Report: Next Generation 2020 Ram Power Wagon To Offer 6×6 and Central Tire Inflation System

1997 dodge ram t-rex 6x6 concept
1997 Dodge Ram T-Rex 6×6 concept

How to improve the current Ram Power Wagon? Sure, Ram could add more technology, such as: a 360-degree camera system, fully automated crawl control, and a more efficient power plant. It appears that Ram has something else up their sleeves.

There is an early report that Ram is preparing a production-ready six-wheel-drive (6×6) Power Wagon option for the next generation of the Ram HD. The most likely release date will be the 2020 model year. That’s just two and a half years away!

Ram is already testing the next generation HD prototypes.

Yikes! A 6×6 Ram Power Wagon would be truly awesome! Ram already played with the idea 20 years ago in the form of the Ram T-Rex 6×6 concept. The T-Rex was a regular cab truck with a 8.0L V10 engine under the hood.

There is no word yet on the power choices for the 6×6 Power Wagon, but an updated HEMI V8 gasoline engine is a likely candidate.

Another interesting piece of news in the report is that Ram HD will offer a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) on the 2020 Power Wagon. This is a system that is common on military trucks, and specialty aftermarket pickups. Adding a system like this to a production truck and including functional and street-legal bead lock wheels is the ultimate in off-road truck capability.

How much will it cost? We do not know, but it may be wise to start saving money now.

What will this truck be called?  We do not know, but it may be the Ram Power Wagon TRX.

Ram will have to find more difficult terrain to showcase the next generation 6×6 truck. The trails (near Valley of Fire, Nevada) that Ram chose for the 2017 Power Wagon first drive were impressive (see video below), but they may have to add a mud bogging section for the 6×6 brute.