• Bollinger Motors EV Sport Truck: Could this be an Electric Jeep Wranger Contender?

    bollinger ev sport truck all electric
    Bollinger EV Sport Truck

    Bollinger Motors teases us with this partial image of their all-electric sport truck vehicle. Bollinger has a vision of a fully electric truck/SUV that will feel at home on a difficult off-road trail as well as on the pavement. The teaser shows a vehicle with a relatively short wheelbase and very simple and utilitarian body design with exposed door hinges. The styling has that rugged and simple flavor that resembles the Jeep Wrangler.

    The Bollinger truck is said to have an aluminum chassis, adjustable air suspension, and removable/convertible cab panels. Does this remind you of anything? Yes, this is right up the alley of the Jeep Wrangler and the upcoming Jeep Wrangler pickup.

    The Bollinger sport truck reportedly will have a dual electric motor all-wheel-drive system, and “best in class” torque, horsepower, ground clearance, and power-to-weight ratio. Bollinger Motors does not specify which class the truck falls under. The company says that the sport truck will compete in the “full-size truck” segment. It’s still too early to say what this means. Will it compete against the likes of the Ford Raptor, the Chevy Tahoe Z71, or both?

    This is intriguing to say the least.

    Bollinger says that we will see a complete prototype in the summer of 2017 (just a few months away).

    Founder and CEO of the company, Robert Bollinger, says:

    I envisioned the vehicle as the ultimate truck for work and play and the perfect truck for ranchers, builders, and off-roaders but without the environmental effects and carbon footprint of a traditional gas-powered SUV.

    Will the Bollinger sport truck ever reach production? Time will tell, but I would love to see it come to fruition.

    Here is another EV off-roader truck – the Chevy ZH2 concept, which is a Hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    25 thoughts on “Bollinger Motors EV Sport Truck: Could this be an Electric Jeep Wranger Contender?

    1. Who knows if it will even see the light of day, but the fact that it even is being discussed is great for consumers. Tesla, though not profitable yet, has found a niche clientele all over the world. The range of their batteries has increased considerably since going on sale, which is great news for the entire industry. The obvious torque advantage of going electric is huge for any company that can also offer a decent mileage range out in the bush as well as the highway. Good luck to Bollinger.

      1. Nick I know you are gun ho on this electric vehicle, but are electric capacity is being stretched so much that the electric is and has been going up in price. Demand is out pacing supply.

        1. Dang I almost spit out my water when I read that. Not sure why it’s so funny but it sure was. At least in my world.

    2. 1. Make it a one ton hauler with off road suspension and a diesel generator with an electric outbound plug.

      2. Make it as good quality as a Toyota.

      3. So we can afford it, build it in Timbuktu, or change America’s laws so we can build it here.

      4. Oh yeah, and make the frame steel, but the body out of aluminum or magnesium or composite so it doesn’t rust out from underneath us.

      5. Autonomous.

      6. Otherwise, it will just be for the stupid masses and cost too much.

      Isn’t it time we demand real tools and stop playing with these toys?

    3. Let’s hope they are successful. Competition improves the breed….of all trucks.

      It will likely need twice the performance of a gasser in order to convince many truck luddites.

    4. If it has independent motors on each tire then it could be epic off road. They can apply the perfect amount of torque to each wheel to not slip.

      1. The article said “dual electric motor all-wheel drive system”, so that sounds like two electric motors

        1. Tesla has 4 motors so you basically have the advantage of 4 wheel lock and AWD in one package. Like combining the Raptors AWD with the Power Wagons 4 wheel lock in all conditions at any speed.

    5. The other day I was imagining a Toyota Tacoma TRD Hybrid with a gas-electric system that can be compatible with off-road. I’d like to see this come to fruition.

    6. I like the idea. If you are into nature and off roading how nice would it be going through trails at a whisper. Sure the big honking engine noise is nice but sometimes outside is nice in the quiet like canoeing, biking(pedal), hiking.

      1. The idea is only good if we have enough electricity to meet the demand to charge this vehicle cheaply. Right now are demand for electricity is out pacing are demand.

    7. I think the biggest issue with wheel motors is that you end up with a lot of unsprung weight, which can really hurt performance. If they can lighten them up significantly, then they may be more feasible.

      In that vein of thought, I can see an advantage to a 2wd truck with electric motor on the opposite axle, applying electric assistance for on-demand AWD when needed, with efficiency of a 2wd when the AWD is not needed. Honda Ridgeline would have a big advantage here if/when trucks start moving in that direction.

    8. Great comments all! Please stay tuned to our Bollingermotors.com/blog and social channels for more updates leading up to our public reveal this summer

    9. If you run out of battery power on the side of the road it would be nice if there was a connection where another car can give you some hydro just enough to get to a charging station. Rather than run for gas. If your stuck in the bush and have the solar panels you can recharge anywhere as long as the sun is out.

      There is going to be a lot of fun and interesting new ideas coming from this as it grows exponentially in the future. Being able to power your house in a power outage, running tools on a construction site for the average Joe without a generator. Couple of times I needed power from the plug in the Tacoma has in the box but it is not strong enough to run a skill saw. I know there is a myriad of new ideas this will bring. It is going to get interesting.

        1. No kidding eh! Bring back the hand crank on the front of the vehicle and go to town to recharge your vehicle when your in a bind. LOL

          Maybe incorporate the charger into your treadmill at home so your recharging your vehicle as you work out.

    10. No, you guys still aren’t getting it.

      Its only incongruous to stupid people. For instance, a steel frame of a one tone is so heavy duty, that it takes forever for it to rust, so no problem. But the body is thin, so can’t be steel.

      Also, its not going to run out of energy, it has a diesel motor that generates power for the batteries and electric motors. Like a locomotive. and since it is a one ton heavy duty, it has five to 8 thousand pounds of payload to carry plenty of fuel.

      There is nothing stopping us from getting machines like this but stupid consumers and voters who want to play like boys and girls rather than be men and women.

      1. I have been wondering why the don’t try a solution like the Chevy volt in a truck, but diesel. Give it all wheel electric power, and a small diesel gen with Regen breaking to keep it charged.

    11. I should say, st least some of you are starting to get it.

      I’ll keep hammering it into your skulls with my electronic handkerchief.

    12. I find it amazing that most of you all think we have a never ending supply of electricity. Sad thing is we don’t. The demand for electricity is out growing more than we are producing.

      Then I read some kinda of engine to produce the electricity for the motors. Well shot why don’t you just get a normal 4wd vehicle save your self the headaches.

      Don’t matter what we do petroleum is still the cheapest way to power are vehicles.

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