• 2017 Ford Raptor Turbo V6 vs. 2017 Chevy Silverado 6.2L V8: Drag Race You Asked For! [Video]

    The 2017 Ford Raptor twin-turbo V6 versus the 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 6.2L V8. Which is faster in a straight line? This question has been around since the beginning of time, or since there were two trucks in existence. There is only one way to find out and it is an old fashioned drag race. You requested that we do this, and we are happy to oblige.

    We use a dedicated test facility at IMI Motorsports Complex for these tests. It’s a controlled environment that is available solely for our use when we film. They are open seven days a week. They rent track time and fast go-karts.

    The high-output 3.5L EcoBoost V6 in the 2017 Ford Raptor produces 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and 4.10 axle gearing. The 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 packs a big 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 with 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque, an 8-speed automatic, and 3.42 gearing with the tow package.

    It’s Nathan in the Chevy versus Andre in the Ford. Oh yea, Roman shows up to spoil the fun, or is it add to the fun? Check out this fun video if you haven’t already (we published it on Youtube a few days ago).


    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    109 thoughts on “2017 Ford Raptor Turbo V6 vs. 2017 Chevy Silverado 6.2L V8: Drag Race You Asked For! [Video]

        1. Unfortunately I couldn’t haul me momma around in a fully loaded ram 1500 her cresting 1000lbs and me gaining a lb last week putting me at a hvy 141 lbs exceeds rams payload. Darn it I liked those longhorn seats.

    1. I was personally struck by how much better the old Raptor sounded compared to the 6.2 Chevy.
      In all fairness, there are very few chevy V8s that actually sound good in my opinion. Or maybe just one, the 327. Something to do with the firing order I believe

      1. Everyone has an opinion but that’s a stretch. The 427 is the most commonly known to me, as the best for V8 acoustics. Quick revving and deep unadulterated V8 sound.

    2. The displacement rules are not winning in the mtns with the turbos.

      How quickly will gm will have twin turbo v-6 in there line up? That is real big question.

    3. 4.10 vs 3.42 gears plus testing at a mile above sea level. That poor silverado never had a chance. But It is sure fun watching and that mopar puts it all in perspective. Great video.

      1. Don’t forget the Raptor is running 35″ tires. A lot of extra weight, resistance and the height reduces the gearing advantages. But to be fair, the chevy 6.2 is at a HP and TQ disadvantage. The chevy is still very quick no matter how you look at it. Looking forward to a comparison with the 2017 standard 3.5L ecoboost.

      2. The GM’s have such a slow holeshot, it is hard to watch. You can’t even boost force it to jump start, it just sits there off the start like a shitbag. Likely keeps the G80 locker from blowing up into a million pieces.

        1. Boost force? First time talking about cars and trucks? They go 0-60 in less than 6 seconds and as shown in multiple videos by publications can lay a significant amount of rubber. Mile high changes a lot of stuff guy.

          Sorry the fastest half ton crew cab (which isn’t even a sport model) is not fast enough.

          1. by Boost force, I mean hold the brakes and step on the gas to get the truck loaded for take off. Gives a little more of a jump out of the hole so long as your not breaking the tires loose.

            1. Not breaking the tires loose is what GM aggressive traction control is all about. That’s why it’s a dog out of the hole. Maybe they will turn off stibilatrak and let the tires roast for you.

          2. Mike whether the chevy puts down rubber or not it’s not faster then a 2 or 4 door raptor whether we’re at the top of a mountain or sea level. That’s second place period!
            A regular f150 sure has a little less power, but these 35in ko2’s I’m guessing hurt 1/4 mile times more then most people know. Either way chevy is a close 2nd in a straight line and distant 2nd to 3rd in most other categories.

            1. Did you watch the video? It was winning in the second video.

              It’s also a well known fact that if you do a brake stand in a GM truck it will take off slow, you just need to hit the gas and go.

              So if it loses 1 and wins the other at a high elevation, how are you determining it will lose at sea level? I’ll wait for car and driver and motor trends instrumented tests, either way, it will be close. I’ll take the big v8 any day and so would most.

        2. 3.42 is not helping. It isn’t the ideal gear for this match up.
          Then you have the turbos getting all the thin air the 6.2 isn’t getting. Plus 10spd

            1. I didn’t see it the book on the for the 17 silverado with 6.2 I only saw 3.23 gears. Thanks for the info I’ll have to look at it again.

    4. The GM was ahead of the Raptor in the second race, but we don’t see the finish.

      Nice driving Roman. Now if we could just get them to put that 707 HP motor into a an all new off road Dakota.

        1. And it would come in at the same price as the Raptor maybe cheaper or slightly more but it would rape my wallet in a heartbeat. Lighter and more exciting and acceleration is key. Because it is so light they only have to make the drive train as strong as the break loose forces of 4 tires in mud or on pavement. As long as the parts are strong enough to handle the forces of the tires breaking loose than they can warranty it. The Raptor is so heavy you would need Caterpillar Dozer’s tranny and axle to handle those forces. Lightweight and size is the key to off road fun at a cheaper price. The midsize trucks are just too underpowered right now.

          1. The last mid sized trucks that had good power was the Dakota with the 5.2 and 4.7L. I have only driven the 5.2L and not the 4.7 but I have driven a Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 and it didn’t lack for power at all for a SUV.

            1. I had a 5.9 Grand Cherokee and it wasn’t anything to get excited about, I was rather disappointed. I thought it might have the infamous death tune, so I put a intake, fatback and SCT premium tune on it and it was still a turd.

            2. The 5.9 I didn’t think was that great of a performance engine. A good friend of mine had a Ram SST with the 5.9L and it was stupid slow. At first I thought there was a problem with it.

            3. Yea I had a regular cab Ram 4×2 with the 5.9 and I didn’t think much of it. My Dads Durango with 5.2 felt much faster.

            4. The grand Cherokee 5.9 was lighter than the Durango and RAM and it wasn’t a torque monster. The GC also used 3.73 gears and I had factory sized tires. Mine had gotten rid of the unreliable AWD transfer case and I had a selectable 2wd/4wd case. In 2wd it would barely spin them on dry pavement. The 5.9 was a shit engine. I also had a 5.9 2wd ram, regular cab long box. Also a slow pig.

      1. That’s what I was thinking. The 6.2 doesn’t fall off like the Ecoboost either. Looks like Ford 1 and Chevy 1. At 1000′ elevation like most of the world, I’d say the 6.2 may still be the top dog. A regular f150 won’t have the oversized tires, but it also won’t have 4.10s and as much power.

        1. In the second race you can see its staged and both guys are moving over so Roman can come up the middle.

          It’s entertainment guys!

      2. Looked like the cat screaming up the middle forced the raptor over to the side and off the gas.
        Smart move considering the raptor is $60k+ truck before dealer mark up.

    5. 30hp and 50torque more in the Raptor with a 4.10 axle versus 3.42. Wasn’t hard to predict who was going to win. But the 6.2 more than held its own.

      1. Bigger tires on the Raptor kills the 4:10 gear advantage. Not sure by how much but likely by a lot.

        I think the 3.5 F150 with the 3:73 gears would beat the Raptor. We have only seen the 3:55 gears in the F150 gear ratio and it was almost tied with the Raptor.

          1. They sure do. Big argument on the gauntlet run TFL did with the 3.5EB 10 speed with the 3:55 and whether or not the 3:73 would have done better on grade shifting. There is like 276 posts on that thread now

            1. You can’t get 3.73 on the 3.5 ecoboost. You haven’t been able to since 2015. I tried to order mine that way and had to go with 3.55.

            2. You can get a regular cab 3.5EB 10 speed in 2wd with an 8 foot box with the 3:73 or in 4wd. Either one would destroy the Raptor I bet in 0-60 run. Also comes in extended cab and the 4 door.

      2. The 6.2L GM against the stand F150 would be a good drag race. The GM has the HP advantage but the Ford has the TQ advantage. Would love to see a sea level comparison to keep everything as equal as possible. Who would have thought having a full size truck would be running 14 sec quarter miles.

        1. I’d like to see them do this at the US average elevation; take out the highs and lows and do it at average since that is closer to where the vast majority of truck owners drive every day.

        2. They’ve already ran em and the reg 2017 10spd F150 3.5tt did a 6.2 sec. 0-60. The GM 6.2 did a 7.4 in this race

          Why can’t some of you guys let go and realize the new age is upon us?

          If GM, Toyota,and FCA don’t already have twin turbo v6’s gas engines on the drawing board then they will soon become those that wondered what happened. They already fall into the watch things happened category!

          1. Drifter64 you are spot on. That is exactly what I’m saying, the turbos are spanking the competition In the mtns. I also believe the 6.2 days are getting short.

            I have stayed several times that ford is leading and way ahead of the competition. Based on 3 criterias. 1 compactness 2 lightness and 3 technology advancement. Where gm and ram are fighting for 2nd. Followed by Nissan then Toyota bring up last. Which you don’t see them 3 criterias in any of them.

          2. The 6.2 has been the top dog since 2007. Perhaps the 2018 Ecoboost f150 will outperform it by a small amount, but how does that mean it’s done for? 10 years of superiority and the Eb might squeak out a win so they scrap the 6.2? Give me a break. Rumor has it the 2018 6.2s are getting a 10 speed too…

            1. The 6.2 got beat on a couple of occasions last year by the 2016 F150, both in 0-60 runs and in the 1/4 mile, empty and especially when towing. This year it will likely do better.

            2. Mike the mandates is going make it hard for gm to pass with the 6.2. Look at the half ton market. GM has the biggest engine and everybody had gone smaller so they can make the mandates. It is going to get harder to add more HP and TQ to this engine and to make the mandates at the same time. So if they do add a ten SPD to it only delay it until it gets axed. I hope that I’m wrong , but I just don’t think so.

    6. if you do maths the raptor does 26.5″/ rev whereas the silverado does 28.5″/rev, or roughly 7% difference in overall gear

    7. Average elevation of the US is around 2500ft. Very little of the country is at sea level. Mean elevation of California is 2900, Oregon is 3300 mean and Washington is around 1900 mean elevation. Very little of the west coast is close to sea level. It would take an extreme amount of money for these tfl guys to get sea level test. Maybe somebody from Rhode Island can start a comparison site for close to sea level tests of trucks. Cause Colorado the whole state mean elevation is 6800 ft elevation.

        1. Yeah, but the highways you drive on tow on between these cities are all going over considerable elevation gains.

          What good is a premium engine if it only makes full power at one elevation?

      1. Mean elevation in IL is about 700′. Same for all of the midwest. Mean elevation for the entire continental US is about 1200′.

          1. The mean elevation for the contiguous 48 states is 1754′. I added the numbers from the source you provided then divided by 48. Now, if you factor in population density it is 1200′ or less. I have seen other posts that claim an NA engine drops 3% power per 1000′. Don’t know if that is true or not but lets assume it is. The 6.2 is down about 5% at 1754′. The average elevation in Denver is 5410′. The 6.2 is down over 15% there. That 10% difference is a 42hp. Makes quite a difference.
            Now, the turbo guys argue that if the EcoBoost is good at 5000′ it will be that much better at sea level. However, it doesn’t work that way. The turbo is going to shove XXpsi into the engine regardless of the altitude (within reason). I argue that the EB makes no more power at 1745′ than it does at 5410′.

    8. Car and Driver got 5.0 from 0-60 in the Raptor so I doubt anything out there will touch it. I think I saw a 5.6 or 5.7 out of the 6.2 and that is a nice run for any truck. The 3.5 EB will basically do the same as the 6.2. Wow that Hellcat sounds nice.

    9. I find it hard to believe that anybody would have thought that the Chevy would win this. The 2015 Silverado 6.2 got spanked by the 2015 F150 with the 2.7 EB.

        1. Yes it did.
          Year Make Model 0-60 MPH (sec)
          2016 GMC Sierra CrewCab 2×4 6.2L 6.96
          2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab 4×4 2.7L 6.99
          2015 Chevrolet Silverado DoubleCab 4×4 6.2L 7.46

      1. Sure looks to me that the 6.2 still beats the 3.5 EB unless you get raptor, but we haven’t seen that at a normal elevation either.

      2. @Jeff H
        You know these auto journalists always have mistakes or lack information and it is just frustrating.

        My guess is the GM 6.2 had 3:42 gears and the Chevy 6.2 had 3:23 gears and lost by 0.3 seconds to the GMC in the 1/4 mile.

        Now we don’t get to see what the Ford had. There could have been 3:31, 3:55 or 3:73 gears in the Ford 3.5EB 10 speed. If the Ford had a 3:31 or a 3:55 gear set and only lost by 0.4 seconds in the 1/4 mile than the 3:73 gear set that is available is going to beat the GMC 6.2.

        1. You’re putting too much faith in gears. They don’t make that much of a difference, but they do make a truck feel more powerful. Don’t forget more aggressive gears will likely result in one more gear change. The difference between 3.55 and 3.73 is .1 at most and could potentially slow the truck down.

          1. Possible but highly unlikely and the shifts are barely noticeable because the rpms between shifts are very mild differences but with more torque at the wheels for each gear. Maybe in a 4 speed that would be true.

      3. I would actually like to see that review during the summer using summer fuel. The comparisons were not likely done at the same time and was already in their data base. Summer fuel will likely help fuel economy a little but i doubt performance will change. The 3.5L still does pretty good in the performance arena even at a 45 HP disadvantage. I still think the 3.5L really shines when towing. Low RPMs, plenty of low end grunt. But the 6.2L does shine at top end power for sure.

      4. Glad to see the 6-speed 5.0 match or beat the GM 5.3 and HEmi 5.7 – the 2018 engine and transmission upgrades will really make it go!

        1. Since boosted motors have such a flat torque curve, I didn’t really expect much of a gain when going to the 10-speed since there was already a small HP drop between gears on the 6-speed. The V-8s are different. The Hemi, 5.3, and 6.2 all saw huge gains when going to the 8-speed since it could keep RPMs up and thus HP up. The 5.0 will be no different. I might ended up matching the 3.5EB! 5.slow no mo’

          1. I actually thought the same thing. I figured a 10 speed may help some but i think the biggest improvement will be on the 5.0L. The 3.5L turbo setup is more for low end torque. Top end the turbos start to loose steam. To get fast spool up for torque you loose top end. To gain top end you sacrifice low end torque. In a sports car I love a top end turbo engine. You really see them MPH on top end. Trucks I prefer low end torque.

      5. One thing I noticed is the 50-70 times. The 6.2 killed everyone in this category. Personally to me 30-50 and 50-70 are better real world comparisons.

    10. Well that was not exactly apples to apples.

      First, Ford was NOT a crew cab….200+ lbs difference.

      Second , at altitude as you know , turbos have an advantage.

      Sooo……put em both at a normal altitude and option them the same and it would most likely be a pretty close race. C&D has gotten a 14.0@99 from a GM 6.2 crew cab loaded truck and a 13.8@100 for a Raptor Crew ….seems about right. In top gear passing the GM KILLS the Raptor though 3.0 vs 4.2 and 3.7 vs 4.0 , interesting. GM also gets much better mileage. As we all know the ECOboost is really the ecoBOOST.

      Raptor is about 150lbs HEAVIER than the loaded GM truck even with all alum. (lots of heavy off road stuff and wheels/tires)

      Forget the axle ratios…..you need to look at the overall ratios for each gear PLUS the axle ratio . The new gearboxes with sooo many ratios make it difficult to compare closely with gearing.

      Appreciate the test but hope this sheds a bit of light on the subject. Now if GM would just build a full size Raptor competitor (Love the new Colorado ZR2).

      1. The difference between a crew cab and extended cab is not 200lbs +, it’s about 80 for a Ford and less than that for a Chevy or Ram. Ram and Chevy use 4 real doors on both, the Ford does a suicide door, so the absence of that middle pillar saves some weight.

        The 200+lb difference is between a regular cab and extended or crew cab. Outside of a 2 door truck, cab size doesn’t make much difference.

        1. C&D tested and actually weighed both …..the extended cab loaded Raptor was about 5700 and the crew cab about 5900 so …..~200lbs.
          Loaded High Country Crew 4×4 approx 5700lbs.

      2. Also worth noting that the GM trucks are governed at 99mph and most reviewers mention they hit that governer before the 1/4 mile is up. The GM truck is still faster than the regular 3.5 EB 10 speed from what I can see, but the Raptor has a hotter tune and may be a little faster (at a normal elevation) but not much.

        1. Good point….I have seen this mentioned as well. The 8 spd GM 6.2 trucks are limited to 99 . My 14 was limited to 110 for some reason. The 8 spd only helped the 6.2 a bit in 1/4 times and trap speeds. It appears the new EB/10speed is only a hair quicker than the previous EB/6spd combo as well.

    11. In the end the Raptor will still win the 0-60 and 1/4 mile even though these are different trucks. The times you cited are dead on from Car and Driver and I’m not aware of them testing at altitude. Let’s face it, the Raptor is a very special truck and it’s following and ridiculous resale value proves it. Also, the C&D 0-60 in 5.0 was for a Raptor Crew Cab so pointing out this wasn’t a CC doesn’t matter. The Ford will win this race 10/10 times.
      Before GM builds a fullsize Raptor competitor they will need to learn how to put a truck together without that hideous front air dam that makes all of their trucks an off-road joke. I think the ZR2 will be a special truck if it is reliable over the long term but I’m not too sure many folks will want to line it up at the redlight next to a Raptor.

      1. I am wondering if you can supercharge the new ZR2 V6. The ZR2 only needs 40 more HP to match the power to weight ratio of the Raptor. A supercharger would add 150HP, which would make for a truly awesome off road truck if you want to give up warranty. Might get a year from supercharger manufacturer. Hopefully GM adds a boost like this to the ZR2 at some point or maybe the Tacoma Pro but doubt it.

    12. I wouldn’t look for it, Rambro, but agree it would be a great idea. Didn’t Toyota warranty theirs for the entire warranty period? That was a great option for the Tacoma but I suspect some regulation somewhere is preventing this from the factory.

      1. Toyota warrantied it up to June of 2015. I almost did it but Toyota is weird because they won’t finance it. I would have to get a separate loan to get the supercharger but they fully warranty it for the 3 years 60,000miles bumper to bumper. It was much faster than the Colorado, same HP at the motor but Toyota makes a lot more power at the wheels and there is a big torque advantage. It was as fast as the Old Raptor.

    13. You know I think I recall them not financing it when I bought my second gen in 2010. I’m telling you if you buy a third gen once the transmission adjusts to your driving habits it will have adequate power BUT I would boost it in a heartbeat if they offered it under full warranty. I just like the extra power.

      I was thinking about the ZR2 some more and even with the new transmission it has to be much slower than the regular Colorado because of the much larger tires and heavier suspension. I think Chevy has a great idea but again poor execution by not doing something to at least tweak a few more hp. Heck, modify the exhaust and intake and tweak another 15hp out of it. That’s a cheap enough upgrade or simply program it a little. It defies logic that they would build a truck this unique and not give it more power although there are some websites that are starting to question if it will be as capable as they claim. At a minimum the numbers look good as far as approach and departure as well as ground clearance. They are also putting better tires on it than the TRD Pro. In the end I’m happy with what I have!

      1. I’m trying out a Colorado this weekend with the new engine and 8 speed. And a ZR2 is available in June to try. Tacoma Pro should be here in two weeks. I’ll let you know how the test runs go. Partner is going too, so I’ll get her take on it.

    14. I was not impressed with the Colorado or the Canyons I drove but I would imagine the 8-speed will make a difference. To me my Tacoma is quieter and rides better. I do think the 0-60 will be better in the GMs but honestly if they are in the shop all the time it doesn’t matter to me. I like mine more each day. The ZR2 is something I really wanted to try out before I bought but now I’m glad I got the Tacoma. I got the exact one I have been searching for for over a year.

      1. I will be leery of it for sure but it’s a new motor and a new tranny. Still haven’t seen a review of it yet so it will be nice to try first hand. Typical salesman had no idea there was a new engine and tranny and wouldn’t answer two other relevant questions. And our GM dealers are terrible. I don’t have a good feeling. The sales guy I chose to email seems like a dud already.

    15. The engine is mostly upgraded as opposed to new but the tranny is new. Yeah, beware, Rambro. I would only take a chance on the ZR2 if I was to ever lose my mind and buy GM again. I want to like them but they just keep ticking me off. I still have to get our Yukon in the shop.

      1. The only reason I’m going is to see how the new tranny and motor feel. Took forever to get a straight answer that it was a new one. Then I’ll know if it’s a maybe or not to hold off until I can try a ZR2

    16. Let me know what you think because I haven’t driven the 8-speed. I think the Pro is the way to go for you but if you are going to wait a while then you owe it to yourself to drive the ZR2. I will probably drive one of those myself as long as my wife doesn’t know. I think she will literally kill me at the thought of considering another vehicle.

    17. BTW, ALLPAR is pretty reliable for predicting future FCA products and they seem certain that Ram is killing off the 5.7 Hemi. I think that would be a huge mistake but time will tell. I’m not aware of FCA having a comparable V-8 in the works and hope they are not going to almost solely rely on a boosted Pentastar. We have the smaller Pentastar in my son’s Cherokee Trailhawk and for a college kid’s SUV it has been impressive and will do the light off-roading he wants to do.

    18. Problem is these turbo fords are dying at less then 50k turbo failures are plaguing these trucks as they push them so hard to make this power level casing failures. Two back in my neighborhood I see driving around pouring smoke and one missfires like a broken ring. Both have bad turbos and ford won’t fix them.

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