• 2017 Chevy Silverado and Colorado Redline Editions Get Revealed at the Chicago Auto Show

    2017 2018 chevy colorado silverado redline edition

    Chevrolet rolled out an entire line of customized Redline Edition trucks and cars at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. Chevrolet first showed the Redline concept vehicles at the 2015 SEMA show. The response was so positive that the company decided to put these concepts into production.

    The custom touches include blacked-out wheels (with red stripes), unique grille, (in the case of the pickups: side steps and red tow hooks), “smoked” headlights, custom badges, and unique colors.

    Here is the entire list of Redline edition vehicles that will be rolled out throughout 2017.

    • Cruze LT (sedan and hatchback)
    • Malibu LT
    • Camaro LT/SS (coupe and convertible)
    • Trax LT
    • Equinox LT
    • Traverse Premier
    • Colorado LT
    • Silverado Double Cab LT Z71, Crew Cab LTZ Z71

    What about pricing and availability? The Silverado Redline edition package will retail for around $2,700, and it is available now. The Colorado Redline will be available in March or April, and the rest of the Redline cars and crossovers will be rolled out over the next 10 months.

    Check out the 2017 Chevy Silverado Redline and Colorado Redline editions from the show floor.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    32 thoughts on “2017 Chevy Silverado and Colorado Redline Editions Get Revealed at the Chicago Auto Show

    1. Not interested…ugly GM vehicles with square fenders. I’d black out the bow tie too if I was Chevrolet because I’d be embarrassed to put that product on the road against real trucks.

        1. Good job Kris! Like everyone without a good argument, you resort to name calling. Do you work the Democratic National Party?

          1. 😡🤣😂GM use to offer 4 wheel steering for 3000 bucks in a truck that had ride control and now they are offering red pin stripes for 3 grand.

            The only difference between GM trucks and a tampon is GM trucks don’t come with a pull rope.

    2. Black, red, smoke, and badges. Try coming out with something other than color/badge packages and offer some real value.

      1. Dang someone has it out for chevrolet pretty bad. They can honestly be that bad since I 7 or 8 to every 1 ford or dodge

        1. Don’t know where you got those figures from but I wouldn’t trust that source. Perhaps that is just where you live but certainly not North America wide.

    3. Much ado about nothing.
      I’m not sure what is more laughable;
      GM marketing this as a viable extra cost option, or customers buying it as such.
      Come on GM, start building some genuine performance versions of your trucks. These are just
      embarrassing to look at.
      Give your power train engineers a few trucks to play with. Whatever they come up with for their daily drivers is the answer you need.

      1. They’re focused on working on the next generation of their truck. Every truck manufacturer has years where their truck falls a spot or two in some performance measurement. The 2013 F-150 got destroyed in comparisons by the 2014 GM trucks. Even in 2016, the 2016 F-150 3.5EB lost to the 2016 Sierra 6.2 in acceleration, suspension sag for a given payload, and braking performance. Now Ford is back on top for now with the 10-speed.

        1. The 2016 f150 had a superior motor to the 6.2. Many showdowns put the 3.5 ahead and sometimes the 6.2 was ahead. TFL even tagged the 2016 3.5 as the toeing King

      2. People buying it is more laughable than GM offering it. You can’t blame GM for offering it they are in business to make money.

    4. Looks like GM is stealing a play from the FCA playbook. No real product innovations so give them some superficial updates and special editions that aren’t that special although FCA does it muc better. Since they did the black/midnight edition obviously a redline was next. It would be different if they really offered some better features.

      1. GM is focused on working on the next generation of their truck platform. A year or two of plain special editions is typical in a production cycle leading up to a new platform. It’s nowhere near as bad as what we’ve seen with Toyota’s ancient gas guzzling Tundra. Even the Ram 1500 has bee. essentially unchanged for several years outside of the 8-speed and airbags. Even the F-150 went through a dry spell when the new GM twins were out in 2013.

        1. Hopefully GM will get the shakes out of the next gen when they steal from Ford’s playbook and go aluminum with their man step. Nah, just kidding. If someone has a good idea use it. But, those GM trucks almost shake my eyes out.

          1. I don’t even know how GM could really go all in with aluminum considering they have put so much backing into it being “weak” and there steel is so superior and strong. I’m sure they will soon enough and can’t wait to watch them try and walk back all of their bed and cage ads. Pathetic marketing and GM go hand in hand!

    5. I don’t know where the positive feedback came from but I think GM lied about that one. These trucks are not pretty to look at. Just take paint and put it here and there and call them special editions. It ain’t working. I guess next will be the Afternoon Edition. What a joke.

        1. Have no Barbie car that’s for sure. And I sure wouldn’t own one of these, although those red tow hooks would help out when needing to be towed in the dark. About time GM thought of that!!

    6. Not much “red” in red line. I believe if used little more red instead of black it would be better looking truck. Like for example a nice red pinstripe down the side.

      Just cosmetic that is all folks next report.

    7. Were talking about ,different wheels slight touches ,decals its all good ,no need for getting upset and sour over these special editions .I think its a good idea so not Everyone is driving the same thing..

    8. This is like pretending you got a different Christmas gift than everyone else because it has different colored wrapping paper.
      It’s what’s inside that counts.
      What ever happened to the company that brought us the TB SS,454SS, and the unforgettable Syclone and Typhoon?
      We want modern versions!
      Excuses like they are too busy working on the next generation to upgrade the current production run are just that…

    9. I guess this is GM innovation. Add some stickers, colored tow hooks and special rims. Meanwhile, Ford will come up with the big ideas that GM will at first mock only to adopt years later. Ladies and Gentlemen this is what we call domination…Ford is the industry leaders.

      1. Hey stickers are nice,they all come up with good ideas,look ford came up with 6.7 with aluminum heads and di,like 10 yrs after gm did with duramax ,so they copied who cares.They all make nice trucks..

    10. Try again AM, Ford’s 6.7 is a revolutionary design completely different than other designs. Google it. Just because GM used aluminum heads doesn’t equal innovation.

    11. the redline is a waste of money. how ever I noticed in the video that the extended cab zr2 in the back ground looked to have the diesel exhaust on it which is something people have been asking for an extended cab Colorado diesel. if you want to pay to much for a truck that would be the better buy 3 grand for black rims with 2 red strips on them is just dumb.

    12. Spray in liner: 500-600 bucks
      side steps: 300-600 bucks
      20 inch Rims 1k dollars+
      You also get custom colors….if you dont like it, that’s opinion based.
      Pretty decent deal if the colors are you thing, no my taste though.

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