• 2017 Ford Raptor EcoBoost V6 vs. 2014 Raptor V8: Old vs. New, Aluminum vs. Steel Drag Race [Video]

    2017 ford raptor drag race old new 2014 v8 v6

    We wanted to do this video for a very long time. Old vs. New. 2017 Ford Raptor EcoBoost V6 versus 2014 Ford Raptor 6.2L V8. Aluminum versus steel. Old school versus new school.

    We all know that the new Raptor is lighter weight (due to aluminum body construction) and it has more power. Still, how far can the new Raptor get in a head-to-head drag race or 0-60 mph acceleration? This is precisely what we find out in this video.

    We recently tested the 2017 Ford F-150 EcoBoost V6 crew cab 4×4 with the 10-speed automatic on our 100-mile MPG towing loop and 0-60 mph acceleration run. The Platinum model crew cab did a 6.23 seconds 0-60 mph. It is the fastest accelerating truck we have ever tested. Can this 2017 Raptor be quicker still?  The regular F-150 3.5L EcoBoost V6 puts out 375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. The new Raptor has a unique “high output” EcoBoost V6 good for 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. The Raptor also uses a 10-speed automatic.

    The first generation Raptor (2014 Super Crew) you see here is our long-term “shop” truck. It’s powered by a 6.2L V8 with 411 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

    Here is all the old vs. new, Raptor twin-turbo V6 vs. Raptor V8 fun!

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

    67 thoughts on “2017 Ford Raptor EcoBoost V6 vs. 2014 Raptor V8: Old vs. New, Aluminum vs. Steel Drag Race [Video]

    1. Fastest trucks tested by TFL:
      ’17 Raptor 3.5tt H.O.- 6.17
      ’17 F-150 3.5tt 4×4 – 6.23
      ’16 GMC 1500 6.2L 2×4 – 6.96

      Honorable mention: ’15 F-150 2.7tt scab 4×4 – 6.99

      We will see if GM holds 3rd place when the 2.7tt and upgraded 5.0 get a 10 speed.

      1. Supercharged Tundra, a 2007 model did 6.6, so technically GM is in 4th if you state fastest tested trucks. I think the regular F150 with the 3.5tt in the right configuration would beat the Raptor. That 6.23 was with a quad cab

        1. Rambro really is Thomas. Same agenda as before – diesels suck, electrics rock, supercharged Tundra, and the awesomeness of the Tacoma TRD Pro.

          1. Troverman, just pat yourself on the back, the Ford is in First place. F150 and Raptor at these elevations based on TFL’s 0-60 accumulative data. You should be happy or throwing around your regular bombs that the Raptor is the best truck ever built. Enjoy today and have a coffee man. FORD, First On Race Day instead of Fourth, Fifth, fourteenth or fifteenth or in the 50’s and so on. LOL

    2. Andre, you were way to giddy 😎. I can understand though, that Raptor is a nice truck. Starting to really want one now.

        1. Just order one with what options you want. In many cases dealers will give you a better deal if they don’t have to store it and you will wait for your order. It’s really worth it. Build it on edmunds.com and you will know invoice. Deal on an invoice plus commission .
          Offer $500 above and fish the dealerships. I used to be a salesman and loved dealing with people who knew what we paid or at least close because they didn’t expect some ridiculous deal that wasn’t even possible. Plus to me it was a fast deal because those left brainier types usually knew how to operate equiptment and was an in and out deal.

    3. I’m an ecoboost owner and the torque is intoxicating… but my goodness that 6.2 makes some sweet noise!
      If they still offered it as an option in the Raptor, it would make for a VERY difficult choice!

      1. You are right that 6.2 sounds really good. I even love it on our Superduty’s. And the exhaust is not even that loud on them.

      2. I would take the 6.2 in heartbeat just because it’s a solid, reliable engine. The Ecoboost still needs a design changes. Move the water pump out of the inside of the engine so it doesn’t leak coolant into the oil, get rid of the “silent chain” style timing chain and replace it with a traditional roller chain, and address the timing chain tensioner issues. They make great power while they’re running well but I’ve seen too many die before 100k miles. Plus the 6.2 Raptor sounds great and makes respectable power doing it. I wish they would have left it as an option for 2017.

    4. Since when is the purpose of a pickup truck a drag race? I still don’t get why these $60K trucks must be so high in the air and long (overall) I’m still wishing the old regular cab, short box 4×4 with a V8, bench seat and manual transmission would return, but that won’t happen either.

    5. Being a supercab, that new raptor must have been a hell of a lot lighter. Also, it didnt seem like he got much of a boost launch. I know I’ve seen guys on the Ecoboost sites posting 1.6-1.7 second 60 ft’s at the drag strip doing 4×4 boost launches.

    6. Finally, some respect from Rambro/Thomas and the V8 guys for technology and advancement from a motor company that is not afraid to listen to then implement what there customers want!!!

      Like I was saying months ago the Raptor was going to and now is mopping the floors with everything else out there. It’s biggest competition is its baby brother with the regular 3.5tt

      Its only weakness is its payload/tow capacity, but anyone that knows and understands suspension tuning knows why? You cant have quality long travel suspension that’s stiff enough to properly carry extra payload. For those of you that want to go that direction I’m sure the extra strength in the Raptor is up to adding airbags to it, but it will compromise its suspension travel and quality.

      Its a give and take relationship.

      1. I’ve always been a fan of the EB motors except for the acoustics. Even on this site I have posted many sites that show the old 3.5EB with 365HP beating the GM 6.2 both in pulling and in 0-60 runs and GM fanboys lose their sh!t but I still defended the EB motor because it was clearly the better motor, even the old one. Just look at the HP and torque curve, its superior to the naturally aspirated V8 even though the peak HP was higher in the V8, its torque and HP curve was not competitive. EB a V8 though and the V6EB will be joke in comparison. The Raptor is faster than I predicted but not fast enough to put it into that much needed fun zone that many enthusiasts are looking for.

        1. Except that the only time the GM 6.2 loses is when you’re a mile or higher above sea level. The 2016 F-150 3.5EB got blown away by a heavier GM truck powered by a NA 16 Valve V8 last year in the Texas Truck Showdown. Making 365 HP by turbocharging a 32V V6 isn’t quite as impressive as you give it credit for. Even less impressive is the fact that despite the “eco” in it’s name, it still lost in the fuel economy tests to a V8.

          1. you mean the biased PUTC shootout? what a coincidence the fords always get fuel saver tires even though they arent a spec’d option.. even with that they didnt lose by much when launced in 2 gear..

            1. Lol Ford chose which truck to send them. And those tires weren’t even enough help in fuel economy because it still didn’t take 1st place despite being a ‘eco’boost and having ‘military-grade’ aluminum.

            2. Get better traction control and torque management for the f150s. Wheel spin solved. What are the tires they use in this match?

            3. The GM 6.2L should have been the fastest in that shootout. The 6.2 had the most HP, the most torque, more transmission gear ratios. The Ford 3.5L had I believe the lowest HP rating and still kicked the snot out of the Ram with more HP and more transmission gear ratios and a lower rearmed gear. The F150 hardly got beat let alone blown away. The Ram was blown away. The Ram 5.7L is more on equal terms as Fords 5.0L and GMs 5.3L as far as performance. But Ram continues to have the worst MPG’s out of everyone, including towing.

            1. Yeah my bad. Still has the breathing advantage of 4v per cylinder, independent intake and exhaust phasing, and a pair of turbos.

        2. Rambro,
          I know you have been an Ecoboost fan, but i was just poking at you because they are easily beating on your beloved Supercharged Tundras.

          It will be interesting to see how far off the best V8’s are especially at altitude?

          1. Well the Tundra TFL tested was really slow. The Tundra truck is 800 lbs lighter than a Raptor and has 50 more HP and 80ft-lbs more torque than the new Raptor. The 2015 supercharged Tundra’s gets much better 0-60 times than what TFL got with the old 2007 Tundra and possibly tired, that may not have been up to par. The math really doesn’t make sense and other reviews have put the SC Tundra under 5 seconds 0-60 which makes more sense. As for being a Tundra fan my argument has always been that; that is the fastest truck in 4×4 with good off road capability, still not good enough as I didn’t buy it in 2015. I want more. I don’t care which manufacturer makes it. My beef is that the new super trucks are still too slow. I only use the Tundra as an old example of what we already had years ago when people harp about the power in a Raptor, than I look like a Tundra fan. What we really need is an EBoosted V8 in a Ranger. The new Tundra is out soon and if it’s still slow than I won’t be interested.

            1. The last thing Ranger needs is an ecoboost. The old ranger with a V6 got poor fuel economy. Putting a thirsty ecoboost in it will make that even worse.

            2. Dapper Dan. If mpg is going to be a problem than they can add e-assist. Electric assist or all electric which is proving to be very powerful vehicles. If they are not going to do that then are are a bunch of us complaint that we want a V8. A big V8 eboosted in a small truck would likely do very well on mpg regardless because the rpms would always be extremely low under normal driving. The truck would move itself effertlessly at idle in most situations.

    7. How long will it be before gm puts a twin turbo v-6 in there half tons? I bet it will not be to long.

      1. Hopefully it never comes. These Ecoboosts aren’t holding up for those of us that use them for actual work, not street racing.

        1. I’ve seen quite a few hold up very well. We have 8-10 come into our shop gor regular maintenance and they get worked by the company that owns them. All over 100k and no mahor repairs. 2013 is th oldest

    8. Roman and Andre – – –

      This was an “apples-and-oranges” comparison in oh-so-many ways. Not useful for me. I actually like V-8’s better than turbo-sixes regardless of other factors. Let’s see how well that turbo V-6 runs after 200,000 miles. (I have a 1996 Ram 1500 with 21 years and 200,000 miles, and the 5.2-L V-8 engine is STILL great, within 2 psi of factory spec in the cylinders! But then again, it’s not a Ford (^_^).)


      1. I also have a ’96 Ram 1500 with 200,000 miles. Well, on the odometer. Virtually every part on the engine and transmission, including the engine and transmission themselves, have been replaced 2 or more times in the past 21 years. I couldn’t wish that kind of reliability on anyone!

      2. Yes, we are already there. This isn’t the 1980’s anymore when turbos and turbo charger motors couldn’t be as reliable.

        Plus I would bet a lot of users don’t keep their cars to 200k.

        1. I know of a fleet that decided to buy 20 F150’s with the ecoboost. They are work trucks and used hard. They all have over 200K on them with just a few over 300K. No major issues at all with them. Just minor interior stuff like a few switchs and a few worn out suspension parts. Nothing really abnormal for work truck. If they are taken care of there is no reason they could not hold up well.

          1. I am always surpised at just how many guys commenting claim to have huge fleets of trucks and none of them ever have issues. Ever.

            Yet those of us that have owned one the past few years have had major failures. The F150ecoboost forumsbare flooded with guys that have had the timing chain issue, thrown rods, had the brake master cylinder fail, lost turbos, stalled while driving in the rain etc. Mine cracked spark plugs every 30k miles and the timing chain+cam phasers had to be replaced twice.

          2. This is key, 5k oil changes or less. Or use high quality full synthetic to 10k. I have spoken to many people with ecoboost engines and all but one had great things to say. The one and only guy who didn’t care for his was only because he was brainwashed into thinking he’d get the fuel economy of a sedan. If driven conservative these engines get exactly the mpg they are rated for. In fact the last time I drove my nephews 2011 FX4 Eco it got 22.5mpg 95% freeway. But I was highly impressed. Approx. 150mile round trip. The thing that most impressed me is that it never shifts out of top gear 6th so long as you are going 50mph plus. Not only that it was absolutely free of drama unlike my 4.6L 3V/V-8. It’s a great engine but the Eco reigns supreme. Super smooth super quite.

      1. Don’t forget though the V8 Raptor is at more of a disadvantage at the high altitude they are at. At sea level the V8 Raptor will close the gap a little on the V6EB that doesn’t lose as much at high elevation.

        1. Geared and cooled properly, a 500 hp gas engine could out run a 450 hp diesel, even with only 60% as much torque. If it saves $6000+ up front and has half the maintenance costs, there’s no reason not to offer it. Rumor is the 5.0 being downsized to 4.8 for the super duty 2019

          1. The diesel will last 10 times longer. Turbocharged gasoline engines with huge specific outputs like the gen 2 Ecoboost won’t fair nearly as good long term. Especially with that internal water pump driven by the stretch-prone timing chain. When one of the two fails, you’re out $7000 for a new longblock.

          2. The next engine will be a 6.4 that is growing from the 6.2 currently. It was stated in the u a w contract talk.

    9. I have had my 2017 EB3.5 for a month and a half. I’m getting an easy 23 MPG on the highway in hilly driving. I’ve pushed down on the pedal only once for a few seconds, and frankly, it kinda scared me. It started fishtailing a little without the electronic axle lock on and pushed me way back in the seat. I didn’t stay on it cause it only has less than 800 miles on it, but boy am I impressed! My last F150 had the 5.4 V8, no comparison. This truck is fast. Mine has the 3.54 rear for towing.

      1. It should do just fine with ten speeds to pick from. Besides, I doubt Roman can handle much more embarrassment…

        1. I just have the little 2.7 and I noticed that stomping on it over 60mph just doesn’t have the instant go and punch compared to say the Hemi or 5.3 V8. The V8 seem to have a quick advantage there.

    10. I read somewhere the gm 6.2L trucks shift to 3rd right before 60, making the 0-60 numbers lower vs what it feels and runs like in real world usage. Can anyone confirm this?

    11. The 8 speed when matched with the 3.23 axle and P275/55R20’s and the 6.2 V8 will hit decline (6000 rpm) at 59 mph in 2nd. It has to shift to third gear just before 60mph.

      1. Thanks. It’s amazing what these Ford turbo’s are doing, but I’m still a fan of the GM pushrod v8’s.

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