• Adding a Winch to a 2017 Ford Raptor and More Custom Off-Road Parts [Video]

    2017 ford raptor add custom
    2017 Ford Raptor (customized by Addictive Desert Designs)

    The Raptor is already a highly capable off-road truck, but there are always ways to personalize and customize your truck. During my recent trip to Phoenix, AZ, I stopped by the Addictive Desert Design (ADD) facility to check out the latest custom parts for the Raptor and many other late-model pickup trucks.

    ADD is known for bumpers, rock sliders, suspension kits, intercooler relocation kits, and more. ADD has a kit for adding a winch to the 2017 Ford Raptor. It requires an intercooler relocation kit and a customized bumper. The factory intercooler gets moved from the lower bumper up into the main grille area. The extra space is enough to winch bumper or a front skid plate with an aggressive approach angle (like the one you see on the Raptor pictured here).

    Check out the ADD production facility and the cool off-road parts they make.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    46 thoughts on “Adding a Winch to a 2017 Ford Raptor and More Custom Off-Road Parts [Video]

    1. Which Saudi Prince owns this truck? I didn’t think that people could actually afford these at the $80,000 mark up prices dealers are selling them for…

      1. Too right, my local Ford Dealer are putting $20,000 over MSRP on their Raptor allocation.

    2. Power Wagon is a better deal. It has a factory installed winch already, no intercooler relocation needed, extra thousand of dollars saved.
      Who’s idea was to put intercooler at the bottom anyway. It will be covered with mud ,when going offroad in no time. Raptor is not designed to go offroad,just dry road in the desert.

      1. The intercooler has always been low mounted on the F150’s and I’ve never heard of it being and issue offroad. Its down there so that there is uninterrupted air flow through the radiator. My Jeep Liberty and the Ram Eco Diesel both that intercooler, ac condenser and radiator all stacked on top of each other and both vehicles are known to have cooling issues under load.

        1. Jay, some people like putc ram will always be dumb. They are just here for brand bashing only. I challenge putc ram basher to find a factual claim where it will get filled with mud. If that’s the case the radiator will get filled with mud, air conditioner condenser would get filled with mud. For those actually worried about mud have that stuff in the bed.

          1. Well, there is always way to improve the things or two. CanAm has a kit for radiator relocation and snorkels, but they sell a models with radiator relocated and snorkels installed as well. It would be “cool” to have intercooler on the top of the engine, with separate air flow through the hood.
            Don’t you think ? Raptor supposed to be ultimate offroad machine, why not treat it differently and better than regular F150 ?
            The engine makes a lot of power in ideal clean laboratory conditions.It won’t make that power, when covered with mud. Why not test it for heavy offroad ,but just for high speed desert?


            This driver is not smarter,than drivers in front of him.

            1. The raptor nor the PW were designed to be mudding machines. And unless ypur actively submerging either one or have someone in front of you sending up a rooster of mud into your grill you wont have a problem. Worst case scenario is you got it stuck and then need to take it to the car wash. One more example of trying to make a negative out of nothing at all.

            2. Well, I remember intercoolers like that in old days. There was a purpose for that, engineers forgot.

            3. Do us a favor and YouTube you breaking through the ice and winching out your water logged quad.

            4. My subaru legacy GT, my parents Acura RDX and a bunch of other cars had top mount intercoolers and they heat soak like no ones business when you are sitting still. All that heat from the engine rises right up into the heat exchanger which then heats the air going into the motor. The fans on the RDX constantly run to keep the engine bay cool and the legacy, well, that was just a dog if you let it idle too long.

              Front mount is the way to go, especially if you expect any sort of low speed, high load driving(off road)

            5. That’s why I said:
              ” It would be “cool” to have intercooler on the top of the engine, with separate air flow through the hood.”
              The engine heat would not affect the intercooler. It’s 21st. century. Engineers should know better than this.
              I guess not and Ford customers are happy, so I am out for today.

            6. Thats exactly how the Subaru and RDX are. The subaru has a hood scoop that funnels air to the intercooler. its sealed to the top of the cooler with the Gasket. The RDX has an tube the runs from the top grill along the hood to the intercooler. They still heat soak.

            7. That’s not what I meant. I said separate air flow. Subaru has intercooler in the engine bay, so bottom portion is heated from the engine. I meant to keep it vertically, narrow and wide , sticking out of the hood with hood scoop on the front and exhaust on the back of the hood , not to the engine bay, so it’s insulated from the engine bay completely.
              At least Subaru and RDX won’t be covered with mud , when​ running, doing what it suppose to do. Cool the air, when running. You’ll be surprised, how hot the ecoboost intercooler gets, when in bumper to bumper traffic, behind another hot car, so your argument is moot.

            8. enlighten us how hot the intercooler gets in an ecoboost truck in bumper to bumper traffic. Lets hear what ambient air temps are vs inlet and outlet temps of the intercooler. You write like you have actually driven and tested this. Lets see your data and maybe i will share mine.

            9. Do your own testing. I won’t buy Ford. I know,my HEMI doesn’t have any issue with intercooler, because it doesn’t need any. I don’t have to drill it, drain it , or replace it. It doesn’t overheats and doesn’t plugs with mud. I don’t have to keep it clean, or worry it will crack from gravel , or offroading. No worries about broken fans behind the intercooler. Very happy with my HEMI reliability.

            10. So basicly putc ram you dont know anything and you are just spouting off complete stupidity. I love it when i ask you to back up your dumb statements and you revert to your standby statements. Very predictable you are. But a simple mind is predictable.

            11. I won’t provide you with my test results for free. Do your own, or send me a certified check for $5,000
              You can send it to TFL alternatively,like a donation.

            12. That’s because you don’t have any and you speak out of your butt. Like always no knowledge of anything except being a troll.

            13. Well, Power Wagon is still better deal. It comes with factory winch already. No extra weight to take from anemic payload Raptor has, no extra 💰 to spend.
              Raptor is not for offroad, where you need a winch. It should stay on desert.

        1. It’s even worse. I killed my fan on CanAm first season ,because I went through the ice in to the mud and when I winched myself out it froze , I kept replacing fuses 3 times to make it back to my base, but fan motor burned and my engine was overheating, going to the limp mode several times.I replaced that fan with completely sealed aftermarket​ heavy duty one.
          There is a reason to relocate radiators and fan as high as possible, but I guess, non of you got to the situation to appreciate that yet.

          1. Well most of us are smarter than to run a quad on thin ice. So i guess most of us dont appreciate that at all. And unless the Ford fan numbers match those of bombardier, you have no point once again.

            1. I run over everything. I enjoy that. It’s ATV – All Terrain Vehicle.
              You don’t know how ice is thin in the early winter. Every season is like that. I am prepared with all my gears and ready to winch it out.
              That’s what I enjoy. Use my tools to the max. That’s why I overload my RAM 1500. Remember?
              It’s not gonna be a problem to overload a Raptor anymore.

          2. Sounds like you are at least consistent with bad brand decisions. Save yourself the trouble and money. Go buy a Yamaha. Then you can trade that POS Ram in on a Ford. Then the amoumt of drama in your life is reduced by probably 50%. I should have been a therapist,its so easy and rewarding to help people with their life problems

            1. Well, CanAm is on pair with Ford decision to put the intercooler as low as possible and to use a cheap fan, but I have to give a CanAm credit, because they make models with radiator relocated on the top of the front rack for muddy or swamp offroading. I was testing Yamaha, but rear Double A wishbone doesn’t work very good on trails I am driving on. It slips to the ditch all the time with the wheels, when suspension articulates, because it changes the wheels track ​width.
              CanAm is steady, you can count on the past you choose to go on. It won’t pull you left and right , because of suspension articulation.
              I tested that. CanAm is steady like Honda with solid rear axle, but it has independent very comfy rear suspension and much more comfy front one ,than anything else.
              Yamaha had a problems with power steering getting flooded, CanAm did not.

              No worries. 2021 Raptor will have intercooler relocated from the factory as well.
              You are stuck on roads, or desert with Raptor for now.

      1. Very true. I always wonder what enforcement does with these rigs. After a manufacturer has to invest so much effort and time into these vehicles and then someone chops it up. The vehicles bumper is designed under crash testing and then you stick a block of steel up front putting yourself and others at possible risk.

        I just got out of a safety Indic for the mines and a guy replaced a pin on the scoop tram with a removable type to make it easier to switch buckets and it wasn’t OEM approved and the pin flew out under load and hit him in the back of the neck killing him instantly so now no modifications are allowed on any vehicle or you lose your job and your banned from site indefinitely.

        There is also insurance problems when the insurance companies find out your vehicle was modified and in an accident your going to have problems and when you notify them they may allow it but your rates go up. And they go up for good reasons. Insurance companies may be dictatorships on these mods in the future. Right now I cannot buy a gyro with floats because insurance companies won’t insure it. Manufacturers can build it and its legal to fly under Transport Canada if you are licences but no one can get insurance.

          1. Only if you get the super high country midnight ltz rtr package. Otherwise 5.3 and 6-speed. Sorry

      1. Maybe a company like this willl sell a bumper that saves fuel for the Raptor. Then make one for the Tacoma that’s already has less drag coefficient than a Colorado. Save even more fuel

        I hate mods that should have been done by the manufacturer. Wasn’t going to read this but this post was worth it. 🙃

        1. Funny! Yeah, we should have some more options available from the factory. I will say some of the aftermarket stuff now really has great quality.

          On another note, my four month old Yukon is in the shop for loose body parts, weird suspension noises, and either a cracked body mount or busted shock or both. These smooth roads are beating this poor thing up. Maybe it’s those awful speed bumps at the Target parking lot.

    3. They did a couple honey badger colorados for sema one had the ripp supercharger wonder if they have it somewhere so you guys can test it out would love to see that.

      1. Take a look at the mallet cars supercharger kit. Its a TVS1900 so it probably makes better low end torque. If I decide to ever buy a Colorado then thats the way I am gunna go.

    4. You guys going back and forth on the intercooler seems to be meaningless, but I will point out a small issue that the eco-boost has no one has brought up. You can NOT get snow prep plow package on the eco-boost engine truck. Idk if this company invertinly knows that moving the intercooler up might for a winch might have able to stumbled on having a snow plow mounted on eco-boost truck. Just a thought.

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