• 2018 Ford F-150 Prototype? Take a Look at this Dual Exhaust System! [Spied]

    2018 ford f150 dual exhaust system spy v8
    Ford F-150 dual exhaust system (by Jacob S)

    Take a look at the exhaust system on this Ford F-150 test truck. Thanks to Jacob S, we get a detailed look at a dual exhaust system on this F-150 truck at a Ford facility in Michigan. There are more questions here than answers, so please help us out if you know and can share any details.

    We know that Ford is working on an updated power plant lineup for the 2018 F-150 of no fewer than five engines. There is a base 3.3L naturally aspirated V6 engine, two EcoBoost V6 engines, a “Coyote” V8, and a 3.0L turbo-diesel V6 that is coming later in spring of 2018, according to Ford.

    Currently, only the 2017 Ford Raptor comes with a dual exhaust system from the factory. Those outlets are round. The tips on the black truck pictured here are squared-off. Their cross-section is somewhere between two and three inches, visually comparing it to the 2-inch hitch receiver.

    The camouflaged truck you see in the image below has the updated 2018 tail-lights, which the black truck does not. Ford is working to boost power and efficiency across the engine lineup. We are looking forward to learn more about this.

    Will this exhaust system make it to production in 2018 or later? Is this a personal truck with an aftermarket system? We cannot answer this question yet.

    Here is the latest information that we know about the 2018 Ford F-150 engine lineup.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    56 thoughts on “2018 Ford F-150 Prototype? Take a Look at this Dual Exhaust System! [Spied]

    1. This is just a hunch but I notice a lot of trucks around have mufflers cut off or custom exhausts for sound. And manufacturers make a loud truck from the factory, like a Rumble Bee or All Terrain X. Maybe Ford wants to put something out like that?

      1. To all the people out there that don’t pay attention to Vehicles going down the road here’s an FYI or a bright red truck that do exhaust system is already on the production 2017 Raptor so it’s not some new exhaust system they’re coming out with 2018 it’s already in production on the Raptors and why would Ford need to make a diesel powered F-150 other than to just sell more of them because the Ecoboost V6 already kicks most gas powered engines in the ass other than the diesel 3/4 there’s only two gasoline engines in production that make more horsepower or Torque than the Ford F-150 Ecoboost V6 so chevy( you can’t even make their own diesel they have to have East Susan make it for them and don’t make their own diesel either that’s why they have Cummins Motors.. can stick their stupid piece of shit everybody knows Ford trucks on the road and have been for well over fifty years

    2. I hope that is just an option because I hate exhaust popes that do that. Especially when towing. A common company in the RV world is the constant drone of the exhaust with a trailer behind you.

        1. I personally would want the exhaust coming out of the side like the first gen Raptor. I think the hitch and exhaust have the same plane across so it is a crap shoot on what scraps first. However i would rather scrap the hitch than polished tips. If i purchased a new Raptor I would look for a different exhaust anyways. Out the side.

        2. Finally somebody that realizes that exhaust system is already in production on the Raptors and now it won’t mess with your departure angle they don’t go past the bumper and to the person that thinks they cause issues with your retarded and yes those are off road tires because that’s obviously an F-150 with an off-road package

    3. If that’s the best Ford can do, please do better. Incorporate them into the bumper the way Ram did. Looks cheap to me.
      I’m hoping it’s a personal truck for Ford.

      1. Ram really didn’t incorporate them into the bumper. They just made a small half moon in the bumper for them to side kinda under. What would look like is actual incorporation like we see on SUV’s and cars.

        1. I am 100% in agreement. 45 them out through the corners of the bumpers. Doesn’t mess with departure angle and avoids some of the drone issue plus cheaper cause you don’t need pretty tips when they are hidden

          1. I like that idea a lot. If they are 45ed out the side, you wont be in exhaust when the truck is running when you are at the tail gate, or hooking up a trailer.

          1. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Just because ram offended your brand doesn’t mean you should be a douche

    4. Ram is a real piece of shit only thing good about any ram is the Cummings engine because they don’t build it

    5. I dont see the F150 stamped into the tailgate that it looks like ford is doing in 2018. My money that a personal truck.

    6. I think Ford should put some kind of Dual exhaust on it’s trucks. The single side exit just looks a bit old fashioned. I noticed the 2019 GM trucks have some sweet looking rectangular exhaust exits out the back.

      1. I googled that truck and honestly I hate them. It looks like some old parts from a Pontiac GTP or J.C Whitney catalog.

        I have to agree with others that maybe incorporating them into the bumper like an SUV like I mentioned above. Something clean and looks like it is part of the design of the truck. The Ram version looks like the exhaust hit the bumper and crushed it in, it is even wrinkled like it was crushed. Maybe just not have them exposed at all. Hidden and turned down on each corner or one side.

        1. Yeah Jimmy, looked up the GM. Should have made the ends black on the exhaust, they stick out like a sore dick. Maybe it will blend better with a chrome bumber. In the spy shots, they do look like crap.

          1. I have never heard that metaphor brfore but that is seriously funny. I may have to steal that from you.

    7. I think if ford does some type of rear exhaust? They would a much nicer finish on them like the SUV’s?? Besides its the best selling vehicle in 🌎 ! So wouldn’t they do a kick ass design? Just say’n

    8. Ford should have offered twins exhaust a longtime ago….Dodge has been doing it …..lots of people in my area…have installed custom installed twins…Ford needs to get in game with factory options twin exhaust

    9. I could 100 percent off, but does that look like a 5’5″ bed on that extended cab? Would love that option and probably would trade in my screw it.

      1. Only in the Raptor, They used to offer it, but I do think it looks a bit funny looking on anything but the Raptor.

    10. I think the truck with dual exhaust is a personal truck. Notice the tires, they appear to be GoodYear Duratracs, which would never be a Ford F150 factory tire.

    11. We only see a few current model F trucks out here so you guys would know better but the tailgate looks different, could it be a test mule for the new Ranger? The current Ranger is close to Effie size and its been hinted at over here that the next model will be slightly larger than the current one. There has also been some noise about shoehorning in the 3.5V6 or the coyote motor to take over the huge hole left now we no longer have a V8 Falcon ute and the current GM Commodore ute finnishes up in about 6 months. Word is that Ford have developed a new 3 litre turbo diesel to replace the current 3.2 litre one.

      1. I doubt you will see a 5.0 in the ranger. I don’t think the TT 3.5 will be in it either. TT 2.7 is possible. Think smaller​ David Pickford.

        1. I can’t see Ford putting a petrol (gas) engine in the Ranger for Australia. Most manufacturers here do not even bother to put petrol engines in pick ups. Only one I can think of that you can still buy with a petrol engine is the Hilux. Every other truck in the segment is diesel only. It used to be the other way around but as diesel technology improved people stopped buying petrol engined pick ups.

    12. Rear exit pipes may look cool but pose a huge problem to people who carry a hitch mounted bike rack!

      Ask me how I know? First time my buddy mounted his bike rack with bike on his new Ram 1500 Hemi we got to the trailhead and both of his tires were melted along with the rear wheel holder on his bike rack!!!

      Stupid idea really and they will get smashed off road on something sooner or later.

    13. For all the haters of FCA. Watch out, FCA brands- Chrysler, RAM, JeeP & the Alfa Romeo with it’s twin turbo V6 putting out 505 HP + rumors of RAM having a twin turbo V6 upcoming RAM 1500’s, who knows what FCA has instore? Bound to be real interesting, especially when the Gullia has a lot of similarities of other FCA vehicles with a sweet flare of Ferrari engineering. Watch out Ford and GM. Leaks of the new RAM on the internet have similarities of Alfa Romeo headlights.

      1. Gee… didn’t I say that I thought that there might be possible 3.6 TT v-6 from ram? Na you guys just crap on me not knowing what I’m talking about.

        Now if the rumers are true that ram will come with tt v-6. Will the hemi v-8 guys gravitate over to the TT v-6? 505 HP (I have my doubts) makes the 390 HP look weak and the 5.7 really behind the times.

        Ram man I don’t think Ford has anything to worry about , because they are far more ahead of ram and ram is playing catch up. I don’t think Chevy is really to concerned, because they already have TT v-6s and going to aluminum.

        1. I wasn’t implying Ram is going to jump up to #1, Ram will continue to chip away and continue to grow at a faster rate than they have. Year after year for the past 6 plus years ram has increased market share more than GM and Ford

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