• Top 5 New Trucks and SUVs from the 2017 Chicago Auto Show [Video]

    Here is countdown of the Top 5 new trucks and SUVs from the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. This list is all about pickup trucks and body-on-frame SUVs.

    5. 2017 Chevy Silverado and Colorado Redline Edition

    Chevrolet showed the Redline edition concept vehicles at the 2015 SEMA aftermarket accessories show. They received such a positive response, that they are now rolling the Redline Edition packages for the Silverado and Colorado trucks from the factory. There are unique color combinations, blacked out wheels, unique grille, and red accents throughout.

    4. 2018 Toyota Sequoia

    Those of hoping for an all-new Sequoia did not get our wish answered. The Sequoia gets mild cosmetic changes and a TRD Sport model. The big news is that the big SUV receives Toyota’s latest safety and driver aide technologies (TSS+P). Nearly all of the wiring had to be upgraded to accommodate the collision alert, adaptive cruise control system, and more.

    3. 2017 Nissan Titan / Titan XD King Cab

    Nissan rolled out the King Cab version of the Titan and Titan XD pickup trucks at the Chicago Show. This is basically what Nissan calls their extended cab trucks. These join the Nissan single/regular cab and crew cab configurations. There were no news on the new V6 engine for the Titan, but the all Titan cab configurations are available with either the 5.0L V8 Cummins V8 or the 5.6L V8 gas engines.

    2. 2018 Toyota Tundra

    The changes to the 2018 Tundra mimic those on the Sequoia. There are an updated grille and headlights, a TRD Sport model, and Toyota’s latest TSS+P safety and aide system.

    1. 2018 Ford Expedition

    The the 2018 Expedition is all-new. It is based on the F-150 frame but continues to use an independent rear suspension. The all-aluminum body structure makes for a slightly larger vehicles and also drops about 300 lbs from the overall curb weight.  It features a 2nd-gen 3.5L EcoBoost V6 and a 10-speed automatic transmission.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    32 thoughts on “Top 5 New Trucks and SUVs from the 2017 Chicago Auto Show [Video]

        1. @johnny Doe, among others, no I don’t think FORD will need hoodscoops. They don’t have to copy like GM does to outsell everyone else.

          1. Fords would look great if they had hood scoops why not?.Let them decide if they choose that route,dont get so defensive kiefo..its all good..

          2. Interesting you say GM copies when the new expedition looks exactly like a Tahoe with an Explorer front end and an ugly rear. To make it even more ironic, Ford copied range/Land rovers front styling when they updated the Explorer.

            Ford is a master imatater.

            1. Not copied but did a different version, Ford tied the Explorer, Land Rover and Range Rover looks into a similar look when they acquired the pommy automakers some 15 years ago.

    1. wonder if it would be easily possible to adapt the Expedition’s IRS to a F150 since the two are based on the same frame. Light duty use for the 150 of course. Yeah, I know…why would you, but was just wondering.

      1. I often wondered the same thing. Some negatives would be the extra weight over a live axle. For the IRS to have the same strength as a solid axle it would need to be some really robust parts. An IRS truck would likely be superior in the handling department.

        1. I think It would work for all the high end trims I just don’t think Ford will do it because they sell so many fleet trucks and IRS on work trucks ads cost and maybe decreases payload.

      2. Whilst not in the same league GM (Holden) changed from leaf springs to coils for its ute and it not only improved the ride and handling but didn’t affect its load lugging abilities. (I think you guys got the hot version of our ute as the Pontiac.) It wouldn’t take much to do it on a larger vehicle with todays materials and engineering abilities.

    2. Man it was great to see the all new… ugh red badges and red stripes on the 17 chevy. Toyota cam to save the day with there all new mid 2000 rebadged again tundra on display with a all new grill.
      But wait there’s more the new titan extended cab showed up looking…Like it needs a nose job] and it does its hideous and then there’s the all new ford expedition..Nah really its all new from the ground up with a new killer look and a new 10 speed automatic and the new ecoboost h.o engine.
      But that not all the news ram showed up with a different color and some big wheels. I just don’t understand why everyone keeps talking about ford when all this new innovation is coming out from all the other truck makers out there. Go figure.

    3. They say no one knows where a thought originates but for some of these packages I know it originated from someone’s ass.

      Where did the Off Road Truck review go? Did I miss it? I am officially sick now from my anxiety disorder.

    4. We had the entire editing team in Chicago at the show. We barely had time to edit the car show videos. Please look for the Moab Mega Mashup review this coming week 😉

      1. This week? Is that a form of some kind of sick torcher? If it doesn’t come until Friday; with my anxiety problems, I will be in emergency care; our health system sucks in Canada. But no rush, I want the full video!

        1. Relax rambro tfl isn’t fed ex. They will not have positively over night. Lol

          Roman mica the natives are getting restless.

    5. Nathan – – –

      “1. 2018 FORD EXPEDITION
      The the 2018 Expedition is all-new. It is based on the F-150 frame but continues to use an independent rear suspension. The all-aluminum body structure makes for a slightly larger vehicles and also drops about 300 lbs from the overall curb weight. It features a 2nd-gen 3.5L EcoBoost V6 and a 10-speed automatic transmission.”

      1) You used the term “BASED on the F-150 frame” (above), but does that mean the complete F-150 BOF, or did they just use parts of it and modify for this SUV? (I can forgive the IRS, considering the market-segment this is targeting…)
      2) Any info yet on towing capacity?
      3) HP and Toque numbers for this new EcoBoost?
      4) Fuel mileage data available yet, and what are they?
      5) Any thoughts on how this will compete with the Chevy Suburban? Perhaps do the famous TFL comparison tests (98-mile milage loop, Ike Gauntlet with trailer, 0-60 acceleration runs; etc)???

      Good job on the video, and yes, you looked exhausted! (^_^).


      1. Bernie kressner 1st question yes mostly f-150 frame. 2nd question no info 3rd question no HP TQ numbers 4th question no fuel mileage data 5 question it was just introduced to the public. So how this compete to the competition is anybody’s guess. Which some what answer all the questions that couldn’t be answered before the 5 question. I don’t know if this answered all your questions tho?

    6. This how I look at the top five list
      Number 5 cosmetic
      Number 4 cosmetic
      Number 3 stretch cab
      Number 2 cosmetic
      Number 1 all new

      And the bonus round… Drum roll please …. COSMETIC.

      Here again ford brought something all new and the rest brought lip stick.
      Sorta how I interpret this.

      1. Agreed. Ford are on a roll. Surely the others will catch up soon, by which time Ford will have run out of new product to reveal.

        1. Jason Scott Looking at what the “others are doing” is the key to catching up part, but if it just catching up and not passing. Then they are still behind.

      2. Every manufacturer has their cycles. Right now Ford is introducing new trucks and full size SUV’s. GM is currently introducing an all-new SUV line-up with the Equinox, Terrain, Acadia, Traverse and Envision which all are coming off the heals of new Malibu’s, Cruzes, Lacrosse, which came off the heals of new Yukon/Tahoes, Subs and Yukon XL’s which came off the heals of new trucks in ’14 and ’15, etc. GM is working on their next truck as the first recent spyshots are now available. The point is, each manu has their cycles. As soon as Ford is done with truck’s and full size SUV, they will then start on cars and other SUV’s which this site won’t even mention.

    7. The Expedition has had IRS since 2003. If it is still based on the F-150 frame (and I don’t believe so), it’s only the rear half. The axle half shafts travel through “port holes” in the frame, which is how the third row seat and load floor stay low and flat.

    8. I believe the current Expy rides on an older prior generation F150 chassis.

      It is now going to be put over onto the current F150 Chassis.

      As far as the show, I was happy to see Toyota finally did something to update the Sequoia, at lest a little bit. I still don’t get why they didn’t give it the 14′ up tundra dash and interior. Looked like they improved the gage cluster quite bit, but left all the rest same as before on the inside.

      Titan King Cab looked good, and I think it has some real potential to make it into our business fleet at some point.

      Kind of tired of the GM, RAM, and Toyota smoke and mirror or lipstick pkgs. All 3 could really use some actual substance updating.

      All in all I thought it was good show.

      1. GM and Ram both have new trucks coming in 2019, so they aren’t going to spend a ton of money adding things to the current models. Just like Ford did with the F150 in 2013-2014 when they added decaling/wheel/steps packages.

        1. I thought Ram was on hold for a while due to lack of funds? GM should be at least on the next round of updates. Everything is in cycles.

    9. ford is already showing off its 2018 model now. The next ford truck showing will be the all new ranger f100 and the next bronco. It doesn’t look like the chevy will be all new just more updates and a lot more aluminum and I doubt ram will bring a new truck to market before 2019 or 2020.

    10. I see you lot are just like so many aussies in regards to being conned out of your money for a car/truck/suv thats no better than a cheaper model. On average it appears that both here and there buyers are asked to spend about $2500 to get a “better” more “sporty” model such as chevy’s Redline versions but all your paying for is some stickers, paint and different materials inside. Take that $2500 to an aftermarket body shop and you’ll have a unique vehicle rather than one of thousands.

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