• Report: Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer to Be Body-On-Frame SUVs

    2016 Jeep Crew Chief 715 concept

    Why talk about the upcoming and now officially confirmed Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Jeep Wagoneer on a truck site? That’s because a recent report from AutoNews reports a statement from FCA CEO, Sergio Marchionne, to confirm the Grand Wagoneer (and Wagoneer) as a body-on-frame SUV, not a unibody crossover. The new SUVs will be built at a retooled Warren Truck Assembly plant, near Detroit, which now builds the current-generation Ram 1500.

    This news is most welcome, because full-size three-row body-on-frame SUVs are very popular right now. General Motors is having great success with the Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Yukon XL, and Escalade models. Oil and auto industry experts suggest that fuel prices will stay low for longer than initially thought. Some industry insiders suggest that low fuel prices will continue for more than two years from now, barring a catastrophic event. This makes a body-on-frame SUV business case more attractive.

    jeep grand wagoneer classic 1985
    Jeep Grand Wagoneer (circa 1980s)

    It’s not clear whether the Grand Wagoneer or the Wagoneer will share the frame and chassis components with the upcoming Ram pickup trucks, a modified version of the Jeep Wrangler frame, or another solution.

    We will stay on top of this story and let you know all of the details.

    Here is Nathan Adlen driving the Jeep Crew Chief 715 pickup truck concept at the 2016 Easter Jeep Safari.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
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    25 thoughts on “Report: Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer to Be Body-On-Frame SUVs

    1. I think they will use either the Ram or Wrangler chassis as this would be more cost effective to use existing components. Not a bad thing, GM use the Silverado frame for the Yukon etc. for the same reason.

      1. I strongly doubt that the FCA diesel issue will be anywhere near what VW experienced. VW’s software registered when the vehicles were on dyno’s testing for emissions, while the FCA software allowed for gradiential change in exhaust flow based on temperature, which could send emissions outside of parameters when temperatures were outside of normal ranges (I.e. warming up the engine during the winter). They will be slapped with a fine and finger wagging, but eco-diesels will continue production.

          1. Not so much hidden devices as software that they did not disclose to the EPA. Now that they know about it anyway we will have to wait and see what they decide to do about it. You have to wonder why they did not disclose this in the first place. Maybe a genuine omission or maybe they knew that their diesel engines would not pass. FCA will no doubt be hoping that the EPA decide the former was the case.

    2. The 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph. When have gm body on frame not been popular? Everywhere you turn around there is a GM Tahoe or suburban going down the road.

      No surprise here that there will be Grand wagoneer. My guess it will become close in line with escolade or navigator.

    3. Jason Scott ram 1500 chassis. Wrangler chassis to small and to light.

      Daniel you might be too late.

      Mtnmn Moab Jeep jamboree is when you get your Jeep news. Mmmm maybe tid bit here in there. If you’re lucky.

      1. You are probably right there. The Ram chassis would be more competitive against the competition. Wrangler is more for off road than for towing and hauling stuff in the back.

    4. You say “low fuel prices” i laugh cuz in Ontario we are paying around $1.15 a liter thats around 3.50-4.00 per gallon. Stupid government putting a carbon tax to try to improve the economy. Complete garbage, was going to be looking at a newer in the next couple of years truck either reg cab long bed f150 or a ranger. I guess I’ll stick with my 2003 f150 v6.

      1. Do you guys/gals still like Trudeau out east or is his popularity finally starting to decline? Because from what I’ve seen in the west he is hated, other than some small pockets of hippies which don’t like him much after approving some pipelines….and no I’m not exaggerating.

          1. Its going to have a negative impact because the people who cant afford a brand new 40k truck. This carbon tax has basically raised the price of everything like food clothing hydro fuel. Yet the hourly wage hasn’t increased at a similar rate. There are people that I know as well as news stories documenting that people are struggling to get by. Basically on January 1st around here the price of regular gas went up 15 cents a liter

            1. No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity. For some reason governments still think it can be done.

    5. Fuel prices are supposed to stay low over the next two years, at least according to insiders. So when does FCA plan on bringing these gas-guzzling SUVs out?

    6. I love body on frame SUVs. However, the Grand Wagoneer is supposed to compete with high-end European SUVs like the Range Rover. Unibody SUVs are lighter and stiffer, with resulting advantages in fuel economy and handling. A truck chassis generally yields better payload and towing, but with worse interior packaging. I’m pretty much starting to see the Grand Wagoneer as a RAM 1500 with a 3rd row seat, a liftgate, a nice AWD system, air suspension, and a fancy interior. So basically an Escalade, not a Range Rover.

      Contrary to popular belief, Jeep is not a luxury brand and does not begin to have the brand cachet of Range Rover, Mercedes, or even Cadillac.

    7. I think they should just make the GW as it looked in the early 80s. Gotta admit it’s a classic still turns heads. It wont sell well above $65K though.

    8. Troverman, I cannot disagree with anything you said on your last post. When we bought our last family vehicle we were going back and forth between a Yukon XL and Mercedes GLS. We opted for size, not luxury because we have a large family. However, at the end of the day the only true luxury vehicle we drove was the Benz and when the family gets a bit smaller we will have no need to drive a GM for luxury. Cadillac has been chasing that coveted luxury car status as well and can’t quite catch the Germans – the refinement is just missing. FCA and even Ford are no different. We have a ways to go still. The Escalade we looked at (my wife would not drive it) was all bling but no true luxury. If FCA is going this direction it tells me they know they have nothing in the pipeline to line up with the big Benz and forthcoming larger German and Swedish (now Chinese) sport utes, much less Land Rover.

      1. I agree the Escalade is not on-level with the Europeans in terms of how it drives, handles, and the interior. That said, the Escalade certainly has a luxury ‘reputation’ as it was so popular with Hollywood, musicians, sports figures, etc.

        Like it or not, the exterior is very flashy with a modern high tech look. It is typical “big truck” American and has a very powerful V8 with exhaust tone to match. Some people really like that. But in the end, it is a glorified Tahoe / Suburban.

    9. Own and daily drive a silver ’89 GW and have been offered blank checks for it over the last 11yrs… Some things should never change

    10. It has only been very recently that I have heard you talk about a Wagoneer and not just the Grand Wagoneer. Does FCA plan to build a lower price / lower content version of the same vehicle? I hope they do because the common man can’t afford a Range Rover fighter!

      1. @Dave H
        The Wagoneer will be the “lower priced” version of the same vehicle, which will be $65k instead of $85k…so not terribly affordable.

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