• 2017 Nissa Titan Half-Ton: 100-Mile Towing MPG Loop and 0-60 MPH [Video]

    2017 nissan titan mpg towing trailer
    2017 Nissan Titan half-ton

    How efficient is the 2017 Nissan Titan half-ton on the TFLtruck’s 100-mile highway MPG loop when towing a trailer? How quick is this 5.6L V8-powered truck 0-60 MPH? This is precisely what we are here to find out.

    As always, the test parameters are the same for all half-ton trucks that we test. We are using a 20-foot CM Trailers Cargomate trailer loaded to a total weight of 7,000 lbs. This is the same weight and trailer as we used with the 2017 Ford F-150 EcoBoost and the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. Can the Titan beat the F-150 3.5L EcoBoost and its 10-speed automatic transmission?

    Check out the video for all the details and results. We are currently in the process of updating our 0-60 MPH and towing MPG result pages. This will be published along with the 2017 Ike Gauntlet results before the end of this month.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    75 thoughts on “2017 Nissa Titan Half-Ton: 100-Mile Towing MPG Loop and 0-60 MPH [Video]

    1. What does that interior have to offer? Show the information center and the center stack. Instead of sleeping during the ride. Shoot some interior video. There’s more to a truck than mpg and how well it hauls.

        1. TFL, thanks for these videos. I appreciate the consistency so we, the viewers, can make a clean comparison.

          1. @nihilus,
            How’s there a clean comparison when TFL leaves out interior comparison? I too would like to see what all brands have to offer when it comes to interior. It would save me time when I’m in the market for a new truck. Hauling and towing aren’t that big of a deal to me. Ride comfort, interior feel and options is what I’m more interested in. I’ve noticed people’s comments from other TFL videos have asked for the same.

            @Andre- will we see interior comparisons in the future?

      1. You can only make a YouTube video so long!

        I for one and I’m certain many others look at the subject title and when we decide that we want to see 0-60 and mpg loop towing loop are completely satisfied with what we’re getting from TFL!!!

        All of the trucks nowadays are completely overloaded with the latest and greatest interior features. If you we’re to spend some time on that it could be a separate video with each new truck you get and titled that way called interior features and entertainment.

        This way I for one and I suspect many others could skip it!!!

        1. I agree it would be too long but it wouldn’t hurt to be on another video as an attachment. I find I go elsewhere for interior reviews. Be nice if it was all here.

      2. Hello Ram,

        Thank you for the feedback. We publish several videos throughout the lifecycle of a new pickup truck: spy shots, debut, first drive, full ike test, full mpg test, and more. We will do more in-depth reviews as time allows.


    2. Nissan shold have sent you the pro4x model with the 335 gearing, 293 gearing has to be the most pitiful gearing for towing and city driving. Wake up Nissan

      1. Yep, the XD got 9.6 MPG with the 3.45 gears. Still ok compared to the 5.0 Ford which got about the same with 5600 lbs. The worst part was that Nathan reported that it was hunting gears. Not what you want on a flat tow. Judging from the RPMs, it was going between 4th and 6th gear. And yes, the Titan is only available with the 2.93 gears.

        1. Based on the complaints about the Cummins/Aisin setup shifting and this thing hunting on a flat road leads me to think that Nissan has some tuning to do.

        2. Fuel economy on the highway is more wind load dependent than the actual weight. If the trailer is the same, mpg will not change much on the hwy with more load in it.

          1. Unfortunately, the fuel/ignition map can play mean tricks on you if you run a gas engine too low. If we agree that wind load and various friction components are the primary factors in highway cruise, then the (same) engine and trans with the 2.93 gear will need to deliver more torque. If things line up inconvenient, the trans may not find a steady lock-up speed where the engine can make sufficient torque. This can lead to a combination of trans/converter loss, higher rpm (from running in a lower gear) and reduced combustion efficiency, from retarding timing or running rich to keep emissions in line. the more gears you have, the less likely you’ll suffer from this, but I think there’s still too much compromise in this combination.

    3. Nice video, nice to mention the rear differential gear ratio, too bad you can’t test both gear ratio’s

      1. It doesn’t have more than one gear ratio. All Titans have 2.93 gears. Even the Pro4x. If you want 3.357 gears, you have to go to the Titan XD gas. (Titan XD diesel is 3.916). Nissan has published all of this information online in Word documents; it’s the top hit when you Google ‘Nissan Titan final drive ratio’.

    4. Not impressive at all. Hunting around for gears on level ground? I agree the 2.93 rear end was a poor choice.

      Meanwhile, the 3.5 EcoBoost towed the same trailer with ease and returned better MPG. I would expect a GM or Ram half ton to do the same. There is a reason the Big 3 are the Big 3.

    5. Great video guys, appreciate the hard work that goes into this. I expect all trucks tested will be within a small percentage of each other. When I first watched the video a few days ago I wondered if you redid the test again if the transmission control module would adapt better. Because it was hunting, it may needed more time towing to adapt the shift scheduling.

    6. I think it’s all within a margin of error, the taller, heavier XD, towed the same trailer and got 9.6 mpg. This truck got 8.6 the EB got 7.1. All seems to be within the margin of error based on the short test and differences in fuel pumps winds speeds etc.

      As far as that engine, I not sure it is really all new, I am pretty sure it’s been in the Qx80/Patrol for a few years now. But I am guessing Nathan was referring to it being a new engine for the Titan pickup.

      The same engine is in the 2017 Armada that they tested and it ran 0-60 in 6.9. To me that is an impressive gas engine, to move these full size trucks a mile above see level in the 7 second range, with decent fuel mileage.

      My experience with enclosed trailers and towing in general it takes so much fuel to move so much mass. It’s not really a surprise these gas trucks are coming out so close to one another.

      Good test, great job guys on the videos. Enjoy them all.

      1. It is an impressive engine. The only carry-over is the block. I think everyone who has tested it has liked it. The problem is the transmission programming for the 6.1 speed, coupled with Nissan’s odd penchant for using really tall gears in the rear end and really short gears in the transmission. They end up providing the same effective ratio as the other brands, but they get there the opposite way. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, I just don’t know if that’s necessarily the most wise way to do it.

          1. Aren’t most of the XD trans complaints tied to the Aisin trans behind the diesel ? I had not seen a lot of posted complaints about the 7 speed the gas trucks use.

        1. That is true for the new Titan the motor is new for the Titan, I was just saying that the motor isn’t really brand new in terms of it has been around in other vehicles for few years. IE. It has been in the Global Patrol and the QX80 for a few years now. I want to say 2014 it could be older then that when it went into the Infinity and Patrol’s.

    7. I don’t understand why anyone would want this truck. It’s not particularly great looking, it doesn’t get particularly great fuel economy, and its not particularly fast. Nor can it tow or haul the most. Just a mid-pack truck.

      1. Agreed except it’s not mid pack it’s a last choice IMO. Nissan is defeating itself in the truck market. Launched this truck with too many already outdated features.

    8. This also appears to be a truck without a true identity. It seems to be a bad mish mash of styling cues from other brands. The styling just doesn’t work. The mileage is not impressive and nothing else is up to par with the Big 3. I have to wonder if Nissan is wishing they had spent the time and resources they spent on this on getting a better Frontier over here? The Frontier by far outsells this and could sell even more with a more refined and modern product.

    9. I bought a Nissan Titan brand new in 2004 and loved it more than any truck I have ever owned. At that time it was very powerful and extremely fast. I ordered mine with the big tow package and it came with 4.11 gears. The problem.waa I got 12 miles per gallon if I was pulling something or not

    10. I’m really getting bad panic attacks. Where is the Moab off road review. If I end up in emergency I hope the Nurse is hot, I’ll let her know my truck has a long box.

    11. The problem with the new Nissan 1/2 ton is that it only comes with that 2.93 axle ratio. We use to call these “highway gears” on a car. They gave you better fuel mileage but they also made the cars acceleration lackluster at best. They never put these gears in trucks because it killed the trucks power and hauling ability. This new Nissan is great if your buying it as a commuter truck or as a “grocery getter” for you, your wife And kids. But if you use your truck as a truck hauling firewood, or for your small landscaping business, or for getting away for a few weeks every year with your rv trailer this truck is not for you. Instead you need a truck with truck (lower) differential gears. Like 3.73 or 4.10. The problem here is not that it’s a Nissan, the problem is those 2.93’s and you would have the same poor results if these gears were in a new ford or chevy or ram. Nissan; give your customers a choice of axle ratios and your trucks will be appealing to many more customers. The rest of the truck seems very nice!

        1. If the gear reduction was similar the truck wouldn’t constantly be “hunting for gears”. Look at at last summer’s test of the titan xd gas. It had the same engine, same transmission gears, but it did have lower(3.36) axle gears and they said it stayed in 7th gear for almost the entire trip. This is what you want, an axle ratio that allows you to pull your trailer using only high gear (1 to 1) or in first overdrive. The transmission shouldn’t have to use lower transmission gears, say 2nd or 3rd gears for hundreds of miles! It’s not the same.

          1. Ok we will try to explain this one more time Dan (and others).
            7-speed Nissan final ratios with 2.93:
            6-speed Ford final ratios with 3.55:

            Other than a slightly tall 1st and shorter 2nd gear, the rest of the gears are VERY close. 1st and 2nd gear were NOT being used when it was up to speed. Judging by the RPMs, it was jumping from 4th to 6th gear. You are WAY off base saying it was hunting between 2nd and 3rd. The 3.46 Nissan ratios is designed to go on heavier trucks and fits right between an F-250 with 3.73 gears and 4.30 gears.

            The reason it was hunting gears was because of crappy transmission programming. Titan XD owners of complained about this as well.

            BTW, Andre was in 7th gear when the truck was NOT towing. Do you even TFL, bro?

            1. Be interesting to see the 10 speed Ford with the 3:55 vs the 3:73 but don’t see it online anywhere, yet.

            2. Well I guess I would hope the truck was in 7th gear while not towing. If it couldn’t do that what would be the point of 7th gear at all?

            3. The GCW doesn’t change for the 3.5EB from 3.55 to 3.73. Its only a 5% deeper gear. It does with the 5.0, but that keeps the 6 speed initially. I suspect that the 2 different gear ratios are as much a function of the higher capacity axle, than the need to have deeper gears.

            4. Well done sir.
              I wish I could explain that to people as well as you just did do.
              I do try.
              The TFL guys seems to be lost on this as well, especially MR truck who constantly misses the overall concept of what you just outlined.

    12. Hmm, maybe they should compare the new Titan to the old one. The old one was a beast at towing, holding its own against the GM 6.2 coming in not far behind.

    13. That is a chinsey plastic cover over the engine. I don’t mind if they covering the engine, but gee Nissan could have done a better job of it.

      No real surprises on the mpg loop.
      I have mixed opinions about this transmission which I don’t seem to be the only one here. Can you get a higher rear gear in the Titan? Maybe this transmission might work better with a higher gear?

    14. why do you think almost all (excepting Nissan) pickup truck manufacturers offer a choice of axle ratios, just for kicks. no! They offer different ratios because different customers have different needs, some need a “grocery getter” while others need a truck that performs well as a work truck or one that is always pulling a trailer. there is no “one size fits all” no matter how many transmission gears you give it. do yourself a favor and look at the specs for a 2017 10 speed f-150 with the 3.5 ecoboost. you can get one with either 3.55 or 3.73 gears and notice it does not change the trucks tow ratings. but what is does do is change how that truck performs under a full rated towing load. the one with the lower gears (3.73) will pull the hills easier and will have to shift back and forth less often. again why do you think ford, chevy, and ram give you all these axle choices. I can’t believe you don’t know this, Bro.

      1. You can get a 4×4 F-150 3.5tt with either a 3.31 or 3.55. The 3.73 is only available with the Heavy payload package. All 3 are within 1000 lbs of each other:
        Do you have proof of this claim that the 3.73 will perform all that different with the 10 speed? The reason I ask is because the 8-speed 6.2L GM twins were tested with the 3.42 and 3.23 – there was almost no difference between the two.:
        It will be less so when dealing with a truck with 10 gears and a flatter torque curve. Just about everything you post here is either wrong are speculation. You are just mad that someone is calling you out on it. You are also mad that your precious new Nissan is already at the back of the pack in power and MPG.

        1. Nihlus the two GM trucks were not the same. We don’t know there weights, although close the 3:42 gear set did come out on top and the 3:55 to 3:73 is a bigger spread than the 3:23 to 3:42. I just don’t think anyone can say for sure without testing the trucks.

          1. 3.55 to 3.73 difference: 5.1%
            2.23 to 3.42 difference: 5.9%

            Where did you see the 3.42 (GMC Sierra) come out on top? Everything was a tie within the margin of error.

        2. check that chart again. both the 3.55 and the 3.73 gear ratios have identical maximum gcwr ratings of 7756kg. and by the way your the one who seems mad here. and also I am a ford man myself. I just said that other than having the wrong axle ratio the Nissan seemed like a nice truck, not my choice, just nice. I believe overall ford trucks are the best of the crowd.

      2. You guys both have good points.

        The final drive ratios (multiple tranny gear ratio by rear end gear ratio for final drive ratio) are similar to other makes. It’s just that Nissan gets there backwards (shorter tranny gears and taller rear end).

        It’s also a good point, I think, that Nissan should offer an optional ‘Max Tow’ rear gear ratio, *like they used to.*

        BUT, I think the overall biggest issue is really the PROGRAMMING. We see poor shift programming pop up again and again as of late. A great example of this is the Ram HD 6.4 gas. It had the same gears and programming as the diesel when it came out, leading to experiences like the Ike Gauntlet test where it fell on its face because it couldn’t be kept in its powerband (the diesel powerband it was designed for is much lower). Similarly, many Titan XD diesel owners have had one if not many reflashes as Nissan steadily improves the transmission programming.

        I think Nissan did a great job on the engine, interior, and especially all the features, but their transmission unit has just done a poor job on shift programming.

        1. “Nissan should offer an optional ‘Max Tow’ rear gear ratio,”
          In a way, they do- comes with a bunch of standard towing features, heavier components and a longer bed on the Crew Cab.

      3. So what is your, guys take on the Ford F150EB with the 10 speed that did the Gauntlet with the 3:55 gears.

        Do you think there would have been less brake applications if the F150 had the 3:73 gear set? Do you think the fuel mileage would have been better or worse?

        I think the only way to know is to test the truck as Ford may change the electronic shift points when they do the 3:73 gear set, so we don’t know where it will shift based on throttle input vs load, that may change in the programming with the 3:73 gear set.

        1. Kent (Mr Truck) do you care to comment, what do you think;

          1) The 3:73 vs the 3:55 in the 10 speed tranny will make no difference
          2) The 3:73 vs 3:55 gear set might make a difference depending on shift points
          3) The 3:73 will definitely make a difference
          4) Shut up and buy the Truck Nuts Book

          Is it 1, 2, 3 or 4

      4. That has been changing a lot as these new 7,8.and now 10speed transmission are coming out. A lot of what was controlled by the rear diff is now being handled by much more optimal gear spacing in the transmission.

      5. Dan take a chill pill! all i want to know can you get a different rear axle ratio for the Nissan? If so what is it be? I can give less than dam about weights and I know what ford offers.

        You got so ramped up I don’t know if you are saying no.

        Anybody can answer the question.


        1. mar
          please have someone proof read your posts before you send them! you sound like an idiot with marbles in his mouth!

          1. Dan bush not hear to judge your posts, but if I don’t know what you are saying then I don’t think anybody else is. If you don’t understand what I’m saying that is fine I’ll rewrite for you.

            Now back to the question in hand. Can you get another axel ratio with the Nissan and if so what it is it? Thxs

            1. Good morning Marc. To answer your question. No, I don’t see any other available axle ratios on the Nissan titan website. Does anyone else know more on this question?

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