• New Trucks That Were Not in Detroit: 2018 Ram 1500, 2019 Ford Ranger, and Others… [NAIAS]

    2017 ford raptor ram rebel trx concept nissan titan warrior

    2017 Detroit Auto Show (North American International Auto Show – NAIAS) press days are now behind us. The show opens to the public very soon (Jan 12th – 22nd, 2017). If you live in the Detroit area, the show is definitely worth a visit. Still, this year’s show is not as loaded with brand new trucks and truck news as we had hoped. Indeed, the refreshed 2018 Ford F-150 are the 2017 Ram Rebel Black edition are there for all to see. All of the latest 2017 pickups are there as well.

    Ford confirmed the upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger and the 2020 Ford Bronco, but the company did not release any prototypes, images, sketches, or specifications.

    Here is a list of all-new trucks and SUVs that we hoped to see at the show, but they did not roll out.

    2018 Ram 1500

    Ram has been testing several prototypes for the upcoming half-ton truck update for some time. Many of them have been caught on camera in the wild. The new Ram truck is rumored to be a 2018 year model (i.e. go on sale within the next 12 months). Ram did not have any major unveils at the show. In fact, the entire FCA group did not host an official press conference, like most automakers usually do. Perhaps, the rumors of a 2018 Ram 1500 update are inaccurate, or the refreshed truck will make its debut a little later (2017 Chicago Auto Show in February or 2017 New York Auto Show in April). In either case, we will have to wait and see.

    Ram Rebel TRX (Production)

    This one is more farfetched. We first saw the Rebel TRX Concept at the 2017 State Fair of Texas. The Concept has received endless praise, and most people who see it what it to be built. Unfortunately, TRX development represents a large investment, and building a business case is not easy and likely cost prohibitive.

    2018 Ford Expedition

    TFLtruck caught next generation Ford Expedition prototypes in the wild. The full-size SUV will most likely be aluminum-bodied, a variant of the F-150 chassis, and offer some of the powertrain options that are available in the 2018 F-150. However, the new Expedition was not in Detroit this year.

    2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL) / Wrangler Pickup (JT)

    Jeep has confirmed that the next generation Wrangler (JL) will start production in November of 2017 and go on sale soon after (perhaps early 2018 calendar year). Jeep’s next legendary off-roader has been discussed ad noseaum. We still do not have any official word from Jeep about the highly anticipated Wrangler and the Wrangler pickup. We know even less about the Wrangler pickup truck. We know its codename/designation is JT. It’s based on the Wrangler. We cannot be sure about much else. Is Jeep waiting to unveil the JL and JT at the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari and 2017 New York Auto Show? It is likely, but this is only a rumor.

    2018 Nissan Titan King Cab / V6

    Nissan has been talking about the extended cab version of their new Titan truck lineup. The company confirmed that it is coming. Nissan also confirmed that a V6 engine option will be available. Perhaps, the 2017 Chicago show will be very fruitful for truck enthusiasts and include the Titan King Cab and Titan V6. Nissan said that they will not debut the next generation of the Frontier until the Titan King Cab and V6 are released.

    2019 Ford Ranger

    Ford has shown concepts of a new truck approximately two years before they went on sale. For example, the Atlas pickup (aluminum F-150) and the second generation Ford Raptor concepts. Why not show a concept version of the 2019 Ranger at this year’s NAIAS? Perhaps, the 2018 Ford F-150 news has a lot to do with it. Companies usually like to focus on a single vehicle debut at a given major auto show. However, this did not stop Ford from showing the Ford Raptor, Mustang Shelby GT350, and the Ford GT at the 2015 show.

    The 2020 Ford Bronco is much farther in the future, so waiting for it makes sense.

    What about the rumored 2018 Toyota Tundra update? We are still expecting the refreshed Tundra to show up at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, that runs (Feb 11th – 20th, 2017).

    While we wait for more new truck announcements, here is a closer look at the 2018 Ford F-150 five-engine lineup.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

    29 thoughts on “New Trucks That Were Not in Detroit: 2018 Ram 1500, 2019 Ford Ranger, and Others… [NAIAS]

    1. I surprised that we haven’t seen any articles yet about how lame the Detroit Auto Show was this year compared to last year. Am I the only one to think that it is an off year with a Kia Sports Sedan is taking all the headlines? You could sum up the entire show with the words Traverse, Terrain, Stinger and Mini-Van. Also, there were no surprises this year. I’m pretty dissapointed. There wasn’t even a release of more information on things like the Civic Si. Usually this show would be used to further release information. Jeep basically reconfirmed that they are building the Wagoner and Wrangler Pickup, but didn’t we already kind of know that? Toyota released a new Camry. Yawn. Ford released a pickup that has 1 million different configurations. Great if you are a truck guy…who likes Fords. The entirety of the German brand’s show is summed up with a $70,000 BMW 5 Series. Am I missing something?

      1. Ya something is really happening with the economy. We’re still in recession from Obama and the bleeding hearts that brought tax payers to their knees and left others homeless and gave homes to refugees who never paid a cent to the system. They still can’t get rid of the 2016 vehicles. I hear about all the clear outs on the 2016s. You can’t even find some 2017 vehicles that usually are on lots in September. I think automakers are overstocked. Ford even shut down for a week in 2016 hoping to make room for overstocked trucks. Bringing in 2018 models would be ridiculous at this point when you still have 2016 overstock to sell.

        Ford won’t look so good with all the combustion engines should someone bring in an electrified pick up. Might be a bad decision to bring in that many engine choices. I think it’s a bad gamble.

        1. Even if I assume everything you said was true, an Auto Show is the presentation of vehicles that have been in the works for years. I think it has more to do with the automakers decision that the NAIAS is not the best place to showcase a new model because it could be overshadowed by other reveals. Now new models are presented to the public at their own events or smaller auto shows.

        2. “Ford won’t look so good with all the combustion engines should someone bring in an electrified pick up. Might be a bad decision to bring in that many engine choices. I think it’s a bad gamble.” -Rambro

          Agreed. I think Ford should remove the 2.7 Eco Boost from the F-150 and reserve it for the upcoming Ranger.

        3. What economy are you living in? Wake up from your coma because the last eight years was the greatest job recovery and stock market increase since the last republican administration was at the helm. Sorry you missed it!!!

      2. I completely agree and actually posted something similar on TFL’s FB post for this article. Lack luster and Lame, is what I thought. Nothing further on the Honda Civic Si (Power and Sedan pre-production version), Jeep Compass (Pricing), Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 (Pricing), no teaser images of Ford Ranger or Bronco, or even new Jeep’s Pick-up, and/or next gen Wrangler.

        I thought I missed a ton a debuts and reveals, but apparently I was awake the whole time and didn’t miss anything.

    2. Has Nissan given any hints at all on what the next U.S. Frontier will be or when it will be released? I.e., will it be the global Navara or will it be something else? Do you know when the formal announcement on the next gen Frontier will be made?

      1. @5-Speed
        A Deconted Navara or Triton are not viable in the US. Nissan now basically owns both the Navara and Triton, manufacturing in the US impractical , given the small numbers sold and increasing production costs
        Ancient Frontier is selling up a storm in the US. Nissan US is more concerned about selling Titans and Titan XD

        1. Robert Ryan,

          I agree decontented versions would not sell, but mid- and high-content versions (equal to a Ford XLT) would. Either the Navara or the Triton would be a step ahead of the current Frontier, which was an excellent truck when it was released in 2005 but is now very outdated. I think the current Frontier sells well now because it is the cheapest mid-sizer. A lot of the sales are fleets buying the low trim S model. I would be interested to know the fleet/retail sales breakout.

          My best guess is that the U.S. does not get the current version of either the Triton or the Navara. I would guess that Nissan replaces both the Navara and the Frontier worldwide with a new platform sometime after 2020, and Mitsubishi gets a badge-engineered version, so in the meantime, Nissan would continue selling the Frontier in the U.S. Since it is selling so well, they have no urgency to replace it.

          The Titan, and especially the Titan XD, look to be flops. I would guess the Titan XD gets axed in another year or two.

          1. @5-Speed. Deconted in the sense, not built as robust work vehicles. No 2,700lb Payloads.Triton and Navara will be kept as separate entities, according to Nissan ,as both have fairly different appeals.
            Yes the Cummins powered Titan and Titan XD, are real turkeys. A case of what were they thinking at the time?

    3. I think this year’s auto show will always be remembered for what was NOT there. This is by far the worst one I have ever seen. I kept waiting for that huge surprise only for the biggest surprise to be that the show was over with basically nothing to show. How much longer will we buy Nissan’s old Frontiers? What about the global one that has been around for years now? Mitsubishi is failing miserably here but I bet a Triton truck would be met with open arms by the Mitsubishi dealers that are trying to push the few products they have. What about a hardcore off-road full size GM or have GM engineers still not figured out how to take that awful low hanging air dam off? Ram – where are you?

      1. Yes, the Triton is just what Mitsubishi needs. It is almost exactly the same size as the last U.S. Ranger, so this is the truck “the size of the last Ranger” that so many people want.

        2016 Mitsubishi Triton extended cab: 204.5” L x 70.3” W x 69.9” H
        2011 Ranger extended cab: 203.6” L x 69.4” W x 67.7” H

        Mitsubishi says they cannot import the Triton because of the Chicken Tax, and they won’t manufacture it here: http://news.morningstar.com/all/dow-jones/us-markets/201701107944/chicken-tax-talk-revives-as-auto-makers-strive-to-sell-more-pickups.aspx

        Given Mitsubishi’s partnership with Nissan, perhaps they could produce it at the Nissan pickup plant in Canton, MS. Nissan should have plenty of capacity there given the poor sales of the Titan. Or maybe it could be the next U.S. Frontier rather than the Navara.

        1. Great points and I HOPE that Mitsubishi will wake up and make some vehicles people will buy or else just pack it up and leave. Remember the 90s when they had the Montero and Montero Sport? Those were decent alternative vehicles for people. Going back even more to the 80s the old Mighty Max was a very capable small truck. Nissan needs to wake up and give us a decent Frontier and if pushing the Titan is so important, what about an extreme off-road version to compete with the Raptor? That concept they had looked pretty good to me. I am a midsize truck guy so I would love to have some more choices in the midsize segment but also think the Titan Warrior would do well and bring more attention to the Titan. I think the Titan is still dead last in truck sales.

          1. @Moondog,
            See my above comments, Triton and Navara are both owned by Nissan.
            Navara is the basis of the new Mercedes Pickup. Looks like Nissan is happy about the Mercedes Partnership, as they have gained some insight from Mercedes on their techniques. As well they are trying to get a deal on the Mercedes V6’s used in the upmarket SUV’s for use in the Navara.

            1. Oh yes, I am aware that Nissan owns controlling interest in Mitsubishi auto division now and think they will all benefit from it, unlike the Daimler Chrysler fiasco. This is really good info!

      2. This years Detroit show will not be remembered for what was not there it simply will not be remembered.

    4. Do you need to do videos about for 4wd vs awd vs auto 4WD and do in 2wd Mode also and do in a off-road based crossover and truck based SUV and different types of trucks and with of them have all terrain tires and with all season tires on them I like to know the difference between the systems and if all seasons or better or worse than all terrains or is all-terrain’s better than all season tires in the snow because I visit family in Michigan a lot during the winter I need tires for my truck I like to know which one would be better then the other

    5. Russ another thing that was missing at naias is high performance vehicles from the big 3. I thought we might see the next Shelby Cobra. I thought we might see a mid engine Corvette. I thought we might see the next cuda. Nothing. I thought we would see the next tundra. Nothing there. Maybe at Chicago? I believe the next new rams will probably be at the tx state Fair. Just my guess. So I’m the opinion like most people this naias was not that good.

      Chicago auto show prediction. New ford Taurus and explore?

    6. I hope this years show doesn’t suck. I haven’t been to this show in over 10 years. Hoping to see something cool there.

    7. They just gave their version of a mid cycle refresh with that hideous front end this year. However, I have to believe that they will take advantage of the new transmission technology and at least give consumers either a nine or ten speed automatic. Maybe the updated ones won’t shake you all over your seat like my last two Yukons have. I heard they were slated for aluminum in the next three years and literally cannot wait for that in light of all the crap they give Ford over it.

    8. Well, I heard that the 15,000 F-150s with 10 speed transmissions which were held back at the factory for a retrofit may have been because of a leak. Since the 10 speed transmission operates by hydraulic controls, could that have been the source?

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