• 2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 Diesel: Can It Be the Quickest Dually Ever? [Video]

    How quick is the 2017 Ford F-350 dually crew cab 4×4 Lariat at 0-60 MPH? We test it and the other two duallies (Chevy Silverado HD and Ram HD) to find out. We ran them back-to-back at our test facility. We are publishing the results for each truck over the next three days.

    First up is the all-new Ford F-350. It has a new frame, all-aluminum body and bed, and an uprated 6.7L Power Stroke V8. The latest version of the turbo-diesel makes 440 horsepower @ 2,800 rpm and 925 lb-ft of torque @ 1,800 rpm. It is still backed by Ford’s 6-speed automatic transmission.

    We run the dually 0-60 MPH tests in 2WD and with traction control disabled. We find this is the best way to launch these big and heavy beasts. The four rear tires provide good traction, and the additional drag of the 4×4 system is not there to slow us down.

    The heavy duty pickup truck power wars are getting ever hotter. Ford, GM, and Ram all have turbo-diesel engine with at least 900 lb-ft of torque. We will be doing every type of test we can physically do in a week: Ike Gauntlet towing, highway towing MPG loops, performance tests, and more.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    46 thoughts on “2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 Diesel: Can It Be the Quickest Dually Ever? [Video]

    1. My prediction is Ford 1, Chevy 2, and Ram 3. Though not all that surprising. Acceleration is probably the least important metric of a dually.

    2. Still a good metric to measure for onboarding a ramp on a highway. Always nice to have more get up and go for positioning, onboarding and passing. Competition is the fun part where you get to brag or hide until next year.

    3. The other test showed the chevy at 8.2 secs. I really would have thought the new duramax would be quicker than power stroke.

      1. I don’t know. The Ford is lighter and near the same horsepower. Ford should win. Your right, Ram will be a distant third (I know, I drive one). But put 30k behind each and will be a different story. Ram will be much closer to the Ford.

        1. The Superduty is about 200lbs heavier than the Silverado. The video is on Youtube already for the weigh in.

    4. FIrst off, that test track you guys use sucks – no offense. You have to slam on the brakes to stop in order to prevent going off the track. It did not work so well for Roman in the Hellcat.

      Very impressive performance. It managed to comfortably beat the Duramax while weighing more. TFL weigh in:
      Chevy: 8580 lbs
      Ford: 8820 lbs
      Ram: 8960 lbs
      The F-450 used in the Midnight Ike was 9250 lbs according to Ford (calculated with 150 lb driver I believe)

      1. Might thought on the same thing nihilus concerning there test track. Though I wasn’t going to be that harsh on them about it.

        Bigger truck needs a bigger track.

    5. TFL crew: Please understand that the new Super Duty is NOT 350 lbs lighter. It is only 350 lbs lighter in an F-250 when using the new 6r100 transmission instead of the 6r140. All other configurations see less of a weight loss – usually around 200 lbs and even less going from DRW to DRW. Supercabs crew the most – a 2017 supercab with a 6r140 is only around 50 lbs lighter than a 2016 supercab with a 6r140 in a similiar trim!

      1. What I was told the transmissions are all the same. Now you can get a optional transmission for the gas engine f-250 that is more less from the half ton. But I was told from the dealer from the f-150 on up to f-350 they are all the same. I was told that half ton verses the HD transmission are lighter by how much I don’t know. As for the gearing inside the transmission that I don’t know ,but I was left under the impression they are the same.

        Nihilus going from drw to drw ? You mean srw? I think your auto correct is trying to confuse me. You mean crew cab or extended cab? 6r140 for the DSL ? Or 6r100 ? Your post got me all confused upside down inside out and twisted all up.

        1. It wasn’t autocorrect. I wanted to be clear that the 2017 weight losses are 200 lbs AT BEST outside of the F-250 gas with the 6r100. Going from a 2016 DRW to a 2017 DRW will see less than 200 lb weight savings for some reason.

          1. K that thxs that is little more clearer.
            Ford has stated that it is 350 lb weight loss from 2016 to 2017 across the board. It is very possible that they ment it as on the standad engine which is the 6.2. though that don’t make much sense. Are you trying to say they added more to the weight back in it for the DSL than they did for the gas?

            1. Yes, but only for the F-250 gas because that us the ONLY model to get the 6r100 switch. A 2017 F350 SRW gas is only 200 lbs lighter than the outgoing model since that keeps the 6r140.

            2. Nihilus do you know if the 6r100 out of the f-150? If so ford is stating that this transmission is optional. I could be wrong on this.

            3. The F150 uses a 6r80. The 6r100 is a new beefier version of that transmission. It is sometimes referred as the Torqshift-G. It is not optiinal, per say. It is required on the F-250 gas and only available on the F-250 gas.

      1. Some of these trucks will be pushing 90 mph in the quaeter mile. Not sure what that proves of which 0-60 does not.

        1. With 0-60 mph times is pointless if the manufacturers keeping pulling HP and TQ out of the engine in the lower gears. That’s why I think it is really silly to have this test if you don’t know how much the manufacturers pull back. At least in the qtr mile you can have more of an idea how it pulls at top end.

        1. Why would they shoot themselves in the foot like that. Dont they know most people arent gunna know any better than whats in the sales brochure?

    6. If GM finished 2nd in this test last time it was run that was with the old version of the engine. I would expect it to be first this run. The GM powertrains were always close to ford when it came to other tests but with less available power. Now that the numbers say they are equal i think the GM will win

      1. Well GM did not win, Brad. Just like the new Titan, I don’t see the Duramax engine as underrated as the last model.

    7. Guys, the weight loss (savings) on the 2017 Super Duty is body over body. New aluminum over last years steel. The Ford commercials even clearly state that. The new aluminum body is up to 350 pounds lighter than the previous steel version. Ford reinvested some of the weight into beefier/heavier frame and suspension components. So….the net weight difference is very little if any. Sheesh.

    8. Andre, you didn’t say what the rear end ratio is??? You guys are getting bad about omitting that and driving and comfort characteristics of these trucks. I want to know how the seats feel, how much leg room and how the ride compares to the other trucks.

    9. Seems about right. I pulled a 7.32 0-60 in my 2017 F350 SRW CC 4×4 PSD with a little spool up. Highly non scientific of course. I bet somebody could rip a 7 flat on a good day. I owned a 2011 PSD and a 2015 Ram CTD. I tested the 2016 DMAX pretty thoroughly. The 2017 PSD is notably more powerful and responsive than any of those. All great trucks really but the DMAX and PSD will likely be toe to toe on trap times. The Cummins isn’t as flashy but a great steady puller with its low torque. In my opinion the PSD does the best job of being a sporty V8 while also being a great steady puller. They are all sweet rides and all will rather easily pull anything that legally can be pulled. Fords biggest issue was its chassis but they made that a thing of the past with the 2017 SD.

    10. The problem with the 60 mph times is that the manufacturers in the HD pickups pull back the HP and TQ in the lower gears that this test is sorta meaningless.

    11. FYI, there is a new 0-60 video for the Duramax up from TFL on youtube. It looks like it was done with the other trucks in the background and is different than the earlier test.

        1. Maybe on the very first test they were going into a head wind and getting a ram air effect on a turbo engine. Maybe you have to be moving for the ram air effect of the gm turbo diesel to develop advertised power numbers. At 0 mph you aren’t getting rammed air from the hood scoop. Maybe they should test these trucks at 50-70 or into a head wind as the gm would be getting air rammed into its turbo and making advertised power……

        2. Nathan managed to get an 8.17 second 0-60 with the slower ’15 F-350 in the same track that Andre got the 8.25 with the new Duramax. Perhaps it is lower elevation there. Most test show the new Duramax beating the new Power Stroke. The turbos in the Powerstroke may work better at elevation and are able to surpass the Duramax.
          In any case, the Powerstroke beat the Duramax by over 1/2 second on the same day, same test track. That is pretty significant. Can’t wait to see the Ike videos!

        3. It’s clear when you compare the superduty 0-60 to the duramax 0-60 that andre was considerably more aggressive brake-boosting the superduty. You could clearly hear that the turbo in the superduty was boosting much harder than the duramax’s turbo was when you compare video’s.

          That and the same truck varying a half second depending on the day and the same elevation?

          You guys need to work on you tactics.

          Honestly if you guys cannot remain consistent then just leave from a dead stop without brake boosting

    12. Different track, Tom so not the same elevation. Also, the Super duty might allow for a higher boost launch. The fact that Nathan got an 8.17 with the older SD on the other location shows there is a differnce.
      Anyhow, no test is perfect. The Ike gauntlet does the best job of eliminating the variables.

      1. I realize no test is perfect, I really don’t particularly care which truck wins. What I do care about is visible, obvious changes in the way the test is conducted on each truck. The superduty was spooled and on the verge of breaking the tires loose before Andre let off the brakes. At the same time on the Duramax test, the turbo is clearly not spooling and you finally hear it spool after he’s rolling.
        And yes, you can make boost with the brakes applied, don’t make that excuse

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