• How Does 2017 Nissan Titan Single Cab Base Truck Compare on Payload and Towing?

    2017 nissan titan xd single cab 4x4 texas
    2017 Nissan Titan XD single cab

    Single cab base model of the 2017 Nissan Titan and Titan XD are available for purchase. How do these base 4×2 trucks compare to the competition? Let’s take a quick look.

    2017 Nissan Titan

    Here is the half-ton (1500) segment entry – the 2017 Titan S single cab. It has a payload rating of 1,940 lbs and max towing of 9,740 lbs. It starts at $29,580 before destination charges.

    The 2017 Ford F-150 regular cab 4×2 with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 with the 3.55 rear axle ratio is rated at max towing of 12,200 lbs. This configuration starts at $29,905. A special “heavy duty payload package” for the F-150 is rated at 3,240 lbs of maximum payload.

    Max. Payload (lbs) Max Towing (lbs) Starting Price (before destination)
    2017 Titan 1,940 9,740 $29,580
    2017 Chevy Silverado 1,930 8,900 $29,170
    2017 Ford F-150 3,240* 12,200 $29,905
    2017 Ram 1500 1,897 10,690 $27,795
    2017 Toyota Tundra 2,080 10,500 $30,020

    *special package.

    2017 Nissan Titan XD

    Nissan may say that the 2017 Titan XD single cab is in a class by itself, but let’s match the numbers against the 3/4 ton trucks for the sake of this comparison. The Titan XD 4×2 max payload is 2,910 lbs and max towing is 12,640 lbs. The XD starts at $31,090 before destination charges.

    The 2017 Ford F-250 4×2 with the gas 6.2L V8 and a 4.30 rear end ratio is rated at max payload of 4,200 lbs and max. towing of 14,000 lbs. This F-250 starts at $32,925.

    Max. Payload (lbs) Max Towing (lbs) Starting Price (before destination)
    2017 Titan XD 2,910 12,640 $31,090
    2017 Chevy Silverado 2500 3,534 14,500 $33,310
    2017 Ford F-250 4,200 14,000 $32,925
    2017 Ram 2500 2,679 11,510 $34,800

    Indeed, the Titan XD undercuts all 3/4 ton trucks on price, but it also gives up in carrying and towing capacity. The half-ton Titan is not the most affordable truck in the segment. It is also not the most capable when considering payload and towing.

    Here is the 2017 Nissan Titan PRO-4X going up the difficult Cliffhanger 2.0 mountain trail.

    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov
    Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.

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    59 thoughts on “How Does 2017 Nissan Titan Single Cab Base Truck Compare on Payload and Towing?

    1. So you could certainly call it competitive. the F150 with the V8 would still be rated for more towing, but come in slightly cheaper. Ford’s high payload/gvw package pushed the F150 closer to the Titan XD in price and capability.
      The XD does beat the RAM 2500. Hopefully Nissan gets out a proper 3/4ton in the future- the NV3500 has a 9900# gvw (on largely the same chassis), which would give the Titan the carrying chops it needs.

      1. @ Mr. Knowitall. Very good point about the Nissan NV series. On Thanksgiving vacation I saw a NV3500 loaded with a family of 6 towing a 28ft, 5800lb Keystone/Summerland 2670BHGS trailer with ease on Hwy 35 in TX. I checked with the owner about it and he has towed across the US comfortably and confidently. Another man who tows a 8500lb 30 ft trailer with his NV3500 states that he “really like(s) how this thing pulls, it’s almost as strong as my 2011 F150 Ecoboost but more stable even though it has a shorter wheelbase.” He also claims to get +1 MPG over the F150 while towing. All very good anecdotal evidence that speaks well of Nissan, the NV, and by relation the new Titan.

        1. The Ecoboost definitely owns the moniker pass anything but a gas station- at least while towing. That motor needs to run rich at high loads, which hurts fuel economy compared to the big V8’s. Just the nature of the beast.
          The stability of a heavier tow rig is no joke. Hopefully Nissan will offer the NV with the Cummins V8 and 4wd in the future.

      1. Even the RAM with the small motor and lower GVW still has more payload and towing that what’s listed. Are those Powerwagon numbers, perhaps?

          1. Andre, you have the wrong specs listed for the Ram 2500. Perhaps you are looking at the crew cab specs. The base Ram (Tradesman) 2500 4×2 regular cab with the smallest engine (5.7) and 4.10 gears has a payload rating of 3059 lbs and tow rating of 13,890 lbs. It also has an MSRP of only $32,270.
            If you look at the specs for the same truck with the 6.4 Hemi, the payload jumps to 3887 lbs and towing climbs to 16,320 lbs making it the most capable of the bunch while still being the second cheapest.

        1. The numbers posted for the Ram in the chart above are for the 2017 Ram 2500 4×4 5.7 3.73 axle. The max capability for the 2017 Ram 2500 4×2 6.4 4.10 is 3887 payload and 16,320 towing.

    2. I think it is well known by now the Titan XD is basically a flop – it aims to be a “heavy half ton” but cannot top the F-150 in payload or towing. I believe the GM 1500 trucks with the 6.2L are also out-towing the XD.

      The first obstacle a foreign truck maker has to deal with is the fact that, well, it is foreign. Most pickup buyers are very loyal to the Big 3. The Titan and Tundra do not have as good of styling as any of the Big 3. So it needs to be good. But this Titan simply does not deliver.

    3. Ford just crushes the competition in the 1/2 ton segment. #1 for a reason.

      The only advantage that the Titan has when pulling heavy loads like that is its weight. It will have more traction and more control. When your trailer is heavier than your truck it becomes a big hazard the second your not paying attention especially on slippery surfaces. What does a regular cab 4×2 weigh 4000Lbs? and your pulling a home made trailer at 12,000Lbs. For the average Joe this is getting dangerous imo

      1. Year in and out they are in a virtual dead heat with GM so I don’t know if they are “crushing”the competition.

        1. The 1/2 ton is crushing the GM. I give a lot of credit to Ford for offering the best motor in the lower trim levels. GM holds onto their 6.2 unless you own a bank

          1. “Crushing” GM? How? So far this year, GM has sold more trucks by a good margin. Ford might win on paper but these towing/payload number wars will never result in true sales advantages outside of low-margin fleet sales. Something Ford has been forced to rely on due to slower than expected retail sales. (20 to 30% off in Nov 2016 and near record setting fleet sales earlier this year). The average buyer does give one sh*t how much a base trim 2016 regular canlb 2wd long box F-150 can haul. Anybody that has driven an F-150 with this configuration would NEVER want to own one. They ride like shit and the interior is so stripped down it’s comical.

      2. I think weight is a good thing as well when towing. Nevertheless, weight is the enemy when it comes to payload, acceleration, braking, and fuel economy. Some responsibility needs to be placed upon the trailer to make sure it is up to snuff with brakes and suspension. Most jurisdictions within the USA require trailers over a certain GVW to be annually inspected.

        Take a semi trailer rig for instance. The tractor weighs about 25-30k lbs, while the loaded trailer weighs 50-55klbs. Percentage-wise, an F-450 max towing a 30k trailer is about the same: 11k pickup weight, 29k trailer weight.

        Manufacturers cannot certify a pickup to tow a given amount without assuming a certain liability…therefore, I trust if manufacturer “X” says it can tow 12k lbs, then it probably can.

        1. Troverman, that is the problem. The average Joe is going to assume he is safe with 12,000Lbs behind his 4000Lb vehicle. These are people with a G licence with no training on how to pull a trailer. Truck drivers such as myself did the necessary training to drive 120,000Lb vehicles and beyond in some cases. Doesn’t mean a class G licence holder is not better than a truck driver but by averages the truck driver has the experience. There is a lot to know that average drivers will not and do not know and these weights are getting dangerous for them and for others. Also where is due diligence. A 12,000Lb trailer pulled by a 4000Lb truck has a lot of surprises that will kill innocent people where a class G driver has 0 experience with. Yet by law it is allowed. I have experience with this so its just my opinion on it. It is getting too dangerous to have just anyone with no training go out and pull these types of loads. Class G is passenger vehicles here in Canadadda ACM-Z is what I have, I know a lot and learned a lot from coaches when I started out and I just don’t agree with it.

          1. Thomas, while I generally agree with what you’re saying here, statistics show not many people are being killed or wounded by out of control pickup / trailer combinations. If it became a larger number, then you would probably see more regulation.

            1. #1 way to die is in a vehicle, second is from falling, so where do you get statistics to prove people are not dying from trailer combinations. Why increase the #1 way to die by adding a 12,000Lb trailer behind a 4000Lb truck.

    4. I am not sure it is stretch to say the Titan XD is in class of its own making. They don’t claim it to be as capable as a 3/4 ton, it’s not meant to be, it is purposely built to fit in between the 1500 and 2500 traditional 1/2 ton 3/4 ton segments. That appears to be exactly what it is doing.
      This however is not really new ground, there have been HD half tons and light duty 3/4 tons over the years that have attempted to bridge the gap.

      The only truck I know of that is still attempting to bridge this gap other then the Titan XD is the F150 HD payload pkg truck which was mentioned. Which I am not seeing pricing for that version of the F150 listed. I seem to recall it was not low cost option. It adds heavy springs special wheels, 10 ply load range E tires, maybe a few other upgrades as well. To my knowledge that is really the only thing comparable to the XD.

      Something not mentioned is that the Titan has a comparable base price point, but look at all the features it has a standard that some of which the competition doesn’t even offer or offers at an additional cost.

      Based on the way I option our trucks for business, this new titian is a good value based proposition. For example I always option our trucks with a V8, power windows, power locks, cruise control, keyless entry, and hands free phone features. This base model Titan has all that and more standard, for a similar base price the competition that charges extra for all that.
      None of the competitors are offering keyless start in base model trim as even an option, which for the titan is std on all the trim levels.

      These Regular cab long bed are the exact types of trucks I buy all the time for my business, and I so far am very impressed with what Nissan is offering with these new trucks.

      1. Pricing for heavy duty payload package on the truck is $30,275 before destination charge on the 5.0 V8 and $31,275 on 3.5 Ecoboost. 5.0 V8 max tow 11,000 on that truck too. Hell of a deal if you ask me. Plus resale market is already hitting the 2016 Titan and Titan XD pretty hard on trade values. While GM and Ford are losing roughly 10-12k off one year old, Titan XD is slapped with 20k right off the bat. That is about as bad as Ram 1500 trucks,…

        1. I know the XD has struggled a bit since it launched, but I’m a little skeptical about that 20k loss estimate.
          You would had to pay sticker for a top of the line model for that to even be possible.

          I know the regular 1/2 ton Titan can’t possibly have any true resale data available yet, since it didn’t exist till a 90 days ago.

          I have seen some aggressive pricing lately on new XDs, which I am sure is causing some excessive depreciation issues for those who may have jumped all in on a new diesel XD at full sticker price to have the first ones off the line. That customer likely has around 5-10k depreciation mileage dependent , in that 1st year. Plus whatever the current rebates and dealer discounts are adding up to now. I have seen adds for 10k off , so I suppose you could get there if, if, if.

          That said the same thing happens to all truck brands. If you want the first one on your block and want all the goodies, it’s going to cost you several grand extra depreciation in the end.

          All truck manufactures play in the rebate game. Typically no rebates are offered till a vehicle has been out several months and sales start lagging and inventory levels start climbing. Then come the rebates and by the end of the model year your looking at 10k off 50k trucks. Rebates will have a direct effect on used trade values.

          Best retail consumer advise I can offer is no matter what your preferred truck or truck brand is, it is almost always best to buy late in the model year when rebates are at there highest levels , and if buying off the dealer lot, as most people do, the end of the month is generally a prime time to make your best deals. There are a lot of behind the scenes manufacture to dealer sales goal incentives that can drive dealers to make some crazy deals to reach there dealer sales targets.

        2. Just took a quick look, and there seem to be a few (used low mile) trucks about $15k off, but nothing I saw was $20k under MSRP. The fact that you (pretty much) have to order the high GVW package on the F150 makes it a much more expensive option than the item price. Many of the incentives are only on dealer stock.
          While I was looking around, I found a Titan XD SV diesel with a NP1500 badge above the Titan lettering. That nomenclature might imply that there’ll be other versions later on, like a proper 2500.

        3. I’d take a Cummons over the problemtaic Ecobust any day of the week. Ford still hasn’t addressed the hige timing chain issues on the Ecoboost acter several TSB’s. Many of us have been forced to pay for these repairs out of pocket because our cold-start rattle didn’t develop until after the 60k mile warranty expired. I paid $3500 for a new timing chain and cam phasers at 69k miles on my 2013 F-150. The rattle is beginning to come back at 90k miles. Since I bought this hunk of junk at 44k miles, I’ve used nothing but Mobil 1 full synthetic and Motorcraft filters. The fuel economy has been been a huge disappointment and the reliability just hasnt been there… Just paid for a new high pressure fuel pump at 80k miles… Maybe it wore out having to pump all that extra fuel considering I struggled to beat 19 mpg … Seems like 20mpg is the best I can hope for. My brother in law’s 2015 Chevy 6.2 does better MPG-wise than my 3.5EB. Talk about annoying!!

      2. @Fleetguy. Thanks for the insight. I see that the Titan XD numbers compare very well with the F150 “heavy duty payload” package. I am a F150 5.4L Crew Cab owner. I immediately wanted more payload from my truck, but I don’t want or need a 3/4 ton as my daily driver. Looking at the numbers, the XD and F150*max are on my short list, and would fit my needs better than a 250/2500.

        1. UPDATE: I could only find 1 F150 maximum payload option on any dealer lot within 500 miles. It seems this is a special order option designed mostly for fleet managers and not stocked. However, I can go to my local Nissan dealer and test drive an XD tomorrow. So there’s that.

        2. Just a bit of FYI, if your planning to buy a new truck off the lot, you should know F150 heavy payload pkg trucks are extremely rare, very few dealers stock that package.

          If you want the Ford heavy payload pkg, be ready to special order and wait a month or two. You will likely have trouble even finding one to test drive.

          Since Nissan is actively trying to develope this XD as an new between class of truck, with all be it limited success so far, there should be plenty around to pick from at some attractive prices.

      3. I agree 100% with what you are saying!! From the beginning they told people what they were trying to accomplish with this truck and people are still trying to compare it to half tons or 3/4 tons. All I know is that I will be parking a Nissan Titan XD 5.0 Cummins Platinum Reserve in my garage in the near future, and all the negative trash talk in the world can’t do a thing about it!

    5. F-150 crushes the competition: Silverado, Ram, Sierra.

      I am trying to build a GM1500 Truck, but I don’t see a website that sells GM1500 Trucks, do you know where I can find a GM1500 pickup truck?

      1 million times it has been stated you cant combine GM sales. 2 differnet brands. GM doesn’t even do that. I heard that johnny blow hard is coming over here with his many many different aliases to post under. How stupid that guy is. Just glad he’s on gm’s side cause he sure is foolish. Then you got the ramturds and they don’t even have a dog in this fight so they need to just stay out of it. Point is FORD will always win and 2nd and 3rd will always be that. Stay thirsty my friends.

      1. You might want to tell ford to update the commercials too then.. I’m trying to build an “F-series” truck and I can’t find the website… I would like an “F-Series” truck… you know the one that outsells all the others when combined with all of the other “F-series”…You Ford people are funny, always ignoring the facts.. Ford may “combined” (funny word huh?) sell more 1/2, 3/4, 1 tons, but over the past 20+ years the Silverado 1500 has out sold the F-150 several times…

        1. Come on guys, save the “combine” arguments for the first of the month like always when they post sales. 😉

          1. I’m trying to build an F-series Transit van. Ford counts them as trucks so I figured I’d check out these pickup truck vans LOL!

        2. Try again Jason and Johnny Doe. Ford combines and the same trucks as Chevy. F-Series includes the 1/2, 3/4, 1 tons. Silverado includes the 1/2, 3/4, 1 tons. What you cannot combine is the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra because they are two different brands of trucks. But the Silverado 1500 outsells the F-150? That myth was busted by PUTC and I cannot remember the last time the Silverado 1500 outsold the F-150. Try again, Johnny!

    6. Educate yourself, Jason. F-Series: F-150, F-250, etc. You can buy these. Silverado has the same: 1500, 2500 etc. What you cannot buy is a GM Truck. It is a Chevy Silverado or a GMC Sierra. You cannot combine Silverado and Sierra to make one GM truck because there are no GM trucks. GM would combine the two if they could.

    7. I went onto chevy.com to build a GM 1500, and all they had was the Silverado 1500. Must be some kind of glitch with the website. I went to fordvehicles and they had the F-Series: F-150 and F-250. It appears Ford’s site is working. Must be some kind of error with Chevy.com that I cannot buy a GM Series.

      1. Yep, They all group their trucks together, including Chevrolet. Last I checked it’s the Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500, and Silverado 3500. Johnny’s accusing Ford of doing something Chevrolet, GMC, and Ram all do. Johnny/Jason groups Chevrolet and GMC together like it’s one model whey they’re not. Show me the GM model! There isn’t one. People who group them together are the liars. Ford claims to be number one. Does GM refute that? No! Why? Because Ford isn’t lying, that’s why.

        Ford’s Brands puts a beating on GM Brands.

        F150 – F-450, a Beat down.

        Toyota Tacoma also puts a beating on GM sister midsize brands.

        1. Why is ford brand used in plural form? They make one brand of pickup. At the end they all add their brands and models together. You’re looking like a fool with the same old debate.

        2. Ford is down over 100k vs GM in the pickup truck market despite Ford counting Transit VANS as TRUCKS. If you think GM using two brands is unfair, you should tell Ford to bring back the Lincoln pickup! HAHAHA

    8. Nissan would be my fourth pick. It would be tied with Ram. It could beat it out if it doesn’t rust out as fast. Time will tell.

    9. Ford must be a little concerned about the titan xd as there’s already f150 test mules around with 8 bolt axles

    10. Dang, how did this site turn into PUTC. Those guys need to stay there and perform their usually arguments and stay out of here. I once like the discussions here.

    11. @Jody,

      It may be true that Ford is concerned about the Titan. Anytime a redesign occurs every manufacture will be taking a close look at the competition. However Ford has a history of HD F150’s. So whether they are worried about the Titan would be unclear in my mind. I really dont remember seeing a lot of the F150HD’s on the road though. I feel that Nissan really missed the boat on the Diesel though. Sure it has the Cummins name and that will attract some people, but the actual performance that i have seen in reports really is not that impressive. Underwhelming really. Nissan compared this truck to the 5.0L F150 on an uphill race. Dont know what the ratio was in the rear end but the Titan really did not outperform the 5.0L. I do like their V8 though. Seems pretty impressive.

      1. Don’t think any of the big three are worried. Yeah the Titans are nice, Jimmy John has it pegged though. But what ford is, more than likely, bringing sounds stellar, or at least what ford marketing is saying (those folks are good). GM needs to get off their butt! They got a 3.6 charged v6 in caddies, 6.2 a 8spds only in high trims, how about a diesel full size and they are cuddling with that 10spd.

        Nothing burns people more than limiting configuration options.

        1. These high payload/high towing rigs are purely marketing fodder. GM is far far ahead of Ford in true pickup truck sales.

      2. See Jimmy Johns you read reports on the titan xd, but I am now on my second xd. 30k on first one and over 10k second a deal to upgrade I couldn’t pass up. But having said that I came from a 2015 f150 that I was thoroughly disappointed in. The F150 may be first up the hill but the xd does it 10x more confidently.

          1. Give me a choice between an f150 hd and a titan xd to tow my 9000lb 35′ travel trailer I will gladly take the titan any day.

            1. Yeah I have logged about 1000km on the new 5.6 xd and I also had a 2012 old gen titan. Yes I will still keep the 5L. Especially since you can grab a 2016 diesel cheaper then a 2016 gas right now.

            2. Especially when it comes to reliability. Between the 3.5EB and the 5.0 Coyote, Ford has really fallen on hard times when it comes to reliability. Junk timing chains and cam phasers on the EB, junk oil pumps and designs when it comes to the 5.0. Neither delivers the fuel economy they claim. The transmission tuning slams HARD when downshifting.

    12. GM is still stuck on the 6.2 8 speed because they know they have an all new model with a turbo and a 10-speed coming for all trim levels. GM will be following Ford’s lead but GM has to wait for the 2019s. If its stunts you want go see a movie. If its America’s best trucks you want don’t wait go to your Ford dealer now.

    13. If you look at the specs for the same truck with the 6.4 Hemi, the payload jumps to 3887 lbs and towing climbs to 16,320 lbs making it the most capable of the bunch while still being the second cheapest.

      Guts, Glory, RAM.

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