• Ask Mr.Truck#10: Will Ford Build a Raptor Version of the Bronco or Ranger? Duramax or Cummins?

    Ford Atlas Concept
    Ford Bronco rendering

    Will Ford build a Raptor version of the next generation Ford Bronco or Ford Ranger? Which one would more sense. We all hope they will, but this is still wild speculation. Ford has not even released any design sketches or teases of the 2020 Bronco or the 2019 Ranger. While we are on a topic of future “Raptor” vehicles. How about a Super Duty Raptor or Ford Expedition Raptor?

    Why do HD truck makers limit turbo-diesel torque in first (and second) gears? Will Ram build the next Dakota pickup truck? Why doesn’t TFLtruck do reliability testing? Duramax or Cummins? Which diesel engine is better for a heavy duty pickup truck?

    If you have pickup truck questions, Mr.Truck and TFLtruck have the answers (or at least we will do our best to answer or address your questions). If we cannot answer your question, then we will tell you that or refer you to somebody who can.

    Get all the answers and discussion in the video below.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    41 thoughts on “Ask Mr.Truck#10: Will Ford Build a Raptor Version of the Bronco or Ranger? Duramax or Cummins?

      1. Unfortunately that rendering appears to be based on the F-150. Ford has already stated the Bronco will be built on the Ranger platform so I doubt it will look anything like that rendering.

    1. I’m agreement with Roman about ram with alot on there plate because of it I doubt we will see a Dakota for awhile.

    2. This truck thing is becoming like the cell phone market. I could buy a sweet truck right now, but if I wait a few months I could get 10 speed. But if i wait for the 10 speed I could wait a few more months and get a Ranger. If I wait for a ranger, I could wait a few more months for a Hybrid F150

    3. I always remember the Bronco as something that broke down a lot. But I know they have a strong fan base. Never liked the look but this rendering is nice.

      1. Some shitty experience you had, thanks for your opinion. I have nothing but a solid experience.

        Have a nice weekend.

          1. No your right the ranger and bronco for many years were very problematic trucks once you got some miles on them. Terrible electronics and fuel injection tech at the time. I’ve owned enough and had to fix enough to know that they always ran but never ran right. Also the switches and cab electronics were a nightmare for screwing up. The gm carb injection at the time was way more reliable.

            1. Ya it was a long time ago though when Mustangs were driving around with twisted frames and duct tape holding the lights on. Funny but true from my experiences but they have come a long way since then.

            2. Ford EFI > GM TBI or CARB. All day everyday for Off-roading. I’d take a bronco over any blazer/ramrunner any day of the week.

          2. Had a 89 Bronco, it was bad ass but had its issues. One was the pinion liked to loosen up, man that thing went through a serious amount of ujoints.

            1. You must have used the cheapest u-joints installed on the market, and possibly not installed correctly. So Sorry.

            2. No the pinion gear preload wasn’t correct allowing yoke to wiggle. Got to point the axle needed to be replaced because the pinion had over rounded the housing.

            3. Offroad bandit if you knew what you where talking about you would have known why it was going threw ujoints

            4. My aunt had an 87 Bronco II. It had overheating issues and eventually developed cracked heads that the 2.9 was famous for. The radiator also leaked. It got around decent but the TFI module meant it would run rough on hot days.

          3. I seen a full size bronco couple days ago. I guess it was a 90s model.
            Between the bronco and blazer the Blazer was the better of the two. Just my opinion.

    4. Kent – the 2017 Fords are torque limited in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears…giving you full torque in 4th gear. Unless you happen to buy a 350 dually or 450…then you are only torque-limited in 1st gear with full torque in 2nd gear.

      You can still turn the tires on a SRW or dually 2017 Ford diesel.

      The manufacturers could care less about protecting your tires…they are protecting their rear axles and transmissions while the trucks are still under warranty.

      1. I drove a 250 with the 6.7L and even with the torque limiting the traction control was still somewhat intervening. Putting down 450HP and 925TQ on a single rear wheel axle is likely hard to do unless it is really loaded. The truck still ran like a raped ape. I wish i drove the 350 or 450 dually because I bet that truck just goes.

        I assume Ram does it for driveline reliability, that’s why they hold out till 3rd gear. I also thought they only did it in their dually because that is the only option for the high torque calibration. Not sure about the lower tq trucks on the ram side. I have seen videos of the new Duramax and it seems to just spin the tires. Once it catches it is hard on driveline components. I have a friend that blew his rear axle on his chevy truck spinning the tires and once it caught, the diff scattered. Maybe have a calibration to reduce the tq limit when a trailer is detected. That way you could have full power or close to it when towing. Of course people are getting really needy now wanting to do 0-60 pulling 30K lbs in 10 seconds. Trucks nowadays are getting stupid powerful.

        1. “I have a friend that blew his rear axle on his chevy truck spinning the tires and once it caught, the diff scattered.”

          I watched a semi truck turn a driveshaft into a pretzel doing something like that. I think it was a Freightliner.

    5. In reference to the 4.5 Duramax question. There was one,sorta. Gm was designing a 4.5 diesel for the 1500’s,but the bankruptcy put that on the shelf.Now,with the passing of time,and more diesel regs,it doesn’t look like it can be resurrected,or so I’m told.

      1. Yep no surprise lohchief. With amount of crap the manufacturers have to place on the DSL to meet the mandates it becomes very hard to justify building a DSL. You look at the current DSl’s they are very expensive because of it. That is one big reason it is not coming. Just my therory.

      2. Yeah the 4.5 DMax looked promising too. Ford seemed to like it too. After details about the 4.5 were released and showed a turbo in the engine valley and reverse flow heads, the 6.7 showed up with a similar setup.

    6. @ Marc: I’m not sure about that.Ram,Ford,and Nissan have diesel half tons.Well,Ford will have one pretty soon. I think GM will have to offer one as well,AND they can use the VM 3.o that ram uses if they want to.The VM diesel engines are not all exclusive to Rams. And GM did kick some ass in the midsize market with the babymax.Ya never know…GM doesn’t even offer a turbo’d engine in their fullsize line up either.I have to wonder how long that will last.

      1. Lohchief, I am hoping GM does the smart thing and brings in electric assist. They are testing 500 Sierras in California right now. Batteries are getting so advanced that it is likely hard for them to keep up with the changes. But, I think they are likely close where the e-assist will be the mpg benchmark to beat when they finally figure it out. Then the diesel will really be a relic in comparison.

        1. E-assist don’t mean squat when towing in the mountains.I know you’re all hat up about electric,but it still has a long way to go for me to buy any kind of e-assist truck.Jmho.My preferences tend to lean toward diesel,with boosted gassers second.

          1. Lochief electric will be here faster than you think; is what I believe. You are talking in the past on electric and talking about future diesels???

            1. Yes,electric is coming,but I will not buy one.I don’t like them,I don’t want them.It may be fine for you and others,but there are people like me who don’t want one. If you think diesels will just disappear,it will not be in my lifetime. Battery tech has a long way to go.I don’t give a damn about city driving,I’m talking cross country road trips pulling a small camper,and battery power isn’t anywhere near ready for prime time when it comes to that.

    7. The question is can they sell the dsl competitively ? I think they can and this next statement will apply to all manufacturers. How much of a return will you get on huge price option on a DSL engine? Right now it is not big as you think. And price on that dsl option has been steadily increasing with the more mandates coming. Also the gas engines has been steadily getting better in competing against the DSL. where I don’t think DSL hasn’t so much because of the mandates.

      Me thinks it will be Isuzu DSL in the half ton gm.

      There will be TT v-6 in the gm half tons. You can take that to the bank. Question is how long will they keep the 6.2?

      1. An Isuzu DSL would be ideal.

        Way better than a VM Motori 3.0 at this point. Ram has been struggling with the EcoDiesel.

    8. Why don’t we just wait until the Bronco and Ranger actually appear, and THEN speculate on the other versions? It must be a slow news day at TFLt.

    9. It won’t look anything like that 2015 F-150. People also got the 2018 Expedition front end totally wrong based on mules.

    10. Before we get too excited it would be nice to see these products on the road in USA and Canada. I doubt we would see a Raptor version unless it is in the Ranger to compete with the ZR2 but I think Ford really misread the market on the demand for midsize trucks so we may not get a huge variety of Rangers anytime soon.
      The Bronco will be closer to the Ranger than the F-150. Think modern version of the first gen Bronco but bigger like everything else. I think they will sell like hot cakes but wonder if the truck market will be cooling just a bit before they get here? Heck, FCA should dust off the old Dakota, slap the Pentastar V-6 in it, use some of those nicer interiors we are seeing in their better products and they would sell them and sell a bunch of them. We also know FCA is not afraid to slap a huge existing engine in almost anything they can fit it in!

    11. Robert, that is some great info my friend and another reason why I love this forum. Great info! I would LOVE to see this but I’m not especially hopeful. Ranger used to own the compact segment (now midsize) so it would be interesting to see if Ford just just dropped a ton of Ranger variants on us all at once. Either way their presence alone is going to advance the midsize segment. Competition in this market makes products better.
      I know the third gen Toyota got off to a rocky start but I’m loving mine and am getting slightly over 20mpg in mostly city driving with more than enough power. The transmission is adjusting to my driving habits nicely.

    12. Any idea if we will see a diesel Ranger? I know there is one globally but does Ford have anything in the pipeline that could be clean enough to pass emissions here? Or, what engine choices do we think we will see? The 2.7EB would likely just be unfair to every other mid size truck and would likely be a good Ranger Raptor choice.

    13. @Moondog
      A US Tier approved Diesel cannot be used here or in Europe. Need to be modified to kill the Co2. Particulates are another major problem that needs to be
      Emphasis in US is NOx here ,Europe and elsewhere,using Euro V or higher is Co2 and particulates

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