• 2018 Ford F-150 is Officially Here with a Diesel, 10-Speed, New Looks, and Wifi [Video]

    2018 ford f-150 diesel ecoboost v8 coyote

    Ford officially unveils the face-lifted 2018 Ford F-150 a day before the 2017 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) press days. It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been three years since the new aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150 saw the light of day at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. Ford takes their new high-tech pickup truck formula to the next level for the 2018 model year. This is more than a simple facelift, although the front fascia, headlights, and tail gate are new.

    Ford says that the 2018 F-150 will be able to tow more than ever before. It will be the most technologically advanced F-150, offering the next iteration of the adaptive cruise control system. The system in the 2018 truck will be able to bring the vehicle to a complete stop while following another vehicle. This is not the case with the system in the current 2017 truck.

    Most notable 2018 F-150 update is the engine lineup. The truck will offer no fewer than five distinct engine option.

    3.3L V6 – New

    First is a new base engine. The displacement of the naturally aspirated V6 shrinks from 3.5 to 3.3 liters. However, base power remains strong at 282 hp and 253 lb-ft of torque.

    5.0L V8 “Coyote” – Updated

    Contrary to previous reports, the 2018 F-150 will retain the 5.0L Coyote V8 (no 4.8L V8 here). Those who were worried about the “Five-Oh” going away can now calm down. Ford says the V8 has been upgraded for even more power and torque, but did not provide more details. Can this truck V8 reach or exceed the 400 horsepower mark? We will have to wait to find out.

    Another important piece of news is that the Coyote will be paired Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission. Previous reports that talked about the proliferation of the 10-speed across the F-150 range were accurate.


    2.7L EcoBoost V6 – 2nd-Generation

    Next is a second generation of the 2.7L EcoBoost V6. It now has the dual fuel injection system, just like the big brother 3.5L EcoBoost. Combination of the port and direct injection technologies is said to increase fuel efficiency as well as allow for a power boost. Ford did not release the power specs for the new 2.7L EcoBoost, but expect it to be a bit higher than the already impressive 325 HP and 375 lb-ft of torque. The 2nd-gen 2.7L turbo V6 will also be paired with the 10-speed automatic.

    3.5L EcoBoost V6

    The 2nd-generation 3.5L EcoBoost that made its debut on the 2017 F-150 carries over to 2018 largely unchanged (375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque) ? It will continue to be paired with the 10-speed automatic transmission. TFLtruck will be testing the 2017 F-150 with this power train very soon! It will be competing on the Ike Gauntlet extreme towing test for the 2017 Gold Hitch Awards.

    3.0L Power Stroke V6 Diesel – New

    Finally, here comes the big news. All the rumors and prototype truck spy shots were correct. The 2018 Ford F-150 is getting a turbo-diesel V6 engine option. Ford says that this engine is related to its European lineup of small turbo-diesels. They are called DuraTorq in Europe. Ford did not provide the power specifications or any further details. There is no indication that this 3.0L Power Stroke is related to the engine that is in the Ford Transit vans or the 3.2L diesel in the European Ford Ranger. We will get more details very soon. No matter what, expect the power output to be greater than the 240 HP and 420 lb-ft of torque from the 3.0L diesel in the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. Ford’s 3.0L Power Stroke will also be mated to the 10-speed automatic transmission. Can it beat the Ram EcoDiesel’s 29 MPG on the highway EPA rating? We will have to wait and see. Consumers will have to wait until the summer of 2018 to get a diesel F-150.


    Other manufacturers have been offering Wifi capability in their trucks for several years. The 2018 F-150 joins the connected world with the available 4G LTE Wifi hotspot that is able to connect up to 10 devices.

    The new 2018 F-150 goes on sale in the fall of 2017. It will be built at Dearborn Truck Plant in Dearborn, Michigan, and Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Missouri.

    Check out this video preview of the 2018 Ford F-150 from Detroit, and stay tuned for much more coverage from the 2017 North American International Auto Show.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

    128 thoughts on “2018 Ford F-150 is Officially Here with a Diesel, 10-Speed, New Looks, and Wifi [Video]

      1. I love the new design and especially the fix for the rear tail lights. Does the 2018 have the power switch option like the Raptor and F250? More importantly why summer of 2018 for the diesel release? In my opinion that is way beyond a reasonable delivery time frame to market.
        Thanks, Earl

        1. Power switch? Enlighten me, if you could? Love the looks of the 2018. I am torn between the new F150 and a Super Duty. I don’t need a Super Duty but I want one. I’m thinking an F150 would be more practical and sensible for my needs. Thanks in advance!

      2. Me like, umm where is the club cab crew at? It is time for a 7 to 9 seat truck with the club cabs half doors added to a crew cab. Say with a 5 ft bed. Come on ford beat the other makes to the punch. I can at least stop drooling on the dodge Eco diesel now. My first truck was a ford crew diesel. I would like to have another. Preferably with 20 year financing, ha! that’s the only way I can afford it on social security income.

    1. We’ve barely seen any 2017 truck reviews and we’re moving to 2018’s. What a strange year. Very late releases this year. I think there are too many engine choices. Going to be a quality control issue with Ford. Too many variations to keep quality assurance in check. The grill looks better. Where’s the Tundra?

      I have a feeling if the Ranger shows up it’s going to have some shitty gas saver motor in it.

      1. The delays were mostly due to the 10-speed. the 2018 shouldn’t have those issues.
        I have a feeling you are right about the 3.3L going into the Ranger. The F-150 now has FIVE engines in it. Most I can remember for any truck. It would make sense that these engines would be used elsewhere. The 3.3L Duratec will be just as nutless as the V-6s in the Tacoma and GM (At least their half ton base gets the much torquier 4.3L).

      2. Toyota has backed off on aggressively competing in the 1/2 ton market, so don’t expect anything significant. My hunch is Toyota will make a few changes (5.0 retuned for light truck, 8 speed auto and more standard safety features) to it sometime soon, but now with Trump threatening to place heavy tariffs on Mexican assembled vehicles, this may deter Toyota’s plans to assemble more Tacoma’s in Mexico. If this is the case, recall San Antonio is at capacity, it will in turn force Toyota to make a decision on which truck to sacrifice and based on past decisions, it will be the Tundra.

    2. Love it! Very exciting! I was hoping to see some Expedition news. Not yet I guess. Diesel hybrid for 2019?

      1. Ford said a hybrid pickup truck will come out around 2020, and we don’t know exactly what hybrid it will be. Perhaps a gas/electric hybrid.


    3. Sharp looking front end! I agree with Mr truck. DSL who cares. It probably be 5 or 6 grand option. 400 HP 5.0? Or more? And 10 SPD Auto now that will be the cats meow!

      1. Agreed with the 5.0L 10 speed combo. This is what I am most excited about. We all saw the huge gains in performance when the Hemi and 5.3L GM got an 8-speed. The effect on the 5.0 will be no less impressive.

      1. Ikr ford copy the front bumber of gmc copy 3.0L diesel lol, ram is gonna make some changes in their diesel and let’s see who’s the winner 👌🏼👌🏼

        1. Ford, as history has shown. They’re giving the market what it wants not what you think the market needs. Silly Canadian socialists, wanting to control what others can have.

      2. So do I, the only problem is in the 5 months I’ve had it it’s never gone more than 2 weeks without having to go back to the dealer for issues. I’ll be reaching out to FCA in the next week and how they deal with it will depend whether I ever buy another FCA product or not.

        1. Sounds like my co-workers ram and my other co-workers two Grand Cherokees. One of the Cherokees got lemon lawed while the other had constant electrical issues but couldn’t be lemon lawed in TX. Ended up trading at a loss for an explorer sport

          1. Worst part is up here in Canada we don’t have lemon law, we do have an arbitration process that I may end up going through though. I was actually looking at leftover 2016 F150’s on Saturday but the incentives sucked and the dealers weren’t willing to play ball, I also don’t want to roll negative equity into a new truck and take a loss just because I received a pile of crap from Ram. I have a feeling this whole thing is going to turn into more of a nightmare than it already is.

    4. Not a Ford fan but I do like how they are rapidly updating the trucks and offering variety. High output turbo 6 or v8, 10spd transmission, fairly extreme offroad variant, constantly squeezing more power from the big powerstroke.

      It’s to bad GM dropped the near production ready 4.5l diesel. They were the only to offer a 1500 diesel in the 1970s,80s, and 90s. Now they will be last to offer a halfton diesel in the 2000’s.

    5. I never liked the grille on the 15s and up. This fixed it just right. Can’t wait to hear power numbers!

    6. Why do they keep downgrading the base V-6 Duratec engine? First the 3.7L, then the 3.5L, and now the 3.3L. There was already a huge gap between the 3.5L and the 2.7tt. There was hardly mpg savings, even with aluminium, going to the 3.5L. There will not be ANY fuel savings going to the 3.3L. As always, max torque and HP will be advertised, but the torque curve will get worse.
      I think it is funny that the Lincoln cars started with the 3.5L and moved to the 3.7L in the newer models. With the F-150, it is just the opposite.

      1. I just saw on Wikipedia that the 3.3L Duratec will now come with direct injection. Great. I guess the F-150 will get a 0.2 MPG boost at the cost of WAY more issues down the road. Not what you want for a base work truck.

        1. Uh, the 3.3L gets BOTH low pressure port and high pressure direct injection which is intended to not only be more efficient but also solve the intake valve carbon build-up issues experienced on direct injection only engines. Toyota is doing the same thing.

      2. If they are able to pair the 3.3 with the 10spd, it will have more pulling power and mpg than both the 3.5 and 3.7 NA motors. Not to mention the 3.3 is pulling a way lighter truck than the 3.7 was pulling.

    7. I expect 280hp and 450 lb ft of torque for the diesel. I know ford would never put out less power then what’s in the ram. Either way this might fix the only problem with the ecodiesel that I have, it’s quite slow. I’m willing to bet that ford’s will be significantly quicker because the f150 is at least 600lbs lighter than the ram. Not sure about reliability, they have a lot of engines to look after.

      1. Lol it’s not slow when u break it in and plus horse power and torque don’t matter it’s the fuel efficiency that matters plus if ford is gonna beat the ram ram is gonna supercharge it or something and make it the best fuel and hp and tq

      2. Hope it is more reliable than the EcoDiesel and not have a cam failure after 75,000-150,000 miles and maybe come with an exhaust brake. Plus hope it goes close to what the EcoBoost will.

      3. If this truly is the same 3.0L Diesel that Ford supplies to Land Rover it is rated at 254 hp and 443 lb-ft at 1750 RPM in the 2016 Range Rover. It will also come with the 10-speed auto which should help with power delivery and efficiency.

        1. No Ford did not supply it too LR, it is LR’s modification of that engine. LR has it’s own diesel an Itengum coming soon.
          Impressive power and torque, 300hp and 500lbs ft of torque from a 3 Litre straight six

          1. “According to Car, the Ingenium straight-six will start replacing the Ford-sourced supercharged V6 in Jaguar and Land Rover models from 2017.

            Sources have told the magazine that both the petrol and diesel straight-sixes will be offered in three states of tune each.

            The spark ignition 3.0-litre inline-six will reportedly be offered in 224kW (300hp), 298kW (400hp) and 373kW (500hp) trims, while the diesel version will come in 205kW (275hp), 250kW (335hp) and 298kW (400hp) forms.

            The British publication believes that the Ingenium inline-six will be progressively introduced to the Jaguar XE, XF, XJ and F-Pace, as well as the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and next-generation Land Rover Discovery.”

    8. Hell yeah! I’m guessing Ford wanted a back log of 10 speed transmissions before releasing them across the line. Surprised they are making the base engine even smaller, but glad it’s not short on power.

      Hoping the diesel will be very reliable and not be short changed on towing capabilities like RAM did on the EcoDiesel, maybe keep it close on par with EcoBoost. This now tears me several ways. I was waiting for the 10 speed across the board, but now I have to choose between awesome engine choices. Long as I can better than 19mpg on the highway I’ll be happy. Also hope that the fuel capacity is upped or the 23 gallon is the optional size and the 36 is made standard, 25 gallons is my bare minimum.

      1. The diesel is designed for those that put 20k miles or more a year on their truck with lots of moderate trailer towing. Nothing more, nothing less. It will be similar in performance to the 3.0 ED. The 2.7tt decimates the 3.0 ED. It will most likely get similar towing numbers to the 5.0L since it is a desiel, which makes the lineup between the 2.7tt, 5.0L, and 3.0L diesel kind of confusing. Each will be stronger in some situations than the others. The 3.5tt will still stand by itself on the top and the 3.3L on the bottom, WAY below the middle 3 engines.

        1. One thing is for sure the 2.7 is plenty engine for the majority of owners. In a way the 3.5 is overkill for most current owners. I still think RAM missed the mark with the ED by limiting it’s towing capability, but they have not fixed the cam gear issue that happens at around 75k and 150k miles.

          1. They didn’t limit it, it can’t do it. The only way it could tow 10,000+ lbs without slowing to a crawl uphill is if the could turn it up to 300 HP.

    9. I suspect one of the big reason for a DSL is to make the fuel mileage mandates set by the government. I don’t think it will be much better than the 1/2 ton Dodge DSL. Why would anybody buy 1/2 ton DSL is beyond me. Or 3/4 ton DSL for that matter.

      1. Usually better fuel economy is the main reason. We have a diesel 3/4 ton truck at work that pulls a 30′ enclosed trailer with 2 z turn ride mowers, a walk behind z turn, 4 blowers, 50 gallons of mixed and regular gasoline and 8 weed whippers. As well as hauling a lot of tree trimmings. Sure we could do gas trucks but they we drive over 100 miles a day in the spring through fall for mowing and about 75 miles a day for snowplowing. So for us diesel is well worth it in landscaping.

        I’ve been waiting for a diesel F150 for a long time. I don’t tow much but I do a lot of driving and I’d like to get better than 23mpg in a truck.

      2. Marc:

        I drive 20k per year in general purpose and tow an enclosed snowmobile trailer another 4K. Project fuel costs and ownership over 5 years vs the 3.5 eco and tell me again why I don’t want a diesel?

    10. Nothing wrong with using a diesel for a daily driver as many do. Where did find that Ford set that number of 20k? It’s good to see Ford offering a diesel in the F150 though I’m sure it will be priced way above practically for many.

      1. It’s just an arbitrary number. In order to get the cost of investment back, you need to put on some miles to get the fuel saving gains over the 2.7tt or 5.0L.
        Diesel is never a great idea when you are just making a lot of short trips, especially in colder climates.

      1. From 1973 thru 1976 the F-100/150 was available with six different engines.
        240 ci in-line six
        300 ci in-line six
        302 ci Windsor V-8
        360 ci FE V-8
        390 ci FE V-8
        460 ci 385 Series V-8

        1. We got as the top spec engine in the localy built F150 in Australia as the 351 Cleveland, also built in Australia. Engine used in the Falcon and Falcon Utes

    11. You know I like to see ford offer another bigger gas engine for the SD. I have a v-10 and was NOT impressed with the 6.2 v-8 in the last models before the aluminum make over. So ford offers almost a half dozen engines in the half ton and just 2 in the SD. They did offer 3 at one time. Just my opinion.

      1. I agree with you 100%. They have made some nice upgrades to the 6.2L, but it would be great to see a new V-10 to replace the aging 6.8L Triton they use on the commercial trucks. Imagine a 7.7L V-10 based on the 6.2L! They could use it for everything from the F-250 all the way up to the F-750, which has a 6.8 V-10 option right now. It would be a MONSTER and get better fuel economy than the older Triton.

      2. Ford has experimented with a 7.0L version of the 6.2L V-8. Not sure you will ever see it in production though.
        An EcoBoost small displacement V-8 (4.8L?) would be nice as well but that probably won’t happen either.
        However, based on their recent track record, major powertrain updates usually happen in the second or third year of a major model update release. The SD was all new for 2017 so…

        1. Back to the 7.0L V-8. Roush built one for a Mustang drag car a few years back. They called it the Boss 777 (7 liters, 700 hp @ 7000 RPM). No nitrous, turbo or supercharger.

    12. Not bad, I actually like the refresh and Ford is covering pretty much every buyer with engine choices. I really like stamped tailgates, I know it is superficial to performance, but really finishes the whole design.

    13. I do I like the updated front end as it looks more integrated. The old model has a sad face and the straight across bumper looked like an afterthought.

      1. GM has always been late to the party. They ate CROW over the manstep and that heated steering wheel they stole from Ram. Would you like a Crow breast Greg???

      2. Not sure how it is following. Ford offered a mobile hotspot with Sync 2 for a very long time. I like it much better because you use your cell phone data instead of having a separate contract for your vehicle.

    14. I love the new tailgate, and like the front end on the sport package… But I like the front end on my ’15 better than these updated ones. Im probably in the minority, but oh well!

    15. IMO,this is the nicest front end on any ford especially compared to the ugly superduties.They still need to improve on some cheap looking interior materials ,but definitely look better over past models.I agree with Greg on the 4g wifi,but everyone is always copying each other its been this way for a while..

    16. Just the reason Ford sells so many f150. Choices galore! And they do look a bit better exterior wise for ’18, to me atleast.

    17. Did anybody else release anything pickup related at the Detroit auto show? If not ford just secured the media market for a good 6 months to a year. The second gen 3.5 ecoboost and 10 speed hasn’t been really tested by the media. Now Ford can dribble little data here and there on the new v6, the diesel, the 5.0 power bump, and the new 2.7. Plus these mated to the 10 speed as well as the new design. Much like trump controlled the media, Ford is as well.

      Just forewarning the commentators in these sections if nobody came with anything new besides ford be prepare to here nothing about anybody except Ford. I am getting myself ready for all the whining about the ford “bias” coverage on the truck websites. Epic butthurt through out the year will be on display!!!

      1. @Scott,,Dude stay classy no need for instagating negative back and forth.Ford has done a nice job on 2018 f150 front end and new diesel option this is good news,Gm trucks and Ram have nice trucks as well.Everyone has there moment throughout time it just happens Ford is making the most noise as of now..Relax its all good..👍

        1. Of course… there has been substantial complain on the tflt staff for only covering the raptor and superduty over the past. Just saying over the next 6 months+ there will be substantial complain about what tflt guys cover as well as others website coverage.

          Just prep yourself for when the putc commentators get bored and come over here.

          1. “Just prep yourself for when the putc commentators get bored and come over here.”

            Oh god i hope not. There is a reason i stopped going over there. Today i made that mistake. Holy trainwreck over there. It is just miserable.

          2. Uhh…what else is there to talk about? RAM delaying their redesign or Chevy adding a hood scoop?

    18. This is a really nice update to the best selling fullsize truck! Regarding the 4G Wifi, of course they are late to the party but at least you can connect up to 10 devices with it. My 2016 GMC Yukon XL only allows us to connect 5. While this a great upgrade, what about those of us who prefer a midsize truck? Any Ranger news? 🙂

      1. My thoughts exactly. Ford does have a news conference set for 9:05 AM tomorrow. While they might say something about the Ranger/Bronco I doubt they will want to take any of the spotlight off the 2018 F-150. Might have to wait a few more weeks until the NY show or possibly until this time next year. Ranger is rumored to be a 2019 model year intro.
        Wouldn’t want to cause anyone to wait for the cheaper Ranger and not buy an oversize F-150, now would we?

        1. No matter how sexy/brawny the f-150 gets I’m still waiting for the ranger regardless of pricing difference. I just hope they don’t make it look like it was designed in an air tunnel like some of the euro truck models.

    19. Any word if the new F150 will have Alexa there you can talk to. Amazon’s Alexa is starting to come in other Fords. Is she going to be in the F150?

    20. Scott, according to Geekwire Alexa will be added to Ford vehicles this summer so long as they are equipped with Sync 3.

    21. I really like where Ford is going with the new F-150. The looks are a nice refresh and I like that option for the sportier open grill along with the 10 speed tranny and tech features. Keep it going Ford.

    22. Not being ‘brand loyal’ it’s always interesting to read the comment here. I like the new frontend on the f150,classy as hell.The engine options should satisfy most buyers= good show Ford.And,better late than never to the diesel party.Can you hear us now GM? 10 spds,awesome.Pass them bad boys all around and call it good.I wouldn’t look to fca for much of anything since macaroni has been using ram/jeep money to prop up the total loser fiat and alpha.See ya fca,you blew it.

      1. I read on one of Fords press releases that it will get different turbos and the 2 types of fuel injection. I like that Ford is going this route for the common DI issues everyone has and carbon build up on the intake valves.

    23. I really do like this update. My favorite body style has been the 09-14. I do like the 15-17’s but i really like the 18 by a large margin. So much in fact i may look at getting one when they come out. I love my 2010 but really like the looks of the 2018. I wouldnt get the base V6 but i am curious about it. I think it will be geared to those looking to get into a truck cheap and dont need a lot of towing or hauling power. It will cruise along just fine and accelerate just fine. I doubt it will be great for heavy towing but smaller boats and jetski type towing it will be just fine.Especially with the gearing of a 10 speed.

    24. Oh boy! Now the RAM and GM fans will freak-out and say all the truck web sites and magazines are bias toward Ford.

      1. they are already on the huge bash fest on PUTC right now. That site has gone down in the toilet. So happy for TFL truck. Much much better here.

    25. I’m not a fan of the start/stop, I’ll be buying a 2017 5.0l and drive it till my 9 year old graduates college. I just want a V8 that doesn’t start/stop or deactivate cylinders.

      1. I am in the same boat as you. But to be fair the only only real experiences i had with it (and the wife) is in a Jeep GC. It really sucked and was very noticeable. Vibration on start up and shut down. I was in a Chevy Malibu (maybe????) forgot what it was exactly but it was a little better but not much. If it can be seemless then maybe. But i do hate the wear on the starter and battery.

    26. Nice upgrade in deed for the “18 F150. Will have to debate weather or not to trade in my ecodiesel Ram for the diesel F150!

    27. Man. GM’s falling behind on their 1/2 ton trucks now that fords announced an powerstroke F150! GM should bring back the 4.3 duramax concept and bring it to life because if GM stays with gas only 1500s, then they may loose valuable Chevy/GMC buyers because their starting to fall behind with their competitors now since they haven’t released and info on the 4.3 since ’09. And, this go to RAM, Bring up the power on the EcoDiesel on your 1500 Ram because you may be falling behind to Ford possibly in towing capacity

      1. And one more thing GM, when are you going to facelift your HD Trucks with the new 1500 Design?

    28. I wonder if the new diesel is going to be made in the Essex engine plant in Windsor Ontario canada

    29. 2018 is becoming the truck market share battle for sure. GM new 1/2 will be coming to market. Ram 1/2 will be coming to market as well.It looks like fuel mileage will be number one,followed by towing capacities in gas and diesel.

    30. Looks like a damn Colorado/canyon with a cad program replacing style with aerodynamic computations

      Still keepin my ranger

    31. Ok, I’m not a Ford guy but I think the interior has finally caught up to the GM twins. The power specs are impressive. I do think the jury is still out on Eco-boost reliability. I’m not a fan of turbo gas motors. They’re turboing a lot of cars in europe now because of the emission standards over there, and a lot of testor’s are disappointed in the performance of the new Beemer’s because of these motors. They even said that they would much prefer the new Camaro SS with 6.2L over the BMW M3 turbo V6 because of this. It will be very interesting to see what GM does to compete. I think taking a motor like the 5.3L and building it with forged everything, and building a factory supercharger would be the thing to do. I much prefer a supercharger to a turbo, even though mileage might suffer a little bit. But who knows maybe there’s some new technology that can make a supercharger more efficient. A inter-cooled super charger fitted to work with GM’s new functional air scoop would be cool! You could probably pump almost 500 HP and 500 ft. pd.s out of a blown 5.3L if built from the ground up.

      1. Power is easy, emissions are not. Unless laws get reversed,there won’t be any move to technology that reduces fuel economy either

    32. Did they say there’ll be a Super Duty version of this F-150 meaning that it will Tow and haul substantially more than the current F-150 up to 14 15,000 pounds?

    33. Oh yeah, this is ford marketing at it’s finest. Where is all the media headed first? To Ford try to get more information. They really do a great job with marketing their products.

    34. Goid looking truck, the only thing ithat sort needs is dual exhaust. The single exit out the side is just stodgy looking.

    35. I just noticed that the Ford website now has a lot of info on the 2018 F-150 on it. This seems a bit unusual unless we are going to see a very short model year life for the 2017. I know they teased the Raptor for a while but there was no danger of it hurting sales of an existing truck like pushing this 2018 could. Could we see this 2018 released early? If so, does this affect the sales race or does the amount of trucks sold include all new model years for sale?

      1. Agreed, I know their website says fall but I’m hoping for an earlier release. Also truck sales are by total sales in the year not by the year of the truck. The sooner they release this the higher their sales will be.

    36. I guess I just answered my own question by reading the fine print – it says available fall 2017… This still seems odd to me.

    37. I think they did a better job than Chevy did. I actually though the 14-15 Chevy front end looked good, kind of like a modern version of the 87 Silverado. When they made it “better” for 16 it just looked like a total mess, even worse than the awful looking 03 front end (in my opinion). Overall I would say Ford has improved this truck a good bit but I have no dog in this fight – I’m a midsize truck guy all the way. 🙂

    38. Not that we didn’t see this coming, but it’s far from perfect.

      1) Kill both the na engines. The 2.7 eco should be the base, only the purists will miss the coyote, for the 3.5 eco has it covered.
      2). Correct the Lion miss. Wrong one boys. The 4.4 Lion that is in the same weight class Range Rover would have been perfect. I know 3 people, myself included, that would write that check instantly. (Oh GM….). And if you just gotta have a 30 mpg truck then give us both.
      3). On demand lockers please. Like the 350SD?
      4) How about a tire/rim option that includes 4 three season tires and another 4 rims with quality snows? Hold the spare!
      5) The Ram 5 link rear end rides fantastic! Hello, Ford?
      6) And their air ride suspension is mighty nice too!

    39. Confused about the author’s note regarding whether or not the new diesel will or will not be related to the Transit PowerStroke. Am I missing something???

      The current Transit houses a rather old-designed, inexpensive, iron block 3.2 I5 at only 185/350 peak hp, torque, respectively, and is not emission compliant below 8600 GVWR. Surely we all know they are not related since the announcement stated that the F150 PowerStroke will be a 3.0 V6. Or is there a new diesel for the Transit as well. Would be a good move for Ford to share the new diesel engine, because the 3.0 could be offered in the 1/2 ton Transit Van and Wagon.

    40. Is any one else wondering and anyone that is as fascinated as I am as to why Ford keeps reinvesting piles of money in F150 every year with significant changes; the mid-cycle refresh is huge. All power trains changing. They keep separating further and further from the other companies’ products while it appears other companies sit and watch and add money to their coffers or reinvest in other areas. Are the others preparing big things, and so Ford is trying to do all they can to heed off the onslaught, or do the others think Ford’s moves are flawed and that sheet metal and NA V8s are the way of the future, and so they’ll just stand pat? Even Nissan, with an all-new truck and an opportunity for something really innovative, comes in with sheet metal panels and a gas-guzzly V8 in a regular truck. Except for Ridgeline on a smaller scale there has been nothing really new about other trucks except for occasional styling updates and updated electronics and luxury appointments, but real automotive movement has come only from Ford as it relates to pickups. Has there ever been a time, since this segment became so important to the industry, that a significant player was allowed by its competitors to go so far, so fast past them?

      I had predicted that if the diesel came, Ford would drop the base engine, but I understand why they have not. Without a base engine, Ford cannot maintain the same margins to fleet customers, as the EBs are most certainly more expensive than an NA base V6. By keeping a base, even with four other choices, they can price match with GM and Ram and not lose margin, but then there is the question of why they’ve invested more money in a new base when the old one will have been out only 3 years? But most likely, as others have speculated, this new 3.3 will be the optional six in the upcoming Ranger. One final point about the base…I don’t understand why truck enthusiast fret about the base engine regarding performance and/or mpg as some have expressed on here. This is not the engine Ford wants retail customers to choose or even care about. The current 3.5 NA V6 represents a mere 10% penetration of buyers. What this engine likely accomplishes is a way for Ford to offer a reliable, inexpensive, barely capable, engine choice that also eeks up the EPA combined rating scale, as will the other three carryovers/updated gas engines, which has obviously remained one of the goals of Ford with each new package of power train.

      Confused as to what happened with the so-called-confirmed-by-Ford-official, new 4.8 V8. Wonder if the tooling got redone due to the negative response from muscle heads that demanded no drop in displacement? If the Stang will still get it, and the F150 will be slightly bored out just to keep the displacement worriers in the traditionalist group happy? If the 4.8 was purely a rumor put out there by Ford to gauge response, and it was going to be a 5.0 all along? Or, if this was purely a change driven by engineering need?

      Also surprised by the 2.7 update so soon. It’s welcomed of course, but more money on that program only three years in with so many customers so happy was surprising to me.

      And lastly, the new PowerStroke! I love diesels! Just like enthusiasts of sporty lines of cars, e.g. Mercedes AMG, if I had piles of money lying around, which I predict that’s what it’ll take to own one, I’d get one. Alot of folks want to throw out that payoff argument, but truly, that’s an invalid argument. This same question is not posed to those who choose a super charged 600 horsepower engine over a regular 450 horsepower engine choice. Many folks want and desire diesels, because they prefer them and love them; like the character of them. Like the guy that must have the Suzuki Hybusa or Ducati motorcycle when there are much more practical motorcycles out there, but just like the AMG line alot of folks can’t afford those not-so practical choices and can’t afford their higher service costs, but we still like them and still like to read about what we can’t have. Pricing??? Although some have stated that Ram ED can be had in a regular cab for around $32K, I have never found that a Ram 1500 Ecodiesel can be configured and delivered with less than a quad cab and less than around $38K before destination charges, and that’s comparing this minimum diesel at $38K versus a base price at under $27K for a base Ram 1500. Likewise, but even worse, is the GM Colorado/Canyon twins that start out at under $21K but the first Duramax diesel choice can be had at or about $36K; a difference of at least $14K out the door for the cheapest, diesel-powered compact truck. And so too I predict will be the case with respect to the F150 and ten-speed with the PowerStroke. I’d love to see Ford keep offering all power train choices in most every configuration as they do today with all four engines and allow the PSD for about $7K premium, but I think with respect to the diesel, we’ll see this pricing strategy change, because Ford will probably want more than that $7K and will then hide part of the premium need in fancy option packages and larger configurations. But I guess we’ll soon see. I still want get a diesel. I pulled the trigger on a 2015 std cab with the 2.7 for around $28K; but I’d still like to see the first company offer a diesel truck to everyone who wants a truck; not just the rich and famous.

      1. Gregory F its great to have choice but I don’t think the diesel will make it very far with electric vehicles coming out. The billionaires that have their shares in clean energy are taxing the shit out of it and taxing the fuels now to lower carbon footprints, and putting so many restrictions on the dangerous exhaust emissions that any benefits are lost. Trump is not going to change this, he only has so much power and then congress takes over. So the idea to get it for cheap which seems to be your main concern over want or need is not going to happen in my opinion.

    41. Viewed other pictures on other sites and on the Ford site. Really like the new look. Like that they are improving the first Gen 2.7 EB and the 2nd Gen 5.0 V8 (and the new 3.5EB 2nd Gen. Any news about other weight savings? and, will Ford improve or have a better overall brake system?

    42. Greg. F why would you need a DSL? Isn’t your 2.7 EB not capable of towing? Do you tow every day? My guess probably not. The 2.7 EB was just little less than the ED RAM when it comes to fuel mileage. So when you look the price difference between the two it isn’t really hard for me to justify buying a DSL. And you know that this new ford DSL is going to be priced simaler or more to the ED RAM. I find it fastnating that we had gas engines for the longest time in pick ups up to mid late 80s and no one thought of having a DSL pick up. Yet we towed everything that we could and never thought we need a DSL to do the job. Now I read on here if you don’t have a DSL you can’t tow anything. Which is bunch nonsense. When did this change? I don’t know, yet the gas engines are more capable, tow more and last longer. For 8000+ less (ford sd) (5 to 6000 half ton). I Here all the reasons to half a DSL they are all valid, but for that huge price increase? I’m just curious how much do you all wanna pay for that DSL? 10 12 15 grand? They are going to go up. Shoot I thought 5 grand would be the ceiling. You all done prove me wrong. If i order the same trk I did today it would be 10 grand more and if ordered it with a DSL it would be a 60 thousand dollar trk. How long would recoup that 8000$? Very long time. If we took a qtr of passion for DSL we probably have better gas engines. Just my opinion for what ever it is worth.

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