• The 2017 Nissan Titan King Cab is Finally Here! [Chicago Auto Show]

    2017 Nissan Titan King Cab

    The wait is over as the 2017 Nissan Titan King Cab makes its official debut at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. King Cab is another way to say Extended Cab and it will be available for both the Titan XD and Titan half-ton trucks. The King Cab rounds out the new Titan truck lineup. It joins the crew cab and regular/single cab configurations.

    The Titan XD King Cab turbo-diesel will be able to tow a maximum of 12,510 lbs for conventional trailers, and 12,630 lbs for gooseneck trailers. Yep, the King Cab will be available with every engine option and in 2WD and 4×4 configurations.

    The rear cab door open in a “clamshell” arrangement. It’s basically the same design as the original Titan in 2004. The doors swing open nearly 180 degrees for easier access. It works in the same way as the new Ford F-150 Super Cab.

    If you wanted to hear news about a new V6 engine in the Titan; sorry, there are no announcements about the V6 here.

    Check out the Titan XD crew cab take on the Ike Gauntlet extreme towing test with a giant gooseneck trailer.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    20 thoughts on “The 2017 Nissan Titan King Cab is Finally Here! [Chicago Auto Show]

    1. Those doors are so barbaric. You park between two cars and it is feasibly impossible to get your groceries in the truck and the front driver and passenger always close the door before the rear door is closed. Very annoying.

      I don’t like the look of the front nose and it protrudes too far making for a very poor approach angle and possible curbing.

      I like the engine V8 gas engine and the tranny is decent and the XD option is good.

      1. I agree with the disproportional nose, but that really only happens on the XD.

        To me the 1500’s shorter nose looks good. At least proportional to the rest of the truck.

      2. Honestly I found Nissan’s clam shell doors work great in tight parking areas. My 2005 Titan had the same ~180 rear doors and made it super easy to get everything in when parked near another vehicle. I do agree with the missing B pillar that having to open the front doors to open the rears is a pain.

      3. I miss the clam shell doors as The big opening makes loading into the rear easy. The small back doors on the Ram, Chevy make for a tiny opening. I could put my big mountain bike in the back of my extended cab Titan, but I can’t get the handle bars in my Quad cab.

    2. Andre, is there just going to be the one 6ft bed length shown in the pictures for the King cab, or will there be a other bed lengths offered for the king cab?

    3. I’m guessing no news on the V6 or alternate engine option was announced? I was hoping they would wrap up the Titan rollout so they could start announcing Frontier updates.

    4. Nathan & Roman yes its beautiful here in sunny San Diego Ca.mid 70s getting ready for some cold Tecate lights for later..sorry east coast.I think king cab looks good,nice tan leather interior.

    5. I don’t see what the big deal is, this is the same king cab they’ve had since 2004. Just a new front clip

    6. I don’t like those clam shell doors either but I could learn to live with them. I believe they said that all king cab versions would have the 6.5 foot bed. I’m not sure about the rear seat delete version though. Not much was said about it. I waited a long time to see the king cab. Now I can’t wait to see that warrior concept influenced refresh. We’ll know a lot more about that bare bones manual transmission version when the TFL guys get their hands on it.

    7. Wow they finally got around to making an extended cab version. Titan is definitely a better truck than the Tundra. Nicer interior plus equal reliability to Toyota and less concern over your investment rusting away. I would probably pass on the XD version though.

      1. That’s been my experience too. I had one buddy that got burnt on the WAY overpriced air injection pump (quoted $1200 by dealer) and big oil leaks from the “cam towers”. The transmission developed slipping issues by 80k miles. Between that and the rust, he said he was done with Toyota. He bought a Nissan Titan that had plenty of power and hasn’t given him any problems other than a bad rear shock. We ended up installing Bilsteins on it.

    8. I think the “fake crew cab” back doors of the new GM and RAM trucks *look* better than the suicide doors of the Ford and now Nissan but in some ways having the suicide doors is more functional. I can’t imagine being worried about getting trapped between the doors. Who parks a full-size truck tightly between other cars? Not to mention, the front doors are longer…so you can still probably squeeze by the rear doors if necessary.

      1. Troverman when you open the rear door where is the grocery cart? The answer is behind the door, now what? Also when 4 people have to get in and you are parked at a mall, between cars it is rather a f##k show. The mountain bike guy had a unique use for the door, would not have thought of that one.

    9. That’s a non-issue. People don’t buy extended cabs to haul 4 people. The 180 degree folding doors are better for 1-2 people.

    10. My suggestion for the Nissan Frontier is though Ike gauntlut test on also the automatic transmission version is faster and more fuel-efficient or some years are exactly the same as manual transmission PS the S model is the basic one on Nissan frontier maybe some performance modifications I can replacement K&N filter people of gotten up to three extra mpg with it and be able to pass on two lane highways with it maybe upgrade to a cat back exhaust system maybe get a bedliner for it from the factory bed extender from Nissan towing hooks if it does not have it you can get that as accessory put on from Nissan dealerships all of us would like to know what would be the real world mpg with it towing and not towing with the truck and yes gold mine Hill would be a good idea if you think the truck could do it if you can’t maybe put some all terrain tires on it if you have a discount tire get some pathfinder sport s all terrain tires they are a balance of on the road and extreme off-road

    11. The front end looks like the old style of the f-150 with the tail lights of the new style. And some of the interior looks like it also look at air vents and flip them. Guess Nissan good at copying.

      1. Haha kinda like how the 2018 F150 front grille looks oddly similar to the 2011-2015 Silverados… Prominent split bar across the middle of a rectangular black grill with stacked headlights to really tie it together.

    12. Another lost opportunity by Nissan to improve on what they already had.With the exception of Ford everyone else has made the change over,why didn’t they? It makes the cab much stronger and the doors don’t rattle on rough roads over time.And don’t even get me started on their locker rear end,it’s not a true locker like Ford and Chevs.Theirs automatically locks up to 10 to 15 mph,with Nissan you have to put it in 4lo and flip a switch to lock it,how often do you put your truck in 4lo?. The only good improvements Nissan made on the new Titan is their engine and transmission,the rest is the same old crap.

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