• Name Mr.Truck’s 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 Project Truck! “Raptor Hunter?” Poll

    1994 Dodge Ram 1500 project truck

    You may have seen us working on our 1985 Chevy K10 “Big Green” truck. Tommy just purchased a 1974 Ford F-250 Highboy, that we started calling “Rusty Boy”. Kent “Mr Truck” Sundling is working on a few project pickups of his own.

    The first one on the docket is the 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 single cab short bed 4×4 you see here. This is the first year of the second generation of the Ram pickups from Dodge.

    Mr. Truck recently bought the truck and immediately went to work. It came with a V8 and a 4-speed automatic transmission. The truck’s frame and body are in very good shape, considering the age. The truck has a 4-inch suspension lift and a 3-inch body lift. It sits on fairly beefy tires. The engine runs great, but the transmission is failing and the truck does not have a complete exhaust system.

    We took it to a transmission shop (see the video below) to get it driving right. The project started to take a life of its own. The guys at Advanced Transmissions said – why don’t we put in a built and stronger 4-speed automatic transmission that Dodge used on diesel Rams of the same era? Agreement was made.

    Still, the name for this project remains elusive. Considering, that he is now mating a turbo-diesel transmission to a gas V8, Mr. Truck is unofficially calling it “Project Overkill”. However, he is still throwing around the names “Raptor Hunter” or “Raptor Killer”. He has also “threatened” to challenge our Big Green Chevy as any contest we can devise: drag race, off-road challenge, and more.

    Keeping all of this in mind, please help us name the project truck using the poll.  If you have other names in mind, please put them in the comments section below. Please keep your suggestions constructive and fun.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    94 thoughts on “Name Mr.Truck’s 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 Project Truck! “Raptor Hunter?” Poll

    1. Before I can vote, what are the upgrades planned for the engine. I assume that has the 318 in it so there is some power potential. Before I would call it anything with Raptor in it, is it going to have anything north of 500HP? If not, maybe paint it red and call it Little Red Wagon ( throw back to little red express) Or just Power Ram.

      If you call it Raptor killer it better be pretty mean under the hood………..hint hint wink wink 😉

    2. The transmission of that era was their Achilles heel. Problem was that they made it shift too soft to keep customers happy, and that really weakened the trans. Easiest fix was to add a shift kit, like we used to do to the musclecars in the old days. Afterwards, the trans will shift HARD and sound like it’s breaking, but will actually be much more durable.
      An extra tranny cooler will help, especially if you’re doing any towing.
      An aftermarket deeper trans fluid pan will give you more fluid capacity and help cooling, also.

      As for the engine, the MoPar small-block V8 is generally pretty stout, ANF actually had better valvetrain geometry than GM’s ubiquitous small block. However, some MoPar V8s of that era had a problem with the intake gasket failing. The recommended fix (via Larry Shepard of MoPar Performance fame) was to replace the gasket with plain ol’ RTV.

      If you go crate engine, the 355 is a sweet engine, but the 360 is the truck engine. Throw an RV cam in there, with small-diameter intake/exhaust. It won’t be fast, but it will easily pull much more than its rated for, and get decent MPG.

      1. The 318 was a dog and the 360 wasn’t much better. I dad two 5.9s and they couldn’t get out of their own way, unlike a vortec which actually had a little gettup and go.

        1. The 360 makes a great truck engine, good low-end power and great lugging capability. The same things that make it a great truck engine also make it a poor “hot rod” engine. It all depends on what you want, I guess.

    3. I would call it

      “Almost new”

      because (being the owner of one and maintainer of two others same gen) by the time you get it running and driving good, you will have replaced nearly everything thereby making it “Almost new”

    4. Not to be rude, by TFL seems to be going backward with their “project trucks.” The blue Raptor that Roman owned was a nice truck. That seems to have disappeared and now they have a ratty old Ford, a ratty old Dodge, and a semi-decent old Chevy. None as good as the original Raptor. What gives?

      1. We still have and we still love our 2014 Raptor. However, we think that working on a cool old truck is more fun and allows us more freedom for experimentation.


    5. Here are some of the other suggested names so far:

      – RamRod
      – Twister
      – The Extreme
      – Gun Metal
      – Primer
      – Raptor Envy
      – T-Rex
      – Steel Goat
      – Pre-Rammer
      – Storm Chaser

    6. Since Kent drives big rigs, one manufacturer is named Kenworth. So call the truck Kentworth 🤦‍♂️W360

    7. I wouldn’t name it in part to the Raptor in any way. Next year the Raptor could be old news and then your stuck with a bewildering eyes for any future on lookers. In two years from now one will possibly say Raptor Eater? So what? Can it beat a TRX or a Ram Demon or a Warrior or a supercharged ZR2. Stay away from Raptor. Ford Eater would be better suitable for the long term but still not my choice.

      Maybe Dodge-Rambro. Rambro is actually a famous You Tube Sheep. Always angry, stubborn like hell and can climb mountains. And the name is synonymous with Ram being a Bro to Dodge.

      1. Thomas, I have no idea why you are so filled with Raptor-hate. Its a great looking truck – probably the best on the market. It currently has the most horsepower and torque of any gas truck. It is leading or near the top of the off-road class of pickups. It has a lot of features not available right now on other trucks. It has the largest tires available on any factory truck. And despite being heavily designed for “off-roading” it still achieves reasonable fuel economy and has nice road manners and is fast. Will something else eventually come along and be faster, or be better off road, or have something else better? Probably. But for right now, this is it.

        1. Because it is like buying the perfect minivan with only two seats in it. Makes no sense. It is underpowered for what it is and the V6 is shameful in my opinion. But it is a great machine otherwise and it would be; much preferred in a Ranger/midsize truck. Way more fun.

    8. Well if it ain’t Jimmy Johns posting as zveira. Nice try bub but we all know it’s you. The real ‘zveira’ would never make such a comment about RAM. Also, you’re the only one that seems to attack zveira as everyone els is civil towards him.

      Clearly you don’t know anything about trucks as all you ever do is make asinine comments about RAM and GM. Your arguments are never thoroughly supported as they are always just mere opinions.

      Again, opinions are like assholes and I know plenty of people who have purchased a Ford and say they will never purchase another. True you can get a lemon from any make and model but to act is if Ford doesn’t have any issues is ignorant to say the least.

      By the way, when is the Ford Motor Company going to pay back their multi billion dollar loan from the federal government used for the research and development of new engines, platforms, etc. FCA and GM have already paid back the full amount they owed the U.S. Government for receiving a bailout.


      1. https://www.tfltruck.com/contact/

        If you think that’s me, contact TFL and have them trace the IP address and email. They can post it for all I care because that is not me. You and zivera are the only real basher. Just when a thread was going well you have to chime in. FYI, check out the first post!

      2. I don’t even read the Jimmy Johns and Zviera stuff anymore. Just skip through all the garbage and read the the relevant posts.

        I thought the marriage would divorce at some point but they are both still wearing rings.

        1. I do the same it’s yours to rambro. I used to think you had intelligent stuff to say until you started bashing too. Just saying…

          1. Me too. I do agree about the zibrator and i comments and I have been ignoring most of the lately. But he is also getting into battles with others now. And I don’t use other user names either. I started this blog on a positive and it wasn’t a Ford article. Was hoping it would stay that way because I love these old projects. No matter the brand.

            FYI, caught you reading my post 😜

        1. Quite a few brick layers are around here. Just happened to actually kinda understand a word said.

        2. Dear Zviera,

          Please keep your comments constructive and about the trucks (not other people)!

          If you instigate more word-wars against other commenters, we will continue to delete your comments.

          Andre – TFLtruck.

          1. I have no idea, what are you talking about Andre. I didn’t post even one comment about other people.

    9. Saw an old Dakota today following me home. What a nice looking truck. Andre should get a midsize and show the gluttons what its all about. Project midsize. What happened at Moab when no one could follow the Tacoma….excuses?

    10. The Walmartian Wonder.
      Rammed Wrecklamation
      Redneck House Hauler
      Guarantee of Eternal Loneliness
      Bad Investment
      Tramp Taxi
      ’94 Dodge Dork
      Rocky Mountain High Maintenance
      Mrs. Truck
      The Official truck of NASCAR(fans)
      Truck with a big Tranny in it.
      Shall I continue?

      1. i’m just gonna go out on a limb, and say that you are a Ford guy. You do know what they say about a Ford, right?
        Found on road dead,
        F***ed ovevr rebuilt Dodge,
        fix or repair daily,
        First on recall day,
        flip over read directions,
        fast only rolling downhill,
        fork over repair dough,
        fireball on rear denting.
        I can do this all day. Also, what’s the difference between a golf ball, and a ford? I can drive a golf ball farther and faster than a ford.

    11. Sorry, not a fan of beater dodges. Just too likely, statistically, to be found in the wild inhabited by knuckleheads doing obnoxious things. Mr. Truck should really consider whether he wants to associate this with his image.

      1. Statistically the transmission needs to be replaced, the dash is cracked and needs replaced, the suspension is shot and obviously it needs a paint job. Maybe they’ll look to replace the old 318 with something more powerful and reliable.

    12. I believe that’s the same body style of the truck from twister (except 2dr instead of 4dr), so how about The Twister, Dorothy or The Pax-ton truck (Play on Bill paxton’s name and the fact it’s a half ton truck.

        1. That will add quite a bit of weight. Not a bad thing in terms of NVH and ride quality, but you may take a slight hit on MPG and a slightly bigger hit on payload capacity.

          Depending on color, it may look pretty militaristic, or Road Warrior-ish. Folks might think you’re a prepper. :p

    13. Good names, I was thinking I’d rather have Dodge in the name than Ram. I miss calling the truck Dodge. But what ever the highest vote will be the name on the doors.

      1. I’m not sure why they did away with the Dodge name. Everybody still calls the new RAM trucks “Dodge” any way…

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