• 2017 Ford F-150 10-Speed and Ford Raptor: 7,500 Units Have Already Been Shipped

    2017 Ford F-150 10-speed Automatic
    2017 Ford F-150 10-speed Automatic

    A new report (from Autoweek) states that approximately 7,500 units of the 2017 Ford F-150 and 2017 Ford Raptor have already shipped to dealerships around the country. We previously reported that around 15,000 new trucks were being held at the factory for additional testing and verification. Ford says that this part of the normal launch procedure, as the company performs quality control procedures.

    This means that another 7,500 trucks are still undergoing testing, but the latest report says that Ford hopes to get to “expected inventory levels by the end of the year”.

    Check out our first off-road drive review of the 2017 Ford Raptor in the souther California desert.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    60 thoughts on “2017 Ford F-150 10-Speed and Ford Raptor: 7,500 Units Have Already Been Shipped

      1. There’s a lot of Ford news happening right now. Do you expect them to not report the news? If similar things happen with GM or Ram or Toyota and they don’t report it, then you might have a valid reason to complain.

      2. Well Bill, the other two need to step up to the plate and bring new technology and excitement to the market. when the Ecodiesel came on the market, all we would read was that, so now, it’s the 10 speed from Ford, the Ford 470 Torque from the EB, the Ford Raptor, The Ford Raptor 510 torque, The Ford HD 925 Torque. What do you want TFLT talk about, the Ecotec3 from GM and MDS from the Hemi?

        1. I guess 10 more torque over gm 6.2 is a big development , don’t forget friend gm developed new 10 speed they will have it next year. Also new powerstroke has 15 more tq than gm . What a major development . Roman loves the raptor that is one reason for all this raptor coverage.

            1. Those are some nice curves but that 3.5EB is a reliability nightmare once the 60k mile warranty is gone. There are a few that make it into high mileage but there are a shockingly high number of busted ecoboosts. Timing chain stretch, cam phaser wear, misfires due to carbon tracked spark plugs, misfires due to intercooler water condensation, extremely high fuel dilution in engine oil (as high as 5% by volume), spun main bearings, thrown rods, intake carbon buildup requiring replacement heads, etc etc.

      3. We will report as much pickup truck news as possible. We try to leave no stone unturned. However, we currently do not report on many recalls.


      4. It would be like not reporting the completely redesigned and all new ram, chevy, nissan, toyota. Oh wait it’s just a new engine and transmission.

      5. Bill,

        There is nothing more worthy of news in the automotive world at this time than the new Raptor!

        The extra excitement that comes with this Ford Raptor is the facts that Ford actually built a speciality Truck like this that the public -you, me, and anyone else can go buy!!!

        Some other manufacturers are showing concept trucks, but not even close to reality or content if and when.

        Please list anything from GM, Ram, etc that’s on the exact same level?

        This I’ve got to hear😜

    1. chevy has nothing new.Fiat has stated they intend to produce there old truck for yrs to come.Toyota has a old truck and Nissan has put out another ho-hum design.Ford is the only company putting out new exciting trucks at this time.What are they suppose to report on.They are a truck site.

      1. I did my research lingenfelter out of 5.3 on e85 321 hp 355 tq everyone dyno chart I’ve seen except trucktrend it kept shifting out of gear so there hp was 298 they said it had more in it but was
        shifting out of gear . But most people’s dyno chart anywhere 330 to 360 hp and 365 to 390 tq on the L86 6.2 .

    2. Well Chevy did release that ground breaking new package with never before seen blacked out lights and painted trim…

    3. Andre, don’t listen to the naysayers. The majority of us who read your articles greatly appreciate the information you provide about any brand of truck on the market.

    4. Each brand has their cycle where they are the latest and greatest for what’s new. Right now Ford is doing it with trucks. GM is doing theirs with cars and SUV’s (new Cruze last year, new Acadia, Envision, Equinox in early ’17, updated Trax and Encore, new 9 and 10-speed transmissions in cars and Colorado/Canyons, new Blazer/Traverse sharing platform being spied as we speak, etc). The only thing in trucks GM has brought out is the ZR2 and the new Dmax engine, and there’s only so many stories you can run on them. This is a truck site so I don’t expect much news from companies not bringing out new trucks.

    5. There is definitely better news out there. Did you see the new Chevy commercial talking about how Off road capable their new All Terrain package is. Their commercial said this truck package can take you anywhere you want to go off road and showed it crawling over rocks. Then they showed the guy getting out at a restaurant with a hot chick. He backed in of course because there was a curb in the way. But very news worthy. All Terrain X. Go anywhere truck.

    6. Those are impressive results to say the least. Imagine this same engine/transmission combo in a 4500 lb RCSB like the Tremor or Lightning. We would be looking at mid 4 second 0-60 and low 13 second quarter miles for sure.
      I think I got Thomas’s ears to perk up.

      1. For that size of truck it is a good number but we had trucks 26 years ago that were faster. SC Tundra still beats it back from 2007 so this is nothing new in my opinion for all out acceleration from a pick up. The Ford lightning already beat these numbers as well. Whether they put this motor tranny combo elsewhere is another story that will likely drag on for another decade where electric will take over

        1. The Lightning BARELY beats the 2017 Raptor numbers and we are comparing street truck to an off-road truck with 35″ tires.
          The combo will go in a RCSB regardless and a simple tune will bring it up to those specs even if Ford never officially buts the 450 HP version of this engine in a Tremor or Lightning package.
          The 3.6TT is every bit as powerful as the Supercharged V-8s from Ford and Toyota of that era. I would call that progress.

          1. Very good point, Nihilus. Thomas is comparing basically street racing trucks – regular cab, 2WD trucks with wide and sticky rubber on them…to a full-on off-road truck, with 35″ off-road tires, one of the best 4×4 systems available, a special frame designed to be able to withstand small jumps, and at least in SuperCab configuration. The Raptor’s speed impresses. I figured on 6 to 6.5 seconds to 60 which is still mighty impressive.

            1. It’s still slower Troverman. And it’s slower than a 10 year old Tundra in 4×4 configuration. More buyers will use and want acceleration with some Off Road ability. It’s fast for what it is but we are still missing a true 4×4 that sits you back in your seat. This truck may be exciting to many but I know better. Compared to the new electric vehicles coming out this will be nothing but a dog and it’s slower than a ten year old 4×4. Slower than the cyclone which may have been small but it was AWD as well and doesn’t just beat the Raptors time but rather destroys BIGGLY lol. So ya I see what your doing with the tire size and all your other jazz but your talking about stuff that slows a truck down so that is not progress for those of us who want acceleration and we are many. That’s why every journalist does the 0-60 review because it’s exciting and the Raptor loses in that category and is not worth my money at 5.3s

              Low 4,s with a V8 sound and you would triple your buyers.

          2. Like I said for what it is, the Raptor has a good acceleration. However, I don’t see it as progress for those who want a faster 4×4 pick up. The small trucks are gone and the midsize comes with weak 6’s and the 1/2 tons have too much weight to accelerate given the HP which is still less than a 2007 Tundra that’s ten years old. How is that progress for acceleration. Journalists have been doing 0-60’s since the beginning of time and this truck is slower than trucks from 26 years ago

            So go ahead and praise it for suspension and mpg and whatever other bs journalists and others want to rave about but it’s power to weight ratio is barbaric. It’s sad really. Acceleration is the #1 key ingredient for me if I’m buying a truck like this and for this day in age it truly sucks the big one. I’m am not impressed whatsoever. I’m not a buyer. I have the money but I’m not a buyer.

            1. Plus, I bet the 3.5HO with the GT Turbos is going to be close to 600 rwhp with a tune only. I uses the same turbos that people are currently swapping into the first gen 3.5’s as upgrades and they are pushing into that realm, with fueling being the limiting factor.

            2. I am convinced you masturbate to a poster of a supercharged Tundra. It is all you talk about, yet only a handful of people have driven them.

            3. I was not reffering to touching the turbos in the raptor. I am saying it already has the turbos from the factory that people are using to support close to 600 RWHP in the 1st gen Ecoboost trucks. They are straight from the Ford GT.

            4. Well Nihlius I’m just reminding Ford that their motor is nothing special. When people start talking smack about 0-60 times manufacturers need to be reminded that many of us are not impressed. Referencing a 10 year old truck with more power that’s faster under full factory warranty just shoves that stick a little further up their ass where their head is.

        2. “SC Tundra still beats it back from 2007 so this is nothing new in my opinion for all out acceleration from a pick up.”

          Toyota has nearly abandoned the Tundra completely. They head engineer calls it a niche truck. The TRD group discontinued the Tundra’s TRD Supercharger because they couldn’t get the system to work reliably. They couldn’t keep the A/F ratio in check and were routinely throwing rods and cracking engine blocks. So sure, the SC’s 5.7 Tundra is fast… while it lasts… The 3.5EB is the future, the Tundra is the past (10 years and still no real update to the truck???).

      2. I believe Ford are testing the new Ranger for the US market with this motor but not sure about the tranny. I hope it happens so we may also see it in Australia.

    7. all that h.p will never make up for its bass faced look. why would anyone want a tundra when you could have a ford or chevy.

    8. Thomas,
      You can keep arguing your nonsense for as long as you want but that’s all it really is!

      If Ford built let’s call it a street Raptor or 2018 Lightning using the same drivetrain but lost all of the heavy duty Offroad hardware the truck would easily loose 1000lb or more in 2wd trim.

      In this setup it would easily be the fastest truck OEM’s have ever produced. But who would buy it over this real Raptor? Not I and I’m certain mostly everyone prefers this Raptor that is both Fast and Offroad worthy to a level that know one else is even close right now!

      Stop with the Tundra, Cyclone, Lightning comparison. They aren’t even in the same ballpark and more importantly not even available today!!!

      I for one am extremely amazed that we can actually purchase a truck like this new Raptor. It’s as close to a legit Offroad street legal race truck that most will ever drive and it comes with a warranty!

      I really think you argue just to be that one guy???

      1. Drifter when you and others stop comparing how fast the Raptor is then I will not be that guy. It’s power to weight ratio is nothing special which is the #1 ingredient. And I know there are lots of readers who agree. I see it all over the net and it offends a lot of people but I tell it like it is because manufacturers didn’t get it right. I’m not one to settle. The truck needs 650hp

        That will sit you back in your seat and allow you to break four tires loose on pavement. This thing will just bog out when transitioning from gravel to pavement. To me that’s gutless and the fun just isn’t there for me. Even the Tundra was slow or I would have bought it. The TRX concept at 575 needs 50-75 more HP. That’s the sweet spot where more HP is nice but it is where you can break tires free and drift in AWD on any surface and be thrown back in your seat. That’s when my wallet gets loose. 450hp is useless.

        1. Maybe a Tremor 2.0 may come in the future, and if it does, don’t expect it to make more power than the Raptor. But a 450hp/510tq R/C SWB, 4×2, 10 speed, 3.73 LSD gear sitting at about 4,500 pounds would probably be the fastest truck produce. +600hp would be too extreme for %99.9 percent drivers out there.

          1. Roberto they make 800hp 800lb-ft torque challengers with 2wd. 450 HP in that Raptor is nothing to handle. It’s slower than a family sedan. And it has AWD. It will not wake a sleeping baby in a car seat if you floored it on pavement. It’s just not exciting to me at 90 grand Canadian. Again this is a power to weight ratio that I find inadequate and the V6 sound is absolutely terrible. Otherwise it looks like a nicemachine. I’m not sorry if that hurts feelings just the facts. Many of us are disappointed.

            1. no feeling hurt here, but +600 hp would be more than the majority of people would like. especially in a truck. The fact that there are cars with +800 HP out there doesn’t make a case for a +600 hp truck. …, they are Mustang’s with half that power and can’t even stay on a straight line. LOL. I drag race in Luskville and Napierville and occasional race at Calabogie since early 90’s. So, I do agree, power is king, but not for the majority of people, only for nuts like me and you. My truck is for work, the cars are for racing.

            2. Roberto, there is no reason a truck cannot work and accelerate. Accelerating does not mean racing, it just means you can have a lot of fun responsibly in the right areas at the right time. I don’t care to race a truck at speed so any more HP than about 650 would not be necessary. People mostly want a fast truck truck to do the odd burnout. Burning all four tires on pavement that can accelerate off the line adds way more fun then a truck that will bog out in sand and pavement. At 450HP this tuck will lack power in many situations where 650hp will keep your wheels spinning which adds greatly to the fun shit you can do with the truck at slow speeds. No need to race it. At 450HP the wheels are going to catch grip bog out on many surfaces and leave you with a big frown on your face. At about 650HP you will always be in control as to whether you want the wheels to spin just for fun or ease of to get grip. It adds a new level of fun at slow speeds. Manufacturers need to see that; you get to a certain HP where the 4 tires can no longer grip any surface so now you have the control as to what you want the truck to do. This adds a new level of fun. At 450HP I know you cannot do that on stock K02 tires which it also needs for regular on and off road uses; as the grip of the tires will bog the motor out on many surface conditions. Not worth my money. And it will not sit you back in your seat to any degree unless you pretend to push your head back which is really pathetic.

        2. Thomas,
          You can continue to be “That Guy” all you want who always complains or finds something that they wish was better all you want. That’s your right!

          Of course 650hp or more would be better, but it doesn’t come for free and it would make this current Raptor well North of $100k to do it right.

          You can’t just add more Hp – you have to change everything. More Hp means bigger axles, bigger brakes, new stronger heavier chassis, bigger stronger heavier suspension and etc you get the point.

          Pretty soon you would have an 8000lb or heavier truck and that would play with your power to weight ratio again and you be back to where you started?

          The beauty of this Raptor is the sum of its parts and the amazing scope of all it can do! It’s kind of like your Tacoma, it’s not the fastest, thriftiest, biggest, etc, but it’s sum of how it does everything pretty well and it’s resale make it great!

          I myself and apparently everyone else that’s driven it or tested it so far is ecstatically impressed and happy with what we got!!!

          The price range of this new Raptor is still within the realm of the Target audience of a true truck or performance enthusiast. If you doubt this just check new Raptor sales, excitement, preorders and reviews. Push it North of $100k and customers drop like flys. It becomes “That one Guy” truck!

          I’m sure your the type that can weather the storm because there’s a whole bunch more Raptor news, views, and reviews, coming your way.

          1. That’s fine Drifter64 but you can make it for cheaper in a lighter truck that’s smaller in stature for those who want acceleration as their key ingredient to an off road capable truck. Parts can be made lighter and stronger with the proper materials and engineering. The costs would be lower if they made the truck smaller. Many of these trucks do not cost what you say they do to produce either. They sell them for what they think they can sell for regardless of what they cost. The price to build them is the issue. It is pure white coat stupidity who have their heads stuck in their ass that’s the problem. Vehicles do get heavier with HP but the power to weight is not equal. HP will easily pull the added weight needed for parts that need to be stronger on an advantageous scale. There is lots of us who are not impressed. many are and all the power to you. You get excited for cheaper which is an advantage for you. I still want my K02 stock dry tires to break loose in 4×4 on dry hard typical pavement for several revolutions. That’s the kind of power I want under factory warranty. That kind of power sits you back in your seat when you want it to. Its a valid complaint amongst many. No personal disrespect intended here.

    9. Hi Andre. Do you have any plans to do Mashups with the new F150 3.5 with the 10 speed vs the 6.2 Silverado with the 8 speed? Yeah, I think everyone wants to see that.

      1. Yup, also and MPG test with the Gen2 EB and compare to the 6 speed. IKE Gauntlet for 17’s HD’s (gas and diesel), MPG’s, etc. etc. I already have a feeling who will be the truck of the year next year, but the proof remains to be being seen in the pudding.

    10. Just for those that started on the main topic, I ordered my F150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost/10 speed on August 18. Got a call this morning from the dealer saying that it just got in, but was still on the transport truck. I’m having them tint the front windows to match the back ones, a put in a spray-in bedliner. They said I should be able to pick it up on Monday. It’s about time!!!!!!!!!

    11. I just want TFL to report all truck news. Ford does have a lot going on right now, so l expect them to be reporting Ford news at a higher rate. I think that TFL is fair in it’s reporting truck news from all manufacturers. It would be impossible for them to do long range testing off all the trucks to see how they perform after the warranty periods. It would be nice, but impractical. They tell us what they can in the time that they can. I wish people would stop criticizing everyone all the time for the slightest reason, and just appreciate the hard work that they put in to bring us the material that they do. I say thanks TFL Truck. And keep up the great work.

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