• Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept: Will It Go To Production? 2017 New York Auto Show

    This is the 2018 Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept which debuted at the 2017 New York Auto Show.

    The 2018 Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept, which looks production-ready, debuted at the 2017 New York Auto Show. Andre interviewed Randy Parker, Vice President for Infiniti America who took him through the design of the 2018 Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept.

    Currently, Infiniti sells 1,100 to 1,500 QX80s per month.

    It will have a GVWR of 8,500 lbs (or more). We don’t know for sure as Infiniti calls this vehicle a “design study.” Basically, it’s a one-off that is being used to measure consumer interest. Very little – if any – technical information was available regarding the 2018 Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept; however, we do know that the new model will be available at the end of the 2017 calendar year.

    It looks like it carries the design language of Infiniti to another level.

    Considering Nissan’s all new, well regarded 5.6-liter V8 that was recently used in the Nissan Titan and current Infiniti QX80 is new tech, it might be used in the new model.

    While there is little to go on, it’s safe to say, Andre liked what he saw. Check out this brief design tour.

    It would be interesting to see how this vehicle competes with the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. You can read about that vehicle (here).

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
    Easily amused by anything with four wheels, Nathan Adlen reviews vehicles from the cheapest to the most prestigious. Wrecking yards, dealer lots, garages, racetracks, professional automotive testing and automotive journalism - Nathan has experienced a wide range of the automotive spectrum. Brought up in the California car culture and educated in theater, childhood education, film, journalism and history, Nathan now lives with his family in Denver, CO. His words, good humor and video are enjoyed worldwide.

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    17 thoughts on “Infiniti QX80 Monograph Concept: Will It Go To Production? 2017 New York Auto Show

    1. Well a few things

      Why is this on TFL Truck but the SRT Track Hawk isn’t. Why are some SUV chosen to be on TFL Truck?

      Next I see they were going for the ships window wrap design which is nice and the dront is nice but like most vehicles the rear end falls apart. Way too big and convuluted back their but rear ends are meant to stink I guess?

      Next I couldn’t help bu overhear the guy say it is for people who still want luxury and can tow. Here’s my chance to hit these hapless automakers once again in the midsize trucks. Where is the luxury midsize with a decent motor? Come on guys wake up. You will sell more luxury midsize trucks than you will sell these SUV’s and you won’t have any competition like you have in the SUV market. Wake up???

      1. Because the QX80 is a truck-frame-based full-size SUV with three rows of seats. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk is a unibody-based Jeep.


        1. Bah! So is the Ridgeline. All I care about is what it hauls tows, how fast,etc,etc. How does the unibody affect anything that’s relevant to any review. I’ve never seen anyone in my entire life, say “I can’t do that because my vehicle is a unibody”?

    2. I defiantly have mixed feelings on this SUV. Parts i like and parts I dont. Defiantly like better than the Escalade but this is also a concept. It is better looking than other Infinity products though.

    3. My complete indifference to suv’s cannot be measured.Must be a real slow news week on pickups.

    4. At least with the Lexus LX 570, there is a pretense of off road worthiness. I don’t really see the “it” factor with this glorified Nissan. Why not just offer the Patrol over here instead, and there might be more interest. Yes I know most people don’t use the lockers, low range and aggressive stance, but it does seem to attract a certain clientele.

    5. I’m curious how you mount tires on this aluminum rims with out destroying the rims? Rim is like a circular saw blade. Like to know how they Didn’t tare up rims putting tires on it? get me wrong they are pretty snazzy, but this something might not be optional. I don’t know if anybody caught this or had any thoughts on it if you guys did.

      1. Andre stated before and it’s proven true before that the concepts are usually not functional and get changed when the real thing comes out. Rather ridiculous but I guess they are looking to get free advertising out of it.

    6. FCA definitely out did FORD & GM at the New York auto show with the Demon, Jeep SRT, Durango SRT.

      1. This my take on it bill. The demon over shadow the Jeep and the Durango that neither of them got much attention. I would say the demon was the biggest attention getter. As for FCA getting all the attention I wouldn’t say that. Lincoln had pretty good attention getter. Maybe the infinity qx 80 to.
        Now this is my opinion. is it any surprising that Dodge went big on the 6.4? I wasn’t. That might come as shock to you, but if you knew in past that Dodge was never afraid to let loose in past. Now on my perspective on the demon. supercharging is old school not much intivation in this powerful engine. Yes I would agree that it is impressive on a production car. I look at this car has a whole that Dodge has made it appoint that it will be straight line killer. I have no problem with that, but will this demon be any better than going straight? And that part of this demon might be disappointment. You notice zl1 didn’t go down that path that demon did? I suspect people want a better all around car than going straight. I suspect the next Cobra will be the same.

        I would like to see more info on the Jeep and the Durango. Not sure why tfl didn’t cover these two. Maybe they will I don’t know. Will wait and see.

        1. I wanna apologize to Infiniti and you guys for butching up there name and product name. I spelled Infiniti wrong and named there qx 80 wrong to. (Xc 80). It was not that dam auto correct !

        2. I seen the dodge video on the Demon on youtube. The only thing i have to say is Dodge is plain dumb. A 9 second street car and bragging that the NHRA banned it. What a bunch of idiots! Cheater slicks? Really for the street? There is a reason Ford and GM is specific on how they sell the Cobra Jet Mustang and COPO Camaro. As drag cars and not for the street at all. The reason the NHRA banned the Demon is because it is not set up to be safe. It is not a badge of honor, it is a badge of dumb. To build and not properly design a car to be 9 second safe.

          1. Intristing… how the nhra give the thumbs down on it.
            That exactly what I pretty much said straight car but isn’t much for anything else?

            1. It is a straight line car but not a safe one. The COPO Camara and Cobra Jet Mustang is a straight line car to but has no issues with NHRA. Dodge built a track car and said it is a street car, they are going to have some lawsuitsort on their hands. The viper was already an iffy street car. This looks to be much worse.

    7. I love the new 2018 infinit Qx80 it’s nice & I can a lot off people wanting to Purchase it if I was them I keep the design & half it For Sell the end of the year but I would love to purchase one now asap

    8. Man i love this new QX80 Monograph. Ive 2013 QX56 and i love it. Has tv’s in the headrests and front screen i had professionally by passed so videos play in front screen as well while driving. Dope. Ill buy this asap !!!!

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