate my issues on this post or website as many others have read about them and you can search through the posts yourself if you like.

              Your trolling speaks volumes about who you are but, you are partially right, you never know who you are talking to on these forums. If being a devoted Christian husband of 28 years, father of 6 (4 kids with full scholarships), Gulf War veteran, Attorney, truck enthusiast, outdoorsman, and guy who is still kind to people like you despite your demeaning posts makes me a nobody, then I guess I’m a nobody and I will take that title over TROLL any day.

              Best of luck to you and yours but I am all but done with this forum for allowing such trolling.

            5. Moondog, Mathews doesn’t know who you are. The GM boys are tuff because they are use to the beat downs and defeat. You just need to howl at the moon and come back and open up a can of whoop ass on these boys. You tube is the biggest forum in the world reaching out to Billions of people. The forums in my opinion due better with limited policing. Threads that are bias and limit posts and don’t allow posts that don’t suit there perspectives are not going to do well because the volume dies.

              I was a Christian before to and always told myself to do as Jesus would do and nothing affects that guy because he knows we are all the same and people know not what they do. Just live grin laugh and move on. You can forgive anything and everything if you understand a persons circumstances that led them to do and say what they did because we are the same. Circumstances and life experiences makes us all appear different at a surface level

              Anyways good luck with the Tacoma. My friend is trading hers in for a 2018 in the fall. Just a regular 4×4 so she says. I still don’t know what to do but was looking forward to your response when I did get a new one. Maybe catch you on You Tube in the future. I’m budcargeorge over there, sorry but I don’t have much of a filter, it’s like a GM product with lots of holes in it.

            6. Based on my experience there is no comparison between Toyota long term quality and GM. Toyota’s hold up and still feel tight and like new after many years. As Rambro pointed out you can check quality ratings in various publications that say the same thing. Tom seems very defensive and most likely in denial of the many GM issues that are out there. To each their own. Don’t worry about it Moondog!

            7. Rambro and Keystone, thank you for the support! It’s good to have friends with plenty of common sense!

    10. Pasted below you will see how crappy the ZR2 seats are compared to the Tacoma’s. The lumber side supports on the Tacoma are 100% better and the front lumbar on the Colorado seat is what causes short people to loose circulation in their legs and does not allow them to reach the pedals in combination with the high seat position.

      Most auto journalists don’t mention how bad the Colorado seats are, that’s why I was so surprised on my test drive because the few journalists that did mention it were right on. The Colorado seats are terrible.



      1. Pasted below you will see how crappy the ZR2 seats are compared to the Tacoma’s. The lumber side supports on the Tacoma are 100% better and the front lumbar on the Colorado seat is what causes short people to loose circulation in their legs and does not allow them to reach the pedals in combination with the high seat position.

        Most auto journalists don’t mention how bad the Colorado seats are, that’s why I was so surprised on my test drive because the few journalists that did mention it were right on. The Colorado seats are terrible.

        1. I posted two links to, two pictures of a Tacoma seat vs a Colorado seat 2 days ago and it’s still waiting moderation?

    11. For those of you who are curious about my ’11 Tundra QDR woes and may think I’m blowing smoke, do a google search for “Have Truck Quality Expectations Changed Unfairly” where the Toyota CE is asked about my woes. Second, read the posts, closely.

      My site is down at the moment, but I’ll do what I can to resurrect it.

      1. No manufacturer is exempt from issues. Not one. Thy all have issues no matter who they are. You got a bad truck in a time where Toyota was likely too arrogant to admit it. It happens and I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. My experience with Toyota has been different. For those that want to cite to TacomaWorld as a source is issues with Tacoma, please note that that is the most rabidly active forum on the internet. I’m a member too. Every single issues, no matter how slight it is, gets mentioned. However, those same people that are making noise are also modding those trucks like crazy and posting pics nonstop of how much they love their trucks. They wouldn’t part with them for anything. Tacoma and Tundra owners are crazy loyal, maybe to a fault. I’m glad so many other products are made to choose from. All manufacturers make good and bad products and I hope your next one is a great one. Peace…

    12. Awesome video btw Roman, I loved the drone shots, looked like a real TV show/commercial.

    13. For those of you who want to read up on vehicle problems from any manufacturer just Google it. You will find plenty of problems for all of them. Colorado fans.com is full of them. My experience with Toyota has been flawless. They had frame rust issues about 12 years ago. I never had any, lucky me. My experience with Ford has been the same, never a single issue. My experience with Mazda could not have been better. My experience with VW has been great (yes, it really has). My experience with with Audi/Porsche has been great. My experience with Jeep (I know they are FCA) has been great yet I read about so many problems until it stressed me to buy it but my son wanted it. It has been flawless. My experience with Chrysler was very mixed over the years, ranging from horrible to great. Many other brands have been fair to great. My ride with GM was mixed up until 2008 and then it has been nothing short of horrendous. It’s late and I’m tired. Peace and my best to all.

      1. Same, GM good, RAM good, Subaru good, etc. first Toyota, not good. I can truly understand that mechanical things can fail prematurely. But one area where things can be made better is to address the ownership experience that suffers from the frequent trips to the dealer for repairs; this is where things truly failed with Toyota for me.

        Anyway, I honestly hope you have an ownership experience worth sharing from a smooth road.
        All the best

    14. The Colorado ZR2 will be a nice alternative to the full-size off-roader and give Toyota a run for its money going forward. I’m not looking for a mpg robbing high horsepower truck but I do want it to be sufficiently powered for the job because some are mesmerized by the high horsepower in the raptor and think this is needed in every off-roader. Baby Duramax for me.

    15. Does anyone know why the ZR2 lost so much front leg room compared to the Z71? If you look on the chevy build and price website under interior demensions .

      1. Maybe because of the changes to the front diff lock. Maybe the firewall and floor is altered or the interior options but doubt it. Maybe a typo. Manufacturers threads are full of mistakes. The Tacoma Pro is very poorly done on the Canadian site. And the ZR2 is in the Canadian Brochure but again poorly done. They list some things about the ZR2 but fail to mention the towing and any dimensional changes because GD Forbid would they dare to update that. I called Toyota and complained with a big argument that circled all the way back to a statement from them that I would have to go to my dealer to get that information. Like I have time to sit there for an hour at a dealership with a salesman that is completely clueless as well. But Toyota did respond and state they are doing everything to please their customers. Except they won’t pay an intern or waste any more ink updating their brochure because that would be asking too much.

    16. the chevy representative in this video claims the zr2 is available at your chevy dealer now. Well maybe I’m doing something wrong but I can’t locate one anywhere in the northeastern usa. I also checked out six local dealerships personal inventories and again not even one zr2 on their lots. Again I think the 2017 zr2 is just an ‘advertising ploy’ for chevy trucks.

    17. I have mine got it June a diesel. I am setting in Amarillo Texas using a loner auto while they replace the fan clutch. Causing a over heated motor. Says it will take two days. I it has 3200 miles on it you better blog it seems to be a common problem. It is a Diesel engine it locked solid would not turn .
      Stay in touch I may let you buy mine.

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