• 2017 Ram Rebel “Black” Package Debuts in Detroit: What Does It Give You? [Video]

    2017 Ram Rebel Black

    Repeating a familiar recipe for expanding trim choices, the Ram 1500 Rebel Black gives consumers additional trim options over the current Ram 1500 Rebel. Starting at $45,590 (plus $1,320 destination), the Ram 1500 Rebel Black has black wheels, brush guard and a unique interior. The Ram 1500 Rebel Black will be offered in all of the current Ram 1500 Rebel exterior colors.

    “Adding the Rebel Black package to an already aggressive off-road truck will continue feeding the momentum Rebel is creating for the Ram Truck brand,” said Mike Manley, Head of Jeep Brand and Ram Brand, FCA – Global. “The Ram Rebel is unique in the full-size truck segment with 33-inch off-road tires, air suspension and custom interior details.”

    The Ram 1500 Rebel Black has the same upgrades the regular Ram 1500 Rebel has over the regular Ram 1500. It comes with 33-inch tires, unique wheels, a factory lift with Bilstein shocks, tow hooks, skid-plates, a unique interior and a unique exterior design.


    “The Rebel Black interior features black anodized bezels on the doors, center console, instrument panel and gauge cluster trim rings. All-black heated seats with black “Rebel” embroidery stay to the theme, highlighted by Light Slate Gray accent stitching, which traces the instrument panel, center console lid, doors and seats. Deep rubber floor mats capture snow and mud. Additional luxury can be had with optional Black leather Katzkin seats.”

    The Ram 1500 Rebel Black will debut at the 2017 NAIAS and will be available in showrooms March 2017.

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
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    26 thoughts on “2017 Ram Rebel “Black” Package Debuts in Detroit: What Does It Give You? [Video]

    1. Eh, the grill is hideous as are the grossly over sized RAM lettering on both ends. The truck is only better off road because of the front bumper and maybe tires? Who am I kidding, the only time they go off road anyways is for press play time and photos for marketing. I really hope they don’t keep with that grill design on the new 2018 or I will just keep my 10 until it rusts in half. That grill is also terrible in the limited trim level.

    2. This truck basically doesn’t give you much. 32+ inch tires are standard equipment on run of the mill 4×4 pickups. The “lift” amounts to 1″. Skid plates and shocks are pretty much standard fare on any Z71 or FX4 truck…so it appears to mostly be a somewhat goofy appearance package, with precious little that will actually improve the capability of the truck.

      1. Yeah, I thought Ram 1550’s had 33’s already. I went to test drive an EcoDiesel and it had 275/60R20’s which is what I had just put on my F150. My F150 came with 275/55R20’s which were like a 31.9″ or something.

    3. Have you guys asked Ram about the Recall issue with their Drive turn Dial and the potential Runaway?

    4. I think it would sell better if the package included things to make the truck more capable off road such as locking front and rear axles. They can do it with the Wrangler Rubicon and Power Wagon so why not with this truck? I can’t be only one who wants 1500 Power Wagon.

      I also have doubts about how the air suspension will hold up for owners who actually take this truck off road on a regular basis. I would hate to be out on a trail and have an airbag collapse.

    5. It ain’t a bad looking truck. If you get the regular Ram 1500 Rebel in black, it looks almost identical to the all black package. It would be cool as crap though to do it with the 2500 Power Wagon.

      1. You can already do this with the 2500 Power Wagon. Just go to ramtrucks.com, then click on any of the links that take you to the 2500’s, then click on 2017 at the top left. Why they default to 2016 still I have no idea….maybe they’re just trying to clear inventory.

    6. this lame marketing ploy of fiat and gmc is getting old are people really this gullible or is it just ford that’s actually going out and bringing new iron too the table

    7. At that starting price I can’t imagine many Raptor buyers reconsidering. Not that this is even close to that level other than price.

    8. I don’t recall anyone asking for another color package. By the way, the package is all wrong for me. I won’t buy an all painted truck because of chip damage to the front and rear end. The bumpers must be chrome on my next truck.

      1. A crap load of the feedback on the rebel was how many people hate being forced to the fire truck red interior.

        I am already interested in trading my 2016 to get away from it. Love the ram box and air suspension though, no plans to go back to a raptor at this time.

    9. I like it. Everyone complains about the front grille on the Rebel, but I think it makes it stand out.

    10. Ram actually is genius with this rebel. Suspension wise nothing is different over a standard ram other then shocks… just some comptuer changes in the suspension setting.. ram just made the offroad 1 setting of the regular ram air suspension the normal setting for the rebel. The offroad setting of suspension of the rebel is offroad 2 setting on a non rebel ram. You get no additional suspension travel or flex with the rebel over a regular ram as the suspensions are the same. The rebel just increases the air suspension pressures to give the truck a higher ride height which is essential just the offroad 1 setting on a regular air suspension ram.

      It is brillant marketing that ram can get people to pay alot more for the rebel package

      1. Your theory is great. Except a Rebel doesn’t really cost more. Go configure any other RAM 1500 with 4×4 and the Hemi and the price is pretty comparable. When you consider the appearance changes, there’s not much of a cost premium on the Rebel.

        1. Ram rebel starts at ?43K+ which is a 3.6 4×2 ram. Hemi and 4×4 pushes the msrp to 47k with out adding anything else.

          A 2wd larmie starts at $39Kish Add the hemi and 4×4 and you are still around for 4k less then a rebel

          1. Don’t forget the air suspension and the bucket seats (both standard on a Rebel). The price difference between 4×4 Hemis comes out to $1,540. So what does that $1,540 get you between the Laramie and the Rebel? Rebel has front skid plate, blacked out headlamps, unique grill, sport performance hood, large RAM badging, red accented interior, unique instrument gauge cluster, black wheels, and Toyo Open Country AT tires. The Laramie does include the upgraded audio system (a $345 option on the Rebel) as standard. True, most of that stuff is appearance, and some of it you may not like. But I don’t think it’s entirely fair to say that the only difference is the shocks. I would pay $1,500 for the upgraded appearance of the Rebel, especially considering the boring appearance of the Laramie.

    11. OK folks, am I the only one that is getting tired of all the “special” packages? It seems like everyone is doing a “Black” package and acting like they did something special by giving us all black everything. I must admit that I never minded the Qbert front end that much on this truck but this package looks like nothing special from the outset.

      1. It’s an additional option when configuring the truck the way you want to. You aren’t forced to select it. And as for “acting like they did something special” that’s just normal marketing tactics. If you’re going to get upset over that, you might want to avoid any sort of mass communication.

    12. Hey Mason, I have no issues communicating in any forum but thanks anyway for the life advice – I’m just afraid I won’t be taking it. Very little upsets me – even your obvious fanboy antics and cheeky, borderlining condesecneding, attitude. It’s all good so relax. I just find it funny that almost everyone makes a huge deal from a marketing standpoint out of these Black editions and FCA is just one of many. I’m certainly not upset and am well aware I’m not being forced to select an option that I find overmarketed and a bit stale.

      1. I didn’t say you have an issue communicating. I’m not sure how I came across as a fanboy (who am I showing fanboyism to, and how?) or being condescending. You seem to be complaining about what are normal marketing tactics. You can say very little upsets you, but in your opening sentence in your original post, you say you’re getting tired of it. Just wanted to point this out to you so that you could see you might as well accept it.

    13. Oh my, I misspelled condescending thanks to this stupid autocorrect on my trusty iPad. Maybe I will take Mason’s advice and just “avoid mass communication”. A hideous typo I can never live down… I’m going to bed on this one!

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