• Final Frontier Vlog #2: Top 5 Reasons Why Cheap Trucks Are Great [Live Video]

    We are setting off on our first road trip in the 2017 Nissan Frontier long-term truck we call “Final Frontier”. We are driving from Boulder, CO to Telluride, CO for the 2017 GMC Sierra HD Duramax event. Next stop is Moab, UT for some off-roading fun.

    We are bringing a Kawasaki 300 ATV with us. The ATV, Roman, Andre and the gear are basically maxing out the truck’s payload of 930 lbs. That’s not a great payload number, but there are a lot of reasons why the Nissan Frontier is a great and inexpensive truck.

    The 2017 Frontier King Cab 2WD starts at $18,390 and our truck’s final price is $20,730.  In this episode of “Final Frontier” we count down the top 5 reasons why cheap trucks are great.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    18 thoughts on “Final Frontier Vlog #2: Top 5 Reasons Why Cheap Trucks Are Great [Live Video]

    1. If you guys really want to do some real world work testing I would love to use that truck for about 6 months. It will be used to haul all kinds of building material and supplies.

      Anyways have fun with that truck guys, looking forward to all your reviews on it. I know a basic work truck is not in to many peoples mindset but they still have their place.

    2. It is much easier loading in a lower bed like this v.s. the big super duties where the tailgate is 5′ off the ground. In fact if you don’t need the capability I think this is more functional as a work truck.

    3. Roman you look really tired, let Andre drive.

      I have a question. Are you suppose to read the post first or watch the video first and then read the content.?

      1. I just want to know before the Moab Off Road review hits the screen. I don’t want to spoil it by reading it when I should have watched the video first?

    4. I can’t take this video seriously if you’re using a Kawasaki ATV. Kawasaki ATVs are like the GM of trucks. No one seriously buys either to work hard.

    5. Hey, Guys – – –

      Great review — a lot of fun — can’t wait for further blogs/videos.
      I am a Nissan Frontier owner, and love my truck!


    6. And I have to agree with simple. The only caveat to simple and cheaper is that simple does not always mean cheaper.

      I have tried diligently to try and buy the cheapest truck available that will lose me the least amount of money in a 2-3 year cycle and it is never a regular cab or access cab. The 4 door 4×4’s always have big rebates and hold their resale better to a point where the cheaper trucks do not make sense. Now if you do a 10 year plan that could change as you may have the truck payed for but then you still have to gamble on which truck depreciated more and which one fell apart and cost more in repairs and that becomes harder to analyze, once your warranty is up.

      1. “…the truck PAYED for…”
        There is no such word, my uneducated friend. Third grade grammar- PAID.

    7. Terrible payload number. Just need a few heavy gents in the cabin and payload disappears. I know the work version of the current Navara has a payload of 2,700lb, far cry from that

      1. I don’t get why the payload is so low either. Maybe they like really soft suspension. Even with its tiny payload it did squat a lot with everything in the back.

    8. Hey Roman and Andre can you calculate a estimate on a 4 or 5 yr loan and payments per month on the last frontier? That would give good idea how cheap the truck is. Also the depression on this truck over time to. Thxs

      Enjoying the videos of the last frontier. Payload seems real small is the payload higher in the automatic?

      1. I laughed when I read about the depression over time. Best typo I have seen here yet. Or possibly it wasn’t a mistake. If you were still driving that truck in 10 years maybe you would be depressed.

    9. I think Roman too casually dismissed the point about the Chevy Colorado costing about the same. I bet a base Colorado has the same options or more than the Frontier that is in your garage. In which case, the Colorado blows the doors off the Frontier at the $20,000 price point.

      1. It depends on your perspective. If you really just want the cheapest truck buy the Frontier. I would likely buy the Colorado as I would prefer a more modern and presumably safer design. Special offers from dealers depending on where you live may also need to be taken into account.

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