• Towing on the Highway with the 2017 Ram Power Wagon: 9,000 Lbs Trailer [Video]

    2017 ram power wagon trailer towing

    How does the 2017 Ram Power Wagon tow? This is precisely what we wanted to find out. The Power Wagon is based on the Ram 2500 HD platform, but it has a unique suspension setup with single-rate coil springs and Bilstein shocks that provide great off-road articulation and a relatively comfortable ride on pavement. The Power Wagon cannot tow or carry as much weight as a regular 3/4-ton HD truck. (Towing and Payload specifications.)  The truck is rated at 9,790 lbs of maximum towing and 1,444 lbs of maximum payload for a base Power Wagon configuration.

    The 6.4L HEMI V8 engine is plenty strong for towing. It has the same rating as in other Ram HD trucks: 410 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. It is backed up by a 6-speed automatic transmission. This is the only power combination available for the Power Wagon. Don’t expect a Cummins I6 or a manual transmission anytime soon.

    The 6.4L HEMI and the 6-Speed provide ample propulsion and smooth shifting in this truck. The experience is the same when you hitch up about 9,000 lbs (as we did here). This “first towing” experience is not a very scientific test.  Ram provided us with the trailer and a relatively short highway loop north of Las Vegas, NV. This was enough to tell that the Power Wagon is a stable towing platform for this trailer weight.

    We will do more thorough testing of highway towing/empty MPG on our standard 100-mile highway loop, when we get the truck at our headquarters in Colorado. Stay tuned for much more coverage of the 2017 Power Wagon, as we get more time with it.

    Check out all the details in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    57 thoughts on “Towing on the Highway with the 2017 Ram Power Wagon: 9,000 Lbs Trailer [Video]

    1. I like, that this special off road factory rig , with no match from competition, can still pull like a truck.
      Well done FCA.

        1. Less capable than a half-ton with the name Raptor? Try comparing it to something that can actually go off-road and you will see it’s plenty capable.

    2. Nice review. I just don’t understand how that is 9000 lbs. The wrangler is around 4500lbs and that type of a trailer is usually not more than 2500lbs, maybe 3000 at the most.

      1. Those Wrangler 4-doors are heavy beasts when built up like that one, usually around 6500lb – 7500lbs.

      2. Go to the video at 4:10…you can see this is a 6-lug wheel. It is a PJ trailer…go to their website and you can see this trailer weighs about 3,000lbs. Go to Jeep’s website and a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited has a base curb weight of 4,521lbs. Yes, the bigger tires and hi-lift jack add a touch of weight. I’m seeing 8,000lbs max, not 9k.

    3. Zv sorta thinking the same thing, unless the trailer is much heavier than we are thinking. Jeep might be around 5000 being 4 door. Idk

      As for video Andre not much to gain from it. Other than that it was good video. Skeptical about 9000 lb you was towing.

    4. Add heavy upgraded axles, tires & wheels, bumpers, winch, highlift jack, etc and they gain weight fast!!!

      1. I agree. There is a guy on lostjeeps that has a Jeep Liberty with a solid axle swap that weights ~6500 lbs up from about 4000 lbs stock. Once you add all the accessories the weight skyrockets. Skids and sliders are a lot.

    5. The power wagon would be struggling hard to pull that load up the IKE gauntlet. The Ford Raptor tows about 1800lbs less and carries about 250lbs less. The difference is that the Raptor would tow its load effortlessly up the IKE, and the Raptor is still a half-ton truck…not a huge 3/4 ton RAM. Aside from solid off-road credentials…the power wagon sucks.

      1. Thats what the Power Wagon was designed for; for serious off-road use. That’s why the RAM Power Wagon comes stock with the all the bells and whistles that one would ever need for serious off-road capabilities.

        Of course the Power Wagon rides stiffer and tows less than other 3/4 trucks in its class but hey, it does exactly what it was designed to do!

        Also, the Power Wagon has been around for decades and was used in WWII by the U.S. Military. It proved to be more than capable and reliable as there are vintage Power Wagons on display at classic car shows to this very day!

        The Power Wagon is a proud piece of American history and will forever be remembered! The ford raptor on the other hand, lacks the capabilities, the credibility, and the rich history that the Power Wagon has!

        It wasn’t easy, but hard work, brilliant minds, and determination came together to build what will forever be known as the Dodge, now RAM, Power Wagon!

        1. first off the power wagon has not been around for decades. It used to be made and then it wasnt. Then fca decided to take a 2500 series truck and put soft springs on it and stickers and called it a power wagon. As far as bells and whistle i have no idea what you mean by this. It has a few bells and that is it. Heck, it still has a manual transfer case. In any other truck this would be ridiculed. This truck has no history. It dont even have the dodge name that it used to.

          The Raptor has made a huge name for it. Everything even all the fca guys compare everything off road to the Raptor. Not bad for something that was just introduced a few years ago. Just because something has a sticker does not mean it means anything. Look at the name hemi. It is not even a true hemi engine. It is just an engine with a hemi name plate.

    6. How did they stick 3 good sized dudes and a 9000 lb trailer and not exceed payload. I mean 1444 lbs is for the base truck so this one had to have been less.

      1. I seen a review and this truck looks like the one in the review. When it was put on a scale it had 900 lbs of payload left.

    7. I saw this video the other day and I too was trying to figure out were the 9000 lbs is. Those trailers are not that heavy and I don’t know much about Jeeps but that Jeep would have to weight more than a Ram fully loaded 4 door 1500. I also noticed the engine cruising at a high 2500 rpm. I would have loved to see some video on the Jeep myself. Especially going off road. If I am going to tow a off road vehicle somewhere, what’s the point in having the power wagon?

      1. I know this might sound crazy but just bear with me for a second….could it be possible that instead of a another off-road vehicle, the power wagon could tow a camper or a contractor’s equipment trailer or anything else for that matter?

          1. Not off road, though. That’s my point. The PW wagon is good off-road and good for work. It’s not “great” at either one but that’s true for any multi-purpose vehicle. I don’t have a PW and doubt I would ever buy one but I’m happy as hell that cool trucks like this are being made today. I worry that if manufacturers start to listen to everyone that just points out the weaknesses of these vehicles, while ignoring thier strenghts or uniqueness, then we may not see more like them in the future. Of course a standard Ram 2500 or F250 has higher capacities. But neither one of those would even come close to hanging with the PW in real off-road situations.

            1. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that manufacturers are coming out with these kinds of stuff. As long as people buy them, they will still look at ways to making things better. But the power wagon is no different than most 4 wheel drive trucks other than it locks the front axle in 4×4 low and disconnects the front sway bar in 4×4 low. No one is towing a trailer where that is needed. You will destroy your trailer. If you can come up with an example that would be great because right now i cannot think of one. That’s why I said what I said. The power wagon should have been more exclusive like the Raptor is. Everything is special about the Raptor. Ram should have raided the hell cat engine bin for a power plant for starters. Most people will not take their $60K+ truck off road where the max articulation is needed. Once the tires clear the obstacle, the body will absorb the rest.

          2. I can’t reply to your reply below so have to do it here, out of sequence.
            I dont think’s the point of a PW is to pull a trailer off-road. It’s that it can go do serious off one day and pull a relatively heavy trailer the next. I don’t think that what most people would actually do with their vehicles has much relevence here- and thank goodness for that. If that mattered we woudn’t have the PW, or the Raptor, or Vette ZR1 or a BMW M5.
            In reality, more people will probably go off-road than drive up the IKE with a maxed out GCWR and yet we all appreciate the trucks that excell in that particular test.

            1. Honestly everyone says the power wagon can do serious off roading and I have yet to see an example of it. In fact if you go back to when the comparo was released I expected the Power wagon to kill every competitor. So far due to possible damage to the trucks all of the trucks can do some serious off roading. So this is why I now wish Ram would have made the power wagon more special. But I suppose since FCA is going broke they didn’t have the funds to really make this truck stand out. It’s a shame because the potential was there.

            2. speaking of ignorant, google came up with ziver aka putc ram is always wrong. Your link kills me, it is not comparison. It is a fca spectacle. Next time have another truck in the review where that other truck cannot go.

              I love it when you are wrong because you become angry and start the name calling. typical behavior from you. Of course it is easy to spot because you are always wrong.

      2. Jimmy Johns,

        First and foremost, nothing about the Raptor is special. Just making that clear. Ford won’t even offer a V8 in the Raptor and the customer has settle for a ecoboost motor. Thus, the Raptor doesn’t sound as nice as the 6.4 liter HEMI that is stuffed under the hood of the RAM Power Wagon.

        As for off-road capabilities, TFL Truck posted a video a while back where their first generation Raptor got stuck in the snow going up a hill while off-roading and their 80’s Chevrolet project truck, dubbed “Big Green”, had to rescue it. They later went up the hill again, this time in “Big Green” and had no problems making the climb.

        As for the Power Wagon, I’ve seen plenty of videos that highlight its serious off-road capabilities and prove to potential buyers, fans, and others that the Power Wagon does what it was meant to do.

        Bottom line, if your goal is to show off, by all means purchase the Raptor. But if your actually man enough to take your truck off-road (and no I don’t mean desert running), then I highly recommend purchasing the Power Wagon!

    8. Go back to putc everyone 😉 It seems that it’s ok to only bash ram on this site. As soon as someone says something negative about ford or GM, this gets thrown around “go back to PUTC”. Hypocrites!

    9. Well, someone mentions Super Crew Raptor payload of 310 lbs less and towing 1000 lbs less. It’s not too much of a difference for a 1ton truck, where payload and towing numbers are much greater, but it means to take 2 more people with you , or leave them at home ,or pull that trailer,or not in Raptor’s case, especially loaded Super Cabin with just 740lbs of payload and 6000 lbs of towing capacity. Power Wagon has double of payload in this case and it makes a huge difference for someone, who wants to use it still as a truck,like me.
      Just imagine how wobbly and unsafe the drive would be in Raptor pulling 8000 lbs behind the SuperCrew ,because all of that RTI number is done by the rear axle softness and articulation.
      The loaded Super Cabin is completely out of the picture to pull any travel trailer safely and would be nerve wracking experience.

      1. It seems your assuming every powerwagon actually has 1444 lbs of payload, which they likely dont. Base vs base the raptor supercrew is 244 lbs less payload.

        Why are you even talking about the supercab raptor? Your comparing a 1/2 ton supercab with a 5.5′ bed to a 3/4 crew cab with a 6.5′ bed, hardly something anyone would cross shop.

        1. No matter what putc ram has to bring Raptor into conversation and list the lowest possible numbers for the Raptor and compare to rams max numbers.

          1. I didn’t bring Raptor to the discussion. Troverman did first. I just didn’t mention him, like you do all the time. The evidence is in this forum.

        2. Base Power Wagon has payload of 1510 lbs, base Raptor SuperCrew has 1200 lbs of payload.
          Load it with gizmos and one of them is still going to be useful for towing and payload and other one not at all.

      2. Putc ram! Maybe you can point out how unsafe the Raptor would be at towing since you mentioned it like you have a clue.

          1. Only to you, an anti Ford person that speculates a lot and is wrong all the time. Thank you for pointing that out yet again.

    10. Sorry to say if i want a little bit more 4×4 capability i sure as hell wouldnt buy a power wagon or a Raptor for that matter and still plan to use it like a “truck”. Ive got a cclb F350 yhat is leveled on 35″ tires. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say if i threw a front e locker in it and put on some manual sway bar disconnects i could go just about anywhere a power wagon could and still have all my payload and towing capacity. And I believe this not just for Ford but any of the big 3 HD’s. Hell without that I’ve never said I wish i had a front locker. Like stated above most people arent going to seriosly 4x their 50k+ trucks. Their gonna tow their toy to desired location and then 4x with it. I like the idea of these trucks, raptor included but 99% of people buying them are lying to themselves about what they need those capabilities for. I live in the Mountains of Montana and I bet ive done way more “off roading” in my f350 than most buyers of these teucks ever will. I’ll wind my rant down but in summary if you want a toy buy a toy, if you want a truck buy a truck.

      1. Well said. I think we can all agree that a $10K used Jeep with $5K in upgrades can go places that no $60-$70k PW or Raptor can. People want cool toys and if they can afford them, more power to ’em. Not everything needs to be practical or “needed”. I drive a 3/4 ton crew cab becasue my 4 year old son thought it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen when we came across it (used) while shopping for a new BMW M3. Do I really need a 3/4 ton? Of course not. Do I want it? Hell yes. It actually turned out to be much more practical and useful than I had expected but I’ll be the first to admit that i’ll never use more than 10% of what this beast is capable of. Who cares though, my son has a smile on his face each morning I drive him to school in it.

        1. exactly. And you will have more fun it in it because you wont be afraid to damage the body either. My choice would be a nice cool truck to tow the ultimate off road machine if i wanted to do some serious off roading.

          1. That’s what I do. I tow CanAm Outlander 450L with my RAM to go places in Rockeys no one can any way possible.

            1. I have to admit, I won’t be able to handle a dirt bike anymore in the terrain I go without an injury and I let those young guys pass me on the solid trail, but I go across a swamp or very steep hill without a hesitation.
              On the road is a different story and I enjoy my Versys 1000 with all my soul fully.

            2. finally putc ram something we can agree on. Even though I prefer 2 wheels banging gears through trails or even making your own in the woods is thrilling. Especially when you make a camping weekend out of it.

            3. Yes, I am going tomorrow again. It’s going to be muddy, but I don’t care. I need to get out of the city.
              See, we can get along.I would let you pass me on the trail.

          2. No, Southern Alberta has Chenook, like Montana enjoys. It suppose to be +13°C ~ 55°F tomorrow. Still planty of snow on the Rockeys, but none in the city. Roads are gonna be dry, except the Forestry roads.
            This is kind of forum foundation I want to build on.
            I really appreciate the TFL approach to make their web site as fair as possible.
            Have a great weekend.

    11. Brewha, I’m willing to bet you don’t need a front locker. If you have a rear E locker as most Superdutys do, I bet it will do very well off road.

      1. It has the e locker and yes it does do very well off road. Its also got the downhill descent control that works very well but is something that will notget used….. hardly ever. One more good example of off road capability that wont get used and like i said earlier I bet I use more off road features than 99% of all Raptor and PW buyers. Between hunting, firewood, farming, and other random things and then heavy towing between my gooseneck and fifth wheel its well used but way more capabilities rhan even i use

      2. Here is a one reason, I am thinking of Power Wagon. I don’t know how in the USA , but in Canada, the RAM 2500 4×4 has the same price like Power Wagon, once you get a heated seats, 6.4 HEMI and rear back up camera and remote start package, which is a minimum must for a safety and convenience in here. It’s a no brainier , but USA might have a different packages and pricing. Just to clarify, why I defend a Power Wagon as my choice for my needs in here.
        I tried to configure a 2500 model many times before and I end up with Power Wagon. Very strange, but if you don’t need more than 1500 lbs of payload, Power Wagon makes a sense in Canada.

        1. That’s cool than, i mean if the capabilities work wise are more than you need than great. I just think its funny when people get all worked up about specs and how one is better than the other when they don’t use 50% of the capability of their regular old tryck in the driveway

    12. My v-10 and my 4 place snowmobile trailer gets me to the snow. When there is no snow she be parked and 86 turbo coupe bird totes me around.

    13. Was on the Ford lot looking at trucks. Mercy any DSL that is xlt or above is over 60 grand. I did see some duallys over 50 pretty much work trucks (XL). When you get to that King ranch and platinum, looking at 70 grand. They had 6.2 1 ton single platinum for 66. I’d imagine if was a DSL it would be pushing 75+. So my assessment was pretty much close to what I said. If I bought what I did in 06 today it would be ten Grand more easy plus maybe couple more.

      Most of the half ton in 50 grand range. King ranch platinum over 60.

      You can almost buy 2 mustang GT’s for lded out platinum f-150.

    14. Trucks sure are good cash cows for manufacturers. I bet even more competition wouldn’t put a dent in their profits for the demand is so high. Well at least it keeps TFLtrucks busy.

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