TFLtruck’s Top 5 Trucks at the 2017 Denver Auto Show [Video]

Here comes our top five trucks at the 2017 Denver Auto Show! The 2017 Denver Auto Show is not only in our back yard, it is a show that many members of team TFL have assisted in organizing in the past. The 2017 Denver Auto Show opens only days after the TFLtruck’s 2017 Gold Hitch Awards. Naturally, some of our Gold Hitch winners were part of our top five video. The top five trucks chosen at the show are already in production and, for the most part, we’ve driven. There is one exception; the Nissan Titan King Cab we have yet to drive, but we’ve driven all of the other Nissan Titans.

Here are the Top Five Trucks at the 2017 Denver Auto Show:

5. Nissan Titan
4. GMC Canyon
3. Ram 3500
2. Toyota 4Runner Expedition
1. Ford F-150

We were pleased with most of the automakers who sent representatives to the show and to our Gold Hitch Awards. Our Rocky Mountain surroundings make for a unique testing ground for our testing and evaluations. This is why some of these vehicles gained our respect. Performing well in the Rockies is no easy task.

The 2017 Denver Auto Show runs from Wednesday, April 5th through Sunday, April 9th.

Which 2017 trucks would you choose? Why? Please write them in the comments below.

Enjoy the video!

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