• Final Frontier Vlog #3: 2017 Nissan Frontier Work Truck: What is its Real-World Highway MPG? [Live Video]

    This is the third episode in our 2017 Nissan “Final Frontier” series. This time Roman and Andre are going live from the highway as they drive from Boulder, CO to Telluride, CO. We are in a 2017 Frontier S King Cab 2WD “worker truck”. It’s powered by a 2.5L four-cylinder with 152 horsepower and 171 lb-ft of torque. We are happy to have a 5-speed manual transmission, but what is this truck like to drive on a long road trip? How fuel efficient is it in the real world when fully loaded? We are also hauling a Kawasaki 300 ATV.  This is what this live video episode is all about.

    The Nissan Frontier is currently the most affordable pickup truck you can purchase new in the U.S. It starts at $18,390 and our model has a final price of $20,730, including destination fees.

    You asked us for base truck reviews, and we are happy to have this Frontier as our newest long-term pickup truck. We will have it for around six months, and we will be doing a lot of work and more reviews with it.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    29 thoughts on “Final Frontier Vlog #3: 2017 Nissan Frontier Work Truck: What is its Real-World Highway MPG? [Live Video]

    1. Anyhow still a good video. The Nissan got some descent mpg numbers. Looks like it was a fun drive. So many more people would be better off buying a truck like this AND a nice car instead of a $40k+ truck.

      1. I think the 2 vehicle solution is overlooked. But there is a reason why some people choose one $40k vehicle, financing and total cost of ownership. First, 2 vehicles splits your down payment and that can hurt you with depreciation if you try to trade before loan completion. Also total cost of ownership can be higher on two vehicles. So you might be closer on final numbers with 2 $17k vehicles. Here’s how I’d split it. A $20k sedan and a $10k used basic truck. I think that line of reasoning keeps the used truck market going fairly well.

    2. I got away from looking at my phone while driving. I was grinding my teeth watching that. Might want to edit that, could land you a ticket. They are really cracking down on that in Canada, they are making the charge equivalent to a drinking and driving charge because mostly kids, but adults too are killing more people than the drunk drivers by texting or other, on their phones.

      But nice real world video, be nice to show a predicted overall cost of ownership over 4 years. Since the Frontier basically has not changed you can get a price for an old one and do a cost of ownership over 4 years.

      1. Relax. At what point did the driver have the camera? There was absolutely nothing illegal about this video in the USA. Also, try posting once without a reference to Canada.

        1. OK, Russ, seems the law is not relaxed about it either in Colorado, see link below. Same goes for Canada and Canada is pushing to make it a criminal offense. I have done it myself but it is a significant issue and was hard to watch, makes the passenger very nervous. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about because it has nothing to do with the camera.

          All we need is for young people to buy this truck and copy what happened by thinking its OK to use your phone while driving. Not a good thing.


            1. No but you need to watch the video. Maybe try at 11 minutes. And everything between 9-12 minutes. Not a good role model for the young chaps.

    3. a short story! in the mid 80’s I purchased a used 79 chevy 1/2 ton. although this was my “personal truck” I ended up using it many days picking up material for our garden center. when I bought the truck it came with a cap on the bed and although I would not have bought one, I decided to leave it on. On two different occasions I hurt my back while loading materials into this thing being that I was all bent over. I spent several weeks with back pain because of that cap! and still 30 years later sometimes get a not too gentle reminder. So Roman, in response to your question I recommend- no cap!

      1. It really is not. Back in the end of 2015, I purchased a brand new Ford F-350 Crew Cab 4×4 short bed diesel. It was a 100-mile drive home from the dealer where I bought it, all on 55mph roads…which was advantageous. I averaged 24mpg on the drive home Granted, it was 55mph roads and I drove it fairly gently…but it probably weighed more than double what this Nissan weighed and had 440HP and 860lb-ft on tap.

        In my opinion, a tiny, lightweight truck like this with a 4-banger and 5-speed manual and laying on the ground 2WD should be approaching 30mpg.

    4. Well, I was curios, just build a Nissan Frontier S 4×2 (black only). the options I choose to match your Frontier was the receiver hitch class III + hitch class III and the ball class III. cost was (including S&H and carbon taxes) is $25,922, the you need to add the GST (%5) and the provincial taxes (%9.975) for a total of $29,815 CAD, so you guys are getting an amazing deal at 20K.

    5. I think it would be interesting to test all trucks you get on a new mixed terrain loop while loaded with near that trucks max payload including two of you in the truck. There are many self employed people who load their trucks heavily everyday but are not pulling a trailer so this would be real world testing for them.

    6. I just really appreciate that TFL actually looked at a base truck, most channels don’t even bother! Either way, that work truck is impressing me more and more, it really seems like a good first vehicle. Basic, reliable, utilitarian without being lame. Good stuff.

    7. Roman – – –

      YES, Good job on video.

      But for a “topper” I would recommend you consider ARE. The do BEAUTIFUL cpas, albeit a bit pricey. Put one on my 2010 grey Frontier, — looks just perfect.


    8. I may have to take advantage of this economical truck while its still available in 2017. I did look really hard at this same truck in mid-2016 but decided to buy a used truck for cheap. You can’t beat the Frontier’s pricing!

    9. Is there a payload difference between the automatic and manual? Manufacturers has generally rated the manuals lot less.

    10. If you do a cap, see if you can get one with side windows that flip up….that’s what a contractor using a work truck would prefer…much easier to get to tools, etc., in the front of the bed.

      Keep in mind that the cap will drop your payload another couple hundred pounds! Maybe a tonneau would be better?

    11. I have to agree with Troverman ; 22.2 miles per gallon is nothing to write home about these days. My 97 nissan auto pickup gets 23 with the old 2.4 engine. The new truck has gotten a lot heavier though. Mine is barely 3000lbs and the 17 is over 3600. Also my payload is over 1400lbs compared to less than 1000 now. I hope the renewed/updated Frontier of the future has more to offer or it will indeed become the Final Frontier

    12. So if this truck comes in at $28 to start with 4X4, can’t the Tacoma come in at a lower price with a 4 cyl, 4X4, and 5-speed? I thought they start out at about $24

      Granted as a work truck, I would think 2WD is fine, but for a lot of general population consumers, I would think they’d also be interested in base model 4X4 comparisons.

    13. Need more videos 0 to 60 especially towing test mpg loop towing and not towing I really want to see how it does cause I’m considering buying one but it’s a five speed automatic that is the only difference from your Nissan Frontier

    14. Since they have this thing for a few months, I am in hopes they run it up the IKE loaded again with the AC on.

      A buddy had 4cly 5sp Ranger that he had to turn the AC off to maintain speed when towing or hauling even the smallest of loads to maintain a safe speed. Same thing when unloaded and he needed to pass he would turn the AC off.

      I am curios if these newer more modern 4cly 5 speed basic trucks run much better, I am sure the engine is far more advanced, but I am pretty sure it’s heavier then the Ranger’s were back in the late 80s.

      Been enjoying this series, keep up the good work TFL.

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