• Rednecks in Germany? Around 1,300 Ram Pickup Trucks Set World Record on the Nurburgring

    ram pickup truck world record germany

    Large gathering of American pickup trucks, Germany, and the famous Nurburgring racetrack would not usually be in the same sentence. However, this is precisely what happened this weekend as Ram truck owners club of Germany got together to set a world record of a largest gathering of pickup trucks.

    It’s reported that around 1,300 trucks participated in this event, but there is not yet an official Guinness World Record announcement to verify the claim of this being the largest gathering of pickups.

    This event is very special to say the least, but the more interesting part are the actual trucks and people who participated. You will be able to see for yourself in the video below. You will see: Ram and Dodge Ram trucks of many generations, Confederate flags, diesel smoke stacks, lifted trucks, slammed trucks, duallies, SRT10s, stripes, light bars, and modifications of all kinds!

    I can say without hesitation that these guys are nuts about their trucks. This is precisely the motivation that got us to publish the Truck Nuts Book: TFLtruck’s Guide to Pickups. It’s great to see that love for pickup trucks is truly international.

    Check out the Facebook video feed below to get all the details.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    16 thoughts on “Rednecks in Germany? Around 1,300 Ram Pickup Trucks Set World Record on the Nurburgring

    1. You got that wrong TFL. These are not rednecks. These are the Mexicans going after Putin to stop him from helping Trump.

    2. US Pickup owners in Europe are similar to British Sportscar owners in the US. They bought ” The Culture” that goes with the vehicles

    3. As a current Ram owner and owner of several past Rams,

      Can you imagine how many tow trucks it took to get 1300 Rams through a 13 mile stretch of road??? 😛

      1. Racist? Did not know Ram was a race. But seriously some had cowboy hats, flying American flags like people here fly rebel flags, tailgating, camping out. It was pretty redneck. Nothing wrong with that.

      2. Redneck calling is not racism unless you refer to them as a group, inferior to another group of people here. Obviously if they are driving Rams than they are superior to Ford and GM owners.

        This is only a stereotypical comment. Big difference between racism and stereotyping. Since when was a redneck ever discriminated against, historically speaking. I like rednecks they always get the job done no matter what and they make shit work even if all they got is a roll of Duct tape, they get it done.

    4. RAM isn’t a race redneck isn’t a race and that guy isn’t a tool. Tools are useful. It’s hard to get any work done without them.

    5. That’s exactly the reason why I’m driving a 2013 Raptor here in Germany. To many Rams around. I enjoyed the quite weekend around Munich without those bloody Germans. 😁

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