• 1985 Chevy K10 ‘Big Green’ Project Truck Goes from ‘Slow and Quiet’ to ‘Loud and Fast’ (Video)

    magnaflow exhaust big green system project truck chevy
    ‘Big Green’ gets proper V8 sound with Magnaflow exhaust – Ep. 12

    If you followed our 1985 Chevy K10 “Big Green” project truck series, you already know that we engine swapped the old and tired 305 cu-in V8 for a brand new Chevy Performance ZZ6 350 cu-in V8 crate engine. That was a giant step for the project. Big thanks to Ted Ax at the Ax and Allies shop for the help! The new engine is rated at 405 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. However, we did not have a proper exhaust system on the truck until now.

    The folks at MagnaFlow sent us an exhaust kit that includes all the components and tubing for us to build a proper dual-exhaust system. The old restrictive single-outlet exhaust system had leaks and made the truck obnoxiously loud.

    We went to our friend Devon at Devon’s Car Care in Boulder, CO for his expertise with trucks and building custom exhaust systems.

    The result was very satisfying. The truck purrs gently at idle, but roars with V8 authority near wide-open throttle.

    Watch this amazingly quick and successful custom exhaust build.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    22 thoughts on “1985 Chevy K10 ‘Big Green’ Project Truck Goes from ‘Slow and Quiet’ to ‘Loud and Fast’ (Video)

      1. Nihilus – – –

        Yeah. Sweet, as in awesome! Love that great moderated sound. Could listen to it all day!


    1. Muffler guys so rarely get the recognition they deserve for conquering the challenges of building an exhaust system that fits.

    2. I loved Magnaflow back in my “loud exhaust” days. Quality construction, fair price, quiet-ish idle, and little to no highway drone.

      1. After using both in different truck set ups, I agree, Magnaflow is the way to go. If you want to be quiet in a neighborhood, check. Quiet highway, check. Want to gun it and make some noise? Check. Flowmaster was loud all the time. Both are good, but Magnaflow is the one I’d buy again for respect of the neighborhood đŸ™‚

        1. Jay B – – –

          Agree. I have a FlowMaster in my old Ram, and it’s a bit loud: am drawing unhappy looks from neighbors, but have no issues when it’s hot and on the road. Love its “drone” at 1400 and 2100 RPM.

          Have a single-exit Gibson on my V-6 Jeep. Works well for that vehicle, but again, is a bit load in the driveway upon idle and start-up. Once again, nice drone, but it can get a bit tedious on overrun when off-roading. (Actually, drives my S.O. nuts!)

          Both the FlowMaster and Gibson are “wave-cancellation” designs (no packing) that give maximum power and almost no back-pressure, so I do see an HP boost, but am not sure they were the best choice for a quiet urban neighborhood…


          1. CORRECTION – – –

            “…is a bit load in the driveway…” should be changed to: “…is a bit LOUD in the driveway…”


    3. Looks like the first pic is reversed either that or you converted Big Green to a right hand drive. Nice video and truck sounds nice.

    4. Andre – – –

      Just a word of caution: Ford ran into rear-tire degradation issues with a side exhaust on the 1995/1996 F-150. The heat from the gases chewed up the rubber!

      So, with side pipes, you may want to make sure that the direction of exhaust gases is not pointed at the treads on the rear tires. (But yes, this is not 1995, and tires do have higher temperature ratings nowadays, so maybe you’re still OK, — only time will tell.)


      1. You reminded​ me Bernie kressner that the 97 Ford I had the exhaust was before the wheel and made the aluminum rims green. Mmm… almost like like the color of big green. Lol maybe they did this on purpose to get big green rims. I’m sure Andre will tell us they had this all planned all along to have big green rims. đŸ˜‰

    5. That sounds amazing, way better than a new Raptor. Even have the old Raptor beat now. You can get quiet baffles that only open up after a said RPM to keep the exhaust quiet in the neighborhoods and then open it up where and when you want to.

      But that’s a good call that Bernie Kressner made. The heat from the exhaust and possibly the reaction of the fumes and rubber may degrade your tires if the exit is too close to the tire.

    6. That Magnaflow system sounds excellent.I did a catback system on my last truck,2011 silvey z71 reg cab shortbox.I used a flowmaster 40,and 18″ Heartthrob resonator tips.Best sounding exhaust system I have ever had.Will do it again should I ever buy another V8 truck.My philosophy is simple,if one wants to go through the care and feeding of a V8,it has to sound like a V8.

    7. I put a flowmeter on my pickup in 1993 or so and it is still on the truck doing it’s job.

      I would guess the flow through design helped prevent rust from the inside.
      It does have a nice sound, but a bit noisey at 4am in the neighborhood. But it’s a nice noise.

      Inside the cab the only noise you hear is the engine fan. That sount is irritating.

      Backfire preventer went bad on a trip to LA. On the way home I decided to drive by O.J. Simpson’s house in Brentwood. This was while or just after his trial. As I rolled to coast by his house, the truck backfired. Sounded like a large rifle being shot.

      That is the definition of unwelcome noise. Lol

    8. I’ve had Maggy, Gibson, JBA, and finally found the best and not too loud sound with zero drone and that’s with Borla…

      1. I’ve heard a few 5.0L mustangs fitted with the Borla exhaust system.Very sweet sounding,but god awful expensive.

    9. For what it’s worth, I have duel side swept exhaust on my 2008 Silverado for over 100k miles. I have never had any problems with rear tire wear or wheel discoloration.

      It is also the Magnaflow system.


    10. Yep, that’s what a 350ci small block ohv pushrod engine sounds like w/o all the emissions crap on it. That’s what we all grew up on and think sounds good!

      1. However the new Mustang GT350 flat plane crank 5.2l is motor music to a gearheads ears.

        1. Oh I fully agree. The next best thing is this Camaro with manufacturer plates on it I heard last your. Not going to lie, I think I got a parcial when it fired up.

    11. That truck does sound good. I grew up drag racing at a time the Ford 5.0L and GM 350’s were pretty common. Muffler of choice was flow master. Still love that sound to this day. MagnaFlow makes a great system. Sound great without being obnoxiously loud.

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