• 2017 Ram Power Wagon: How Fast Is This Heavy Duty Off-Road Truck? [Video]

    2017 ram power wagon speed weight curb specs
    2017 Ram Power Wagon

    How fast is the 2017 Ram Power Wagon at a 0-60 MPH acceleration at a mile above sea level? The Power Wagon is an off-road specialist. It has heavy axles, skid plates, and a 12,000 lbs Warn winch. Naturally, on-road acceleration performance is not a primary requirement for the Power Wagon. Many owner will spend a large percentage of their time driving the truck around town and on the highway. This is why we perform real-world acceleration tests: to get an idea of how this truck will perform merging onto the highway or passing.

    This “wagon” is powered by a 6.4L HEMI V8, which provides 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, and this is the only power choice for this truck.

    The quickest time we came up with was 9.75 seconds. Considering that there is about 17% less air density where we test, this truck may be able to get close to 8 seconds at sea level and at ideal conditions.

    We also wondered, how heavy is this particular Power Wagon? The base Power Wagon with no options is listed at around 7,000 lbs of curb weight in the Ram specification sheet. The truck you see here has nearly every option (except for the sunroof). This red pickup has heated and cooled leather seats, heated steering wheel, Ram Box rear storage system, bed separator, and a tonneau cover.

    We put the beast on the CAT scales with a full tank of fuel and no driver or passengers. The end result was a round 7,400 lbs.

    Nathan also did a 0-60 mph run in 4WD to see the results. Generally, heavy duty trucks accelerate slower in 4×4 mode due to added friction of the four wheel drive system.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    31 thoughts on “2017 Ram Power Wagon: How Fast Is This Heavy Duty Off-Road Truck? [Video]

    1. That wasn’t bad for an almost 4 ton truck at high altitude. In fact,I would say that’s pretty damn good.

      1. We will do more testing with this Power Wagon (mpg loops, off-roading in the snow, and more)! Stay tuned.


    2. Anyone know how this compares to a regular Ram 2500 that’s similarly equipped, minus all the power wagon spec options?

      1. We will find out how it does against the other gas trucks in its class soon by PUTC. My guess: F-250, XD, RAM 6.4, Chevy. The Ram’s trandmission holds it back a bit.

    3. I figured it would be close to 8000. Little bit surprised. Makes me wonder how heavy my 06 f-250 with v-10. I just have to weigh mind to settle my curiosity. Lol

    4. This is not a fast truck. “Pretty good for a truck with solid axles” says Nathan. I think not. Just look at the Ford F-350 dually recently tested by TFL. Much quicker, despite being close to 2,000lbs heavier. The PW needs a diesel. The 6.4L is a dog.

      1. They just have to put the Hellcat engine in it or the new demon engine and vwala a masterpiece…….until the driveline disintegrates.

    5. Mph is nice to know. But I would rate is as below mpg in my list of considerations.

      4×4 isuzo pick up and a ford ranger 3 liter v6 4×4 the only vehical I have driven that I would consider to be grossly underpowered. Yet they did fine off road.

      So much gear range is available now days, most 4×4 vehicles are stopped by lack of traction before lack of power becomes a factor.

      Power becomes a factor if you drive to your play area especially if you tow something.

      But in that situation mpg is important also.

      I never drive the vehical I’m going to play with unless I have a way to get the toy home.

      Hard off road means there will be break downs.

      Murphy’s Law means your probably also by yourself and out of cell range.

      1. Buddy
        You’re right you don’t need to have a high powered engine in an off-road truck. The most fun I ever had was in a 60 year old (1947) jeep about 10 years ago. We were on extremely rough atv trails and that little original jeep engine did it all, with ease! We climbed ridiculous rock out-crops, “walked” slowly over a 20″ blowdown and “snaked thru” the narrowest of trails. With its low axle gearing and low range available we had all the power we needed!

    6. This is a slow truck for it’s power to weight ratio. The F-250 crushed a similiar equipped Ram in acceleratikn on the rescent PUTC test despite having a lower power to weight ratio. Why? Crap transmission/mapping and most likely a crappy torque curve (as it really took a hit when loaded, even with 4.10 gears.)

      1. I like the F-250 but let’s be honest here. The Ram was less than a second slower so I would hardly say got crushed. On the other hand, the Ram beat the F-250 in pretty much every objective catagory that matters to truck buyers: Torque, max payload, max trailer weight, GCWR, etc. I’d give up less than a second in 0-60 time for better capability any day. The only reason the Ram came in second instead of first in the PUTC test is because the reviewers added their weird objective ratings. Case in point- they knocked the ram for not having power windows while not knocking the ford down for being more expensive. Since you can add power windows to the Ram and still be under the msrp of the f-250, isn’t this rating irrational? You’re penalizing the manufacturer who offers more configurable offerings. If the object was to compare the most bare bones trucks, then the RAM should have received extra points for being cheaper and not penalized that a certain option wasn’t standard. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    7. Jerseydirt
      Agreed! PUTC made up a test. Ran the test with each truck. Got a clear winner, in this case ram. And then decided to go with another truck,in this case ford. Because, well the judges just liked it more. Do you smell personal bias! These guys should run for Supreme Court justices.

      1. Do you really think RAM could pull more weight than the Ford given the real world performance numbers?? I would love to see the 6.4 RAM pull 16k lbs lol. GCWR and trailer weight are tied together, so where did it really win?Acceleration, fuel economy, and braking were all better on the Ford. Braking seemed sketchy with the RAM. THAT is why the Ford got a better score. RAM just does a good job of putting up inflated arbitrary numbers.

        1. I have no reason to believe that the Ram could not pull more than the Ford. The only thing we have to go by are the manufacturer ratings which are all conducted based on the same SAE standard; and the RAM has higher ratings. Have you seen any “real world” tests that would indicate the contrary?
          Do you really think that 0-60 times are somehow linked to what a truck can haul or tow. That seems like something a low-infomration buyer would believe. A Civic can accellarte faster than a Peterbilit.
          So what are the “real world” numbers you’re going by? I didnt see any comparisons using Ram’s max payload weight in both trucks. If I missed it then please point me to it. Also you don’t seem to understand the relationship between GCWR and max trailer weight. You can have one truck with a higher max trailer weigh and lower GCWR based on it’s payload rating. Both numners are important which is why manufacturers publish both.
          If I had my choice of a brand new F250 or a brand new Ram I’d go with the F250 (for my own reasons) but that doesnt mean I’ll blindly accept the results of some quirky comparison and ignore facts in order to convince myself the F250 is the most capable work truck.

    8. Its hilarious that you guys care more about numbers in a brochore than real world performance.

      1. It’s also funny that some guys were saying that the 3500 rams could not tow their advertised 30,000 lb trailer weights. No way they claimed! And then tfl truck did it and not just on a level road, but up the ike gauntlet! And now you say the new ram with the 6.4 can’t tow what ram is saying it will. Here we go again!

        1. In 1st gear, most gassers could pull 30k as well. I am just saying that a truck should not be seen as “better” just because of a manufacture’s number. The Ram can supposedly tow 5k lbs more than an XD and 3k lbs more than an F-250. “Ram’s brake pedal traveled uncomfortably far during panic braking, and the truck didn’t slow gracefully in the 148.6 feet it took to stop from 60 mph…the Ram’s rear end wandered during aggressive braking” I think not. Like I said, Ram got most of its points over the others for these inflated numbers. They work well for the low information buyers.

      2. Nihilus,
        First and foremost, Pickuptrucks.com is that way <—– I suggest you head on over there and join the rest of the Ford fanboys and do your bashing there.

        Also, here's a link to a YouTube video where a lifelong Ford mechanic purchased a RAM truck over a new f150. And for the record, this mechanic still works at Ford dealership. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C8RnrdJ_mPA

    9. now everyone that has a different opinion than you is a “low information buyer”. In earlier posts they were “idiots”. I suggest that you start acting like an adult and realize “opinions are like a_ _holes and everybody has one”. Have a nice day! And you were still wrong about ram’s claim that it can tow 30,000 lbs and as the ike gauntlet showed not just in 1st gear! It wasn’t just “brochure numbers”. Come on, real men admit when their wrong

      1. Remember Dan, these are Ford fanboys you’re talking to. They’re way out in left field and anybody who doesn’t own and drive a ford truck gets classified as an “idiot” or deemed misinformed.

        Their Ford truck could even brake down well short of 100,000 miles and guess what, they would still purchase another. This is how these guys think. If doesn’t have a blue oval on it they won’t touch it, if even if the truck with the blue oval is laden with issues.

        1. Mike
          You know what’s even funnier? I own a 2013 f350 dually and I love it! But I’m not blind! Ram did great in those PUTC tests and I’m not afraid to say so. Just like in the 2017 TFL tests of the big 3 duallies up the ike gauntlet the chevy had the best time up the hill and came first in the overall ratings,it’s true, so that’s it.

    10. Dan Bush – at what point did I call anyone an idiot? All I was arguing was that the F-250 beat the Ram on real world tests. I was just poking fun at the cry babies saying the Ram should have won because it has sexier numbers on paper. Hardly anyone pulls 16k lbs with a 6.4 Ram. I am not saying it did bad, but clearly the Ford had better brakes, engine and/or transmission.

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