Fiat, Are You Still Working on a Ram Midsize Pickup Truck? Fiat Toro Caught in Michigan [Spied]

2018 fiat toro midsize pickup truck michigan ram
Fiat Toro – Ram midsize pickup? (by Andy)

There is a lot of chatter about Ram Trucks redesigning their Ram 1500 and the Ram HD trucks. There is less talk about Ram (or Fiat) bringing a midsize truck competitor into the U.S. market. The midsize pickup segment continues to grow, and we are all eagerly awaiting the next Ford Ranger and Jeep Wrangler pickup over the next two years. Will Ram (or FCA) jump in and compete?

Andy caught this Fiat Toro driving on a highway near Ann Arbor, Michigan this morning. Thanks for providing the images.

Ram Trucks have been cautious about the midsize segment, studying the market and working on potential business cases. The main concerns being fuel economy and price of a midsize entry. The redesigned 2017 Honda Ridgeline is having a successful launch, it sold 3,265 units in February 2017 in the U.S., which is a bigger number than the Titans sold by Nissan and Canyons sold by GMC. Can a smaller unibody pickup truck, such as the Fiat Toro, find success as well? Surely, FCA and Ram Trucks are thinking about this.

(image by Andy)

FCA’s global design chief, Ralph Gilles, recently made the following statement “I meant, I love the new 2017 Fiat Toro sold in Latin America, no plans to sell in the U.S.” This statement was made on Feb 9th, 2017. It appears a midsize pickup truck from Ram is still a long away. As car companies become more global, vehicle platform sharing becomes more feasible. FCA also has access to the tiny Fiat Strada pickup truck that is sold in Brazil and other countries. We will have to wait and see.

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