• 2017 Ultimate Off-Road Pickup Drag Race: Six Trucks Wide! [Video]

    The question is very simple. Which one of these 2017 off-road pickup trucks is the quickest on dirt in a straight line? We asked truck manufacturers to submit their best off-roaders for 2017, and this is what we came up with in the end.

    All trucks were put into 4WD (high setting) with traction control disabled. The coarse was approximately 1/8 mile long. The first truck to the cones wins.

    2017 Off-Road Pickup Truck contenders are:

    2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro : 3.5L V6 with 278 hp and 265 lb-ft

    2017 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X: 4.0L V6 with 261 hp and 281 lb-ft

    2017 Ford Raptor: 3.5L twin-turbo V6 with 450 hp and 510 lb-ft

    2017 Nissan Titan 1500 PRO-4X: 5.6L V8 with 390 hp and 394 lb-ft

    2017 Ford F250 Super Duty FX4: 6.7L turbo-diesel V8 with 440 hp and 925 lb-ft

    2017 Ram Power Wagon: 6.4L V8 with 410 hp and 429 lb-ft


    Check out the video for all the action!

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    105 thoughts on “2017 Ultimate Off-Road Pickup Drag Race: Six Trucks Wide! [Video]

    1. I was a little surprised with the result. I knew the Raptor would be first but i figured the Nissan would be 2nd, not the Ford diesel. I was also surprised that a pair of mid 200HP mid sized beat out the Ram with it in the back of the pack. A group drag race is always fun though.

    2. I think #1 was rather predictable, as well as the Powerwagon lumbering in dead last. But the SD coming in 2nd??? Faster than the Nissan Titan with 390hp and a 7speed? Very surprising.
      Its interesting, in the clip or Roman saying “I’m gonna take…” he is basically door to door with the 2 midsize trucks, which end up 4th and 5th. What gives?

    3. Only surprise to me was the Ram… otherwise looked like fun, and thanks for delivering on what was requested.

    4. That Raptor sure is quite the rocket! I wonder how the Tesla would have done on that surface. Anyway thanks for the entertainment.

    5. So last time the Ram Power Wagon beat the Tacoma in the dirt race. Maybe this transmission in the Tacoma is starting to learn. The 2015 Tacoma with 236HP was just as fast and faster than the Frontier in many previous shootouts. The new Tacoma I think is still lugging off the start. If you watch the video you can see that big initial jump that the frontier gets and this is nice when you want to get out of an intersection quickly on busy roads, or roads that wont give you much of a chance to on board, you need that initial pep.

      I was surprised by the diesel as well, actually licking the heels of the Raptor the entire way?, what’s up with that?

      I did not see/notice a lot of spinning, looks like they all hooked up well.

    6. Keep in mind this location is at 5,000 feet above sea level. Of the six trucks that raced, two were turbocharged, and these trucks finished 1 and 2. Makes sense.

    7. It’s a stretch including a f250 6.7 diesel pickup in a test of off-road trucks. Can you imagine taking high speed turns or jumping with that nose-heavy beast? Why not include all three HD duallies too!

    8. And to further my point on the trucks not spinning much is that the 4×4 and their systems did not get tested here.

      It was great to watch and rarely done by journalist but I was hoping the ground would be looser to see which trucks 4×4 system and tire package came out on top.

      Andre did this in the snow with the GM SUV trying to see if the 4×4 system was better in 4Hi or better in Auto 4×4 where the front tires only grab if the rear tires grab.

      I was hoping to see which truck had the best traction in this shootout but there was no spinning here.

      And remove the traction control for one race and leave it on for another race so we can all argue about it. LOL

      1. *correction…if rear tires spin. He also tried 2 wheel drive and timed the differences of each and the 4×4 Hi came out on top.

        I think if the ground was loose the Tacoma’s A-trac front and back would shine here and the Raptors AWD. All the other trucks from what I understand have a loose diff up front and possibly in the rear as well depending on options. Meaning the tire with less traction spins which is opposite on the Tacoma and Raptor, where the tires with more traction will grab. Correct me if I am wrong?

        1. All of these trucks have 4wd traction control- meaning in 4wd High they use the same traction control that normally just controls the rear wheels. In 4wd high now it controls all 4 wheels and the brakes apply pressure to the spinning wheels. It is also connected to the throttle and will cut power if wheels are spinning too much.

          Some systems are tuned better that others. Subaru is a classic example as they have one of the best ones that actually stops the slipping wheel enough to drive when othet wheels are in the air.

          Toyota Tacoma with a-trac crawl control is the only one that keeps traction control active in Low Range and lets you adjust the different settings and speed.

          Ford is the only one that allows the rear locker to work in High range both 2wd & 4wd!

          What does this do? It allows in 4wd High range to have a fully locked rear axle with traction control up front- equals no slip any wheel. It deactivates traction control when you shift to low. I wish it would stay on in low like Toyota’s.

          It also allows in 2wd High range awesome donuts and a with a quick pull of the switch a locked rear to quickly get you through most obstacles that would make you shift to Low Range in the other brands to make the lockers work!

        2. They could do a two wheel drive test, the Fords would come out on top again because the e-locker in those works in 2 wheel drive, your Tacoma e-locker only works in 4 low.

    9. You should have run them at sea level so we wouldn’t hear the Fanboys complain.

      Great Video, or better yet, detuned the Raptor to let others win.

    10. Great job! If only you could take the average selling price and divide it into the times so you could show the performance per dollar. As much as I LOVE that Raptor, with the gouging that Ford dealers(at least in this area) are doing on them (and the Power Wagon, as well) this might be interesting to consider. I talked to our local dealership, and was told “on the Raptor,
      “don’t plan on much change if you bring in 100 thousand dollars” “All of ours have the xxx package that adds a light bar some alloy wheels and $12,500 to the price”. I went to the trouble of pricing out these items and found that I could purchase these items at full retail for less than $5,000. I would have to also purchase a ‘protection package’ which has tar sprayed on the bottom, Mop and Glow on the top and Scotchgard on the inside for $3,500. Again, I would have trouble paying over $300 at a normal retail (which is a gouge anyway). Having worked in a dealership for 20 years, the $300 represents a 100% profit from cost. Anyway the Ford dealer took one look at me and thought he could pay his rent on one sale. That ‘protection package’ costs $350 if applied to an F250 and you can say no to it, but not if applied to a Raptor. Same thing on a F150 with 3.5 Ecoboost. I decided to pass on a Raptor for now and maybe pick up a used one in a couple of years, if I decide I can’t live without it.
      It will be interesting to see what Chevy dealers will do on the Colorado Z02….

      1. To get the ZR2 properly equipped for off-road, (and not embarrass themselves) it will be priced near or the same as The Raptor. Mark my words.

        1. Humm… not even close. The ZR2 has a MSRP of 42k’ish, and the Raptor starts at 50k, and can rapidly approach 70k. The Raptor is impressive, and runs circles around the compitetion, but it isn’t inexpensive…

    11. I guess this makes up for Ford coming in dead last on the IKE Guantlet for this years TFL Gold Hitch Award. Saw some last and new generation Raptors the other day and they were immaculate. Looked as if they came off a showroom floor.

      What’s the point in paying that ridiculous price tag if your never going to truly take the truck off-road? Again, every Raptor I see is immaculate. Not to mention, the Raptor only excels at high speed desert running. Not what I personally have in mind when it comes to off-roading.

      1. I always a get kick out of these types of comments. It’s their money, they’re free to do as they wish.

        It’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

      2. Mike the point is, is they want that truck and they can afford it. So those owners purchased their trucks because that’s what they wanted. And don’t kid yourself, all of those trucks are going to be used mainly for daily driving or a toy. The power wagon will hardly see any serious off road. I mean who is going to take a 7000lb truck that is 18 feet long over massive rocks without a rock slider. The power wagon really doesn’t have much for under armor either. You will see mild off roading and the major stuff is left to the custom built Jeeps, Suzuki’s, Broncos, Blazers etc. not 2017 $60,000 trucks.

      3. Mike, you have to have auto industry knowledge and experience driving these vehicles to understand to many that these trucks are a luxury vehicle despite their advertising. The suspension on these trucks will make ride quality in a any other vehicle at any price range feel inferior especially on poor road conditions and many just want that comfort and strength for highway anomalies. I myself and I know others want something in their driveway that is somewhat out of the norm.

        And Elpancho is right and their are cars out there that cost 10 times maybe more than other cars that will do exactly the same thing for the driver but the price goes up because of brand name and availability.

        Off road ability is also a status quo that is very popular as a selling feature regardless if you ever go off road and then their are the apocalypse individuals who know at some point they will need off road capability even if it is for one day, they do not want to be left stranded.

        I could go on and on but off road is a big selling feature even if you live in suburbia, rarity and availability drives the price up, the comfort is second to no vehicle out there, except maybe the ZR2, we shall see and the safety of knowing your vehicle is safe from road damaged roads is another big seller. Just lately in my city I have seen physically 2 cars being pulled to the graveyard from hitting a massive pothole and one truck (the irony) was an F150 sitting on the side of the road just after a crater in the road and the rear tire broke from the axle and was in the opposite side of the ditch because he was paying attention to the crater in the road. He must of went into the hole that even I had to go around that now had pylon’s in front of it and tore his wheel from the axle. Older 2002-ish F150 but I am sure some find some safety in the Raptors ability to absorb road anomalies without damage and without having to go in for wheel alignments every month, there is a luxury to that, that is worth a lot.

      4. “only excels at”,… Raptor won 4×4 truck of the year in fourwheeler magazine VSing the same trucks listed above but also with a Titan XD Pro 4X and Ram 2500 Cummins Offorad. Here are the comments from the judges on the who took each vehicle 1,000 miles through varied terrain.

        Off-road activity is the bullseye this truck was specifically designed to hit. How did it do? In the sand dunes, a judge called it a “fun sand surfboard.” It took us a while to figure out how to cancel the electronic nannies, but once we figured it out, the truck became even more fun. Many thought the system through which the driver manages the Terrain Management System was not as easy to use (“too many modes, too hard to access” and “overly complex”) as it should be. On graded dirt roads, rocky trails, sandy washes, and hillclimbs, it performed very well, and received glowing remarks. “I honestly can’t believe how well this truck wheels. Total Surprise” came from one of our most experienced and respected testers. Many commented on the fact that the Raptor was one of only two trucks in the group that came with real off-road tires (BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s) and how liberating it was to not worry about tire damage during our week of testing. The truck featured a compliant and flexible suspension, 4.10 gears, a Torsen torque-sensing limited-slip differential up front, and an electric locker in the rear that came into play in 4-Hi or 4-Lo, all of which made off-roading in this truck enjoyable. Easily accessible and smartly designed towhooks front and rear (which we did not have to use) were also a big plus.

    12. Not surprised about my favorite, the Power Wagon, being last. It’s the heaviest, with only modest torque and inopportune gearing. And it’s completely NOT designed for drag racing!


      1. Well,but it’s done all the time, not like other “offroad” trucks.
        Power Wagon is my favorite and #1 .

    13. Boy it would have been nice to have a Colorado or Canyon in this race with the new motor and tranny with off road tires. That would have been an awesome 7th truck here. Too bad they did not send it. From what I drove it is a big improvement on throttle lag. Last year it would have run neck to neck with the Frontier but this year I think it would be far ahead with the Ford in this race. And of course my manual Tacoma begging you to get one somehow and race it with the Colorado is still out there.

    14. Good thing this isn’t a Raptor biased test…. good grief TFL, this is the dumbest test yet

      1. Fourwheeler ranked Raptor #1 after 1,000 miles of grueling off-road tests including snow, sand, rock climbing, mountain decline. PW came in a close 2nd, but the PW rear kept hopping in the snow and sand test. Then again all 3/4 tons had this issue on that part from being so heavy.

        1. Power Wagon will go places Raptor won’t, with more payload and more towing capacity.
          What’s the point to go fast, if you can’t make it at all ?

          1. So far i have never seen an example of that at all. Even 4 wheeler magazine named it 4 wheeler of the year and they really do some serious off road test. So far the Raptor is a Jack of all trades and a master of all.

            1. No, it’s not. People don’t buy Raptor for towing, hauling and rock climbing, because it’s​ lacking​those capabilities.

            2. Please show me where people dont tow or haul with a Raptor. I know one person that tows a bob cat on a regular basis with his. Show me where the Raptor cannot go and only the power wagon can. So far i have never seen any evidence of that.

          2. Old Raptor, I would agree. The new one had gotten some serious tweaks to pass the power wagon off road. Will the Power Wagon get tweaked later to match or surpass? Of coarse it will, just not this year.

    15. Impressed with the f250 6.7 diesel on how fast it is. Tacoma TRD pro even with the new engine is slow and under powered.

      1. I thought that too. But hard to see if the 3rd brake light was on to confirm. They have have slowed up to allow the other trucks to catch up for editing.

      2. Yes, hard on the brakes you can see it nose diving and kicking up more dust!

        At the start of the race you can see it easily pulling away with the F250 in the back window.

        I think the Raptor driver thought it was some kind of start stop race??

    16. Raptor is good to get 2 people fast across the country to the places, where real offroading starts. Slower Power Wagon will get you across that hill with 4 people and full of gears needed for back country camping. Raptor driver will turn around and go sleep home. Fast again.

      1. If you want 4 people, then get a 4 door Raptor. Similar payload and towing as the power wagon (even though it is a 2500 series truck) with more power, better mpg, much much faster ( but thats not hard to do against a powerwagon) and just much more fun over all. I honestly thought i would be impressed with the power wagons off road abilities but so far it has been underwhelming for me. The Raptor has been doing everything off road better.

    17. 4 door Raptor has less payload than Power Wagon , less towing capacity and fully loaded will have even less ofroad capabilities than Tacoma.I don’t have a use for Raptor in my life. I have no desert to run across to the job side every morning empty, but I understand, that many people must be doing that, by your comment.
      This test is artificial. Not even one person in North America is gonna take advantage of gravel straight line sprint from 0 to 60 empty.
      I didn’t come across the situation like this in my life and I don’t know anyone, so I think it’s useless test.
      Please, anyone, enlighten me, where would I use it, exactly like in thus test. And if you say just for fun, I have more fun in my life ,than this, because after second run it’s boring already.

      1. Your right putc ram, the 4 door F150 based Raptor has 300lbs less payload than the HD 2500 series power wagon. I dont know about you but that is quite sad for the power wagons lack luster performance. I personally would much rather have a Raptor because it offers plenty of payload and towing for most peoples needs, better performance all together compared to the powerwagon, a much better daily driver because honestly, most of these trucks will hardly see any major off roading. Being the Raptor has taken 1st place in most off roading reviews indicates the Raptor is a great all around truck compared to the last place power wagon and every review that i have seen comparing the two trucks shows the Raptor is just a complete blast to drive. Which makes since because Roman loves his first gen Raptor and the friends of mine that own first gen Raptors love them. Based on the reviews I am better off buyig an F250 FX4 than the power wagon. Install some 33″ tires and I will have no issues going where the power wagon goes.

    18. You didn’t answer my question. Where exactly would you use the Raptor, the exact same way, how this” test” was done ?
      400 lbs will get you 2 more people and some extra gears on the board and Power Wagon axles, suspension and offroad capabilities will get you places, Raptor won’t.
      I don’t need to drive fast to get under the hill across the desert empty .
      It’s funny, you want me to buy a Raptor and you will buy a Fx4.

      You won’t make it to the places, where Power Wagon in your FX4. There is nothing like Power Wagon on the market.
      Power Wagon is useful in any situation and conditions, multipurpose truck. Raptor is single purpose vehicle designed just for this test and not real life truck use.

      1. putc ram, please post a link where the 2017 was unable to go where the power wagon could. So far every review i have seen does not show that. plus it is 300 lbs difference. So far the power wagon is a cheap way for ram to say they have an off road truck. So far i see a less capable HD truck and would rather have a real HD truck over the power wagon. So post a link to a review or whatever that shows the Raptor could not go somewhere an only the power wagon could. So far i have seen the Raptor as a much more fun vehicle to drive and own. Plus they hold their value so it is actually a decent investment.

      2. The way i score is based on simple logic and a true list of pro’s vs con’s

        Payload / Towing – there both suspension limited because of there softer longer travel suspensions. 300lb is really nothing and either one could esaily carry more payload by adding airbags if it’s owner wishes this as a priority over the type of suspension it’s delivered with = Tie

        Power – no question = Raptor

        MPG – no question = Raptor

        Off-road performance – Raptors width and long travel suspension gives it just as much slow speed articulation as PW. Raptor lets you have a locker in 2WD and 4wd High range which gives much more performance advantages to the guy that really needs traction at all speeds! Raptor also adds way superior suspension performance at high speed that the PW is not even in the ballpark = Win Raptor because PW is one dimensional.

        Tires – Win Raptor comes with 35’s vs 33’s

        Resale- Win Raptor

        High Altitude Performance- Win Raptor

        6ft Box – Win PW not available Raptor

        Transmission/gearing- Win Raptor 10spd/4.10

        Cool factor/Looks – I think they both look great but 10/10 would pick the new Raptor every time = Raptor

        So, out of 10 very important categories and simple basic logic that has proven out in every recent test, the Raptor wins 8 and PW 1 with 1 Tie.

        You could factor in market price against the Raptor for now to be fair, but it’s resale will be so strong as it has proven that its a mute point to those that want it and can afford it!

    19. I didn’t check exactly what payload of Raptor and Power Wagon is, but knowing you,I am 100% sure, it’s not exactly 300lbs. 300lbs + gets you 2 more people to go with you, or extra gears for back country camping.
      You still didn’t answer, what would you use a Raptor for.
      Please, enlighten me.

      1. What wouldnt i use a Raptor for. I can use it for towing, hauling, showing off because it is one of the fastest trucks on the road. I can buy it knowing i made a good investment. I use it for going off road but i rather stick with 2 wheels for that. I can use it as a daily driver because it gets almost twice the MPG’s as a power wagon. The uses are endless. However i would not use a Raptor to tow 21,000 lbs.

        So, where is your proof that the power wagon is more off road capable than the Raptor. So far i have not seen any evidence of that. And i initially thought the power wagon would be better off road. but so far i was wrong on that.

    20. You won’t buy Raptor and I will buy Power Wagon.
      Non of you posting in here drives Raptor or will buy any.

      1. Who said I will not be buying a Raptor? Where is your video of the Raptor not doing the same trails of a Powerwagon. As always putc ram, all keyboard cowboy and no sign of truth.

      1. Post a link because I do not remember that at all. In fact the TFL crew specifically stated that going through snow is not a test of the vehicle but of the tires and driver. So putc ram fail 1. Try again.

      1. Yup, no power wagon to be seen. Looked like a traction issue on snow and ice and not a truck issue. 2nd fail putc ram.

      1. That is still a fail putc ram. That was a pretty hard packed surface. Plus the time Roman took his Raptor up there it had worn out tires. Anyone that knows anything about driving in snow it is all about tires and driving with a lot of luck. Thats why people use snowmobiles. So the way i take it, you want the powerwagon to be claimed as a slow rock crawler yet you have provided no proof that the ram can out do a 2017 Raptor. So now you want to try and shift gears to a snow trail? I may give you a 4th fail just for that feeble attempt.

    21. Raptor doesn’t have the suspension articulation to get a grip in extreme conditions and terrain​ like Power Wagon has. Sway bar disconnect on front axle is better in this situation, than independent suspension with sway bar Raptor has. Raptor is fast, but didn’t deliver . Power Wagon did and that​ is only what counts.
      I provided the evidence you wanted.
      Roman says, that Raptor didn’t make it and I trust him,he really wanted very hard,but only failure in here is a Raptor.

      1. There was no evidence of that at all. IN fact you have not provided any source or proof that the power wagons articulation is greater than Raptors and better yet, any place that the power wagon can go and the 2017 Raptor cannot. You using a video where Roman was using worn out tires on a snow trail and the power wagon on a groomed trail is hardly proof. So far the power wagon is a fail. It is nothing more than a light duty HD truck that does not do anything good, or mediocre. That is your 5th fail putc ram.

      2. Zviera I think the ’17 raptor does have better articulation than than power wagon. Maybe tfltruck can run them up the ramp.

        1. I doubt it. I think,that leafs are shorter than before , to prevent an axle wrap. Front suspension has close to zero articulation, everything is done by the rear one and cabine tilts with front one uncomfortably. That’s the problem, when you have an independent suspension with sway bar, like Raptor has.
          Maybe someone can come across a web site with numbers for 2017 Raptor and post a link.

          1. I already told you where to go. Tfl won’t allow the link but the 20 degree ramp the Raptor killed the power wagon. But you refused to look it up even though I told you how to look for it.

            1. Too bad Raptor didn’t make it up to the Gold mine.
              We know, it’s not because of driver.
              Just post rhe numbers and be over with. I am not gonna look for those. Power Wagon destroyed the Raptor at Gold mine.
              Raptor got as far as Titan.

            2. I am assuming, you still want to compare articulation of 16″ shorter wheel base of Raptor’s SupCab with Power Wagon Crew Cab ?

            3. So putc ram you still want to compare a 3 year old Raptor with worn out tires to a brand new power wagon that was on a groomed trail? How does that work when Roman has snow and ice to deal with on his worn out tires. I guess you are admitting at a power wagon is only able to compete with a Raptor is when the Raptor tires are bald. Good to know.

            4. I didn’t run the test. Roman did. I don’t know the tire conditions neither do you . 2″ of snow Raptor was running on is no problem for a Prius and I don’t see any ice , or anyone from TFL mentioning any. Little packed snow is more icy than 2″ of fresh one and I always find the trail with little extra snow for better truction when going hunting in the winter on a steep offroad, simmilar to Gold mine hill. All the other tested vehicles got as far as Raptor in the same conditions with 2″ of snow. You told me, that Raptor is good for offroad and snow,it looks it’s not the case. TFL figured, there is nothing wrong with the tires,because 30000 miles is not that much, they use them the whole winter and they did the test, so stop trying to find a silly excuse, because Raptor failed and Power Wagon delivered.
              Are you trying to tell me, that with 30000 miles on offroad tires the Raptor is completely useless ?

              Wow. You really tried to lie and compare 16″ shorter Raptor’s SupCab RTI number with Power Wagon Crew Cab. No wonder, that real life testing,like Gold mine proved , that you can’t lie to everyone and make up numbers doesn’t mean anything.
              You can go on and on ,why the Raptor didn’t make it and Power Wagon did, the end result is only what counts . Raptor will get you fast under the hill, Power Wagon Crew Cab with all your friends and gears will make it slowly all the way up.
              I would take a Power Wagon anyday, anytime over Raptor. I have no use for a Raptor. No payload, no towing, no traction when needed most, becaus of no front suspension articulation,like Power Wagon has.

            5. @Canoepaddler
              It’s fair game to included a shorter wheel base for a truck of the year test, but not a fair to compare a RTI numbers from different wheel base and don’t tell about it, because Ford makes a Sup.Crew Cabine Raptor with 12″ more wheel base, more payload and stifer leafs. It would be fair to compare the RTI number from this model with Power Wagon.
              That’s what RTI number is about and we all know,that Raptor’s SupCrew RTI number is worse than Power Wagon.

          2. You are completely wrong Zviera and make way too many assumptions.

            You ever drive a Raptor? Ever crawled underneath one? Ever jacked one up to see how much down travel the thing has especially the the front end?

            Let me help you – i have.

            When a proper A-arm long travel suspension is done right ii has verh long arms to allow it travel. It also sits in the middle of it’s travel at static ride height to keep the wheels constantly on the ground.

            This is why the Raptor is 4″ wider each side for a total of 8″ over normal F150

            At static ride height it has close to 7″ of down travel up front and 8″ rear. This is just down travel which is more than most vehicles have in total travel both down and up!

            It’s also close to what the total travel is for a PW – I believe I’ll be generous and say its at best 8″ total. It doesn’t have more down travel than a Raptor but with the sway bar disconnecting it allows the other side to go up to compensate for the lack of travel.

            You are somewhat accurate with your down travel statement for other normal short A-arm setups. They are so short they don’t have room or length to allow for down travel so they are setup to really only go up from ride height with maybe at best 2-3″ of down travel.

            Good old reliable solid axle rear does the rest.

            This difference has a dramatic effect on suspension and deserves proper understanding without generalizing a statement that is completely false when applied to a Raptor or a long travel A-arm design.

            You are right on one thing – most on here haven’t driven a Raptor and have no clue how they Really work off-road other than what there reading, watching, and making up – this includes YOU!

            1. I am not even going to bother reading your entire post putc ram. From a quick run down on your pathetic post, it is useless not skilled babble. I am found that you know nothing about engines and no nothing about truck. You just watch youtube videos and believe everything allpar tells you. Talking to you is like having a conversation with a 4 year old.

            2. I agree with you, but I didn’t post it. Drifter did.
              Now we all know,why you didn’t want to post a RTI numbers.
              That’s why Super Crew Raptor failed at Gold mine a d Power Wagon delivered.

            3. You are wrong.
              The 2005 Power Wagon has 10.9″ of front wheel travel and 10.7″ of rear wheel travel. And because of the front sway bar disconnect, it makes it to places Raptor never will.

            4. If there was only proof of that occurring to prove your point putc ram. So far Raptor has won every challenge off road and has taken first place while power wagon places last place. I guess the only time a power wagon has an advantage is when it is compared to a 3 year old first gen raptor with worn out tires and the Raptor has to go up an icey trail and the power wagon goes up a groomed trail.

            5. @Deifter
              Yes I was driving a Raptor in 2010. I was the one who introduced this truck to my friend and persuaded him to buy it.

              You are wrong. You are the one posting assumptions. The Power Wagon has probably more wheel travel than Raptor ,or just about the same.
              The 2005 Power Wagon has 10.9″ of front wheel travel and 10.7″ of rear wheel travel. And because of the front sway bar disconnect, it makes it to places Raptor never will with sway bar.

            6. So putc ram, have you found any more videos of where a power wagon can go that a Raptor cannot. Was the power wagon not made to go over rocks and mountain terrain? There has to be some proof of the Raptor not doing it and only the Power wagon making it through.

            7. No I didn’t. Why would I ?
              I have another things​ to do.
              I am satisfied. You don’t have a link for 2017 Raptor SuperCrew RTI number and you tried to sell me a Raptor Sup.Cab RTI.
              I did my calculations and I bet, that 2017 Raptor Super Crew with longer wheel base and stiffer leafs will have RTI very close to Power Wagon and not killing it, like you tried to play in here.
              The 2016 and older SuperCrew Raptor has RTI worse than Power Wagon, because of shorter wheels travel,(which I have numbers for old and new) so yes, there is tons of videos, where older Raptor SuperCrew can’t make it and Power Wagon delivered, but because you don’t care about a real life experience,just specs I am asking TFL to run RTI numbers on flat,dry surface 20° ramp for their SuperCrew and for the 2017 Raptor SuperCrew as well, so you can sleep peacefully.
              They can alternatively use a forklift to lift one front wheel and use a widely available formula to calculate RTI.

            8. No problem putc ram. I understand you don’t know what you are talking about and have no data to back anything up. On the other hand 4 wheeler magazine has the data.

    22. No problem. Thanks for admitting that a brand new power wagon is only competitive on snow when compared to a 3 year old Raptor that is running on bald tires.

    23. No problem. I don’t want you to call a suicide line, so yes, you are right. Take it easy and have a great weekend, like I have so far.

      1. That looks really good and it uses good nylon cable. Safe and strong. Plus extremely durable.

    24. Off-road drag racing in a chinook. Very interesting. So maybe they’ll do one in a snow storm next. You gotta love TFL. I don’t mean to be adding any fuel to any fires but Big Green had to rescue Romans Raptor. I don’t recall any one having to rescue the Power Wagon.

        1. Hi Roman,
          First of all congratulations to you to keep your V8 Raptor. Your model is only one useful and will last more ,than any other and would be my choice if I have to have a Raptor.
          As you might see, we are arguing about something, no one has a straight answer for and it would be benefit to all of your readers to keep comparing old Raptor with new one and compare also RTI for SuperCrew as well.
          It’s just an idea and I understand you can’t make all the readers requests. You could use a ramp for all the trucks you test, or do it with a forklift , but ramp is not expensive to manufacture I guess, or you could find someone,who has any already and uae it occasionally.

          1. They did this already on a Ramp with the 2014 Raptor vs the Power Wagon. I’m sure they still have the ramp available.

    25. My turn.

      Intristing video. No surprise for the raptor. Good video Roman.

      Does anybody know how heavy the ram is?
      I said this before about the ram pw it would be more special if ram gave the engine a bigger HP boost then it is now.

      The banter between you guys over the ram pw and the raptor find interesting. I laughed a little bit squabbling over 300 lb almost seems silly.
      I’d say the PW is probably pretty good in the rocks , but other than that I’d say the raptor is probably be best all around truck. PW is much bigger truck and that might be biggest draw back. Plus an engine that isn’t any different than a standard 3/4 ton ram truck.

    26. Let’s see episode 5? Episode 7 would be more truthful. I can see it now at the end of the year Episode 33 1/3 Nissan 2WD cheap truck.
      You’re learning why these trucks became so popular. People all wanted more BHP more cab space, and 4WD and then noted that they almost cost a much as a full sized truck, so they bought the full sized truck instead and the small trucks languished on the vine (dealer lot) so Ford, GM and MOPAR didn’t just drop them but ran away from them!
      I think the Tacoma V6 six speed manual might be just the ticket. Plus you wouldn’t need to purchase a bed liner as they come with a bed made out of Sheet molding composite.
      It is too bad that Toyota hasn’t caught on to all the free advertising that Nissan is getting in your endless episodes.
      Beg, borrow or steal a base V6 6 speed manual Taco and I think your eyes will be opened by the combination of performance, handling and off road acumen.

    27. Idk tote Bashing tfl really isn’t necessary looking how well Tacoma sales are. See plenty of them on the Rd.

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