• 2018 Lincoln Navigator Debuts with 450 HP and Ultra-Lux Interior [Everything you wanted to know]

    The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is said to be an all-new design and, despite the deletion of the gull-wing doors, it’s rather similar looking the concept from last year. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator, which debuted at the 2017 New York Auto Show, has a 450 horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 that makes 500 lb-feet of torque. That power goes through a 10-speed automatic transmission. The new push-button gear selector is located on the dashboard, not far from the HAVAC controls.

    This all-new Navigator will have a skin made of aluminum and, it would appear, that many of the components are shared with the upcoming, all-new Ford Expedition. Lincoln pointed out that the biggest news is the interior and its overall sophistication. The door controls and speakers look a lot like the same controls (and location) of several Mercedes-Benz products.

    Towing, mpg, payload and pricing information will be announced later on this year.

    In this video, which was recorded at the 2017 New York Auto Show, David Woodhouse, Lincoln Design Director and Andrew Kernahan, Chief Program Engineer for the Lincoln Navigator, take Andre through a technical and design tour of the all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

    Lincoln says its new Navigator will be available at the end of 2017.

    Please enjoy this brand new video of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
    Easily amused by anything with four wheels, Nathan Adlen reviews vehicles from the cheapest to the most prestigious. Wrecking yards, dealer lots, garages, racetracks, professional automotive testing and automotive journalism - Nathan has experienced a wide range of the automotive spectrum. Brought up in the California car culture and educated in theater, childhood education, film, journalism and history, Nathan now lives with his family in Denver, CO. His words, good humor and video are enjoyed worldwide.

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    52 thoughts on “2018 Lincoln Navigator Debuts with 450 HP and Ultra-Lux Interior [Everything you wanted to know]

    1. will it be faster than the raptor with smaller, lighter tires, or will that not offset the weight?

    2. “conserve mode” is interesting, since ford rarely uses eco driving modes. kind of like the civic’s eco mode.. wonder if there is a mileage increase.

      1. That’s been a huge problem for Ford. If they had given the Ecoboost and actual “Eco” mode, they wouldn’t have the rep they have for poor fuel economy because the tuning subconsciously eggs you on to drive like a hoonigan

        1. “eggs”
          No, it grabs you by the scruff of the neck and demands that you romp on that accelerator. The absence of the V8 sound just make you want to dig deeper in case it is there. That engine has ruined my driving record.
          Learn from my mistake stay on the cruise control.

    3. Very nice video! That interior defiantly looks like they are trying to set the bar. Looks like no design expense was spared on this vehicle. So glad they didnt paint the old navigator green and call it a special addition.

    4. So you can pick drive modes? Then what? As soon as you turn it off, where does it default to?

      So which mode is based on the EPA rating

      You guys at TFL still never answered that. You asked Ford before but asked the wrong question and got the wrong answer

      Why can’t the driver leave their vehicle in the mode they want it to be in? Just ask a rep at these shows. This was not everything I want to know.

      1. Holy hell Rambro quit being so negative.

        This thing was awesome and really sets the bar for ultimate luxury in a SUV in my opinion!

        It was also just a 1st look during an auto show and by the way, very professionally done by Andre and his Camera guy!!!

    5. I haven’t said much about the navigator.
      The style between the Escalade and the navigator is quite bit. The caddy style more chiseled and your face. Where the Lincoln is lot more softer and not so much in your face. I look at the Lincoln as more elegant than the caddy. Seats look real comfy in the Lincoln. There is one thing Lincoln could have done better. The touch screen sticks out like a sore thumb. It seems like they could have Incorporated into the dash a lot better.

      1. Marc, the Germans have these touch screens that do the same thing. Suddenly, out of nowhere (read dash) a huge screen pops up. I agree it doesn’t flow but it sure as heck gets your attention. I’m just so happy that Lincoln made an easy on the eyes fullsize SUV until I’ll take a design hiccup or two. I much prefer this to the Caddy. Now I’m just waiting for our friend Zvierra to come along and tell us how bad it sucks and that FCA does everything better! LOL…Come on Zman don’t let me down bro…

        1. Hi Moondog, no worries, I won’t let you down. The quietness of the interior is done by the active speakers. Don’t believe me? Ask salesman to remove the radio and touch screen fuses, before your test drive. You might not hear anything while driving this spaceship, when fuses installed, but everyone outside hear this.


          1. You are at least partially correct there sir. Everyone is doing this now. So does my Yukon. Oh, I just got it out of the shop and the rear taillight assembly is not in yet but they did replace the front strut assembly and shock on the left side at 7k miles. It originally went out at 3800 miles.

            1. It looks, you’ll be happy with anything you buy right now , as long as it’s not GM.
              I had a brand new Chevy Equinox, the first generation . It developed a squeaky noise in the chassis, in couple of months ,all the time I went over the curb with one wheel.
              The dealer told me , they don’t know to fix it, because of poor assembly and they wait for manufacturer response. I was lucky. I totalled that car on one intersection, when a guy in the truck made the left turn , right across my line . Insurance paid me a full price, because of not my fault and my policy was , that if it’s totalled in the first year, they will pay in full.
              I took my money and got Durango. I stick with FCA since then.
              I won’t buy Ford, because of dishonest advertising and many problems and recalls lately. I won’t buy GM. I would consider Toyota, if upgraded, or Nissan with gasoline engine.

            2. So let me get this straight putc ram, you won’t buy another GM product because it had a rattle. But, and I mean but, your wife’s jeep with the 9 speed had a ton of issues with the transmission and last year the dealer finally replaced it. So you won’t buy GM because of a rattle but you will drive a fiat product after going through a ton of transmission problems?

            3. Yes you are correct. I won’t buy a GM, because that squeak ,not rattle​ wasn’t fixable. They would need to replace the whole car, which wasn’t happening for 5 months. Their tactic was to wait it out, so I gladly totaled it. I have to admit, it was a safe car, hitting something head on , slowing from 65 to around 50 km/h. Impact was great, because I pushed that track from his line, when he was crossing, he hit another truck waiting on the red on the right side and he hit another car waiting behind him.

              Jeep fixed the first year issue. She has a new tranny for almost 2 years and no problems.
              Ford has recalled everything and for every component imaginable. From engine to the brakes, from tranny to the door latches and saga continues. Their infotainment system was freezing for decade and more electronic, gizmos and cameras from Ford means just more problems down the road, granted. Escape has been recalled for the same issue several times​.
              Ford’s commercials are constantly lying.
              They at least drop the line, that ecoboost has power of V8 and efficiency of V6, because everyone knows, it’s a lie. Ecoboost doesn’t have power of V8 and efficiency of V6. They say Fseries and their commercials show’s F 150. No wonder people has no brain . They said,that aluminium is going to be just $250 more and people pay $5,000+ easily. Ford become an appliance supplier. What happened to keep the truck for more than 5 years ? People are broke, they have no money,so they have to trade it in ,in 3 years and make payments for new shiny appliance, telling everyone, how reliable ford is,but recalls say otherwise.

            4. Man, I’m glad I’d didn’t read all the garbage you wrote. So in short, you are a liar and pro fiat. That’s fine, there are a few of you that like fiat products. Mostly dealer techs because the poor reliability is keeping their kids in college. But you are a liar. That was easy.

            5. Look, it’s not my fault, that ford is flooded with recalls and I don’t make their commercials.
              Yes ,I am a pro Fiat, because they saved the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep from extinction​ and they are doing very well.

            6. And it’s not my fault that FCA products ranks the worst in everyone in reliability and FCA was fined on many occasions by not properly recalling their faulty cars and trucks, not properly reporting injury and death rates due to their faulty vehicles, cheating emissions on both the 3.0L Diesel and Cummins. It is not my fault that Cummins and FCA are suing each other because of emissions defects. It’s also not my fault that FCA was cheating on their sales data which resulting into a federal raid. It’s not my fault that FCA cannot design a proper gear selector using a rotary dial and not having proper calibrations to detect is the driver leaves the vehicle when in gear. It’s not my fault FCA took 2 years to figure out the 9 speed issue and finally recalled it but didn’t fix the actual issue. Just masked the problem only to completely fail down the road. Not my fault Sergio has talked to every business in the world looking for a merger so he can get out of it.

            7. I never said it’s your fault.
              I thought we solved this issue already. You are happy with Ford, I am happy with FCA. What’s your problem still ?

            8. No issue other than the constant BS you keep posting. Your roots at putc are still around. You can’t just talk about trucks. You have to bash all the time. In fact pretty much all your post are bashing.

        2. Yep it doesn’t flow with the dash was what I wanting to say.
          I have 06 f-250 so I couldn’t tell you what I think of the touch screens. Never really experienced them.

      2. Marc I would also agree about the touch screen. I am more of a fan to have them integrated into the dash vs sticking out like they do. But as moondog pointed out it seems to be the current trend. I will say a 10″ screen is pretty nice. Not sure what other luxury brands have but it is a good size for a vehicle.

      3. Ya the screen doesn’t sit right with me. Just looks precarious to me. Might need to be surgically removed from some body part in an accident. Plus there isn’t much for privacy on a screen that big.

          1. Some people like to keep their music private. And maps of where your going. Some people want privacy. Especially in this class there will be a few buyers that want privacy.

    6. To me these screens are very distracting for the driver. Nice but just not something I think I would need. Just me though. Very nice SUV.

      1. Depends on how you look at it. It’s easier to see and higher on the dash so the driver can see it better and doesn’t have to look down. Also if your using navigation you don’t have to take your eyes as far off the road. Now if your like Rambro and watching a bit of the ol slap and tickle on it than yes it could be a bit distracting lol.

        1. They have a head up display already. That’s what navigation should only use. Garmin sell their version, you can install in any car or bike.
          This social media screens is a gimmick and very distracting and very dangerous​ for all of us. I am in horror,when driving my motorcycle, seeing people playing with screens around me , swinging to my line constantly. It should be banned from production. My Uconnect disallow GPS input, when in motion.
          This screen should disappear in the dashboard,when vehicle in the motion, just little top portion should stick out a bit to operate climate , seats comfort and music.
          This looks really bad. Rest of the SUV is ok for Ford.

    7. Sticking out is now the trend but many of them go back down into the dash when not in use. Next I’m sure manufacturers will be in a “our screen is bigger than your screen ” war so expect even more gaudier looking ones. Of all the ones we have I think the UCONNECT from FCA at 8.4″ is the most intuitive and user friendly. I like my Entune in my Toyota too. The Mazda screen is also nice. My system in the Yukon easily takes last place and GM makes these where they cannot be updated if newer and better features are offered. Stupid in my humble opinion.

      1. Have you seen the inside of a Tesla? The pics I’ve seen look like it’s got a 32″ plasma on end going from the console up the dash.

      2. I liked uConnect best until Ford came out with Sync 3. Now uConnect looks dated to me. Still intuitive to operate though.

        1. I don’t currently own anything by Ford but of the ones I have or have owned to me the UCOnnect is the best. I like it better than the one on my Audi as well.

          1. Yeah you might have used the old MyFord Touch. It wasn’t as good as uConnect 8.4. MyFord Touch had the black quadrant. But Sync 3 (MY 2016+) has a very attractive multi color interface.

            1. Best part of Sync 3 is you can use Android Auto or Apple Car Play or stick to Sync 3 so you have multiple interface options.

    8. I have read so many horrible things about the Ford systems of old but maybe the new ones are better. When we buy again it will likely be a Ford product but my wife likes her 16 Yukon XL. If it keeps having problems it’s gone no matter how much she likes it. I think the 18 Expedition or Navigator could sway her but we will see. FCA keeps teasing a Grand Wagoneer but this is the same company that has been promising a Jeep truck for what feels like forever.

    9. Thanks, Zvierra. That is likely too late for us unless the Yukon holds up better than it has so far.

      1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Here is a couple more links with speculations for a new Grand Wagoneer, by Jeep and RAM, if you like to tease yourself, but it’s definitely coming, because Sergio is not looking for merger, but the plan execution.

        (DoubleU. DoubleU.DoubleU).allpar.com/model/upcoming-trucks.html

        (Double U.DoubleU.DoubleU).allpar.com/SUVs/jeep/wagoneer-jeep.html

    10. Problem is the Lincoln is pretty much a paved road SUV for people outside NA, basically a non starter

      1. Just like the Expedition, drive a Tahoe through a rough road then drive a Navigator or Expedition. The the independent suspension on them makes for a very comfortable off-road as well.

        1. 3840. That’s the number of miles we traveled before our 2016 Yukon XL gave up its first front strut and shock. 8000. That the miles it had on it before we finally got it fixed. We are still waiting on a rear tail light assembly that cam bad from the factory. I’m going to try duct tape if it doesn’t come in soon. If the Expedition just works at all it may be my next ride. My Yukon rides like a an old west wagon on rough roads. It will beat you to pieces.

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