• Ford Ranger Midsize Pickup and Ford Bronco SUV return in 2019 to the USA

    Since Ford didn’t even give us a teaser image, here’s our old 1968 Ford Bronco. How cool is this?

    The Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck and Ford Bronco SUV return to the U.S. lineup for 2019. After years of speculation, Ford announced the Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck and the Ford Bronco SUV to its North American vehicle lineup in 2019. Both the Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck and Ford Bronco SUV will be manufactured at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.

    “We’ve heard our customers loud and clear. They want a new generation of vehicles that are incredibly capable yet fun to drive,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of The Americas. “Ranger is for truck buyers who want an affordable, functional, rugged and maneuverable pickup that’s Built Ford Tough. Bronco will be a no-compromise midsize 4×4 utility for thrill seekers who want to venture way beyond the city.”

    Details are pretty thin, but we should expect an EcoBoost 4-cylinder matching competitor’s V6 power-plants, solid rear axles, lightweight bodies, class-leading connectivity and competitive performance numbers. It looks like Ford will build both trucks on the same (or similar) platform.

    The all-new Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck and Ford Bronco SUV will be reintroduced to the North American market in 2019. While this was the biggest announcement at the 2017 NAIAS, it was the most disappointing given the lack of even a teaser silhouette. We do have these logos and a teaser video – that’s about it for now.

    We will stay on top of this story!

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
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    56 thoughts on “Ford Ranger Midsize Pickup and Ford Bronco SUV return in 2019 to the USA

    1. I think this is about what we expected. The Bronco will probably be much more of a niche vehicle, but economies of scale will help. The Ranger will probably do very well and be a strong competitor to the Tacoma and GM twins. To be truly competitive with GM, I think a small diesel needs to be available. What would be cool is if the Bronco truly is a “no compromises” vehicle as Ford states. Front / rear lockers, maybe full-time 4×4, high ground clearance, diesel power, 6-speed manual option, high-quality interior from European Ranger…that would be awesome!

      1. Meh, the dmax GM twins only accounted for 8.6% of their total 2016 twins sales. A diesel would be nice, but I dont think its necessary.

        If they end up with a 325ft/lb + 300 hp ecoboost in the ranger I will be happy. That takes care of the lack of torque in the current V6 offerings and 300 hp is enough for anything you need to do with a mid-sized.

    2. I am disappointed to hear that the Bronco will be based on the Ranger instead of the F150. The Ranger is a good vehicle but for me in order to be a Bronco it should have been based on the F150 as its predecessors were. It seems that Ford are simply rebadging the (Ranger based) Everest SUV available in other markets and flogging it in North America as a Bronco.

      1. @Jason Scott
        It is not a rebadged Everest. Bronco will be built on a shorter Global Ranger chassis. Not exactly popular in Australia,SWB SUV’s but will have a niche in NA.
        Current Ranger is 2003 F150 sized

    3. Please put the new Coyote 5.0 in the Ranger. I know its a stretch but at least one manufacturer has to do something right at some point.

      1. Keep dreaming Rambro, but I think a sport 2.7 EB would be the top engine on the Ranger (or in a FX4 Level II).

        1. I already know this but I like to vent. Just slow truck. At least off road you can still have fun with a large HP/weight ratio. I think society is sick of sports cars because you just end up with tickets and lose your licence. They are also uncomfortable and don’t soak up potholes very well. A fast 0-60 truck is what I believe the market needs. Something in the 4.0 second range would be all new and easily doable considering what we had in the past and what exists in other lineups. At least off road you can enjoy that power without losing your licence. A lot of old timers such as myself prefer a truck to a sports car but still want that big power out of the hole shot 0-60 realm. I find trucks way too slow for this day in age. Way too slow, not exciting whatsoever.

            1. HAHA, you made my day Nihilus, wondering when anyone would notice. Too many people using Thomas and TFL wont fix names to an e-mail so I named myself after that stubborn sheep on You Tube. If anyone has that name then they had abnormal parents.

    4. GM and Ram seem to be staying in the public eye with those wonderful special editions. Well done! Looks like Ford will own the media spotlight through 2019.

    5. Nope, Ford already has an awesome vehicle based on the F150 size scale – it’s called a RAPTOR.

      They really need a smaller, nimble, mid size that’s still going to be pretty capable and yet very maneuverable.

      Think back to the original 66-77 Bronco, it was really a small mid size compared to today’s over sized everything vehicles. It’s when they sized it later to the F150 platform that sales went way down and eventually it was discontinued.

      I’m really excited to hear this news and super stoked about a Bronco again! I just hope they don’t get too caught up in all the fancy electronic gadgets that it doesn’t need and makes it overpriced while they forget the hard core locker, suspension, high clearance, short overhang, crowd that’s been waiting for Ford to come back with this for 40yrs now!

      Both platforms really hope they offer the 2.7 Eco as the premium engine with 10spd Auto.

      1. With the massive growth in midsize trucks there is more of a want and need for a V8 in a midsize. Although the 2.7 is a good engine it does not have the acoustics or the raw power needed for enthusiasts. The big power is always given to the SUV’s and full sized trucks which are too heavy for the true thrill seekers that Ford is talking about. Yes Ford got it right, customers are screaming for a true thrill seeker that doesn’t weigh 5800-Lbs like the Raptor that is wider than a city bus. However, all manufacturers fail on power delivery. True thrill seekers seek a V8 for acoustics, its the CD of choice for the majority. Nobody wants to listen to Rap when they like Rock and Roll, just doesn’t work and power is the biggest thrill and everyone that makes a midsize fails and guaranteed Ford will fail as well. The Raptor is a complete fail for me and many others. Roman wont even trade his in and its worth as much as a new one because he repeatedly states he likes the V8 acoustics. There is a huge market waiting for a 4×4 sport truck, the ZR2 and Tacoma Pro got it right but failed on engine choices, its everything thrill seekers want without the engine. Makes for a very disappointing midsize segment. And with the Raptor to protect you can guarantee the Ranger will get a motor that wont compete with the Raptor, god forbid. Very disappointing.

      1. From what I have heard from people who actually work at MAP I don’t think you will be able to buy a Ranger until spring of 2019 with the Bronco perhaps as much as a year behind that. Both are currently being designed in Australia and will be built and sold in all markets where the current Ranger and Everest are currently built and sold in addition to North America. Michigan Assembly (MAP) in Wayne, MI is still building the Focus and that will not stop until the plant in Hermosillo Mexico is modified or expanded to shift Focus production there. Focus production is currently slated to stop at MAP mid 2018. MAP then has to be retooled to build the Ranger which will probably take about six months. They are switching from a uni-body car to a body-on-frame truck. That means the Ranger probably won’t go into production until very late 2018 or early 2019.

        1. @Bill from PA,
          I know they are both being designed in Australia, but the Bronco like Jeep are not that popular outside NA.Bronco will be aimed fairly at NA and will allow Ford to take on a Jeep. Ranger will be considerably less robust version of the Global version, sitting in between the older smaller US Ranger and the F150

    6. I am looking forward to getting the specs on the new Ranger and the Bronco and seeing concept vehicles. I predict they will be roughly the size of the current global Ranger and Everest, have aluminum sheet metal, and be powered by Ford’s new 3.3L naturally-aspirated and the 2.7L EcoBoost engines. It is too bad the new 3.3L has direct injection rather than port injection like the current naturally aspirated 3.5L engine. I do not trust GDI. That 3.5L NA engine has a very good reliability reputation.

      I hope the low beltlines and big greenhouse of the F-150 carry over to the Ranger and the Bronco for the sake of visibility.

      1. You should trust GDI. Nothing wrong with it. The only concern was carbon buildup on the back of intake valves (which port injection would normally wash clean) but these engines will have both port and direct injection. There won’t be problems. GDI has been on the market for 15 years or more now.

    7. I am really excited about the Bronco. I purchased a 17′ Escape this fall but was on the fence for an off roader and almost went for the Cherokee Trailhawk. Looks like I’ll finally have a Ford option when it’s time to trade in.

    8. Lots of good points above especially about sound of a V8, but the rest about power are completely wrong.

      There is not an existing V8 that will deliver more power, torque, mileage, light weight, packaging etc than the current 3.5 HO V6 from the Raptor!
      If you want a vehicle to travel backwards in time and do everything worse in any measured performance category, except sound better then put a V8 in it.

      True outright performance, with decent mile, light weight, always trumps sound alone with a true performance enthusiast!

      Diehard V8 guys/gals will always be delusional and this argument will go on forever with them making excuse about turbo’s being unreliable etc. blah blah bla!

      In reality the real enthusiest embraces technology and the move forward and all that comes with it! We also know that Ford durability tests all their powertrains to the same standards weither it is a 4cyl, V6, V8, V10, etc for its intended application.

      In fact as someone with an industry insider knowledge Ford has tested above and beyond with the 2.7 & 3.5’s twin turbo’s just to make sure the V8 guys don’t have a real argument.

      What’s choking all over these new vehicles down is all the unnecessary electronics crap that the manufacturers are overloading them down with. In 10yrs or 200,000 miles this is the stuff that won’t work and will be unreliable!!!

      1. Drifter, I beg to differ. Although the V6 is more powerful than a V8 in the 1/2 ton segment; that is only because it is EBoosted. If you EB the V8 you will destroy the 3.5V6EB and you will have the acoustics. The reality is that the 3.5EB is underpowered in the Raptor which Ford fanboys will not admit. The idea of a boosted V8 in a midsize just doesn’t make sense to our social stigma, however that is exactly what true enthusiasts want if you care to follow social media’s without bias and opinions that the current truck motors are powerful when they factually are not. We had faster trucks 25 years ago. We had a supercharged Tundra with more power in 2007. Also we have lighter weight sports cars with V8’s in them, some supercharged and we have a Challenger with over 700HP that is the size of a midsize truck. Fitting a V8 in a midsize is doable and feasible. Even Tacoma in 2011 had a supercharged 5.7V8 in it as a prototype that never made production. Its all very possible and would sell well especially with the growth in the midsize segment and growth in the 4×4 world of trucks. We are just living in precatory until it comes out.

        1. Rambro, you’re completely wrong. I’ll give you the sound argument. I love the sound of a good American V8 as much as anyone. But Ford’s turbos as just plain and simple faster, stronger engines than any current alternatives. That jive about “if this engine was EcoBoosted” or “we had this 25 years ago” is crap. There are no other options right now. We are talking about mass-produced engines. The 2.7L Ford EcoBoost F-150 sounds like a blender and a leaf blower. Nevertheless, it is one of the quickest pickups on the road…basically matching the 3.5L EcoBoost in 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. Towing with a turbo V6 is a dream. The engines just pull a lot harder and they don’t kick down to lower gears as much.
          If you think 450HP and 510lb-ft is “underpowered” for a 3.5L V6, you are truly delusional. Look at the Hellcat engine: 6.2L, and it makes 707HP and 650lb-ft. The 3.5L is vastly smaller and if you do the calculations, is obviously much more “power dense” on both HP and especially torque. Therefore, I guess you must think the Hellcat is underpowered as well? The fact is that manufacturers could absolutely play the “tuner” game and produce monster numbers but these engines wouldn’t outlast the warranty.

          1. Just a v8 guy spouting trash. I agree the sound of a v8 is awesome and the newer turbi plants sound like vacuum cleaners. But when you consider this is the only complaint about these engines you realize that all yhe bashers of them probably havent ever driven one because if they had yheyd realize theirs no comparison speed or towing wise. If i hadn’t bought a Powerstroke and was looking for a half ton it would have been an ecoboost.

            1. Brew the V8 sound is not just a complaint it’s a deal breaker. To me listening to that V6 all the time would make me sick, worse than scratching nails on a chalk board. Next time you say the only complaint is sound try sitting in an Opra for an hour or sit and listen to the worst music you hate while holding your favourite Cd in your hand and see how long you can sit there. It’s a deal breaker. Sound moves us. There are some sounds that make you want to dance and there are health benefits to this LOL but not kidding. Second although the EB V6 is powerful it still comes in slow when you look at the 0-60. And they just don’t plant you in the seat for thrill seekers. Many of us old timers are sick of sports cars. We’ve moved into trucks where we can still have fun off road and not get tickets but trucks are grossly underpowered

          2. Troverman I said the truck is under powered not the engine. 1000HP in a semi is still slow. 450Hp in a 5800 pound Raptor bus is still slow and too big for typical off road trails. Same goes for railroads. They should be wider but we are stuck with what we have. Trails will not get wider to accommodate a Raptor. Also because of its size you need bigger, better and more expensive parts to make it play only in select areas. Makes it harder on fuel and costs more for insurance and repairs. Why not smaller for a truck, meant for enthusiasts that want a true off road vehicle. Even the Trailblazer SS was the size of a midsize with a 400HP V8. You could build midsize like the ZR2 or the Tacoma Pro for cheaper that will go more places faster than a Raptor because it’s lighter and smaller. Problem is the motors are all too underpowered. At 450HP the Raptor at 5800Lbs is slow. It’s not a thrill in the 0-60 realm. The ZR2 at 305Hp needs 35 more HP to match the Raptor, imagine a V8 with 500HP and we are singing in an entirely different ball park that is both feasible and doable and untouched territory, completely new never seen before antics that advertising alone would bring in sales to the entire fleet should a manufacturer do this. And if you pay attention to the hype many buyers such as myself wait in limbo because trucks are too slow for thrill seekers regardless that they come with a suspension package or a big HP V6 that is no match for the weight of the truck. The 2007 Tundra had it beat. You can still buy 2015 Tundras supercharged with full warranty that beat the Raptor 0-60. For thrill seekers looking for power the Raptor is missing that and it’s rather pathetic at this stage that trucks are still this slow considering what we had already and what exists in other vehicle types. Trucks are largely a growing segment that deserves more Hp or should I say a larger HP to weight ratio.

            1. Correct me if I’m wrong here but i was under the impression Toyota quit rhe supercharger with a warranty business.
              Secondly if you want 500 hp in your raptor you can easily add a tune to grt you there. For the 99% of peopke who buy raptors it is way more truck than they will ever use. I agree with you on principal but as part of the .1% all you have to do is look to the aftermarket. Rousch has kits for the old Raptor with warranties and I’m sure it wont be long before they have something for the new generation

    9. Years ago we might of had engines with more power in a few sports cars or so, but they didn’t have to meet the emissions standards of today, they were also nowhere near as safe, efficient, and quiet as what we have now.

      Go back a little more than 10yrs and today’s current 1/2 tons have most 3/4 tons bested in frame strength and braking easily. Of course they don’t have the heavy stiff suspension.

      It’s all about the intended marketing that each application is designed for, and the masses including myself would be ecstatic about a Bronco or Ranger with 325-450hp, 10spd auto in a light weight mid size package!!!

      Yes, going beyond these numbers will always be possible, but price, size, weight, strength of everything in the chassis, etc must go up to be done properly. Then your pretty much back to that one guy vehicle that’s no longer attainable for the masses and your also back to around the same power to weight ratio equation. So what really have you gained other than some sound/noise?

      Your living in the past RAMBRO V8’s are no longer the best choice or option anymore. Every powertrain you mentioned doesn’t exist anymore if ever, never was put in a truck/suv, or has no warranty with it.

      I’ve also found that most, not all who complain about the gas twin turbo V6’s have not even driven them? It’s like they refuse to do so because it’s just not a V8

      Embrace and enjoy!

      1. I’ll just sit in Limbo until I get my V8 with 600Hp in a 1/2 ton or 500 in a midsize. A 4.0 second truck 0-60 will come soon enough. I’ll just buy base models as cheap as possible until something gets exciting.

        1. Go get a Chevy V8 with a Hennessy package…..it’s available right now if you have the money and I believe they start at 500hp but confirm that with a Chevy Hennessy dealership for yourself.

          1. I thought you were lost MNTNMN, where did you go?, its Thomas, changed my name; too many Thomas’s on here.

            You know I am all in on OEM with a warranty. I’ve been through the ringer with mods. You are always replacing the next weakest link when you don’t have factory warranty. Modifications are garbage. Wont do it. I am just going to keep complaining. We have a Ram out there with 575HP already made just waiting for the trigger to be pulled, now we need a midsize truck with 500HP to get in the game. It will get here, just a waiting game and all you can do is bitch until it gets here.

            1. LoL yeah it was pretty easy to tell with the “all trucks are under powered” comment.
              Power to weight is only getting better. F-150s can be found weghing around 4k lbs. With the new engines, accelration is getting amazing.

            2. How so Nihilis we had 4×4 trucks, quad cabs in the 4.5 to 5 second range many moons ago. They have only gotten better since 2015. Ford is improving. GM Had the Colorado V8 do 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. The Tundra and Tacoma in July of 2015 with the optional supercharger blows that away. Look at SUV lineup which is basically a truck frame. 450HP in an SRT 8, 400HP in a small Trailblazer SS. You have Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes with motors in their SUVs that blow the doors of the Ford EB motors, these are basically truck frames. Pick up trucks today are not fast 0-60 in 5.3 seconds is the best there is right now which is absolutely pathetic. I would never buy into that hype. That is slow. I know the feeling with new stuff spikes the adrenaline but seriously, check into reality here. Whether its café requirements or just stupid truck manufacturers have ignored the thrill seekers when it comes to engine choice in a 4×4 off road truck. The optional supercharger in the Toyota was the best we had and even that wasn’t enough. The TRX slightly lights a bulb at 575HP if that ever makes it to production.

            3. A guy ran a 13.41 in a bone stock 2.7 ecoboost truck not to long ago. Another guy was saying that his sons RCSB 2×4 2.7 EB was neck and neck with his pulley/tuned Lighting on the way home from picking it up from the dealer.

              A 400hp Trailblazer SS was not that fast. My dad has an AWD 2008 and in mineshaft air it ran a 13.9 stock which is not too bad for a TBSS. It couldnt get out of the hole because of the 4 speed and crappy torque converter. hardly a sub 5 second 0-60 truck and didnt break 100mph. Now with a stall, tune, intake and e-fans it MIGHT break the 13 second barrier.

              Porsche, Audi, BMW Suv’s that “blow the doors off the Ecoboosts” are what, $75,000+ with no options(if you could even find one no options)? 420hp Porsche Cayenne S is 0-60 in 5.2 sec for 75k, hardly blowing an F150 out of the water. The base model is a 300hp 7.3 second car. Nevermind the fact that no one is ever cross shopping them.

              It seems anybody who is a true thrill seeker or enthusiast is going to be willing to turn a wrench and make it happen, not sit on a truck blog and whine about factory HP ratings and air damns that hang too low.

    10. They test the direCT injected v6 for a huge amount of miles.

      But still never caught the intake valve carbon build up.

      That’s seems to be the problem with alltesting by all manufacturers.

      They test for what they expect.

      The rest slips by.

    11. This is good news all the way around. If they do up the Bronco right,it should be a damn fine competitor to the wrangler. It would also be kickass if both the bronco and ranger had a diesel option,as well as the 2.7L eb.Base engine should be a small 4 lunger eb.8 spd auto,and 6 spd manual available for both in all trim lines.Ford would rule the world with that.

      1. I agree that someone should try to compete with the Wrangler especially the Rubicon but they’re are going to be an expensive little rig to be able to do that….around 50G CDN. Toyota made the FJ cruiser for a bit and they did an excellent job building it but shit the bed on two key areas…..the transmissions had a weak aluminum shaft that your clutch release bearing rode on and they had the stupid thing cast into the bell housing so you couldn’t change it you could just sleeve it……retarded (and I should point out that it was AISIN that built that tranny) and they made them a touch too wide which takes away that competitive edge against the Rubicon and they only had A TRAC instead of a front locker but they did have a center locker on the 6 speed manuals. I owned one of these and it was a fun little rig but I was pissed when I had to drop my tranny at 100000kms because the clutch release bearing started sealing so badly it was driving me nuts and after I did the clutch release bearing, clutch release pump and clutch fork support it still had a slight squeal and I even put a tiny amount of bearing grease on the release bearing shaft…..you screwed up Toyota…shame on you….

      1. “Or even better the 5.0” I like this guy, c’mon Ford, stop shaking the tree and just push it over. Put that Coyote in an off road midsize and Howl at the moon. It will be cheaper than the Raptor and likely a better seller and better all around for the off road enthusiast.

        1. I’m starting to wonder if you just like baiting the guys here so you can have someone to argue with. LOL!
          All I know is that the 2.7EB V-6 is currently rated at 325 hp at 5750 rpm and 375 bl-ft at 3000 rpm. That engine is being updated for the 2018 F-150 by adding low pressure port injection to the existing high pressure direct injection. That change will surely result in even higher output as well as better efficiency and will also reduce the issues with intake valve carbon build-up. In its current tune the 2.7EB has run as quick as 6.1 sec 0-60 in a 2015 Supercab 4×4 F-150 and 5.6 sec in a 4400 plus lb Edge SUV. By comparison a 1995 F-150 Lightning (2 wheel drive, 4.10:1 gearing) with a 351 CI naturally aspirated V-8 ran 0-60 in 7.4 sec.
          If Ford puts the 2nd gen 2.7EB in the lighter Ranger I predict it will run 0-60 in less than 5.5 sec. Only problem is Ford won’t do it because they only have to match the anemic drivetrains in the GM twins and Taco and they can do better than that with a 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost.

          1. Hennesy took a non broken in 2017 ford raptor. Stuck it on a dyno and took it to the strip. They stated the last production motor that they dyno’d that produce hp and ft lbs and the curve was a gen 2 8.3 liter viper. They have it on vid on youtube and the 3.5 completely blew away 6.2 raptor…

            At the strip they made a 5.3 second 0-60 run. They also have vid proof on youtube. Really no truck made is faster. You truely are prolly a tune away from sub 5 second run.

            I would trade my 2014 raptor for a 2017 but the wife said no more new trucks. I wish the 3.5 was an option on the raptor for 2014 cause i would have one as the ecoboost arent underpowered like the v8’s available today. My biggest complaint is you need to push 5k rpm on v8s to getthat shove you back in the seat feeling… you have to wind hemi’s, ecotecs, and coyotes up in rpm to get any power. The ecoboost you get that power down so low in the rpm band that they are just better driving vehicles vs v8

            1. That’s because the V8 is not boosted; is what I keep saying. The V6 is underpowered and so is the V8 for that truck. It needs a boosted V8

    12. There will be NO v-8 in any of these two vehicles!!!! You can take that to the bank. Mercy I don’t why you all even thinking it is going to happen? They have to make fuel mileage mandates! Plus if ford did do this it will be such small percentage of buyers that it would not be very profitable. Sure there is a number of us like to see a small trk with a v-8, but it isn’t going to happen. Dodge did this with the Dakota and they didn’t sell a lot of them. If they did they would be still selling them. So NO v-8 in the ranger or bronco!

      1. Marc Hartman, I know a V8 in a midsize would match epa for fuel economy over the low powered V6’s. They are able to idle lower at highway speeds. The EB V6 is an exception to that rule as it has the power. But an EB V8 would do the same or better than the V6 for fuel economy. You can likely idle at 1000RPM at 70mph in an EB-V8 10 speed

    13. And the Dakota RT ran 0-60 in 6.9 sec. Still slower than the 1st gen 2.7L EB in a bigger F-150.

    14. I knew it RAMBRO is Thomas! I kept telling myself all day this guy sure sounds like Thomas’s style of complaining.

        1. Basically everything you’ve said in this thread.

          Basically I’m upset with myself for not catching it earlier! 😎

    15. the wheel base and width of the ranger that is Europe is no were close to an 03 f150 only thing that may be larger is rear seat leg room when compared to the 03 super cab but it is still a smaller over all foot print.

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