• The Five Engines of the 2018 Ford F-150: A Closer Look from Detroit [Video]

    2018 Ford F-150 will have 5 Engine Choices

    Your eyes do not deceive you, the 2018 Ford F-150 will have five (“5”) engine choices; the most of any 1/2-ton trucks sold in the United States. The big story is the 3.0-liter diesel V6 that will be hooked up to Ford’s new 10-speed automatic transmission. That combo may be the most efficient yet.

    In this video, we discuss the fact that the 2018 Ford F-150 will have five engine choices with a Ford representative. While there is very little information available about technical specifications, we do get a few numbers. Interestingly, the topic regarding the origin of the 3.0-liter diesel V6 was avoided. We can speculate that it may be the 3.0-liter “Lion” V6 used by Range Rover, but Ford says the engine is based on its European lineup of diesel engines.

    Other engines include a new 3.3-liter naturally aspirated base V6, updates to the two EcoBoost engines, and the updated 5.0-liter “Coyote” V8.

    All of these engines will have start-stop technology, the 10-speed automatic transmission (with the exception of the base model which will still use the 6-speed), dual injection (port and direct) with the EcoBoost V6s, reduction in friction, additional knock sensors, and more.

    As for the rest of the refreshed 2018 F-150, it’s somewhat early to judge the new nose and tail. There seems to be a 50/50 split among Ford fans and the public at large who either love it or hate it. Ford builds a different grill for each trim level, and it’s more than a simple addition of paint. It should make it easier to differentiate between models at a distance.

    Check out this video and let us know what you think!

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
    Easily amused by anything with four wheels, Nathan Adlen reviews vehicles from the cheapest to the most prestigious. Wrecking yards, dealer lots, garages, racetracks, professional automotive testing and automotive journalism - Nathan has experienced a wide range of the automotive spectrum. Brought up in the California car culture and educated in theater, childhood education, film, journalism and history, Nathan now lives with his family in Denver, CO. His words, good humor and video are enjoyed worldwide.

    76 thoughts on “The Five Engines of the 2018 Ford F-150: A Closer Look from Detroit [Video]

      1. Just for fun Ford should of just asked GM for its 6.2 v8 and 8 speed with option of turbos and supercharging which can up the power to 600hp and 600tq if a person wanted to.this equals to awesome sound & reliability..problem solved ..Lol

        1. Ford just has to turbocharge its F 250 (and up) 6.2 L SOHC V8 and make it available in the F 150.

    1. I like the new look, never liked the Ford look until now. Loved the power of the EB but never the look. This look I like. However, they still go for the fuel economy bumper design which I cant get over. The purpose of the truck is really debilitated by the fuel saving bumper design. I prefer practicality to the little bit of fuel this saves.

      I think the manufacturers heads are so far up their asses in the fuel economy war that they are forgetting about the practicality of their front bumper design for those of us who use a truck for what its worth even in every day driving that front bumper is a hindrance even if its for that one time where you need clearance you are going to be really pissed off. Fuel mileage is the first thing in mind for the manufacturer but makes no difference to a buyer if they lose 1/2 mpg or not. Its peanuts. Again if you made the air dam retractable then you can really lift the front bumper for clearance and still maintain mpg by having the air dam drop after 30mph or so or turn it off when needed. Very simple but its hard to fix stupid.

        1. Of course, that’s what you want when you buy a truck, low, hunkered down and planted like a Corvette, so when you go off roading you can watch it be planted and push up daisies Found On Road Dead. Again you can keep the look with a retractable air dam and then you don’t debilitate the trucks worth with an ignorantly low front approach angle

          1. I use my truck to tow and haul but it rarely leaves the pavement. If I wanted to offroad I would get a jeep but I know people do use these trucks in the dirt so Yes a retractable air dam would be a good option.

      1. It is simple but it would add more to the cost of the truck. Also another component that can brake. It would be nice if manufacturers offered it as an option. If they can offer retractable side steps as an option they can offer a retractable air dam as well.

      2. Wow! I think you are onto something and really as you stated the air dam doesn’t need to be down at slow speeds. What a simple fix to dramatically improve off road worthiness. Aka aparture angle.

      3. It’s the EPA that’s forcing the builders to meet the fuel economy standards, not customers. Like most truck buyers,fuel economy is at the bottom of my shopping list (it’s not even ON MY list!)

    2. Rambro, talk to the government you voted for about the need for that bumper…buy the truck you like then take your own dam dam off…easy peasy

      1. Its not just the air dam, the bumper itself is susceptible to too much damage. Its a piss poor ignorant design. With a retractable air dam you can raise the bumper for a significantly increased approach angle by using a larger air dam that drops when your on the highway and you can likely improve mileage this way as it would allow you to have the air dam even lower if you had the ability to retract it when you do need clearance.

    3. Direct and port fuel injection on all engines except diesel; 10 speed on all engines except the 3.3L. Power bumps for all except the 3.3 and new diesel. Better MPG across the board. Ford is really on a roll.

    4. That pretty much sums it up Troverman. The full size truck war is really no war at all at this time. It seems like it is Ford and then everybody else. I have never seen this much clear separation between number 1 and number 2 in terms of features and choices in my life. I certainly hope the other truck makers have something up their sleeve fast or else Ford is starting to look like Secretariat at the Belmont…

      1. Only thing is, not everyone will want fords engine options. As strange is that may seem to some.
        And you must remember 2019 ram and gm get updated. But yes there is big gap in offerings coming this fall.

      2. Have to agree ford has cleaned up here. Really the only thing a competitor has on them is a big NA V8 in the half ton and the list of buyers interested in that is falling fast. Turbos really are the way, now if ford would just give me a ecoboost coyote I would be a happy camper! Guess I may have to settle for a 3L diesel…

    5. 3.0 DSL is big news story , but not much talk of big price of it. Not whole lot of details of the engine line up from 2 days ago.

      1. Probably about another thousand over the EB3.5, which puts it in line with the price premium for the Ecodiesel over the Pentastar or Hemi. Price difference to the consumer will be grater than that, however, since rebates will likely be less on diesel F150s.

    6. if you listen closely he said the 3.0 is going to be new. most likely implying it will be an updated version of the lion 3.0. would be nice to see ford increase the hp gap between the ecodoge

    7. Did anybody here any details for the new Chevy engines or new ram engines ? …. Shhh I’m trying to hear anything from over there. Even slight whisper from the competition would be news. Hey somebody shut them dam crickets up, so I can hear what new engines they are offering over there at the Chevy and ram camps! I’m not even hearing a heartbeat. …. Well there is the Chicago auto show. Hey tfl are you going to be at the Chicago auto show just in case that Chevy and ram intruduce new engines? Mmmm you know just in case.

    8. Some people don’t understand why Ford shrunk the base V6 to 3.3L. I’m sure Ford will use this engine in about 2 years to add the hybrid technology to it’s base V6. Adding the 10 speed auto and start-stop, it should yield the best city mpg’s of all trucks? Let’s hope the Td6 will yield excellent, or at least tie the 3.0L ED HFE mpg’s!

    9. You gotta hand it to Ford for shaking the industry up with these new technologies and powertrains. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new lightweight, powerful, fuel efficient trucks but sometimes it takes time to work ‘bugs’ out. That could mean time in the garage. And you can see why people Will stick with the old reliable 4.3 or Hemi.

      1. Agreed. Toyota, Ram, and GM have been using the same motors for years and it leads to more reliable products. The Ford parts bin must be huge – how many different designs and engines have they produced in the last 6 – 8 years?

    10. The new front end is a significant improvement for Ford…I guess I’m still “old school” though and need only 1 engine option..a 420hp 6.2 V8. πŸ™‚

    11. Some of the changes for 2018 are aimed at “working bugs out”. That includes adding low pressure port injection which not only increases efficiency but lessens the chance of carbon build-up on the cold side of the intake valves, a potential problem with direct injection only designs.

    12. One thing I am wondering about was all the chatter before the show about a new 4.8L V-8 that was supposed to replace the 5.0L Coyote for 2018. Was that just a smokescreen or is that another future update? Could it be a new engine for the Super Duty? Perhaps the mythical EcoBeast twin turbo V-8 that will replace the 6.2L V-8 and 6.8L V-10?

      1. I read in another online article that thanks to new technology the new 3.3L will have the same hp & tq as the 3.5L it replaces.

    13. Hey folks I hate to change the subject but it looks like I am tired of waiting on a ZR2 so I am about to pull the trigger on a new TRD OFF-ROAD Tacoma (yes, I know it has basically a Camry engine) but it has the OEM paint protection film package on it. Should I pass and wait forever on another one or is this stuff worth the $599 for the hood, fender, door, and mirror package? I have been on the Taco forums and they all kind of get off into other options but I am essentially looking for a unicorn down here because I want the long bed OFF-ROAD option. Any words of wisdom would be nice if anyone is still here. Where is Thomas/RAMBRO? LOL

      1. I am in the same boat as you in a way. I have until October and I am giving up my Tacoma Sport with Bilstein Shocks. I might go to the Tundra, I am waiting on but I am a heavy thinker on the Tacoma Pro and ZR2 as well. I think the ZR2 will be worth waiting for but man that might have a lot of issues the first year. I haven’t seen any reviews with the new motor and tranny. Also very little on the Pro and my dealers have nothing on the lots to try. Just a waiting game. I still have time. Cheapest option is a quad cab Ram if I don’t get excited about anything. Might even go to the PW and have yet to try the 2017 in that. Everything is really late this year. Tacoma Pro is a rare truck. I don’t think you can go wrong with that. I say the Ram is the cheapest option but in reality despite the price of the Tacoma Pro it will likely hold an incredible resale value like Roman’s Raptor and actually after looking at the depreciation of both trucks the Tacoma Pro despite the higher payment will be cheaper to own when you look at resale and what is lost on depreciation. Hence you think your saving money by buying a cheaper truck, which may not be the case. Roman drove around a Raptor for 3 years and lost like 3000 bucks on resale. He would have lost more had he bought a 4 cyl kia for 20 grand. Again everything is late and or scarce so there is not a lot of information to go on.

      2. I did try the 2016 Off road Tacoma and I hate the throttle lag compared to the 4.0. Some don’t mind it but it is an annoyance to me. You can fix it a little by using the electronic shifter or buy into the manual. I really want to see if GM fixed their throttle lag with the new tranny and engine in the ZR2. The 2016 Power Wagon was great, it had a lot of grunt and pep in the gas pedal. The PW is big and a bit of a pain in that regard. The Tacoma would be more fun but I lose on payload and towing but I don’t know yet what is worse. I am on the fence. The new Tundra may change my mind. I have to drive them all and do a predicted capital loss on it all. LOL

        1. Rambro/Thomas

          They need to make the PW with an all aluminum body and use the 5.0 liter cummins that’s in the Nissan XD as a second engine choice….as long as they can keep the price low on it…like $45,000 CDN to start than RAM will hit a home run on that truck.

          Nissan would have done better if they would have just called that stupid truck a 3/4 ton….it’s an ugly truck but I loved the reliability of our 3 titans we had, had to do some front end work after 300000kms when we kinda jumped the one truck by accident….woops.

          1. I don’t know. I love the 6.4. It sounds great and was spot on for power delivery. Needs a supercharger to hit a home run for me though.

            1. We just got slammed in Alberta with a carbon tax and the price at the pumps jumped up 20 cents for premium fuel at Costco, .92 cents to 1.12….ouch and Nutley told everyone to start walking or take the bus. So because it would be a company truck for myself it would increase my operating costs when our wages in the patch have already been decimated and it’s hard to get these oil companies to pay for our vehicles now…so it takes away from our wage on top of it already being cut in half in a lot of cases.
              Anyways….we need more efficient but fully offroad capable vehicles now to try and offset the increased cost to operate.

    14. I don’t care how many engines they offer, something about Ford just turns me off.

      I think it is their advertising campaign….it is like the antithesis of “classy”. Especially that guy that sounds like Joe Pesci. Do they really need to stoop that low to sell trucks?

    15. That 2.7 would be a beast in the Ranger. It is a beast now in the F-150. I suspect we will get the smaller EB (2.0 or 2.3) in the Ranger but the 2.7 would have no equal in that segment.

    16. I am likely going with the TRD OFF-ROAD 4WD Long Bed. I just prefer the utility of the 6 foot bed. I know some don’t like the color but I’m also going with the Quicksand. It just seems easier to maintain. The only trucks that would have gotten me to opt for the short bed would be the ZR2 or TRD PRO but the OFF-ROAD is all I need and then some, even if I lose a little in terms of departure angle because of the longer bed. Based off my experiences with my last 3 GM vehicles I am just not sure I want to take a chance on another one, especially a first year ZR2. I contacted Chevy and they are silent as to when they are coming out and I am currently out of a truck and driving a GTI. I need something now and have waited as long as possible. I agree on the lower priced trucks – unless you keep them forever the resale is still just not there. My problem is I have a number in my head (35K) that I value a truck at and that max number doesn’t buy what I really want. The ZR2 and TRD PRO are the only two that would get me to bump up that number. I cannot find a Raptor that lists for a low enough price to justify buying it, even if they retain most of their value. My wife is laughing at me when I say this but I plan on keeping my next truck 10 years unless it stays in the shop.

      1. Moondog it’s not worth it. Keeping a truck for ten years is a gamble. You may end up paying for repairs which almost equal the price of driving new all the time. At least with a lease under warranty I know what I’m paying every month with no surprise repair bills and I have the luxury to have new. Depends on your situation though. I have to have new. I can’t stand paying for repairs. Then your tires go, then brakes, plus you have to baby it constantly with costly oils conditioners, waxes etc plus your time to do it all and the strain to have to bring it in for these items. Trying to make it last which costs money. Lease may not work if you are a high miler though. The Tacoma Pro just comes with the short box? I had not thought about that but in Canada I can’t get the Off road in anything but the access cab long box. I’m really leaning to the Power Wagon now.

        1. Ya Wow, had not thought about the bed length. I don’t think I could live with a 5 foot bed. But it would be easier to park. In Canada I can’t even get Bilstein shocks in a Tacoma long bed so I might just scrap the Tacoma from my list.

          1. 2015 was the last year you could get long bed with Bilstein shocks. Now it’s just some crap tuned suspension unlesss I go to an access cab in the off road model which doesn’t work for me. I need 4 true doors.

    17. Good point on keeping one forever and that has always been my stance as well. I tell myself I want to keep it forever but usually don’t hence the laughing wife. :). The Pro is only available with a 5 foot bed and so is the ZR2. The Off-road just started with 6 foot bed option in 2016. I had a TRD Sport for 5 years in a long bed and loved it. I just don’t see the utility in the 5 foot bed but most down here use the bed extenders for hauling. I really don’t drive a lot and baby my trucks (except when off-road) so I can keep them forever. My Sport only had 42K miles when I got rid of it and it looked and drove like new. The OFF-ROAD comes with Bilstein shocks.

      1. Moondog that is Toyota.com. Try the .ca website. Canada does not offer the off road 4×4 in the long bed with 4 full doors. Only in access cab. I would have to buy a Sport model and lose the rear locker and Bilstein shocks. The trucks are now 4 inches longer which I also despise. I might be able to deal with a short bed with a bed extender. I carry a lot of long shit doing renos all the time. It still might be a deal breaker. I’ll have to see it in person to make the call on that. If your doing low miles a lease may work better. You save a lot of headaches that come with ownership. IMO. And you keep the tax which for me is 13%. I only pay tax on each payment not the whole truck which is usually a complete loss at purchase.

    18. Ah, forgot you were in Canada my friend! Down here in Alabama my tax is only 2% plus 1% local. Yeah, we get the long bed and it seems so screwed up that you guys wouldn’t get it too but some genius in corporate obviously decided you don’t need it. πŸ™

    19. Ya it really pisses me off. Our tax is ridiculous as well in Ontario. The other provinces are not as bad. We lose a lot of business opportunities because of our tax. No one wants Ontarios services when they can go to another province and pay cheaper tax. Just makes the taxes go higher because Ontario loses all that income.

      If I want The good suspension in a 4 door my only choice is the Tacoma Pro which has an amazing suspension but the short bed. That’s my only option if I want 4 doors and a good suspension. The Sport only comes with no name tuned shocks. No Thanks, the roads up here are hell. But the Pro is a 50,000 dollar truck in manual and 53,000 in auto. Only 40,000 if they offered the off road model which may be all I need but can’t get. However I think regardless of the high price on the Pro I think it would hold a stronger resale but the lease option does not bank on that as the residual is low so you have high payments and of course because it’s a Pro the financing is higher. Plus my high tax really kills the deal which again makes it hard on dealerships in Ontario. Every business suffers. People hibernate in Ontario. Every 100 dollars we spend we lose 13 dollars. Just stay home and don’t buy anything is our mindset. Bunch of idiots running Ontario.

      Yah you screwed me up even worse now. I don’t know what to buy for a vehicle Lol. Ford bumpers are too low with the nice F150 lineup unless I go Raptor which starts at 70,000. Try paying 13% on that with upgrades and you are almost at 100 grand. JC

      1. Well with Toodumb in power and Nutley running Alberta were screwed until both get voted out and than the new government is going to need a full term before they can get anything really going….I’m going to move to Alaska…do a blood test to see if I can scrape up any native blood in me and live off the land and collect tax dollars, if I have no native in me than I’ll just have to marry a second wife who’s native and the first one will just have to live with it…..haha like hell any of that’s gonna happen.😐

    20. Always glad to help Rambro!!! LOL. That is what I have been dealing with forever. I am basically paralyzed on my decision making. I can get the TRD Pro for around 41 here and 34 for a loaded Off-Road. MTNMN, I am located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains watching deer in my back yard as I type this.

    21. Rambro/MTNMN I’m just curious as to what financing rates are like up there? I am at 1.9% for 72 months.

      1. Moondog interest rates range from 0 to 5% depending on how bad they are trying to get rid of there stock. It’s always changing except on the hard to find trucks like Raptor and Tacoma Pro the rates are about 4.5% on a lease for 36 months.

    22. Also Rambro, those new Ford bumper air dams are flexible UNLIKE the idiotic bumpers on my GMC Yukon which almost tears off every time I park next to those soccer mom Subarys at Starbucks if I dare pull forward onto the concrete stop.

      1. I know the GMs are a lot worse. The F150 is a lot better but still not enough for me to feel comfortable with and the bumper has no skid plate up front so any minor hit to the bumper not the air dam but to the bumper is going to cost a lot at a body shop.

    23. Likely not as big as those Canadian mountains but not bad. They call our state Alabama the beautiful but you have to get into northern Alabama where I grew up to enjoy the true hills. :).

    24. And GM said about a year or two ago,we don’t need no steenkin’ diesels in our half ton trucks.I love GM,they always lead…………..from the rear.Hey GM,can ya hear me now?

    25. I’m not sure what GM is doing with their full size trucks now. They have two engine choices, that awful air dam keeps you from using them off-road, they shake all over the road, and they poke fun at Ford for the aluminum while they are secretly trying to get their own aluminum but they are still years away from fully implementing it. I never thought I would see this much distance between number one and number two in my life but never say never. Ford owns them.

    26. Like I stated before. Everyone stated that a diesel in a half ton truck was a terrible idea when RAM introduced the ecodiesel. Now that Ford is kate to the party,
      “best idea ever” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ not to sure on GMs next move but RAM will shock everyone with their new design and engine options.

    27. Add this lohchief. How long have they have the 6.0 in the 3/4 1ton market and not give you any power increases? Chevy is leading behind there to. I think if was Chevy fan looking at the engine line up it isn’t that impressive in the p/u’s compared to fords. Same for ram.
      The way I look at this ford is leading the way in compactness, lightness and technology on these gas engines. Chevy pride themselves to be best in class in engine performance and innovative ideas and there isn’t really much innovative ideas. Sure performance is on power with the competition, but it isn’t class leading. Right now they are behind in them 3 criterias I mentioned in the beginning. I would say not even close.
      Just my opinion for what ever it is worth.

    28. Bill tell me what engine option are going to shock me? Let see we have penstar v-6 ho hum 5.7 hemi sounds good but it is out dated. I’m sure they will give you more power. After that what other engine is going to “shock” me? 6.4? Not hardly. I really doubt it will be in the half ton ram. You know what is shocking? 5 engines from ford that is going to increase pwr and tqr. That are compact, lite and technology. Ram has two engines that are not compact not lite and not much technology. That is OK bill I’ll be intecpating that shock and all from ram.

    29. One more thing bill. I’m not everyone that said it was terrible idea to put a DSL in half ton. I “might” would say that is terrible idea to buy one. πŸ˜€

      1. I half to admit that is really great news or at least for us as consumers because it means the truck wars battle on and we will benefit from fantastic technology.

    30. Pug?
      So there turboing v-6 pentastar? Is that the shock? If ram did this before ford did then it would be a shock. Let you ponder that Todd.

    31. But yeah this is all fantastic and I like Ford, Chevy & Dodge ‘r’ Ram. But Ford wins hands down to me and Consumer Reports says they are the most reliable domestic which is truly amazing considering most of there technology is so new.

    32. I like the direction Ram has gone with the adjustable air suspension. If you couple that with a retractable or easily removable front air dam you have a solution for fuel economy and clearance when you need it.

    33. Simply put Ford Needs to bring back the 6.2L V8 and put it in the new F150 along with the new mustang and bump the power to 480hp in the Mustang and 450hp in the F150, bring in the 10-speed auto, drop the whole entire ecoboost lineup and bring in the 3.0L diesel. this is a truck not a prius! who cares about economy. Trucks are about power and ruggedness. Both GM And Dodge have big V8 engines in their trucks. Get on Board Ford!!!

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