• Stock 2017 Ford Raptor Not Fast Enough? Try the 605 HP VelociRaptor by Hennessey Performance

    2017 ford raptor hennessey velociraptor
    2017 Hennessey Performance VelociRaptor

    What do you do when a stock 450 horsepower 2017 Ford Raptor is just not fast enough for you? We tested the acceleration of 2017 Raptor versus the first-gen. 2014 Raptor, and the brand-new truck ran a 6.17 second 0-60 MPH at a mile above sea level. The stock Raptor is already the fastest accelerating truck that we have ever tested. Still, one can never get enough!

    Hennessey Performance now has a solution for all of the power-hungry Ford Raptor owners. How does 605 hp @ 6,000 rpm and 622 lb-ft of torque @ 4,000 rpm sound? They call it the VelociRaptor 600. Hennessey claims a 4.2 second 0-60 MPH acceleration and a 12.9 second quarter mile at or near sea level. These numbers sound feasible, considering how quick the stock truck is.

    Hennessey used a combination of better-flowing hardware (intake and exhaust) and modified software (engine management upgrade) to get to these power numbers. Only 100 VelociRaptors will be built in 2017. How much does the system cost? If you have to ask …

    Get all the 2017 VelociRaptor 600 Specs.

    Check out performance test and drag race right here.

    Also, here is the 2017 Raptor in Moab, UT – facing off against the 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and 2017 Ram Power Wagon.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    45 thoughts on “Stock 2017 Ford Raptor Not Fast Enough? Try the 605 HP VelociRaptor by Hennessey Performance

      1. Dan, remember that TFL tested the Raptor at high elevation. Car and driver pulled a 5.1 0-60 and a 13.8 1/4 mile. So I can see the claim being correct.

        1. The big difference is tfl posts real times while the car mags post “theoretical corrected” times. They never reveal what they actually did.
          So in that case, Hennessy is probably also listing a theoretical time

          1. What do you base that theory on? Someone posted the actual video. Since TFL has their time at 11,000 feet above sea level the CD times are very realistic along with Hennessy claim. Not unrealistic at all.

      2. You are also forgetting one was done a mile above sea level and one was at sea level. That alone changes a lot.

    1. Car and Driver got a 5.0 flat on their full test so 4.2 is very doable with that upgrade. I expected even more.

    2. TFL had the F150 do a 0-60 in 6.27s but it was at a disadvantage.

      F150 had quad cab where Raptor had extended cab

      F150 had 3:55 gears instead of the available 3:73 gears

      So I think the Raptor is gutless for it power to weight to cost ratio when I can buy an F150 that is likely faster.

      And Roman can boost his Raptor to 810HP with 747lb-ft of torque with his 6.2V8 and its a 2014. This would obviously even destroy the HD trucks up the gauntlet.

      Why would anyone buy the new Raptor and buy this package when they can buy a 2014 with a V8 and get the 810HP package.???

      1. Car and Driver just got 5.7 out of the Crew Cab F-150. That’s not bad at all. I think Ford only boosted the hp by 10 to see what GM does when it upgrades and then they will boost the ho even more.

        1. For reliability I have to wonder how much they will add for HP. Turbos are just like super chargers and even NA engines. You design one around the power and you want. To have top end HP on a turbo you sacrifice low end torque. The same goes for any air aided power adder. Depending on how much HP increase Ford wants to add, it may require spinning the turbos higher than they want for reliability. To be honest even at the 45 and 55 HP disadvantage the 3.5 has over the GM 6.2L, it clearly does not have an issue hanging with it. What I find interesting is the 2.7L is quicker than the 3.5L. Or was. So that leads me to believe the 3.5L is programmed to be a puller than a rocket. Like a diesel would be. Just way faster.

          1. No, ford just underrated the crap out of the 2.7. The Dyno graphs of the stock 2.7 from shops like 5Star tuning, show that the 2.7 is just about as powerful at the 2016 3.5.

            I would guess that most trucks with 2.7’s are lower trims and are probably lighter so any small power disadvantage it might have is negated.

            1. JJ and JS, bot good points. I think they left plenty of wiggle room on the 3.5 and that engine is capable 2.7. As for the 2.7, I think we are seeing what used to go on in the 60s with muscle cars (and with Audi and BMW) in that they have this engine seriously underrated like Jay S said.

            2. Very interesting, I haven’t seen anything on the 2.7L. May have to find those graphs over the wknd. I drove one last year and it was fun to drive.

            3. Check stage 3 motorsports. They sell 5stars’ tunes and have stock and tuned dyno graphs for the 2.7 and 3.5. they are pretty close. They even have a graph of the 2.7 vs the gm 5.3 and the 2.7 beats it by a good amount across the entire rpm range despite the 5.3 being rated higher.

      2. Classic Rambling Bro Bulls..t

        “Raptor is gutlless for its power to weight ratio – show me anything with a warranty that actually beats its and has 14″ travel with 35” real off road tires and beadlocks?

        F150 likely beat it – put just the F150 light weight tires and wheels on the Raptor and see what happens?

        Raptor with 6.2 supercharged would destroy any HD truck up the Ike – are you really this dense or just up to your usual Rambling idiotic statements? First off we all know the Raptor doesn’t have the payload to hold the tounge weight, then the axle could never come close to holding that power, torque, weight, and heat for the entire Ike with 23,000lbs. What about brakes?

        If you buy a 2014 and add the 810pkg is there a warranty with that? How’s the resale going to be – not as good as stock I guarantee it! What about cost and installing that so called pkg?

        These are all many reasons people are lining up to buy new Raptors!

        Thank Gid you don’t build trucks for a living!!!

        1. Where can you use 810 hp off-road without killing yourself? Unless you have a trophy truck suspension you’ll end up launching off some whoop into a canyon or something.

        2. Hennessy offers the same warranty on the 810hp package as they do on this 605hp package. It’s 100hp per hole and the V8 is the better deal here if your into wasting this kind of money with no warranty on the truck. Hennessy only warranties their parts.

    3. OK gang, where is Rambro? There may finally be a truck with enough power for him! JK, Rambro…

      1. This is a minimum power for me and it is a big HP number, but the truck is big and heavy. A midsize truck at 4500-Lbs would only need 465HP to match this velociraptor. You can easily get that out of a 5000 dollar bolt on supercharger added to the ZR2. Its really not that fast. The F150 Roush package in the lighter F150 at 650HP is a far superior truck over this one for cheaper. Yes the Raptor has the suspension but not all of us need that focus, to that degree on a truck.

        1. I have driven a few roush products. They claim big HP numbers but performance is really sad. JDM did an article on a roush truck in which they claimed big HP numbers. The dyno showed that they grossly over rated their numbers. In fact JDM was able to make more HP to the tires with bolt on parts vs the roush supercharger. Roush stuff is just slow for the money.

          1. Arnt their power numbers at the crank though? So a 605 HP crank ecoboost is like 480 whp. People were getting up to the 450 whp range on the 1st gen ecoboost with tunes and exhaust before the big turbos and fueling came out.

            1. Yea but when you compare a stock truck rear wheel power to the rough it was just barely over stock. If you calculate crank power the driveline loss would be incredible for their advertised crank power

    4. There is a reason they have a zillion dollars because to me these packages are over priced but apparently there are a lot of people out there willing to shell it out so more power to them.

    5. “These aren’t the trucks you are looking for.” You deserve better.

      Join the movement across the world.
      It is converging the auto industry, power/electrical companies, and the computer industry.

      Is called the GoPow movement.

      No more boy’s toys please.
      No more low quality and high-priced junk(at least Toyota level quality).

      Think a mix between a Via Motors truck/Vtrux, a diesel heavy duty PowerWagon, a military truck, and a Tesla.

      5-8 thousand pound payload AND long suspension tralve IS unarguably doable. It has been done in military and even commercial industry.
      Make it electric propelled
      A plug-in hybrid, the kind that is supported by a diesel on board generator engine
      No transmission, no linkages.
      Just a diesel engine hooked to a generator, and 4 electric motors in each wheel.
      Give it an electric outbound power plug
      Body mmust be made of aluminum or magnesium or composit so it won’t rust out.
      A steel frame is fine, because a heavy duty frame is thick enough to not rust for a very long long time.
      All competing automakers will use the same exact interchangeable frames(although 2 width variations and maybe 5 lenght variations).
      A full skid plate underneath that also acts as part of the frame structure.
      Make it autonomous
      If a part does not last 500k miles, it should be easily removable and replaced.

      Consumers must demand it. The demand must be by a majority of people.
      Consumers must not be stupid, and value tools, not toys. Be men and women,not boys and girls.
      Stop thinking inside the box.
      The engineering is not the problem, the will to do it and our unwise stupidity is the problem.
      Stop spending your life’s savings on shiny junk.
      Voters must set the auto industry free to make inexpensive quality.
      So we can afford it, build it in Timbuktu, or change America’s laws so we can build it here.

      I should say, at least some of you are starting to get it.

      I’ll keep hammering it into your skulls with my electronic handkerchief.

      1. Yes! Let’s all demand flying submarine dump trucks that run on environmentally friendly unicorn farts!

        1. All his posts are the same so I’ve stopped reading them. We just need to have your trucks manufactured in timbuktu and they will be cheaper and faster and more reliable. Ignore the R&D, engineering and testing that cost millions or billions of dollars, that doesnt factor in.

          Also I have yet to see a “long travel” military vehicle. There are military vehicles with a lot of travel and independent suspension but the dont go fast and wouldnt do well in the Baja 1000 compared to say, a trophy truck.

      1. Probably. I think they just open the throttle body and close the wastegates on the turbo via the ECU tuning so there is no reason they should need to get rid of it.

        1. Or a built in Yeti cooler with an automatic beverage of your choice dispenser? Give the people a choice – if you like beer you can brew your favorite beer or fresh filtered water or soda. Then people would complain because they prefer spring water…

    6. That is so freaking awesome that you can tweak an already bad ass 3.5 that already leaves the competition in the dust and make it even more dominate so easy!!!! Thankyou FORD!!!!!

      1. You can do this to any vehicle if you have the money for it and build it to better than what this Raptor is. It still voids the Ford Warranty

    7. I wonder if Hennessy does the standard Ecoboost 3.5 engine in the f-150. That would be something I would be interested in.

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